Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home | 2021 Guide

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Choosing the best places to install security cameras at home isn’t an easy job. 

There were a lot of customers and homeowners who didn’t know where to mount their cameras.

Since I install a large number of surveillance cameras at homes, offices, and huge buildings there are common places that are considered better than others.

For small houses and areas, the exterior cameras are good and can be more effective if you put them at a soffit angle, or on the front door.

On the other hand, in large places such as companies and stadiums, security cameras must be installed interior and exterior to cover every inch of these places.

But what if you have a home security camera and install it in the wrong place?

Well, installing security cameras in the wrong places is a common mistake especially for beginners who didn’t install monitoring devices before. 

You can change the camera viewing angle more than one time according to your needs. 

Plus, you have the ability to remove the cam device with the help of a few tools and locate it in a few minutes.

What are the benefits of installing security cameras at home?

Home security cameras provide full protection for every area of your house.

There are a lot of usages for them, and depending on your purpose you can choose the camera placement, some people use home security cameras to:

  • Monitoring dogs and cats or determining if any animal is entering the backyard.
  • Keeping An eye and sending alerts when suspicious activity happens outside the home.
  • Watching & monitoring unused areas during Night Using Infrared LEDs.
  • Monitoring garage to protect vehicles from theft.  
  • Video cameras used to see exactly who was on the door before opening it.

Now: Let’s see 

What are Best Places to Install Security Cameras Outside Home

Where should I put security cameras outside my house

If you’re searching for the best place to install a security camera, then the outside locations are the best because they cover most of your house.

The best places for installing cameras are defined according to homeowners, sometimes the most important place to put a camera in is the yard, while others care more about the back door. 

But in general the important places especially outdoors to put cameras are

1- Home Front door

Home Front door

Most intruders and Burglars try to enter the home through the front door, as it’s considered the main door for the home.

Statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door to enter the home, so it’s the place to install a security camera.

The front door home security camera is also used for protecting packages from thieves.

In addition, you can use it to know who needs to enter your home.

Installing a security camera in a high place is a good solution and for full protection, you can go and pick an additional doorbell device.

2- Home Back & side doors

What are the best places to install security cameras at home after the front door? 

Home Back & side door

Simply the answer is Back & Side Doors, while 34% of burglars use the front door to enter your home.

There are a few percentages 22% of thieves use the back door to break into your property.

Back & side doors come in second place as the most important places to install a camera at home.

These doors are out-of-sight for homeowners and thieves target them repeatedly to be away from monitoring cameras and doorbells.

Note: Avoid mounting your camera in easy-to-reach places, Keep it high and direct it correctly to your back door.

3- Street Windows

Street window

Street windows come in the second place that Burglars use to enter the home, with a percentage of 23% from burglars using street windows.

Most thieves use street windows as it’s away from passing cars, and homeowners think it’s safe and there’s no need to install cameras on street windows.

But the bad news is everyone leaves these necessary places without cameras which makes it a good target for thieves to use it.

Placing a cam on Windows will help you and add more safety to your house, you can install cameras on the aluminum soffit above the window, or any place you prefer.

4- Garage & driveway Security Camera

In the past, home security cameras were installed in certain places, not any place.

Nowadays surveillance security systems are expanded to monitor important areas outside and inside such as the Garage & driveway.

Statistics show that about 9% of burglars use a Garage to enter your home, to make your home safe and more secure you need to mount a camera in this place. 

The garage is often used to put and save bikes, grills, sports equipment, tools, and cars.

With a security camera in the garage, you will keep a watchful eye on your staff.

5- Home Yard

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home - home yard security camera

Another high priority that is suitable to install security cameras at home is the home yard.

Putting a CCTV camera in the yard of your house will add more safety to your home.

homeowners install cameras for monitoring yards and track any insusceptible movements in this area.

Also, The Yard camera captures the activities of your pets, and kids while they are playing.

6- Detached buildings 

Placing some outdoor cameras in the Detached Buildings is quite useful and will save you the pain of getting your stuff stolen. 

Detached Buildings are defined as any place that is independent of any other building with borders such as fences and walls.

For example Detached Buildings such as animal farms, and barns. These places are good chances to install security cameras.

The first thing you need to do is identify the best placement for the camera to install on the detached building. 

Then, Place it on a high point on the building so it can cover as wide of an area as possible. you can put them in areas where there are entrances, exits, and windows.

