What Are CCTV Cameras | Benefits |Types

CCTV Cameras Benefits Types

What Are CCTV Cameras?, and how CCTV cameras work as a surveillance camera?. what are the types of CCTV Security cameras? and uses for closed-circuit cameras in this guide.

What Are CCTV Cameras?

Back to 1942 in Germany during the second world war when Walter Bruch invent the CCTV ( closed-circuit television camera ) to observe and run the test for V-2 rockets.

In 1949 when CCTV used for commercial purposes, the first closed-circuit television system used in the U.S and called Vericon, Siemens installed the first CCTV system.

Now, CCTV used in many applications, as for 2016 reports there are 350 million surveillance cameras around the world.

Most of these cameras are in Asia, North America, and Europe.

In 2018, China according to reports has a huge Surveillance network over 170 million CCTV cameras.

In addition, this number expected to reach 400 million cameras installed in the next 3 years.

Most CCTV cameras use in surveillance for home security, office to monitor everything around, as it offers a high level of protection, sometimes it’s used in industry to watch and control the machining process.

How CCTV Camera Work?

What Are CCTV Cameras | Benefits |Types - How CCTV Camera Work

CCTV stands for a closed-circuit television camera, it’s an Analog security camera for surveillance systems.

The definition refers to transmits signals in a closed circuit between one camera to one device.

One camera to multi-device may be wired Like Bullet camera or wireless like IP security cameras.

The purpose of CCTV in surveillance is to watch and monitor things, simply it’s capture light and converts the light into the video signal to transmit to the recorder.

Using CCD ( Charge Coupled Device ) which converts light into an electrical signal.

Then the signal is processing inside the CCTV camera and converts electrical signal to video signal.

The video signal can easily record or display instantly on the screen.

Earlier, CCTV use Video Tape Recorder to record analog signal as pictures, to operate videotape recorder continuously it’s must run slow speed, plus the quality or recorded video isn’t high.

Now, most CCTV cameras available in the market use of DVR (digital video recorder) to store data, recording videos.

The DVR is embedded devices designed for CCTV cameras and require less maintenance.

Also it’s easy to set up and this make CCTV Long-range uses especially if you look for best cams to use in Business.

CCTV Security Cameras have many types with many features, it may be wire or wireless, suitable for indoors or outdoors activity, Resolution of Recorded Videos is it HD or not?. This what are CCTV cameras and how it works. Let’s see types!


What Are The Types Of CCTV Security Cameras?.

Well, there is a wide variety of CCTV products in the market, but you don’t know how to choose the right one?. or what’s the difference between CCTV cameras?.

The most popular types of security cameras available in the market use for protection and surveillance, so you want to know each type of CCTV security camera.

1- Dome CCTV Security Camera:

What Are CCTV Cameras | Benefits |Types - Dome security camera shape
Dome security camera

The First type of CCTV cameras is Dome Camera, Dome camera is the most common camera, it’s suitable for Indoors & outdoors activity.

The Dome CCTV camera has a strong and perfect design, that makes it’s too difficult to know which side the camera is facing.

This puts Dome camera between the best cameras for security and surveillance systems.

2- Bullet CCTV Security Camera:

What Are CCTV Cameras | Benefits |Types - Bullet security camera shape
Bullet Security Camera Shape

Bullet CCTV Cameras designed for outdoors security and surveillance systems.

With the cylindrical and long shape, the camera does a great job in long-distance viewing, you can zoom in and out it supports high-quality image resolution.

These types of CCTV cameras can easily mount on walls. and installed with protective cases to make cameras shielded against dirt, rain, and dust, plus come fitted with fixed or vertical lenses.

3- C-Mount CCTV Security Camera:

What Are CCTV Cameras | Benefits |Types - C-Mount CCTV Security Camera shape
C-Mount CCTV Security Camera shape

The standard type of CCTV camera lenses can cover the distance between 35-40 ft. but what if you want to cover a long distance than 40 ft?, C-mount camera type you can change the lens to cover the distance you need.

C-mount CCTV security camera can use for indoor protection, as it comes with a large size that makes the camera noticeable.

Another benefit of C-mount is it can support changes in technology.

4- Night/Day CCTV Security Camera:

Don’t worry about the camera and how it will record video at night.

This type of camera can work and capture clear video in dark with no need for illuminators.

CCTV camera is the most suitable one for outdoor surveillance systems, as it can work in both environments Normal and poorly lit with no need for light.

Plus, The Night/Day camera has infrared capability and can record video and capture images in both mode color or black & white.

5-  PTZ – CCTV Security Camera:

PTZ security CCTV cameras suitable for a live surveillance system, as it has a high-quality resolution for image and video, but what PTZ means?

What Is CCTV And How Does It Work- Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV Security Camera
PTZ security camera

PTZ refer to the features of the camera Panning, Tilting and Zoom:

Panning: you can control the camera to move right or left.

Tilting: to control the camera to direct up or down.

Zoom: the lens controllable to zoom closer or farther.

6- Hidden CCTV Security Camera:

CCTV cameras have a Hidden security camera, it’s suitable for indoor applications as it can mount in any place, also has a small size to be noticeable.

The discreet CCTV camera has many benefits, You can capture perfect footage of criminal or theft.

As it is hidden and small the camera is less likely to be damaged and use for a spy.

7-Infrared CCTV Security Camera:

Infrared cameras, thermal image cameras are the best choice for the surveillance system in the important building.

