For Beginners How To Setup Security Camera In Home|3 Easy Ways

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Nowadays, a security camera at home is essential, as it keeps your house and family safe, and Knowing How to setup security camera in home is super easy.

First, You want to know what exactly security camera you need for your home, and which type is suitable for you.

Most people make a mistake by choosing the camera first and then searching for the right place to mount the cam.

For security camera types there is more than one type like Bullet camera, Dome security camera. And these types of cameras can be Analog Like CCTV ( closed-circuit television camera), Or Digital like ( IP security camera).

In addition, choosing the right material for the camera is an important thing. Especially if you have an outdoor surveillance system, as the good material of the camera keeps the camera for a long time.

In case of having an indoor security system, you must take care of is the security camera you buy whatever wired or wireless camera?.

Once, you decide what you want from the type of camera, Plus the place, and camera material, then it’s time to know Hot setup security camera.

How To Setup Security Camera In Home

1- Choose the Right Places & Planning for your system

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right place to monitor your home, Hold a pin and paper and start to draw your house.

Once you finish prioritize what areas you want to watch is it Front, back doors, or Off-Street Windows, and Driveways.

How To Setup Security Camera In Home

These are the most popular and best places to install/mount an outdoor security camera.

For an indoor security camera you want to choose the places that cover a large range of your house, then choose where to place the camera is it in the kitchen, living room, etc.

Make sure that the place you choose is high enough to Protect Camera Wires from kids, and thieves. Plus, If you have a wireless security camera your place must have a power outlet near to the cam.

The next step in How To Setup Security Camera In Home after choosing the right places is the planning for wire route.

Some people buy the wires first whatever Coaxial Cable Or Ethernet and after finishing they discover that the wires are too long and it must be cut.

To avoid mistakes like this make sure you measure the wires you need and for urgent cases add from 2m to 5m if you want to move the camera in the future.

2- Buy Everything You Need to Set up your camera

After choosing your security camera places at home And decide the wire you want. The next step is to buy what you need for your security system to avoid missing any piece.

First, the security system equipment such as cameras, DVR or NVR, and Batteries or solar panels for wire-free cameras or Power cables for wireless cams.

Then the installation equipment like Driller, Hammer, and screw. many tools can be used it depends on the security system installation guide to install a camera in the right way.

Note1: make sure that everything you buy works correctly before you install it, and if you find a damaged piece replace it don’t use it.

Note 2: Installation experts provide installation services for you from one camera to installing a complete security system. Read Who installs security camera to Know more.

3- Installing and Connecting The Camera

Now it’s the most important step in How to Install Security Camera Wiring in Home. This process of setup a camera in the house can be easy if you follow these steps.

  • Mount the camera in the best location to cover the whole house
  • In case if you mount the camera on the wall, try to make marks for a screw.
  • After that, Turn on your electric drill to drill holes for wires and fixing screws of the security camera.
  • If you install a camera in the ceiling you can use a hammer and molding pins.

Once you mount the camera in the desired location then direct the security camera to the right angle to cover a wide range. After that the step of connecting the camera.

Wired Security cameras

In wired security cameras you have to use a specific type of wires to connect and set up the security camera. The following steps help you set up your camera in the right way:

Setup Wired  security camera

  • Use a long wire to attach your camera to the power source
  • Measure the distance between the central device DVR or NVR and the security camera.
  • For Digital cameras one cable used called PoE cable While Analog cameras use BNC cables.

After finishing camera wiring, The next step is to Attach a monitor to the DVR to see the videos of the camera.

  • Use HDMI cables or coaxial cables to connect the DVR to the monitor.
  • Attach one end to the DVR’s “Output” port.
  • The other end of the cable to Monitor “Input” Port.
  • Connect one of two cables of camera one for DVR, and the other for the power of the camera.
  • Don’t forget to connect the cable power of DVR and monitor also.

In the last step ensure that everything is working correctly, and check if there are any connection issues between DVR, Camera, and Monitor. For more watch How to Install CCTV Camera’s With DVR/Connectors/Power Supply on youtube.

Wireless security cameras

It differs from wired security cameras a little bit as it does not use many cables and wires like other wired security cameras.

The wire-free cameras use the network to make a connection between cameras and NVR central device.

Setup Wire-free security camera

  • Connect the home camera to the same network that NVR use.
  • A software disc comes with security cameras to set up the camera and allow you to see the feeds.
  • If you want to see the recorded video just type the IP address of the camera.
  • Another way to set up a wire-free camera by connecting the camera to the computer using a USB port.
  • After finish, the above steps ensure that the camera work through the camera App.

The Details and steps are mentioned in How to install an IP camera on Youtube.


At the end of this article, you know how to setup security camera in Home, it may differ between the usage of the camera is it inside the home or outside. The more cameras you need to set up the more complex it will be.

The installation and setup of cameras aren’t hard as you imagine if you plan well for how to run wires and Protect the Camera. Plus, reading the installation guide provided with a camera helps you to do it correctly.

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin H. Tarrance

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