Learn How to Connect NVR to the Internet For More Benefits

connect NVR to the Internet

Having an NVR is beneficial to your surveillance system, but to get the benefit of all of its functions, you should connect NVR to the internet whether wireless through a router or wired by using an Ethernet cable so you can enjoy the online features available. Unfortunately, most recent users …

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The Best 8 Solutions to Stop Hikvision NVR Overheating

Stop Hikvision NVR Overheating

Hikvision is one of the most widespread security camera companies around the world. It produces everything you need to monitor and keep an eye on your property. However, there are many customers complained about the network video recorder of Hikivision being overheated when it works for a long time. Some …

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5 Ways to Stop NVR From Being Noisy & Make It Silent

Stop NVR From Being Noisy

Having a noisy device in your home is a real problem for older, and babies. The home devices are different and the level of noise that comes from each one is dependent on many factors such as size, cooling system, and others. One of these devices is the surveillance system …

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4 Easy Ways to Increase NVR Channels

Increase NVR Channels

Having an NVR with limited channels has become a serious headache for homeowners seeking to increase NVR channels. Unfortunately, It does not stop at homeowners. The same issue faces business owners who want to expand their system channels for monitoring more areas of their companies because the NVR system comes …

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How To Connect NVR With PC Correctly without Mistakes

Connect NVR with PC

Connecting NVR to PC is an interesting step for many homeowners who want to watch their system surveillance cameras on PC screens. Unlike watching camera feeds on mobile phone apps, viewing your system cameras on a big-size monitor allows you to see hidden details, capture burglars’ faces in detail, and …

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The Best 2 Ways To Connect NVR To Laptop

Connect NVR To Laptop

Owners of businesses are currently traveling with their laptops and sometimes they spend a significant amount of time in one city. However, while they are away from home, many of them are concerned about the safety of their business and family. As a result, they look for practical solutions to …

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7 Steps to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside Like A Pro

hide security camera wires outside

Installing security cameras outside is not enough to protect your property as burglars can enter your area, cut the system wiring, destroy the CCTV cables, or sometimes steal system components to stop your system cameras from monitoring and capturing their identity. However, every problem has a solution. The solution to …

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Why Does DVR or NVR Keep Rebooting | 7 Reasons

Why Does DVR or NVR Keep Rebooting 7 Reasons

I know it’s annoying to have a DVR or NVR keep rebooting every few minutes which affects your surveillance system efficiency over time. Once upon a time, a friend of mine came and asked me” Why Does DVR or NVR keep Rebooting?”. I answer him because I have been in …

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5 Easy Steps to Connect Two Dahua NVRs Together

Connect Two Dahua NVRs Together

Many Dahua users look for expanding their surveillance system and adding more IP security cameras but they face a tiny issue which is how to connect two Dahua NVRs together and combine them as a single unit. Well, to connect Two Dahua NVRs together you have two options and you …

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