What is a Bullet Camera | Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras Differences

What is a Bullet Camera | Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras Differences

What is a bullet camera? and how to choose your bullet security camera?. this guide will show you what’s the pros of bullet cameras in surveillance systems.

Most people make their home safety and security a high priority, as there are many types of security cameras in the market.

You May Ask “what camera look?.”

While you’re reading about security cameras types like dome , PTZ cameras, and Bullet cameras.

You stop for a while and ask ” what is a bullet camera?”.


What is a bullet camera?.

Well, The bullet camera is a type of Closed Circuit TV cameras that use for surveillance systems.

Bullet CCTV Security Camera
Bullet CCTV Security Camera

Bullet security cameras have a shape like rifles or lipstick cases sometimes like soda can.

Most bullet cameras are used outside the home as they can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

Bullet cameras have features like waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof so it’s one of the best choices for outdoor security.

Some people use bullet security cameras for indoor, as it offers HD resolution that makes viewing things inside home easy.

Bullet camera uses to cover one area with a wide range, once you install the bullet cameras.

Installing Bullet security camera is easy, after installing direct the camera to the area you want to monitor.


How To Choose The Best Bullet Security Camera For Your Home?

Before you purchase bullet home security cameras you need to know exactly how to choose the best cam.

Selecting the right camera isn’t an easy decision, you need to Know what is a bullet camera and what featuring these cameras?.

Also, you need to decide your selections and show the difference between each one.

There are many key features to decide which cam is perfect for you and your home. let’s dive & see.

1- outside or inside

The first factor you want to decide is, are you want to use bullet cameras for indoors or outdoors activity?.

What is a Bullet Camera - inside and outside home security camera

Indoor security, choosing a bullet camera with high quality, allow you to get a clear photo of what happens inside home.

While outdoors activities you should look for well-designed cameras with high-quality material, long-range of viewing with day/night feature.

2- wired or wireless

When you buy a bullet security camera you first look is it wired or wireless?.

What is a Bullet Camera - wired vs wireless security camera

Nowadays, most people depend on wireless cameras, as they don’t use multiple wires to connect to a security system,=.

Also, Wireless camera doesn’t damage home design with wires, in addition, installation processes are so easy.

While a wiring camera doesn’t use wi fi or radio waves to connect to a security system Like wireless camera

Wired security cameras use coax cable or POE cable to make strong connectivity between cameras and systems.

3- Pan/Tilt/ Zoom

Another important thing you must put into consideration while picking bullet cameras is it Pan, Tilt, and zoom or not?. This feature makes you control your camera and move in both directions horizontally and vertically.

Also, you can make zoom to see a clear view of the recorded video and footage image. PTZ Camera available online Amazon, Walmart with a little high price.

So, if you want an affordable security camera for your smart security system. Are you really need PTZ cameras for your home or not?.

4- High-Quality material

Once you decide to use a bullet camera for outdoors security, you must buy a camera with high-quality material.

Looking for a bullet security camera with waterproof feature, to ensure it still works while it’s rain outside of your home.

Also, you must check if the camera has a dust proof or not? weatherproof Or not?.

In addition, you want to know is the camera has infrared features and capable of working at night?.

Now, you know what is the bullet cameras? and how to choose your Bullet security cameras?.


After that, it’s time to know more about the uses of bullet cameras.


Pros Of Bullet Security Cameras.

1- Clear Images

What is the best thing you can get from a security camera?.

Well, it differs from person to person, but most people agree that getting Crystal clear Images without grainy.

Imagine you want to detect who enters your home, stole your assets but your camera doesn’t provide a clear photo.

The bullet cameras are better than many types of Like dome cameras, and other types of cameras.

As it provides a clear image with accurate details with high megapixel resolution.

Also, in the cases of low-lit, bullet cameras will work because of using LED lights to make it easy to take images during the night.

2- Have a Variety

Bullet cameras can be used for more than one purpose, depending on the features and functions of the camera.

Bullet cameras maybe IP security cameras that use a network in connection. CCTV (closed-circuit television ) box cameras that use for surveillance systems.

IP Bullet security camera use IR LEDs for night vision purpose. Also, the bullet cameras sometimes have a zoom feature and sensors for motion, thermal. Respectively.

3- More Features

A great camera like a bullet camera is perfect with its original features. But imagine what’s happen when amazing features added to bullet cameras?.

As we mentioned before, bullet cameras producing crystal clear images, you can get a bullet camera with a built-in motion sensor.

