Top 7 Best Hard Drive For Security DVR

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When looking at the best hard drive for security DVR to increase your home security, you should pick an excellent hard drive that will be capable to deal with your surveillance system usage. Additionally to make it as simple as you to see your recordings. 

One thing that you will need to consider when shopping is the size of the hard drive. 

There Are many factors that assist you in deciding precisely how much storage space you need, so you can undoubtedly record and view your security film. 

By considering your favored edge rates, recording goals, and usage time, you can unravel what number of recordings will be recorded on your hard drive. 

Equipped with this data you can be sure that you have all things you need to address your issues and solve them. 

Another perfect solution for the problem of storage besides increasing Hard drive storage is to buy and pick best security cameras without subscription fees.

In this article, we are going to review the best hard drive for security DVR to use.

Seagate Surveillance Hard drive

Seagate Surveillance Hard drive
Storage: 2TB

Rotational Speed: 7200 rpm.
Check Price
WD Purple Surveillance Hard Disk Drive

Western Digital Hard Drive
Storage: 4TB

Rotational Speed: 5400 rpm.
Check Price
HGST Hard Disk Drive Large Storage Capacity

HGST Hard Disk Drive
Storage: 4 TB

Rotational Speed: 7200 rpm.
Check Price
WL Camera Hard Drive Excellent Speed

WL Camera Hard Drive
 Storage: 4 TB

Rotational Speed: 7200 rpm.
Check Price
Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive Best Affordable Hard Drive

Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive
 Storage: 4 TB

Rotational Speed: 5900 rpm. 
Check Price
MaxDigitalData 2TB Hard Drive Amazing Features

MaxDigitalData Hard Drive
 Storage: 2TB

Rotational Speed: 7200 rpm. 
Check Price
Toshiba 5TB Internal Hard Drive

Toshiba Hard Drive
  Storage: 4 TB

Rotational Speed: 5400 rpm.
Check Price

Let’s Go

What are Hard Drives Types?

In general, there are two types of hard disks to use. The 2 types do the same function which is storing data.

Top 7 Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | Hard Drives Types

1- Hard disk drive (HDD)

You may hear a lot of HDD, Hard disk Drive is considered the most common type of hard drive available out there, and there are a lot of old and current devices that use HDD. But, How Hard Does Disk Drive Work?

Well, The Hard disk drive is made of a non-magnetic material. it’s about a thin film of magnetic material that is coated over this disk to store the data written on it.

Writing data means storing data and an HDD, the data is stored and saved in forms of magnetic bits between 1 & 0, Hard disk formatting, and keeping data in different packets of data. In advanced new hard disks, the data is saved in the form of blocks.

So, when the disk runs on and rotates the small readers read the stored data in order, it’s read the order of data according to the arrangement of the magnetic bits.

2- Solid-state hard drives (SSD)

The 2nd type of hard drive is SSD, these SSD hard drives are not physical drives like HDD, It’s store data in the flash memory with no use for magnetic materials.

The SSD drives are effective storage devices. I remember when I bought the first SSD drive in my life, after installing it and starting to do work on my PC without a click on the Save button the power turns off, I feel like that all my work and effort will go, but when I turn on my PC again I found my work saved automatically.

Plus, SSD doesn’t have a loud sound like HDD drives, it does not have an arm like HDD to read the data. It’s suitable for small devices Like laptops and surveillance systems, especially devices that work with a battery.

Importance Of Hard Drives For Security Cameras

As you know Hard drives play a major role in the efficiency of security and surveillance systems, Let’s see how

Top 7 Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | Importance Of Hard Drives For Security Cameras

Continuously Recording

Most security cameras are available in the market designed to work for a long time whatever you install them in your home, office, or for monitoring your pets. And to provide continuous recording of camera footage your system must have hard drives in DVR/NVR systems.

Don’t pick any type of hard drive, choose the hard disk drives which are designed especially for surveillance systems, it’s powerful and last for a long time.

Security Hard Disk Drives can record 24/7 without any kind of recording problems like slow recording or no recording.

Some people make a mistake when buying The best hard drive for security DVR and pick PC hard disk drive, it’s a big mistake PC hard disk drives are not like surveillance hard drives, it works for specific hours in the whole day from 1 to 8 hours. Plus, the mean time failure (MTF) is different from security hard drives.

So, be careful when buying or Picking a PC hard drive and installing it in your DVR system, the system will have troubles and they can’t work continuously.

Large Storage

The Hard Disk Drive is full of features, and one of these features is the large storage capacity that is available now in security cameras hard drives.

In the past, there were some surveillance hard drives available but it has a problem, the storage capacity is small and you should format the hard drive or buy a new one to add more capacity to your system.

