Best Wall Mount Security Camera |Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review

Here’s Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review, Features, and Specification.

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It’s a big problem to choose between security cams available in the market, there are a lot of brands out there and each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

And if you plan for having a wired surveillance system, then this Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is perfect for you. it’s a great device for those who hate wireless systems and I will explain to you why.

I have made sure to cover everything in this Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review. So that, you can make your decisions within the next couple of minutes.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired has a bundle of features at an affordable price, not like other cameras.

Features Like motion detection, two-way talk, and wide-angle lens. Its 400-feet of night vision helps a lot in providing quality video during the night. It also comes with infrared lights.

Technical DetailsRing Spotlight Cam Wired
TypeWired Security Camera
Power SourcePlugs into standard power outlets
Installation Time 10-20 Minutes
Dimensions12.6 cm x 6.91 cm x 7.59 cm
Field of View140° horizontal, 78° vertical
Brightness375 Lumens
1080 HDYES
Live View YES
Night Vision YES
Advanced Motion Detection YES
Customizable Motion Zones YES
Works with Alexa YES
Instant Real-Time Notification YES
Weather Resistant YES
Audio Noise Cancellation Two-way Audio
SirenRemote-activated 110-decibel Siren
Connectivity802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz
Mounting Brackets3 flush-mounted brackets Included
Available ColorsBlack, White
Global Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐
PriceCheck Latest Price

Let’s discover the details we found in our Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review


1. Non-Stop Power

In Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review we look for how the camera is powered? As a power source is important for homeowners.

Nowadays, cameras are powered in many ways, not like the old module of CCTV cameras that use only a power cable to the plug-in.

There are cameras powered by batteries and solar panels. Although these cameras are amazing for outdoor areas but it’s expensive also.

Furthermore, these cameras needed to recharge the battery from time to time maybe every month.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired it’s not, the camera is powered by a cable to give you 24/7 continuous working for your camera.

Plus, the Plugged-in Ring camera saves more money by avoiding the additional cost of replacing batteries and recharging them again.

Note: In installation Make sure you place a Ring Spotlight Cam Wired near to the power outlet to avoid long wire problems. This is what we do for Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review.

2. 1080p HD Resolution

On our journey in Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review, we have a small problem which is Finding a security camera that has both a professional resolution and at an affordable price.

There are many home security systems available but not all can work with the last camera technology.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired (Model-ARMBBCR002) is our top pick. With a 1080p HD resolution, this model offers top-quality footage and video clarity.

With a High Definition Ring cam, you have an eye on what happens around your home day or night, every detail will be captured of your favorite zones.

3. Built-in Spotlights

Security can be beneficial, especially when you think about mounting a surveillance system that monitors your outside area during the night.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is one of the devices that come with built-in spotlights that work as hard as you do, day or night.

Traditional old cameras come with a few numbers of IR LEDs to be used for the black-and-white night vision feature. But Ring Spotlight Cam Wired uses Built-in Spotlight the same as Ring Floodlight Camera.

This integrated spotlight is enough source for light to make the camera work and record like it monitoring during the morning.

4. 2-way talk

During our Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review, we figure out Another beneficial feature that is a 2-way talk.

Not knowing what’s happening at home can be really stressful. Wondering if the delivery guy broke your favorite vase or if your children are playing in the pool again – you know what I mean!

Is it a burglar checking out your house, someone walking through your garden, or is just your cat playing? If you don’t know what is happening at home, you can’t take action.

For these and more, you will need to see and hear everything that’s happening around your property instantly. And with two-way talk, you can scare off intruders by simply using your voice.

Plus, The 2-Way Talk feature allows you to speak with family and friends through the app. So, you’ll be in touch with your kids, dogs from your phone.

5. Siren Alarm

What we love in Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review is The Siren Alarm Feature.

Protecting your home and family can feel like an uphill battle with advanced tricks used by Burglars and thieves these days.

Not knowing what is happening at home, having to keep becoming present only to find everything is fine, or worse still – something has happened that you were unaware of.

If a moment lasts three seconds, then it’s three seconds too long to be worried about the safety of your family in your absence.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is so clever it will tell you what happened while you were away automatically.