Note: You need to keep them in areas with good lighting and far enough away from things that could be damaged by the weather but close enough to see people approaching your property. 

Also, if you have a wireless camera make sure that your Wi-fi is covering the area or you can use bridge devices or Wifi range extenders.

Tips for Placing Security Cameras Outside The Home

Finding the best places to install security cameras at home isn’t enough, you also need to install the system with cameras correctly. 

Here are a few tips that will help you in the installation process

Home Front Door Location

  • Use Video doorbells in the front door for monitoring everyone entering your home such as family members, babysitters, delivery man & maintenance people.
  • Use a fake Camera and try to keep it visible for anyone then install a small hidden security camera. The Visible camera is used to inform thieves and intruders that a security camera is installed.
  • Always install your home security camera above the door, about 7 to 8 feet up.
  • Direct the front door surveillance camera at a downward angle, this will cover a wide range of the front door areas plus it’s the best way to record facial images.

Home Back & Side Doors 

  • If there is a window near the back door keep the indoor cameras on it to cover both the window & back door.
  • When you buy a security camera for your back door search and pick a camera with Infrared features, as most times the light at the back door is low.
  • Try to keep the camera far away from human’s reach, some thieves target to damage the camera before entering the home.

Street Windows 

  • Look for the right angle to install & place your home security camera on the street windows.
  • Try to avoid direct light sources that may affect the camera and cause grainy images.
  • It’s a great idea if you installed a security camera on the second-floor window.
  • Home Windows is considered one of the best places to hide a camera in.

Detached buildings, Garage & driveway 

  • Always keep home security system cameras on the first of the driveway and another one at the end of the driveway.
  • If your garage is detached, install a motion sensor security camera to send alerts when something wrong happens around the garage.
  • When you direct your home security camera the front/back door camera keeps one of them directed to the garage.


  • In the installation process for a yard camera, install a camera that covers a wide range of views.
  • Keep the camera direction away from sunlight to avoid blurry footage.
  • Most outdoor security systems use a weatherproof, dustproof, and waterproof camera for yards.

Best Places to Install Security Cameras Inside Home

1- Inside Home ( corners, living rooms & kitchen )

inside home security camera places

There are other important locations inside the home that will be helpful if you look for the best places to install security cameras.

The places such as corners, living rooms & kitchens are considered the best for both monitoring and recording clear videos.

Once the camera is located at one of these places, you can keep everything tracked, monitoring kids and seeing what they are doing.

Also, see if a babysitter is taking care of your babies or not.

Even when you order a maintenance service for your home, or when you are around and hire someone caring for your pets.

2- Main stairway or Hallway

Main stairway or hallway

Now you know the best places to install security cameras at home, but what about Hallway & Main Stairway?.

Well, after the installation of cameras at the front door, back door, garage, Yard & inside the home you monitor about 95% of your home areas.

So, to add more safety and to make sure that the whole area is safe, a security camera needs to be installed in the Hallway and Main Stairway.

3- Second Floor 

Placing safety cameras on the second floor is a good way to maintain a clear view of your children and pets.

Place these cameras in an out-of-the-way spot so they don’t get in anyone’s way. 

Install security cameras near doorways and windows so you can see who is coming and going from your residence. 

Note: You can use some fake cameras while hiding your valuable ones to prevent thieves or even your children from searching for the real ones. 

4- Basement 

It’s always a good idea to install security cameras in the basement. Around 4% of burglars use basements as a way of entrance to your property. 

That’s why putting a camera there is an advanced solution to the problem. 

For optimum usage, place them in any prominent items that couldn’t be stolen.

Tips for Placing Security Cameras InsideThe Home

There are a few differences between the best places to install security cameras at home indoors and outdoor, and also the tips and the installation procedures are different.

Here are a few tips to consider while 

Tips to place Indoor security cameras:

  • In-home try to get, install and power a wireless security camera as it’s easy in the installation process. a well-written article about who installed home security cameras and how to install your camera.
  • Indoor security systems might have more than one camera, each camera has multiple sensors, so try to locate cameras at the top of the door, or window far away from kids.
  • If you get a wireless camera with sensors this will help you receive alarms when something wrong happens.
  • Security systems for homes consist of 1 up to 4 cameras and cost more money, you can read the installation guide to install, Diy or hire professional installers to install it.

