Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights

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Many people ask “Why do security cameras have red lights? what is the usage of these red lights in security cameras? is it important for cameras?.”

Well, AkA security cameras these days come with advanced technology and offer many features for homeowners to make us feel safe.

One of the features added to security cameras is Red Lights Or Infrared Lights, It is a small LED around the camera.

The CCTV camera has an Infrared Light or Red LEDs called “Night Vision Camera”, and the more Red Lights camera has the better quality of image you have.

So, in the next words, you will Know Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights, and how to deal with it?


Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights

According to reports, most of the steal crimes is committed at night. The thieves like dark as they can feel free to move around your house.

Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights | Red Lights IN Security Cameras

In the last years, a lot of security cameras have been used to eliminate these crimes and make our home, family safe.

But, the surveillance camera works well during the day. Once the night comes and the sky becomes dark the camera mostly stops or works with low efficiency.

For this reason and to make the place where cameras installed in is totally safe, security camera manufacturers produce a new type of camera “Night Vision camera”.

Night vision CCTV camera uses small red lights outside the lens of the camera, and to know if the cam supports the night vision feature or not, Look for these red lights.

The red lights are Infrared LEDs or IR LEDs that allow the camera to get the best quality of image for recorded videos in low light or dark. But you should mount it in the best security camera places in home like Front door, Backdoor, and Garage, ..etc.

How Red Lights Work In security camera

Simply, the camera has what is called a light sensor, this light sensor measures the amount of light in the area covered by the camera.

Then the light sensor turns on the infrared emitters to work in the dark, and after that, the infrared LEDs turn on.

If there are some lights the camera will give you a color picture, and when it gets darker, the camera turns on infrared mode automatically.

As we Know, Infrared light has a lower frequency and longer wavelength. So, we cannot see with the naked eye.

Since everything on earth puts out some form of energy (heat). Infrared detects and picks up the heat of persons and objects. And then, converts it into an electronic signal.

The electronic signal is processed inside the camera to produce a thermal image which we all see on the video monitor.

So, If you don’t have lights at all or have low light in your house you can monitor and get detailed videos on the whole day.

Benefits of Infrared LEDs in security camera

Using Infrared LEDs in security cameras have more than one advantage. By looking for security camera LEDs you can Know the camera is On/off.

In addition, night vision security cameras produce sharper images when a camera has a large number of LEDs. Plus, The camera can see and Increase the viewing distance By using Camera LEDs.

The most benefit of security camera infrared LEDs is, the camera can see persons and objects clearly in low-light or even no-light conditions.

After that, the camera produces black and white images with details. So, you can see and know what happens exactly at night.

Note: Make sure you look for the security camera specifications before you buy, as some cameras have red lights just fake to move intruders away from home.

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How do you hide red lights on a security camera?

Simply you can do this by two methods:

First, From the camera mobile app, you can adjust the camera setting, and choose whatever you want to enable or disable Infrared LED.

Second, This option is done manually to hide the red lights of your camera. Just Bring an electric tape and put it on the IR illuminators.

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No one can deny that security cameras are important in our life. But in most cases, we need to get advanced features to keep our property and family safe. In this article, we explain why do security cameras have red lights and how they work.

Infrared LEDs in security cameras are one of the best ways to make you and your family safe.

At night you can sit and watch your favorite TV show with no worries if anyone enters your home or not as the camera will record everything that happens.

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