Places like airports, nuclear power stations, and seaports have Infrared cameras for surveillance.

As the camera can capture high-quality images and send fast signals in the dark, it uses small LEDs that surrounding the lens.

Also, this type of camera covers a long distance of up to 300 meters.

pPlus, the camera radiation is strong enough to pass visual barriers and wide areas.

8- IP CCTV Security Camera:

An IP camera is a type of CCTV camera that uses the network to share captured images.

The camera uses a network to share data, it’s also easy to access the CCTV Camera via the same network.

Network cameras are cost-effective there’s no more wired need to connect the cameras.

In addition, you can access your camera and see what happens through your mobile device.

wireless IP security camera offers less damage in home design, as it’s doesn’t use wire in connection. Some IP cameras use Audio in security cameras to enable an Amazing 2-way audio feature to hear and speak from camera.

9- High-Resolution CCTV Security Camera:

High-resolution cameras or high definition cameras are the best choices for high-risk places, like Banks, football stadiums and casinos.

As it captures a high-quality image of persons in these places.

Also, You can zoom in to see the details of captured images without losing focus.

Most companies that seek for high security and maximum safety select High Definition cameras.

Note: After finshing what are cctv cameras? and cctv camera types?. You must know the features of the CCTV camera.

CCTV Security Cameras Applications and Uses

Technology change every day to change our life for the best, also, closed-circuit television security cameras helped us to feel safe.

Monitoring the wrong thing while we’re away and watch live video for your home, office, and garden.

With more features and different types of cameras, each camera type is suitable for specific applications.

Security systems also differ from one place to another and choosing the right camera type is not easy.

As we mentioned above CCTV or closed-circuit television has many uses some of these for commercial uses.

Like using CCTV cameras in industry and tracking movement of machines.

While in surveillance systems it has many uses monitoring the important building.

Also, many police officers now use camera on their chests to record crimes.

There’s much application and uses for CCTV, let’s dive and see more details about closed-circuit tv camera.

1- Home Security

Managing and monitoring your house nowadays become important matters.

As there’s a lot of crime committed by criminals like stole your house staff, crash and damage your car while parking.

For this thing and more you should have your home security cameras.

In addition installing Closed-circuit television cameras for home to monitor your kids, while you’re away from home.

Some cameras have alerts if the camera detects something wrong.

Many times people forget to close the house door or shut off home electricity, even some cameras connected to a smart home system can detect fires. 

With CCTV cameras and home smart system, you can control with a voice command to close or open what you want.

2- Traffic Monitoring

How many times did you use Google Maps on your mobile phone? A lot, Yes. you may use Maps to know the road you will take or to know is the road busy or not?.

For this purpose, many of closed-circuit tv cameras use to monitor traffic and read the status of the road is it busy or not.

Simply many private companies have a lot of CCTV cameras installed in the streets.

Companies take the data from CCTV cameras and send them to other companies.

These companies use the data and analyze it and show the actual status of the road at that time.

In addition, the government uses closed-circuit television cameras to detect congestion and notice accidents on roads and highway. The most used type in Traffic monitoring is PTZ.

3- Crime Solving & Prevention

Crime rates are increased in the last few years and detecting the real criminal is too hard and takes many times.

In the night as the dark is cover the sky criminals see it’s the perfect time to do what they are good at.

They depend on no one will see them or they can run away easily.

But as CCTV cameras become more popular and every moment recorded, the criminal find it too hard to commit a crime.

In addition, CCTV cameras can solve many crimes.

In a city like London, 6 crimes are solved by police each day through footage of CCTV this means 2190 a year.

To solve more problem footage of Citizen CCTV cameras can be used. Also, many countries use closed-circuit television cameras to prevent more crimes.

In Singapore, CCTV cameras help the government detect nab litterbugs and stop cars that make illegal parking.

4- public transportation

Railway station was known as one of the most places crowded with people.

CCTV cameras are used in railway stations to monitor people and prevent something wrong to happen.

Many terrorists see public transportation is the best place to hide between people.

but, now as the CCTV cameras installed in a wide range with a face recognition system it’s easy to detect criminals.

Also, sometimes in bus stations as know bus is one of the most used public transportation.

closed-circuit television cameras used to prevent steal crime for a citizen while they are taking a bus.

5- Sporting Events

Sports are an important activity for your body, but, what if you like many sports and want to see your favorite player or team playing.

you buy the ticket and prepare your staff to support your team.

But unfortunately, the security and police declared that the event will be held on another day due to security issue detecting.

For this situation and similar ones closed-circuit television cameras used in sports events.

Football stadiums have a large capacity for fans from 10.000 reaches to 90.000 fans for big stadiums.

Also, American football and other sports have a great number of fans, and trying to keep it safe is too hard.

Many security companies use CCTV  cameras to deter niggling and detect unusual actions.

6- company & office monitoring

Managing employee in your company is difficult especially if you large numbers of the employee.

CCTV cameras are used to monitor company workers and track the actions or workers.

In banking and financial transactions, CCTV used to record every action of workers.

As a data package that holds information for the performed operation, like canceling a sale, correcting sale numbers, and withdrawing money.

In addition, CCTV cameras are used to monitor markets to prevent someone from stealing market goods.

Plus, at the store cameras are used to control goods and prevent workers from stealing, damaging goods.
Also, some companies use closed-circuit television cameras to see and control machines.

plus, CCTV cameras are used to ensure that the environment is safe for workers to do their jobs.

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