Tips to place Main stairway/hallway security camera:

  • Always look for the start of the hallway and the end of the hallway to make everything monitoring.
  • Find the best place to install the camera and get a wide range of viewing, top places are recommended for wide range viewing.

Where Should Not Put Security Cameras 

Above we mentioned the best places to install security cameras at home but there are some locations that are forbidden to install cameras. 

The places that violate other person’s privacy such as

1- Neighbor’s Privacy Areas 

As security cameras provide a sense of safety and protection to your home and family. 

But, security cameras can also lead to illegal issues you may not be aware of. 

For instance, if you place a security camera in the backyard of your neighbor without their knowledge, they might consider it an invasion of their privacy and report you to the law enforcement authorities. 

So, before you start installing your cameras and DVR choose the places that are away from your neighbors.

If you’re still suspect you can ask them and take their opinion. about the view of their fence and the outer part of their house.

2- Person Bedrooms 

I understand how you want to protect your kids, however, placing a camera in their bedrooms is an easy way to break the trust chain between both of you.

Another smarter option for monitoring them is to use baby monitors, motion detectors, and glass break sensors. 

3- Home Bathrooms 

Here is one of the most dangerous mistakes in finding the best places to install security cameras at home. 

Capturing such private areas by security cameras can lead to many troubles with your home partners, it’s absolutely forbidden to mount cameras in bathrooms.

What to consider before Put security camera on House (Important)

1- Fake vs. Real Camera 

Well, the visibility of your security cameras is a matter of personal preference. There are no right answers here.

While visible cameras can be a discouragement for some burglars from getting into your place, it’s also a sign that your house is a valuable asset. Whether you want to hide them or not, it’s up to you.

A suitable solution is two buy two cameras, fake and real ones. After that put the fake in the unimportant outside areas and the real cameras in the valuable locations.

2- Power Source 

The power source for your security camera is also something you should think about before buying one.

Solar-powered cameras are the most popular type, but they might not be an option if you live in a dark or shady location. 

For these cases, we recommend getting a battery-powered model instead. There’s nothing worse than watching footage and realizing halfway through that your camera ran out of battery and stopped recording. 

When choosing a battery, go for one with a long life that will last as long as you want to monitor your property. 

On the other hand, If you have a wired CCTV analog system then you should put the cameras in a good location near power outlets.

If you mount your camera away and there is no chance to remove and reinstall then you can go for power extension cords, it’s effective over long distances.

3- Strength 

If you’re looking for a product that will last for years, then you need to purchase one that’s durable and made of materials that don’t easily break or get affected by the weather. 

Avoid buying cheap or defective cameras, which will likely deteriorate over time. 

Before purchasing, check the IP rates and keep them as high as possible, in addition to the temperature ranges to get the most out of your camera.

Definition of IP rate: an indicator of how much a camera is protected against dust, and water. 

4- Reflection and glare 

Cameras that have a glare may distort or blur images especially in sunny rooms, while cameras that can be reflective will show nearby light sources too. 

The reflected light will oftentimes create a shiny area, while a camera with glare will leave some areas dark. 

HDR (High Dynamic Range) cameras reduce the impact of sunshine which makes them a smart option for outdoors. 

If you’re placing them for indoor security you need to insert them away from the direct sunlight. 

5- Total number of System Cameras 

The number of cameras matters when you search for the best places to install security cameras at home because the locations are limited. 

The number of cams you have affects many things such as wires, cables, and internet speed. You can check your Internet speed! Is it fast enough for the number of cameras you have? If not, consider getting an extra router.  

Users could expect their speeds to drop below 20 kbps per camera due in part to streaming video files over HTTP requests. 

These requests are made by devices such as webcams or IP cams (use around 1-2 Mbps) connected within homes. 

6- Valuable Objects 

Some homes have more valuable objects inside of the house than others. 

One way to decide what valuable things you need to protect are by considering criminals’ perspectives. 

Statistics have shown that most burglars go for appliances or portable objects like jewelry or TVs. 

In other words, you need to protect every expensive object that is lightweight and can be easily carried. 

You want to make sure that your camera is close enough to capture thieves getting inside of your home. 

But also far enough away that they can’t quickly get away with taking anything before you know what has happened.

7- Choose Hard to Reach Areas 

Your search for the best places to install security cameras at home will be useless if your cameras are placed in easy-reach places.

Obviously, you have to place the camera in a spot where it’s difficult for criminals to see or cut the wiring or power supply. 