At the current time, Once you installed the hard drive in your security system you don’t have to replace it or buy a new one, the hard drives are available now in TeraByte. So, you can use your hard drive for a long time.

Some hard drives enable you to format your hard disk drive and it’s so simple and takes short time from 20 minutes in the hardest cases, Sometimes 10minutes if you have small knowledge of security cameras hard drives.

The formatting adds more free storage space to your hard drive and you may need to repeat this process but after 2 months or more.

Look for hard drives that have loop recording format to avoid full storage message alerts, the loop recording will help you a lot and save your time in formatting.

Long-term use

Hard disk drives for surveillance systems are designed to work for longer lives. As the surveillance systems work during the day 24/7 without any stops, unlike the normal hard disk drive which works for specific hours, in most cases the normal hard drive lifetime is 45000 hours.

In addition, the security hard drives came with durable material to afford long work hours, and as it’s known when the hard drive work at its full power the hard temperature increase. If you buy a cheap one with bad material the hard will not stay for a long time and maybe damaged quickly.

High Speed for Data Writing

Whatever the type of security cameras you have or DVR system or NVR the hard drive must be ready to record videos at any time, and in security cameras, there is more than one mode for recording videos.

1- Record when the camera detects motion.
2- Record Continuously.
3- Record on Schedule time.

These are the most common mode of recording videos in a security cameras system, Hard drives with fast data writing enable you to record your videos at any time, it does the recording process in a few seconds accurately to avoid missing important videos.

Perfect Reading For Live Footage

Besides the 3 recording modes above for security cameras, there is one more recording mode but it’s not available in most of the security cameras which are Recording for live stream footage.

Some people face a common problem when they turn on live footage on their system, the footage was delayed and lost some details in the way. This problem can happen if you have an efficient hard drive or you install wire-free or wireless security cameras and the internet connection is unstable.

Hard disk eliminates problems like this for live view, especially those with greater rotational per minute capacity who can read recorded data at high speed.

Factors to Consider Before Getting The Best Hard Drive For Security DVR

When it came to choosing Hard drive your security cameras, you must put in your mind it like any important piece in the surveillance system. It’s important like DVR/ NVR, and the security cameras you use in your system.

Top 7 Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | Factors to Consider Before Getting The Best Hard Drive For Security DVR

A hard disk drive it’s not just a storage device for your security cameras footage, it’s also got a strong impact on the system performance. So, be careful when you pick your security hard drive. And here’s the most factors you should look for before buying your hard:

1- The Speed: Rotation per minute (RPM)

One of the most important factors you should take care of is the speed of the hard drive to ensure that it performs its functions without any problems, and the speed in hard drives measure by Rotation Per Minute (RPM).

The range for the most popular hard drives in the market starts from 5300 RPM to more. Remember the Highest RPM means the highest speed and smooth working without noise.

So, make sure you read everything about the hard drive specification. Plus, look for the number of RPM as it’s necessary for the proper functioning of your security system hard disk drives.

2- The Strength: Load bearing capacity

Most security cameras owners ask how many cameras would work on the hard drives?, normally the surveillance systems came with 4 security cameras or more. So, to avoid more problems in the future pick a hard drive that has the availability to work with an extra number of security cameras.

You can search for a hard drive that is designed for surveillance purposes only and buy it. Out there you find a lot of surveillance hard drives that work with cameras from 2 to 64 cameras in one system.

In this case, the hard drive selection depends on your needs, is your security system small or large?

3- Long Term Working

Most of the security cameras type whatever Analog CCTV cameras or Digital security cameras Like IP cams and PoE security cameras designed to work for the long term, no one wants to buy a surveillance system that needs maintenance continuously, the buyers from business & homeowners prefer to buy security cameras that work for long term purposes.

The same when choosing the best hard drive for security DVR as the hard drives work support the cameras to work for more hours, search for hard drives that can work for more than 5 years at least, Hard drives with Long term working save your money and time in the future.

4- Continuously 24/7 working

Surveillance systems can’t be stopped for any reason so it’s your security system hard drive also, The hard disk drive must be capable of working 24/7 day and night.

Choose the hard drive and focus on the mean time between failure (MTBF) of your hard disk drive to ensure it works for long hours.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR

1- Seagate Surveillance Hard drive: Best Hard Drive For Performance

It is a small drive with a bigger capacity. This enables you to use this gadget for putting away information about your DVR or CCTV cameras. 

It is customizable in different recorders to save your information. You can take it out for moving the information to some different gadgets, for example, your PC and laptop.

Note: you may require a connector or special cable to connect your drive to the PC. 

It has an entirely solid perusing and composing limit, the 3.5″ drive has 1.2 million MTBF. 

The Seagate Hard Drive can stay for a long time. My DVR recorder didn’t warm up, the drive doesn’t require extreme force, you can spare your power bill. 

