What Is An IP Security Camera | Benefits & Types

Digital IP Security Cameras

What Is An IP security camera?. or What is the best way to make your home, office or company and garage safe?.

Is it good to stay the whole day monitoring every movement happens?, No bad solution.

For home security, you may search more than one time about security cameras, security systems for home, Best surveillance cameras for pets, but you don’t find or get what you want.

To make it easy for you in this guide we’re gonna explain.

What is an IP security camera?.
what’s the best camera for home is its wireless IP security camera or CCTV cameras?.

And go in deep to show you,

What is CCTV camera and difference between them?.

let’s dive:

Analog Security Cameras Vs Digital security Cameras.

First: Digital Security Cameras

What Is An IP Security Camera?

Digital Security Camera is a type of camera that uses the internet to send and receive, control data, it’s too fast with High-Quality video.

What-Is-An-IP-Security-Camera | IP security Camera
IP Security Camera

So, Digital security Cameras are commonly used for surveillance systems.

The most common type of Digital Video Cameras is an IP security camera which means An Internet Protocol camera, it only requires a local area network to control and access to the camera.

Note: The first centralized IP camera “the Axis Neteye 200” was released in 1996 by Axis Communications.

How does IP Cameras Work?

IP security cameras capture images like a digital camera, then compress the files to transmit it using Network.

IP camera connected by Ethernet cable to broadband modem or router, or connected wireless using WIFI router.

Then the files of IP security camera transmit to NVR to store it or to enable remote viewing feature for the other cameras. For more watch the below video

What are Benefits of IP Digital Security Camera?

It differs from the analog type which transmits Video as a voltage, then using DVR to store the Video and transmit only to one place.

While the IP security camera sends images, data digitally through a network to make it so fast.

Also, IP camera uses the transmission and security features of the TCP/IP protocol.

Digital Security cameras have many benefits, let’s mention some of them.


This type of camera Wireless security cameras provide better image Resolution, it captures a wide range of view with more details as compared to an analog camera.

According to this the resolution of Digital camera typically four times the resolution of an analog camera.

Remote accessibility:

IP security cameras as mentioned Before, use the network to connect and these lets users access the camera.

Accessing the camera can make you see live video from a remote place only need sufficient access privileges.

IP security cameras are the best camera for indoor & outdoor surveillance, in addition, it’s used in important buildings.

More security:

The transmission of data is smart and secure in IP cameras through using advanced encryption and authentication methods such as WPA2 or WPA, AES, or TKIP.


Since the IP digital camera based on Networked connection using Wi-Fi or Wireless network, there’s no need for more wire.

Also, if you want to connect the cameras, all you need is a single cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

This cable used to supply power through the Ethernet cable and operate without a dedicated power supply. The IP security cameras considered the best cameras that connects to phone without more problems.

Now: Let’s see more on what is an IP security camera? and look at Poe camera.

What’s PoE?

( PoE ) “ power over Ethernet” and these refer to cameras that use Ethernet to pass Electrical Power with Data on the same cable.

Note: you can picks PoE cable separately, it’s available on the market.

How are IP cameras recording Videos?

Some wireless IP cameras use Network Video Recorder ( NVR ) to handle video, recording, and alarm management.

Other types can operate with no needs to NVR, in this case, the cam is connected directly to any local or remote storage media to record video directly.

NVR connected directly to the network through the use of switches that make you connect more than one IP Camera with a single NVR.

Once you use NVR it will provide more freedom to use, just connect the NVR and Your IP security cameras with the same LAN ( local area network ).

Types of IP security Cameras.

1-Wired IP security cameras.

IP Cameras can send and receive data wirelessly, but wired IP security camera differs from Wireless IP camera on the source of power and how it will send the data.

The wired camera uses a power cable or Like PoE cameras use the same data cable to turn on the camera.

Note: Security camera wires are differ depending on what you need to use, you can use Coaxial cable with digital system or visa versa.

2- Wireless IP security cameras.

The second type of IP camera is wireless. But, How wireless camera work? .Wireless IP cameras sending and receiving data wirelessly.

In The power source, it powered by electric cable, and this type of cameras must be mounted near to power outlet.

3- Wire-Free IP Security Cameras.

First type IP Security Cameras use a PoE cable while the second type uses Power cable.

The third type Wire-Free IP Security Cameras is totally wire-free, as it doesn’t use wire for sending & receiving data use network and use battery or solar panel as the only power source for the camera.

This type is the best if you want to place the camera in outdoor and you don’t have an outlet for power, even you can use it for indoor purpose.


you may ask what is the difference between an IP camera and CCTV? or what is the difference between IP Security camera and analog camera?.

Second: Analog CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV analog Security Camera
CCTV analog Security Camera

Back to the last decade of the previous century.when Walter Bruch invent CCTV ( closed-circuit television ) camera.

It’s a type of security camera based on the use of analog signals to produce images or recordings for surveillance systems.

CCTV works through capture light and converts into a video signal.

With CCD sensor (Charge Coupled Device) which converts light into an electrical signal, then signal process and converts this electrical signal into a video signal to be displayed on the screen or recorded.

Closed-circuit television cameras work on the basis of sending an analog signal to a storage device, such as a videotape recorder that can record analog signals as pictures.

The Video Camera in CCTV use to transmit signal into a specific place, this means the signal isn’t openly transmitted.

CCTV cameras can use to transmit between point-to-point ( P2P), point-to-multipoint (P2MP), mesh wired, and wireless links.

As, CCTV isn’t openly transmitted, In addition, it’s the most popular Camera in surveillance systems around the world.

CCTV camera one of the most popular cameras in the world, in 2016 the report refers that there are about 350 million cameras around the world.

Why the growth of CCTV in recent years become low?

Nowadays, most people prefer to go online for big stores like Amazon and see the best cameras, IP security cameras have more features than the CCTV surveillance cameras.

So, most people depend on IP surveillance cameras for a security system, plus most Surveillance companies offer App Support, free items and that’s suitable if you want cameras for your business.

Before we go to deep in IP security cameras let’s know more about CCTV security cameras, one day maybe you need to buy one for your home or your friend.

How does CCTV camera work?

The analog traditional transmitting uses an electronic device, the device records video in a digital format called DVRs ( Digital Video Recorder ) to records, process, and stores the data from the CCTV cameras.

The difference between IP Cameras and CCTV or Analog Camera is


  IP Camera receives control data and sends image data via the Internet.

CCTV Surveillance Camera uses analog signals by capture light and converts into a video signal.


IP Security Camera can access use Network and it provides remote control.

CCTV Camera isn’t openly transmitted, the Camera transmits a signal into a specific place.


IP camera use NVR to store the data received through cable or wireless.

CCTV Security cameras use DVR that converts the data into digital format, Plus, record, process and store the data collected from CCTV camera. While IP security cameras use NVR. you can see NVR and DVR differences and know each one and what’s the best.


Most IP security cameras use wire or may be wireless, wire-free security camera. 

While CCTV security camera uses wire to connect to other devices.

Final Thought about what is an IP security camera?

Now, after finish reading this article you know what is an IP security camera? and how it’s work and what is the difference between analog and digital security cameras.

IP security cameras have many advantages, But some people prefer to use the old Technology CCTV cameras, the old CCTV cameras have been improved in the last years and there are many peoples who love this type.