You can run security camera wires through vinyl soffit, or use conduits and hide the wires and cables on brick walls.

There are many different ways to hide surveillance cameras and system wires and devices, you can choose the one you like.

Home Security Camera Placement Laws (Critical)

Before starting at finding the best places to install security cameras at home there is an important thing that you should keep in your mind which is Placement Laws.

Many homeowners purchase security cameras and after a short time, they find the most suitable location for the camera may interfere with neighbors’ privacy and they ask if it’s legal or not?

Well, to install security cameras in your home you don’t need permission from your neighbors or authority to place your cameras. You and your neighbors have the right to install security cameras in your areas.

The cameras may be directed to your neighbor’s property and maybe your neighbors put a camera near your property. 

But don’t worry! you’re both legally allowed to install surveillance cameras in any place unless it’s not violating a person’s privacy.

In some cases, you need to have permission from local authorities depending on where you live and the placement laws in the state.

For example, California’s privacy laws State “There are no laws or restrictions for a private person to have video surveillance cameras around their property for the purposes of security.” according to Cove.

So, before you do anything and sus[ect is it’s illegal or not? you can back and read the Privacy laws in your state or contact the local authorities.

Best Places to install security cameras at home FAQ

Q1: Should I Get My Security Cameras Professionally Installed? 

It really depends on why you are getting the camera. Are you looking to catch the perpetrator and deter intruders or are you simply trying to keep an eye on what is going on? 

If it’s catching the criminals, then absolutely you can have a professional installation, but if not it may be easier for security reasons to install them yourself.

Most cameras, it’s easy to DIY cams and can be mounted in a few minutes. 

However, A pro can help with running wires through walls, installing a junction box in your attic, drilling into your ceiling or outside of the house, and inserting cameras in places impossible for most people to access. 

You may also need pro help to set up a wireless camera if there is already good wireless network coverage in that area. 

Q2: Where Do Most Break-Ins Occur? (Explained)

Firstly, one may think that single-family homes are not the most susceptible place to getting burglarized. 

But when comparing this type of home with an attached house, single families have more weak points and are less visible from the street to those who might want to break in. 

The center-placed homes are also more susceptible to being burglarized than corner homes. 

One of the most susceptible places and easy to access to burglary might be your garage. 

A wide variety of items are stored in the garage, from bicycles to tools to expensive equipment that you want to be looked up to. 

The garage is also one of the most common entry points for burglars. However, statistics have shown that most criminals start in the main bedroom followed by the rest of the house like the living room

Q3: What you should do Before thinking about the best places to install security cameras at home?

Many people look for the best places to install security cameras at home, businesses & offices.

But one actually planning for where to place cameras for security.

Before you install a surveillance system for your home, look for the ideal place to install your security cameras.

You can start your planning and preparation for your home security cameras with the 5 following questions:

  • Do you really need a security camera?.
  • placements of cameras where you need to install your cameras?.
  • The price of cameras must be in the planning. Is it an affordable price or a high price camera?.
  • Where are the most vulnerable spots to place cameras in?
  • the tools that you need to install and set up the security system like DVR, wires & protecting cases, and what else?.

Once you answer these 5 questions you will have a great plan for the best places to install security cameras at apartments, and small homes, and what tools you should buy with the security cameras.

Q4: Where is the best place to put security cameras? Best Places

If you gonna choose the places according to their importance and get full coverage from the cameras, then you should follow the list Front Door

  1. Front Door.
  2. Back Door.
  3. Home Windows and Street Windows came first then neighbors’ windows.
  4. Common entryways for your home.
  5. Garden Trees, Trees is a good place to install cameras around the house.
  6. Home Fence is a perfect camera place.

Q5: Should I install security cameras in my home? 

The answer to this question is definitely Yes. The benefits of installing security cameras in a home are countless, by installing a surveillance system you get:

  • Full Protection for your home, Plus see who is knocking on your house door.
  • See everything happening in your home while you’re away using the remote viewing feature.
  • Communicate with your Pets and family members when you turn on 2-way audio in your camera.
  • Even at night, you can monitor your house with your Night Vision camera.

Q6: How much does it cost to install security cameras in the Home?

The cost of a security system depends on many factors like the number of cameras, digital or analog system, which features the camera has, and storage also.

But, in most cases, the price ranges from 200$ to 600$. There are a lot of security systems out there that come at affordable prices and have many features, and some are expensive and come with quality products and Ultra High Definition resolution.

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