The material used in designing this device is solid and can be working in the worst scenario. The device is smart, once it reaches full capacity, it’ll automatically start cooling down to stop overwriting.

If you have any type of DVRs before you notice that when the DVR is heated up it slows down. Plus, the video recording is not done with high quality. 

But with Seagate Hard Drive you can forget about this issue, All your recorded videos will be saved on the disk without missing any data.

Another good thing that we love about This Hard drive is it has MTC (MULTI-TIER CACHING) this feature is amazing, it increases your PC performance and transfer data fastly.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | Seagate Surveillance Hard drive
thumbs up regular


  • High Storage Space
  • Flexible
  • 2-year warranty
thumbs down regular


  • Not Easy to install

2- Western Digital Hard Drive: Best Hard Drive For Security System

Western Digital hard drive is taking 2nd place in our list of best hard drive for security DVR this year.

WD hard disk drive has been designed especially for use in large security systems. The WD Purple will be the best choice for your surveillance system. 

Simply, the Hard drive from Western Digital is built to work with up to 32 HD cameras. So, you don’t have to worry about storage if you want to increase your system cameras or not. it gives you the flexibility to expand your security system if you want in the future.

Besides that, the WD hard drive is small in size to fit your DVR and make it work in the best mode. 

Large security systems have a lot of problems that affect the DVR efficiency, one of these problems is the heat problem which was considered by WD engineers in the designing of this Hard drive.

Not like the other Hard drives out there, WD Purple Hard Disk Drive can work 24/7 without any stop. A lot of low-quality hard drives have issues like heating up, stopping writing some parts of the recorded videos when there is a load of recordings but WD hard drive is not.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | WD Purple Surveillance Hard Disk Drive
thumbs up regular


  • Desinged for Large security system
  • Supports up to 32 cameras
  • Flexible
thumbs down regular


  • Work with Specific Devices, Not all devices

3- HGST Hard Disk Drive: Large Storage Capacity

In case you are one of those who doesn’t care about the Hard Drive size and give more interest to features, Then The HGST Ultra Hard Drive is best for you.

You may not familiar with the brand name HGST. Well, it’s a Western Digital Company which is considered the mother of Hard Drives in the market, and absolutely any recommendation list for best hard for security DVR has one or more WD hard drives.

For features, The HGST has a large storage capacity reach to 4 TB which makes you store everything you love, you have the chance to install it in your PC or for your security system.

Some companies look for security systems that work 24/7 without any failures, these companies pick hard drives that have the ability to work in hard times, and HGST hard disk drive is one of these drives, it has 2.0 million hours MTBF and that is the highest MTBF exist in hard drives.

Also, the speed of the HGST device is high, it came with 7200 RPM (Rotation per minute). The higher the RPM means that you can record for a long time and easy to access your recorded data.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | HGST Hard Disk Drive
thumbs up regular


  • High Speed
  • Large storage capacity
  • Flexible
thumbs down regular


  • The size is large

4- WL Camera Hard Drive: Excellent Speed

How many times do you stop when you use your personal computer or your system DVR and notice it’s too slow, as the slowness is considered one of the most common headaches in the Technology of transferring Data.

But, White Label Hard Drive is designed to work as fast as you need, the first impression when we buy and test this drive is we think it’s not good as other security camera hard drives. After the hard drive was installed and started to work we realize that we make a big mistake.

The Hard drive is fast as it has 7200 RMP which is more than enough to transfer your data at high speed and enables you to read and write data on a hard disk within a few mile-seconds.

Many people look for cheap hard drives for their security systems. After a short time, they found the hard drive is damaged as it’s not reliable to work for long hours. To avoid a problem like this, WL engineers increase the MTBF up to 1.2 million hour MTBF.

So, you don’t have to worry if you go to sleep and forget to turn off your security system, your house or company will be protected and the system with the DVR won’t be damaged due to WL hard drive.

In concern of capacity, WL hard disk drive has a 3 TB storage capacity to allow you to record everything you love, large storage capacity makes your security cameras work with high efficiency.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | WL Camera Hard Drive Excellent Speed
thumbs up regular


  • High Speed hard drive
  • 3TB Storage Capacity
  • Reliable to Work For Long Hours
thumbs down regular


  • The Sound is loud

5- Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive: Best Affordable Hard Drive

Again Seagate company hit 5th place in our list for Best Hard Drive For Security DVR, it’s an excellent drive with amazing features that don’t exist in other hard drives.

SkyHawk hard drive designed for large systems like surveillance systems in companies, offices, and open places. The hard drive can work with both NVR and DVR.

You may ask “Why Skyhawk hard drive is the best for business security systems?

well, the answer is simple as the large security system need systems with special features like work 24/7, how much storage it has, and the possibility to increase the number of worked security cameras with the system.

