Ring Floodlight Cam Review | Complete 2021 Guide

Ring Floodlight Cam Review

Today’s article for Ring Floodlight Cam Review, features, and Cons.

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Security devices can fill you with dread, but the Ring Floodlight Cam could be just what you need.

The Ring Floodlight Cam! This new device was PRE-released to Amazon Prime members and is just now hitting the mainstream market.

By now you know that Ring has been bought by Amazon. However, Ring hasn’t stopped releasing new products. 

Every day new security cameras are introduced to the market to meet the customer needs, not only that Ring is one of the top manufacturers for Doorbell devices.

And one of those products is the Ring Floodlight Cam. So I thought it was worth a review.

We simply love the Ring Floodlight Cam and without a doubt, it may be the best value security camera for homeowners.

Ring Floodlight CameraSpecification
Power source110-240 VAC
UsageOutdoor Only
Motion Detection
Motion-activated alerts
Two-Way Talk
Remote-Activated Siren
1080p HD
Works With Ring Solar Panel
PriceCheck Price

Now, Let’s see the details


Power Source

What we notice during our Ring Floodlight Cam Review is the camera is not powered by batteries.

It has to be hard-wired in an electrical box and must be connected to an Internet connection to get everything working in the right way.

The Ring Floodlight Cam must be mounted near an existing power outlet, and if you don’t have one, then you should think about picking a wireless or wire-free cam.

Although a wired surveillance system is not the best solution for customers who hate cables and wiring problems, but it is a durable system and can work continuously recording videos for long hours without stops.

Note: Before you mount and set up the Ring Flood Light security camera make sure you purchase 4 inches round weatherproof electrical box and AC power wiring. No need for a battery.

Amazing Resolution 1080p

The Ring Floodlight Cam helps to provide the most comprehensive protection plan possible.

It has a stunning HD resolution that allows you to see everything around you clearly without missing any important information like pro cameras.

Some out there security cameras offer cheap equipment but with low quality. Beginners always make a mistake by choosing price over quality.

But when it comes to your home and family safety you shouldn’t do that. Ring FloodLight security cameras offer both quality and affordable prices.

According to statistics, every crime increases by 3-4s on average, which is why it’s about time you started protecting your home, and your family from a thief with HD, FHD, or UHD cameras.

Note: The High-Resolution camera has, the High- quality recorded video.

Spotlights For Dark Areas

What we Like during our Ring Floodlight Cam Review are the spotlights.

As we know Spotlights are expensive and they change the look of your house.

But keeping your property secure isn’t as convenient as running to the store for a few groceries. 

You may have to get up and physically turn off lights or stick to living in a place where you can keep an eye on things yourself at all times.

However, There are Ring Floodlight Cams that have built-in spotlights for extra lighting for dark black areas.

This ring floodlight cam with advanced motion detection senses the dark and then illuminates it. 

Initially, the camera senses an area of darkness from up to 15 feet away and then lights up that area. As soon as a movement has ceased, the light will turn off again, saving energy.

Lighting an area can provide added comfort and security for homeowners even if no one is there at all. Whether it’s a person or a pet, so long as something is moving it will trigger this camera to light up the dark spot.

You do not need to worry about your house looking bad. You can pay for a Ring Floodlight Cam with built-in spotlights for cheaper than you think.

2-way talk 

To be able to communicate with someone’s whom-ever and wherever when you need them most.

But for this process seems to be possible, the device/app should be fast-responding, easy-to-use, and reliable.

Ring Floodlight Cam true two-way communication that allows users to chat, connect and respond instantly without boundaries or distance. 

Don’t just watch your home while you’re at work, utilize the camera’s features to ensure that everything is where it should be.

Easy To Set Up

Being burgled is one of the worst experiences a homeowner can have. What makes it worse is the feeling of helplessness.

The ability to protect your home and family from burglars should not be a luxury.

Ring Floodlight Cam is one of the easiest security cameras on the market. by following the installation guide provided inside the camera package you can get the job done in under 30 minutes!

According to industry experts, it has ‘ease of use’ as its key attribute, meaning mounting this product can be done in minutes.

