What Is CCTV And How Does It Work | 2022 Guide

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Every day anywhere you watch a small security camera in your neighbor’s home, office, market, and also in the streets.

This place realizes the value of CCTV security cameras and how they can save the business, prevent more crimes to happen, and monitor everything on the screen.

While the installation process takes a long time and maybe hard for some beginners, But some surveillance systems use fewer wires and are easy to install. in case you have a wired system you can read in detail how to install security camera in simple 7 steps.

Let’s dive in and see 

What is CCTV and How does it work?

What is CCTV camera?

The term CCTV camera is used to refer to “Closed-Circuit Television Camera” and most people say CCTV camera, it’s the old version of security cameras.

What Is CCTV And How Does It Work- cctv security camera

The first CCTV surveillance camera was installed in Germany in 1942 to monitor a rocket, while In the USA the first commercial camera was available in 1949.

According to the statics, the number of CCTV cameras increase in the last years and reach up to 350 million surveillance cameras worldwide in 2016. Asia has a large percentage of installed closed-circuit cameras.

Now, there are two types of security cameras, the old technology CCTV cameras, and the new cams which are Network IP cameras.

How Does CCTV Work?

First of all, you install the CCTV camera in the place you want to monitor and power on the camera.

Then, the camera work and captures the image and video footage for your area. After that, the camera sends the footage to a recorder device.

In the past when the CCTV camera was used for the first time, it works to transmit the signal to a specific place that’s why it’s called a Closed-Circuit Television Camera. It monitors the videos directly without any way to record or store these videos.

In the current time, a video recorder device is used to store your recorded videos that are captured and transmitted from CCTV cameras.

The Recorder Device DVR or NVR stores videos in many ways, some security systems have DVRs that store videos on Hard Drive, some offers using SD to save your videos, and it’s available to keep your videos on Cloud storage also.

After the videos are stored in a secure way, you can see them on your screen easily. In case you want to watch your videos while you’re away from home, just enable the remote viewing feature and connect your DVR or NVR to the Router.

Note: DVR & NVR depending on your system, DVR for the analog security system, and NVR for the Network security system.

What is Analog CCTV Systems?

Analog systems are the more classic form of CCTV. It sends the data in the Analog Way and the DVR compresses the data to store it.

What Is CCTV And How Does It Work- Analog CCTV Systems

These Analog CCTV cameras use security camera wire types like coaxial cables and Ethernet cables to connect the camera to The DVR, and then to the surveillance monitor. 

These systems probably have a hard installation process than the Network IP system, also it has fewer features as you compare to feature of the IP system.

What is Network IP Systems?

IP systems or network cameras differ from Analog systems in the way of transmitting data. Network IP systems transmit the data in digital form which is providing High-quality resolution, more useful features than Analog systems. 

In addition, The IP captures the videos and compresses the data, and then sends it to the NVR to store it.

What Are Security Camera Wire Types | Digital Security System

Although the Network surveillance system has more options to connect your home network, it uses Ethernet cables such as a Cat5E, and Cat6. But it’s a stable and reliable system.

Network IP security systems can be wired using cables, or Wireless using wi-fi signals,s and here are the best wireless cameras.

What is the best Analog or IP system?

There are many differences between analog and IP surveillance systems, depending on what you look for in your camera, and where you’re gonna use this system indoor or outdoor. Let’s see the difference


Analog CCTV cameras provide high reliability because of their coax wires, but in general, it captures lower resolutions than their digital alternatives.

IP security cameras are able to capture higher resolution – up to 4k in many conditions – and thus give you better image quality.


IP cameras are usually compatible with many more features than analog CCTV systems, such as remote viewing, 2-way audio, and advanced compression technology to save more from your storage.


IP systems are easier to install and use less wiring than analog systems. IP cameras can also be extended to increase the number of security cameras systems. Furthermore, it’s a more flexible and more powerful system than analog cameras.


However analog systems have fewer features and performance capabilities than digital systems, it offers a lower price, not like Network cameras. 

Analog CCTV camera systems are a better choice for some businesses that look for affordable price systems.

What is the Importance of Having a CCTV camera?

CCTV is essential because:

  • – Used for security and safety, monitoring, and surveillance purposes.
  • – It eliminates and stops crimes.
  • – It can be used as proof, in case or crime in law enforcement.
  • – It can keep an eye on employers, and motivate to increase work productivity.
  • – It can be used for Football stadiums to monitor supporters.
  • – It can be used for monitoring Pets, and Cats.

How Much Home CCTV System Cost?

Depending on what you need in your security cameras, and the DVR also. The number of security cameras is also affected by the cost of CCTV cameras, each camera has a special price due to its features.

 In addition, the DVR and the number of channels it has, and the last thing the system wires, the longer your distance is the more costly it will be.

What are the types and models of CCTV cameras?

• Dome CCTV Security Camera

Bullet CCTV Security Camera

• Infrared/Night Vision Security CCTV

• Network/IP Security CCTV

• Box CCTV Security Camera

• Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV Security Camera

ImageCamera Type
CCTV Dome security cameraDome CCTV Security Camera
bullet security cameraBullet CCTV Security Camera
Infrared Night Vision Security CCTV cameraInfrared/Night Vision Security CCTV
Network IP Security CCTV cameraNetwork/IP Security CCTV
Box CCTV Security CameraBox CCTV Security Camera
Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Security CameraPan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV Security Camera

What are the CCTV Security camera wire types?

There are many types of security camera wire types used in the CCTV security system. 

Analog CCTV systems use Siamese cable. The Siamese cable has two wires inside the main cable, one for transmitting data and the second for the power.

On the other hand, Network IP wired security systems to use Ethernet cables whatever it’s Cat5e or Cat6. Moreover, the Ethernet cable can be used in the Analog system also.


After finishing reading this article you know exactly what is CCTV camera is and how does it work, plus the types and benefits. So, if you want to buy a CCTV camera make sure you notice everything to pick the best product for you.

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