How to Fix RG59 Coaxial cable Security Camera Wire Splicing

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Coaxial cable security camera wire splicing is an important thing to know for most wired surveillance system owners, It may happen at any time and your whole system will stop.

At the beginning of using cameras for security, the only type is used was Analog CCTV cameras, these cameras work for years with high efficiency.

This analog system is used today because it’s cheap and doesn’t need to be professional to install an Analog system.

Years later, A new advanced system is used in companies and banks called “Network IP System”, This system uses ethernet cables and eliminates some of the Analog system problems and one of them is the Coax cable wire splice.

Many different factors can lead you to splice off the security camera wires. For example, if you don’t get a lengthy RG59 coaxial cable along with the security cameras, you can go ahead with splicing.

This is a great alternative to refrain from purchasing a lengthy RG59 cable, which would cost you a considerable amount of money.

Follow this guide and we will share all the steps on how to fix RG59 Coaxial cable security camera wire splicing. Even if the RG59 coaxial cables are damaged from the middle, you can follow these steps.

Coaxial cable security camera wire splicing Steps

Before you proceed in detail with fixing coaxial cable security camera wire splicing, you need to make sure that you have access to all the splicing tools needed. Then you can complete the process on your own, without having to deal with too many challenges.

The tools that you need to include

  1. Adhesive tape
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Pliers
  4. Wrench

Step1: Cut the RG59 wire using pliers

The First step for getting the coaxial cable security camera wire splicing job done is by taking the measure of your Siamese cable accurately to avoid shortness wires.

You may need to initially measure the length of the RG59 coaxial cable. However, you shouldn’t be getting the exact length of the coaxial cable. 

Note: Add a couple of centimeters to it before purchasing the cables. So, you can avoid future trouble. Then you will need to cut the RG59 coaxial cable from the ends.

If you want to fix the damage in the middle of the RG59 cable, you should cut it from the two sides of the damage. Coaxial cable security camera wire splicing can be found in any part of the cables.

Step2: Cut the outside plastic shield

After cutting the RG59 coaxial cable, you will notice that there is an outside plastic shield. And to make coaxial cable security camera wire splicing in the right way, You will need to remove this plastic shield so that you can locate the wires.

With the help of a wire cutter, you will be able to get this job done. Once you complete taking off the plastic shield, you can see the aluminum insulated shielding. You can remove it as well.

Note: This step needs you to be careful while using a wire cutter to protect your hand from injury.

Step3: Remove the plastic shield

Now in the third step of Coaxial cable security camera wire splicing, You will be able to see a plastic shield wrapped around the copper center as well.

The main reason why you can see a plastic shield is to provide enhanced protection for the copper center from damages that can take place due to bending during the installation process. Therefore, you will need to carefully cut that plastic shield.

After that, You will be able to use the wire cutter to get the job done as well. You should be repeating these steps on both RG59 coaxial wires that you have for splicing.

Step4: Match the two copper centers

Now you need to take the two pieces of cut RG59 coaxial cables and match the copper centers of them.

After matching, you will need to make sure that the two wires are properly surrounded by each other as well.

Step5: Cover it up with electrical tape

As the last step of coaxial cable security camera wire splicing, you will be able to use electrical tape and cover up the splice.

You will need to make sure that you are properly covering the splice so that you can refrain from encountering any problems in the future.

Final words

Whether your RG59 coaxial cable is damaged, or the length of it is not enough, you can follow these steps.

This is a comprehensive guide that anyone can follow in order to learn How to Fix Coaxial cable Security Camera Wire Splicing.

If you have the right tools ready along with you, you will be able to follow these steps and get the splicing job done. Then you will not come across the need to contact an electrician.

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin H. Tarrance

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