SkyHawk has all these features, It can work continuously during the day without any interruption, for the storage you can choose the best for you, it’s available from 1TB and the ability to increase the space up to 14TB.

Also, this hard drive can record videos for more than 150 TB per year to avoid running out of storage space, and in case you have a problem and lose your hard drive data Seagate has 2-Year Data Recovery Plan.

Top 9 Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive Best Affordable Hard Drive
thumbs up regular


  • Works 24/7 continuously
  • Large storage up to 14TB
  • Cheap Price
thumbs down regular


  • Less rpm 5900

6- MaxDigitalData 2TB Hard Drive: Amazing Features

MaxDigitalData is a well know company in the industry of hard drives whatever for security systems or for personal usage, and today we have a hard drive that ranks 6th in our list of best hard drive for security DVR.

A lot of people buy the surveillance systems without reading any details of the system and what the component used in the system, they look for the resolution of cameras and the features it has. But another thing you should be careful about is the hard drive that is installed in the recorder device.

As the hard drive specifies how the system will look and is it fast or not? the more storage and features your DVR hard drive has the less problem you have.

And to save you more of your time, MaxDigitalData hard drive has what you look for. it comes at a cheap price with a bundle of amazing features.

For storage, it has a capacity of 2TB to record your videos without any stops. Plus, the hard drive is fast it has a 7200RPM 32MB Cache, so you can access your hard drive and see your videos in a few seconds.

To add more for the MaxDigitalData hard drive it has estimated records reach 60 days working 24/7, and if you have fear from power consumption this hard drive is designed for Low power consumption.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | MaxDigitalData 2TB Hard Drive Amazing Features
thumbs up regular


  • Very Quiet Operation
  • Low Temperature
  • Affordable Price
thumbs down regular


  • Low Storage Capacity

7- Toshiba 5TB Surveillance Hard Drive

There’s no home around the world that doesn’t have any of Toshiba Electronic products, Toshiba is a well-known name and its products have well-engineered design and high performance.

For security and surveillance systems, Toshiba produces an amazing hard drive for security DVR/NVR. The S300 series have 5 hard drives to choose the best for you, it differs in the storage capacity you need.

In our recommendation for Best Hard Drive For Security DVR we select the Toshiba S300 5TB internal Hard Drive, This hard drive has enough storage to save the data of your surveillance system.

Besides the large storage, The Toshiba hard drive has 5400 RPM / 128 MB Cache which is enough to make your hard drive fast in reading and writing data. it has a workload rating of up to 110 TB/year.

Even if you decide to increase your security cameras number to protect every angle in your home, you don’t have to buy a new hard drive, Toshiba hard drive enable you to run on up to 32 HD video camera without any problem.

Best Hard Drive For Security DVR | Toshiba 5TB Internal Hard Drive
thumbs up regular


  • Support up to 32 HD cameras
  • RV Sensor Technology
  • 3 Year warranty
thumbs down regular


  • High-Price

FAQ About “Best Hard Drive For Security DVR”

Q1: What kind of hard drive do I need for security cameras to work?

Well, the answer of this question may be familiar to you as you can use both a surveillance-rated hard disk drive (HDD) which is common, Or you can use surveillance Solid-state drive (SSD) For your security system.

Whatever HDD or SSD the hard drives are preinstalled in the Digital video recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder(NVR). And in some cases, the Recorder device came without a hard drive. So, read accurately what the hard drive has before you buy.

Q2: Can I use any hard drive for CCTV?

No, To choose the best hard drive for security DVR you must choose only hard drives that have the ability to work with surveillance systems, You can use PC hard drives for CCTV but it’s not efficient as surveillance hard drives.

If you look at Seagate Skyhawk and Western Digital Purple you notice that these hard drives are designed to work 24/7. On the other hand, other hard drives can’t work for long times like these types.

Q3: Can I connect an external hard drive to my DVR?

Yes, if you use your storage capacity at your DVR you can connect and install an external hard drive to your DVR. and here are the steps:

Step1: Bring the external hard drive that you want to install to DVR.

Step2: Buy an eSATA Cable to connect the external hard drive to the DVR.

Step3: Plug in the external hard drive to the eSATA port which is at the back of the DVR.

Step4: Format the hard drive, and then you’re ready to use it.

Final Thoughts For Best Hard Drive For Security DVR

After finishing reading this guide for choosing the best hard drive for security DVR you have all you want to pick the most suitable hard drive for you. Don’t be rash!

Remember the accurate and correct security system start by choosing everything in the right way. Start from security cameras, Recorder devices whatever DVR or NVR, and the hard drive that you install in for the system. So, take your time and pick the best for you.

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