7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home

What are the best places to install security cameras at home? are it corners, front door, Back & side doors?.

According to reports, homes with security cameras are safe more than other homes, most intruders and burglars target a home without security cameras to steal.

Thieves try many ways to hide from the security camera range. Nowadays intruders look for the camera first and then damage it.

But what if you have a home security camera and install it in the wrong place?.

This will make your safety system indicator weak for your home, family, garage, and office. So, you should buy the best top quality cameras, and install them in the right place.

home security cameras provide full protection for every area of your house.

some people use home security cameras to:

  • Monitoring dogs and cats or determining if any animal entering the backyard. You can see the best pet cameras review.
  • Keeping an eye and send alerts when suspicious activity happens outside the home.
  • Watching & monitoring unused areas during Night Using InfraRed LEDs.
  • Monitoring garage to protect vehicles from theft or vandalism.
  • Video cameras used to see who exactly on the door before opening it.

Now: Let’s see the Important Places to install security

7 Best Places to install security cameras at home

1- Home Front door

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home - Home Front door

Most intruders and Burglars try to enter the home through the front door, as it’s considered the main door for home.

Statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door to enter the home, so it’s the place to install a security camera.

The front door home security camera also uses for protecting packages from thieves, in addition, you can use it to know who needs to enter your home.

Tips to place Front door home security camera:

  • Use Video doorbells in the front door for monitoring everyone enters your home like a family member, babysitters, delivery man & maintenance people.
  • Use a fake Camera and try to keep it visible for anyone then install a small hidden security camera. the Visible camera used to inform thieves and intruders that a security camera is installed.
  • always install your home security camera above the door, about 7 to 8 feet up.
  • Direct the front door surveillance camera at a downward angle, this will cover a wide range of front door area plus it’s the best way to record facial images.

2- Home Back & side doors

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home - Back & side door

What the best places to install security cameras at home after the front door? exactly Back & Side Doors, while 34% of burglars use the front door to enter your home & 22% of thieves use the back door.

Back & side doors come in second place for most important places to install a camera at home.

These doors are out-of-sight for homeowners and thieves target it and used it often.

Avoid mounting your camera in easy-to-reach places, Keep it high and direct it correctly to your back door.

Tips to place Back & Side Doors security camera:

If there is a window near to the back door keep the camera on it to cover both window & back door.

When you buy a security camera for your back door search and pick a camera with Infrared features, as in most times the light at the back door is low.

Try to keep the camera far away from human’s reach, some thieves target to damage the camera before entering the home.

3- Street Windows

Street window
Street window

Street windows come in the second place that Burglars use to enter the home, with a percentage of 23% from burglars use street windows.

Most thieves use street windows as it’s away from passing cars, and homeowners think it’s safe and there’s no need to install cameras on street windows.

Tips to place Street Windows security camera:

  • look for the right angle to install & place your camera on the street windows.
  • it’s a great idea if you installed a security camera on the second-floor window.
  • Home Windows considered one of the best places to hide a camera in, you can read our article ” 6 ways to hide camera in window“.

4- Garage & driveway Security Camera.

Garage and dirveway security camera

Home security cameras are not used for monitoring and watching inside your home only.

Nowadays surveillance security systems are expanded to include important areas like Garage & driveway.

Stats show that about 9% of burglars use Garage to enter your home, to make your home safe and to add more security to your family a security camera need at the garage.

The garage often used to put and safe bikes, grills, sports equipment, tools, and cars.

With a security camera in the garage, you will keep watchful eye on your staff.

Tips to place Garage & driveway security camera:

  • always keep security cameras on the first of the driveway and another one at the end of the driveway.
  • if your garage detached install a motion sensor security camera to send alerts when something wrong happens around the garage.
  • when you direct your home security camera the front/back door camera keeps one them directed to garage.

5- Home Yard

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home - home yard security camera

Putting a CCTV camera on the yard of your house will add more safety to your home.

homeowners installing cameras for monitoring yard and track any insusceptible movements in this area.

also, The Yard camera captures the activities of your pets, kids while they are playing.

Tips to place Yard security camera:

  • in the installation process for yard camera, install a camera that covers a wide range of views.
  • keep the camera direction away from sunlight to avoid grain footage.
  • most outdoor security systems use a weatherproof, dustproof and waterproof camera for Yard.

6- Inside Home ( corners, living rooms & kitchen )

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home - inside home security camera

There are other important locations inside the home, places like corners, living rooms & kitchen are consider one of the tops may be the best places to install security cameras at home.

Once the camera located at one of these places can keep everything tracked, monitoring kids and see what they are doing.

Also, see if a babysitter is taking care of your babies or not.

Even when you order a maintenance service for your home, or when you are around and hire someone caring for your pets.

Tips to place Yard security camera:

  • In-home try to get & install a wireless security camera as it’s easy in the installation process. a well-written article about who install home security cameras and how to install your camera.
  • indoor security systems might have more than one camera, each camera has multiple sensors, so try to locate cameras at the top of the door, window far away from kids.
  • if you get a wireless camera with sensors this will help you receive alarms when something wrong happens.
  • security systems for homes consist of 1 up to 4 cameras and cost more money, once you read the installation guide you can Diy or hire professional installers to install it.

7- Main stairway or hallway

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home - Main stairway or hallway

Now you know the best places to install security cameras at home, but what about Hallway & Main Stairway?.

Well, after the installation of cameras at the front door, back door, garage, Yard & inside the home you monitoring about 95% of your home areas.

So, to add more safety and to make sure that the whole areas are safe, a security camera needs to install at the Hallway and Main Stairway.

Tips to place Main stairway/hallway security camera:

  • always look for the start of the hallway and the end of the hallway to make everything monitoring.
  • find the best place to install the camera and get a wide range viewing, top places are recommended for wide range viewing.

Best Places to install security cameras at home FAQ

Where to Place Cameras for Home Security: What you should do?

Many people look for the best places to install security cameras at home, business & offices.

But one actually planning for where to place cameras for security.

Before you install a surveillance system for your home, look for the ideal place to install your security cameras.

You can start your planning and preparation for your home security cameras with the 5 following questions:

  • are you really need a security camera?.
  • placements of cameras where you need to install your cameras?.
  • the price of cameras must be in the planning is it affordable price or high price cameras?.
  • where are the most vulnerable spots to place cameras in?
  • the tools that you need to install and set up the security system like DVR, wires & protecting cases, and what else?.

Once you answer these 5 questions you will have a great plan for the best places to install security cameras at home, and what’s the tool that should you buy with the security cameras.

Where do you put security cameras around the house? Best Places

If you gonna to choose the places according to importance and getting full coverage from the cameras, then you should follow the list Front Door

  1. Front Door.
  2. Back Door.
  3. Home Windows and Street Windows came first then neighbors windows.
  4. Common entryways for your home.
  5. Garden Trees, Trees is a good place to install cameras around the house.
  6. Home Fence is a perfect camera place.

Should I install security cameras in my home? and How much it cost?

The answer to this question, is definitely Yes. The benefits of installing security cameras in home are countless, by installing surveillance system you get:

  • Full Protection for your home, Plus see who is knocking your house door .
  • See everything happens in your home while your away using remote viewing feature.
  • Communicate with your Pets and family member when you turn on 2-way audio in your camera.
  • Even in Night, you can monitor your house with your Night Vision camera.

How it cost?

The cost of security system depend on many factors like the number of cameras, digital or analog system, which features the camera have, storage also.

But, in most cases the price range from 200$ to 600$. There are a lot of security systems out there came with affordable price and have many features, and some are expensive came with quality products and Ultra High Definition resolution.


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