So, you can watch your home and family from anywhere in the world by using the Ring trusted system by experts.

Siren Alarm

The best feature we have during our Ring Floodlight Cam Review is the Siren alarm.

Documented high-quality picture of the home and its environment with advanced sensor technology provides targeted property protection.

According to statistics “60% of families in the UK don’t have burglar door alarms installed!” which makes burglars break into your property easily.

You need to have a security system and the right security cameras to have 99% of protection for your home and family.

The Floodlight Camera is suitable for private homes, apartments, and offices. A Ring Floodlight Cam only works when someone enters your area a siren will be started.

Plus, you can control the siren turn on/off remotely from your mobile app, with one touch you can alert burglars while you’re away.

Works with Alexa

These days, there are too many security cameras to choose from and they differ from brand to brand, and so on.

If you’re on a budget, the Floodlights camera is the obvious choice. 

The Ring Floodlight Cam delivers everything most people need for outdoor home security and it has a little monthly fee paid as a subscription for advanced plans. 

It has all the basic features like two-way audio (which makes it more interactive), motion detection, night vision, and quick access from your computer or phone like Blink Security Cameras.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your system? The Ring Floodlight Cam can be easily integrated with other smart devices in your house like Alexa. 

With the Ring Security System, you can integrate the cameras with Alexa, which allows you to control your system using voice commands.

High sensitive motion sensors

The motion sensors on my security camera stopped working a couple of times.

It’s a common problem with these cameras and something that other consumers have experienced. It’s frustrating! Why should anyone need to do tech support on their security cameras?

Plus, These cameras are expensive! If they stop working, people feel angry! It’s not how they should really feel about their security system. 

They also don’t like to feel stupid, because a lot of people just don’t know how these motion sensors work.

In our opinion ring’s cam is a great alternative for those who experienced this problem before with other brands. 

The motion sensor is highly sensitive, once anyone enters your area, the camera will be triggered and the motion detection will work automatically.

So, it’s impossible for anyone to violate your private space without you knowing.

Cover Wide Field

Besides our Ring Floodlight Cam review, we make reviews for a lot of camera brands out there.

Most of these cameras have great features, well-engineered designs, and come at affordable prices. But one bad thing is most of them don’t cover the whole needed area.

But what we noticed in the Ring is that it comes with a Wide viewing angle. The camera has 140° Horizontal, 78° vertical lenses. 

So, everything that happens inside your zones, yard, and the area will be captured by the Ring Floodlight Cam, it helps you monitor activity live view via your smartphone app.

Note: Make sure you direct your camera correctly away from your neighborhood areas.

1800 Lumens

The Super feature we love in our Ring Floodlight Cam review is the number of lumens.

Nobody likes burglars. But no matter how hard you try, there’s just too much of a chance you are not going to catch them.

There’s a simple solution. Get the Ring Floodlight Cam. 

With more than 1800 lumens brightness and 180-degree floodlights, this device will flood your home with light while recording in 1080p resolution all at the same time.

So, you don’t have to purchase a separate spotlight to illuminate your outdoor area, the floodlight camera dot both.


Support 2.4 GHz WiFi Connection Only

In This Ring Floodlight Security Camera Review, we test and try the camera as we do before with other security cameras. In the checking connection step, we discover that this camera work only on 2.4GHz.

While there are a lot of devices and equipment’s work now on both ranges 2.4 and 5GHz. So, if you have an internet connection that supports only devices with a 5GHz signal, then this ring floodlight camera is not for you.

If not and most of your devices work on 2.4 GHz, then the ring camera will be the best option for you to have and secure your house.

Ring Floodlight Security Camera


After Reading Ring Floodlight Security Camera Review, we recommend this camera for outdoor activities, not to install inside homes, The 1800 lumen s is the best light source existed in ring cameras.

In a small comparison to spotlight Ring security cameras, most cameras have ranged between 300 to 375-lumen s such as Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Security Camera has only 300 lumens, not like Floodlight cameras.

Field of view
2-way talk
Set Up
Siren Alarm
Motion Sensors
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