5 Ways to Stop NVR From Being Noisy & Make It Silent

Stop NVR From Being Noisy

Having a noisy device in your home is a real problem for older, and babies. The home devices are different and the level of noise that comes from each one is dependent on many factors such as size, cooling system, and others. One of these devices is the surveillance system …

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How To Connect NVR With PC Correctly without Mistakes

Connect NVR with PC

Connecting NVR to PC is an interesting step for many homeowners who want to watch their system surveillance cameras on PC screens. Unlike watching camera feeds on mobile phone apps, viewing your system cameras on a big-size monitor allows you to see hidden details, capture burglars’ faces in detail, and …

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7 Steps to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside Like A Pro

hide security camera wires outside

Installing security cameras outside is not enough to protect your property as burglars can enter your area, cut the system wiring, destroy the CCTV cables, or sometimes steal system components to stop your system cameras from monitoring and capturing their identity. However, every problem has a solution. The solution to …

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How to Connect Two NVRs Together Like a Pro

Connect Two NVRs Together

Having an NVR with few channels is a real problem that can affect your property protection in the long term.  When it comes to expanding their security system cameras, many homeowners consider replacing their old NVR. However, They have no idea how to connect two NVRs or how to connect …

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Best Ways to Blind Neighbors Security Cameras In 24 Hours

Blind Neighbor's Security Camera

Many homeowners feel safer when they know their property is being monitored by surveillance cameras, but sometimes there are annoying neighbors who install their security cameras to spy on others and invade their home’s privacy.  You may be asking what could I do to block or blind neighbors security cameras …

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