Who Installs Home Security Cameras Near You

Who Installs Home Security Cameras Near You

Most beginners ask “Who installs home security cameras?”. This question is important as it’s the first time they buy a camera.

Homeowners and maybe you’re one of them are stuck in this problem for a Long time.

Imagine you have bought the best security system for your Home, Business, or Pets, but you don’t know how or who installs home security cameras?. It’s mean that your surveillance system will not work.

On the other hand, if you try DIY you may damage the camera or installing it in the wrong way.

The place of the camera is also important for the installation process and you should choose the best cam places to mount.

Installing security cameras on walls will be easy, while installing cameras on the ceiling consider a little tough.

So, Let’s Dive in and discover MORE about installers of home cameras.

Who Installs home security camera Near you

Method 1: Free Self-Installation

Method 2: Professional Installation

Placement Tips for Indoor security cameras

Placement Tips for outdoor security cameras

Who Installs home security cameras?.

Installation of home security cameras can be easy if you’re planning to use 1 up to 4 cameras, nowadays homeowners seek the safety of their homes as much as possible.

Once you decide your priorities for your home security system, is it wired or wireless security cameras?. outdoor or indoor? and decide the place for the cameras.

For a small security system an installation guide for cameras provided with the package, these small systems are easy to install, while a large surveillance system is hard.

There is two way to install your home security system, the first one for the person that install cameras with there owns, the second for people that find the installation process for home security camera hard to do.

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1- Free Self-Installation

We mentioned above, if you choose a small surveillance system this will be easy to install. It’s a free way to install your cameras and suitable for people that like DIY.

Who Installs Home Security Cameras Near You - Free Self-Installation

Nowadays, once you buy a home security camera you’ll get an installation guide for the camera. And the guide explains each part of the camera and the other equipment.

Most cameras come with its equipment like the stand for the camera, camera arm if it a bullet CCTV camera, camera lens, and other equipment.

But if you want to use this way you need to determine a perfect place for the camera.

Plus, find a suitable power source for the camera if it uses a power cable.

2- Professional Installation

The second way to install your home security cameras is to get professional people who offer installation services.

Large surveillance systems use more than one device, different types of security cameras, and long wires to install the surveillance systems.

Who Installs Home Security Cameras Near You - Professional Installation

The professional installation isn’t suitable for DIY people. If someone not professional installs a device in the wrong way it may damage the whole system.

Some companies offer installation services for houses, companies, and offices. You can search at Amazon for ( Surveillance Camera Installation Services ).

Surveillance Camera Installation services maybe cost more money when the numbers of cameras increase.

Also, this service will help you find the best way & price around you to install your cameras.

Who installs home security cameras?.

If you have a small number of cameras and gonna do it by yourself, we recommend reading the Set up camera for beginners article. and after finish the Installation guide you can watch this video.

How to install a Security Camera Surveillance System On Youtube.

This video is helpful and will learn you how to connect each part of the camera, and wires also. After finish, the installation process calculates the recording time of your system cameras to see it’s enough or not?.

Installation services Near You:

To know who installs home security cameras near you, there are companies that offer to provide them with your city zip code and after that show the installation services near you. Like HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack.

Placement Tips for Indoor security cameras

1- Look For available Corners

Corners inside your home consider the best place to install and mount your camera in. As the corner offers a large viewing angle for cameras.

Who Installs Home Security Cameras and installation tips for home

2- Avoid Windows

Open places like windows can cause a problem for home security cameras, windows are a light source in the camera eye, and this light cause reflection problems for cameras.

Who Installs Home Security Cameras Near You - avoid windows

Most types of home Smart security cameras use IR for infrared technology.

This technology helps the camera to capture a clear image if the light around the camera Low.

When windows are around, IR light can reflect off of windows and other glass objects.

This will affect your camera footage and make footage washed out or whited out.

3- Look for perfect Heights

When you install home security cameras, you must look and search for places with suitable heights to place the camera.

The heights will protect the camera from Kids to damage it, plus when you install your camera at a perfect height the angle of viewing will be Large & clear.

Placement Tips for outdoor security cameras

1- Don’t Direct the camera to the Sun

Who Installs Home Security Cameras and installation tips

Outdoor security cameras are exposed to the sun during the whole day, to avoid reflection of sunlight on cameras and damage the footage.

You should find the best and be far from the sun to help the camera work well.

2- Heights

We mentioned before for indoor security cameras, Height also is important for outdoor security cameras. You need to place your camera at 8-10 feet from the ground.

Once you install your camera away from the ground thieves and vandals can’t reach it.

Also, the range of viewing angles to cover large areas will be increased.

3- Hidden Vs Visible security cameras

Visible Outdoor home security cameras are a target for theft and vandalism. so, when you decide to place your outdoor security camera try to hide it.

You can use a fake camera to be visible and the real camera behind it and hidden.

Some people protect their hidden cameras by using heavy-duty hardware or casing around the camera.

4- Protect Against Environment

Top-rated outdoor security cameras in the market have weatherproof, waterproof & dustproof features, but you must do some work to protect your camera more.

Search for a heavy protecting case to put around the camera, install the camera with strong screws by using drilling.


The installation Process for home cameras is important to make the home security system perfect.

If you don’t know how to set up the camera and install it, it’s better to hire someone professional to do it or search for an installation service on online websites.