The ring is not just another security camera, and you’re not just another customer. This isn’t a product. Its peace of mind is made real through technology that works for you, with Siren Alarm the camera release a loud alerting voice for homeowners.

Note: A few outdoor security system cameras have audio alerts, Google Nests, amazon Blink cameras, and more brands don’t have this feature.

6. Works with Alexa

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired has another cool feature that works normally with the Amazon Alexa assistant.

Nowadays, Thieves are becoming smarter, and so must you. Anti-theft products and doorbells that rely on alarms or strong locks might be enough for a valet, but not for the proactive person who takes their own security seriously.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is the easy way to scare off those who are lurking in the shadows. This Ring Cam wanted to do more with your smart home system.

With the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Security Camera, use Alexa to check in on what’s happening at home on your smartphone whenever you’re away.

Just connect your cameras with the home network, and adjust your camera settings, then download Ring mobile app and link them together.

7. Lifetime Theft Protection

For Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review and other camera brand’s recommendations, we have to dive into camera features, and one of these advantages that we like in Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is Lifetime Theft Protection.

Every day, an estimated 2.4 million security cameras in the US are under surveillance by thieves. you or one of your neighbors may be one of them.

A recent simple survey showed that half of all surveillance recorded video is lost or not available when requested by police.

If there is a break-in, Ring’s 24/7 monitoring center will notify you and authorities and you can watch the event unfold live with cloud recording service.

But what happens if your camera has been stolen?

Here is the role of ring Lifetime Theft Protection advantage, the Ring company will replace your security camera for free without having to buy new cameras with additional fees.

8. Built-in Motion Sensors

In the last decade, Burglary was raised up, and so are the effects it has on homeowners. From the police investigation to the emotional toll it takes on a family, burglar alarms turn everyone’s world upside down.

Most people need to install something more than just an ordinary burglar alarm device to feel safe.

By installing a motion-activated security system, you can capture everything with one single device that can be monitored from anywhere with internet access.

In Ring Spotlight Cam Wired review, we test this feature and it will send instant notifications to your mobile Without Subscription, and with one button you can see everything you want.

And with The Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Security Camera you don’t need anything, the cam has a built-in motion sensor and optional cloud recording for your added peace of mind. With Ring, you truly are “Always Safe”.

9. Range of View

In the time of Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review, we pay high attention to the range of view.

The range of view is the deciding factor. It determines what you can see from your camera, where you place it, and whether you need one or two cameras at all.

It’s easy to be confused with all the different choices of cameras available. To make it worse, there’s no information that tells you how far your camera can see!

The Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Security Camera has one of the widest ranges among IP cameras: 140° horizontal coverage and 78° vertical coverage angle.

This allows for effective monitoring of a wide range for your area and property, so you don’t miss any video clip details.

10. Perfect Brightness

The Last thing we test in Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review and other Ring spotlight family cams is the number of lumens the camera has.

You may ask How do you protect your family? What’s the solution to the issue of monitoring cameras in the dark?

When the area around the camera becomes more dark and black, it affects directly on image quality of the camera, So camera manufacturers tend to increase Brightness with more light sources.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired has a perfect Brightness 375 Lumens.

This Brightness allows you to record what is happening. Ring Spotlight Cam Wired has a camera that sees in the dark and provides infrared night vision to help you see clearly – day or night.

And with built-in motion sensors, it helps guard your home when you’re away. See and speak with anyone on the front porch or other areas of your home through your phone or tablet.


1- Wires Problem

The first problem we had to deal with in Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review is the wires and cables problem, it’s a common problem for customers who installed wired systems, Problems like wire get cut by burglars, and short length of cables, and more.

If you’re one people’s that hate to setup wires and cables for any device then this Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is not suitable for you, there are other options to choose from in Ring Spotlight Family such as Ring Spotlight Cam Battery that use the battery as a source for power, and Ring Spotlight Cam Mount also.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

Final Words

At the end of Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Review, you should know the key features the camera have and the drawbacks also to avoid mistakes when you decide to buy this camera.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is one of the best options for lighting and monitoring dark areas, you don’t have to buy separate spotlights or cameras, it’s all in one device.

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