That’s not the only added feature. Some bullet cameras use smart technology and come with a thermal sensor, and also optical zoom.

In addition, the most added feature in bullet cameras is wifi to send and receive data. This means that cameras use a battery, a few exceptions aside.

According to market research, the majority of WiFi-enabled surveillance cameras come from bullet CCTV cameras family, not dome-shaped cameras.

4- Maneuverability

Dealing with Dome camera cameras maybe not easy, especially when mount on the wrong way and want to fix it, changing the coverage angle for dome camera still hard.

To fix it you want to take the camera out and mount it again. like you just buy the new camera and start with instructions from scratch.

Doing this process will take too much time especially if you’re busy and don’t have time,
In contrast, bullet camera adjusting the coverage angle is so easy.

As it’s come with a unique engineering design that makes bullet CCTV cameras easily adjust its angles. If you make a mistake and direct the bullet camera in the wrong direction you can fix it easily.

Bullet camera has a robotic neck, that can change angles and direct it to the correct corner if there was an error in pointing, so you don’t have to re-drill it like a dome camera.

5- Light Reflection

How many times did you find images taken by your home camera was out of detail?. and start to think about what’s the exact problem is from a camera or another thing.

Well, this case happens a lot when indoor security cameras or outdoor security cameras pointing at the reflective surface like window.

Window make what’s called Reflection of light for a surveillance camera, this light reflection blinding the surveillance cameras.

Sometimes many criminals use a light reflection source to run away from surveillance cameras.

Reflection of Light will obscure and cause whiteout on videos and images in Dome security cameras, While bullet security cameras will not suffer as much as a dome camera.

simply, when bullet surveillance cameras pointed at a light-reflecting surface the camera point downward when placed on a vantage point.


After reading this guide you known more about What is a bullet camera? but what about dome security cameras, so let’s know more about Dome cameras.

What is the Dome Camera?

Dome security cameras are a type of CCTV Security camera that has a circular, dome shape.

What is a Bullet Camera - Dome security camera

This type of camera can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it’s has a dome case, also it can be used many businesses including retail stores, hotels, and restaurants.

the Dome shape of the camera makes it difficult to determine where the camera is monitoring. in addition, Dome cameras are more durable and suitable for home design.

Pros of Dome camera

There are many advantages when choosing to purchase dome cameras for your home. Some of these features may include the next

1- Circular camera & wide-angle

The dome camera has a rotating shape which give you a wide angle to cover your property completely. As the viewing angle of Dome CCTV camera has a range between 120 degree to 160 degree.

One dome camera cover more area than 2 or more of bullet cameras. Plus the camera lens is protected, So, no one can damage it easily.

2- More unobtrusive

Another feature of Dome security camera is it’s hard to know if the camera working and capturing you or not. Most thieves run away when they see the dome camera, not like Bullet camera.

For example, if you have a bullet camera directed to one place, the intruder can go to uncovered place by your camera. On the other hand, Dome camera monitor everything whatever where the intruder are going.

3- Inside & Outside Use

Like Bullet camera, The Dome camera has a durable material and can be used indoor or outdoor. So, once you buy a dome camera you don’t need another camera to use whatever in home or outside.

In addition, Most dome cameras available out there are weatherproof and can be working in bad weather.

Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras.

Bullet cameras and Dome Cameras are the most popular types of security cameras, the Two cameras have common features but there are small differences.

1- Installation

Bullet cameras are easier than Dome cameras in installation, as they come with a mounting handle to make it easy to mount on the wall or ceiling.

While the Dome security camera doesn’t need more effort to mount, but the installation process is more complicated than Bullet camera.

2- Camera Location

Bullet cameras can be used indoor/outdoor, but the most popular usage in an outdoor activity as it’s well designed featured with Waterproof.

Dome cameras also can be used indoor/outdoor, but most people use it for indoor purposes as it has a simple shape that matches home style.

3- Coverage Range

Bullet cameras use for outdoor activities as it’s can cover a wide range, and have the ability to change camera lens to cover more areas.

Note: The Coverage Range depends on many factors like type of lens, Wide Range Dynamic( WRD), also sensor chip and resolution lines.

In Dome Cameras, you can use the lens to get a wide range of cover, but the only thing that can stop this is the camera designed to use this lens or not?.

Final Thought

At the end of this article you should know what is a bullet camera and Dome camera also, the 2 cameras considered the most 2 camera types consumed by homeowners.

There are another CCTV security camera types in the market like PTZ, Box camera, and the Hidden cameras. Don’t be confused and choose the suitable camera for you and your purpose.