How To Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using Internet? Easily

How To Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using Internet Easily

“how to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet?”, a friend of mine ask me As he always away from his home.

You and I maybe like our friends, stay along time away from our family, house, and office. Or you are one of the people who love travel around the world from time to time.

But, there are some problems that stop you and me from enjoying our time outside the home. One of these problems is your kids are alone in the house and you want to ensure they are safe or not?.

Or, you have beautiful pets and you want to see if they are eating their food or not?.

In both situations, the first thing hit your head is using CCTV security cameras to watch your home life by using Internet. 

But unfortunately, you don’t know how to watch your CCTV camera, or How to connect the devices to watch your security cameras remotely. Don’t worry!!

In the following words, you’ll know how to watch CCTV cameras from anywhere using the internet.

Expert Tip: you also should know how to Blind cameras to stop any spying on your property from anywhere by using his cameras.


How To Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using PC or Laptop

Note: Before using this method make sure you have

  1. Monitor to connect DVR and set up the setting.
  2. Broadband internet connection.
  3. Router to match between cameras and DVR.

1- Watching CCTV camera From anywhere inside The Home

If you want to see your security camera inside your home it’s simple, connect your security camera to the DVR.

How To Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using Internet | Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using PC or Laptop

After that, take the network cable from DVR and connect to the Router. open your PC and you should connect the computer to the router.

Once, you connect the PC to the router that means you have permission to access the router and set up the setting for remote viewing.

Now, to watch your cameras inside the home. Just type the IP of the security camera in the web browser and you’ll show your cameras.

Note: if you don’t know the IP address of your security camera, look at the back the camera for the label and you’ll find IP of camera. This is the first way in how to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet.

2- Watching CCTV camera From anywhere Outside The Home

Most people look for a way to watch their security cameras while they are away from home, and maybe you look for a new method to solve this problem.

Don’t worry. The network engineers discover to solve this problem by using what is called Port forwarding.

DVR Setting

To enable Port forwarding for remote viewing, make the previous connection in the first method for watching the camera inside the home.

But, before you connect the devices and wires, connect the DVR first to the monitor by using VGA or HDMI cable to see and set up the DVR.

From the Main menu>Setting> Network Configuration to find the HTTP port number used by the camera and the IP of DVR.

In the network section also, you should disable DHCP which makes the DVR take IP automatically and enable Static IP.

For Example, just put

IP address: 192.168,1,100

Subnet mask:



Note: In most cases, The default port number is 80. But, some ISP block port 80 and you should change it.

After changing Port, you should save the changes by reboot the camera. Say that you change Port 80 to 1000 as an example.

Type in your web browser.

Http://(IP address):(Camera port number). Like and try what you’ll see?.

Router Setting

The next step, Go for your router to adjust the port forwarding settings. Open the Web browser and Type and type username and password for router login. 

Look for forwarding section and Follow Forwarding > Virtual Servers and hit Add New.

Put the following. 

IP address:

Port Number: 1000

Protocol: All

Then, leave any other setting on default and click save to add the new entry.

Now, you finish everything and you can check if it’s work or not?.

Use different PC that doesn’t connect on the same network of camera. And open the web browser and type HTTP://(IP address):(Camera port number).

After you type and press enter you’ll go for the DVR page.

The final step is to type the Username and Password of DVR and enjoy watching your cameras remotely.

The Next Video explain every thing from A to Z for camera port forwarding.

How To Watch CCTV Camera From Anywhere Using Mobile

In the previous method, we see how to watch CCTV security cameras from anywhere by using Laptops or PC on different networks.

Nowadays, most people use mobiles in their daily lives like browse social media sites, buy from online stores like Amazon & Walmart.

For security, security cameras manufacturers find a way to make it easy for you to watch your home remotely by using your smartphone.

To enable remote viewing of your security cameras you need to do a few steps.

Step1: Connect your security camera like the first method of watching CCTV cameras on Laptops or PC.

Step2: Open WIFI setting in your mobile and connect to your home internet network.

Step3: After setting up a network setting on DVR, you’ll watch a QR code on the screen scan it and download the mobile App.

Step4: Once you scan QR code, you’ll see the serial number on the screen scan it and put a name for your DVR.

Step5: The final step when the App open is to decide which camera you want to watch.

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Once you finish reading this post you probably know how to watch CCTV camera from anywhere using internet on your computer or mobile. If you feel something wrong and someone accesses your camera, the first thing to do is erase camera footage to keep your videos away from him.

But, make sure you do the previous steps correctly, and read the manual user guide to see if there are more things you should do to enable remote viewing in your security camera.

In most cases, you’ll use the 2 methods we mention here. But, some security cameras companies have different methods for watching cameras remotely. Don’t worry! just follow the steps in the user guide or contact the company.