The 11 Best Outdoor Security Cameras Without Subscription

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What are the Best Outdoor security cameras without Subscription are these cameras important?. No doubt security cameras become essential devices in your home surveillance system.

As most homeowners prefer to have a fully advanced security system for their home, some people love to have indoor cams, while others like to use cameras outdoor. Also, Pet owners thinking to pick the best security cameras for pets to protect them, and track their actions.

And to have the right system with perfect equipment, you should have the Best NVR, advanced home cameras, and High-quality wires if you have a wired surveillance system.

But, the most common problem of having a perfect security system is the Price, as you need to pay for cameras, installation, and storage to record your videos.

For storage, how do security cameras record videos?. You may know that the cameras have Internal Storage Like Hard drives in NVR or DVR And External Storage such as Cloud Storage & micro SD card. 

Some security companies offer cloud storage services to store your recorded videos when you pay Monthly subscription fees. But Don’t worry!

In the next words, you’ll know how to get a good amount of free storage without paying any fees, and what are the best outdoor security cameras without a subscription.

In Harry, The 11 Best Outdoor Security Cameras Without Subscription

Blink XT2 Smart Security CameraBlink XT2 Smart Security CameraStorage:
Free Cloud Storage

1080p HD Resolution

Long-Lasting Battery

Works with Alexa
Check Latest Price
YI Indoor CamYI Indoor Security CamStorage:
Support Both Cloud, and Local Storage

Full HD Resolution

2-Way Audio
Motion Detection Available
Check Latest Price
ZUMIMALL CameraZUMIMALL Outdoor Security CameraStorage:
Support Both Local and Cloud Storage

1080P Resolution

Long-Lasting Battery
Check Latest Price
NETVUE Outdoor Security CameraNETVUE Outdoor Bullet Security CameraStorage:
Local Storage (Up to 128GB)
Support Cloud Storage

Full HD Resolution

Compatible with Smart Home Systems
Check Latest Price
REOLINK Argus 2Reolink Argus 2Storage:
Local Storage (Up to 64GB)
Cloud Storage (Free 7-Day)

1080p Full Resolution

Smart Motion Detection
Check Latest Price
Arlo Pro 3 Spotligth Security CameraArlo Pro 3 – Spotlight Security CameraStorage:
Local Storage Via Arlo SmartHub
Cloud Storage available (3 Free months)

2K Resolution

Spotlight Cameras
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Eufy 2C Security SystemEufy 2C Security CamerasStorage:
Local Storage Available Via the 16GB eMMC
No Monthly Fee For Cloud Storage

1080p Resolution

180-Day Battery Life
Check Latest Price
LaView Home CamerasLaView Home Security CameraStorage:
Local Storage Available
Free Cloud Storage

1080P Resolution

Easy set up
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DCT Wireless Security CameraDCT Wireless Security CameraStorage:
Local Storage Via SD Card (Up to 128 GB)
Paid Cloud Storage

2K Resolution

Waterproof Design
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Alptop Outdoor Security CameraAlptop Outdoor Security CameraStorage:
Local Storage Available Via SD Card
Paid Cloud Storage

1080P Resolution

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera
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Kasa Indoor CameraKasa Indoor CameraStorage:
Local Storage on SD Card (Up To 256GB)
Paid Cloud Storage

2K Resolution

Support Voice Control
Check Latest Price

What to Look For When You Buy Outdoor Security Cameras?

There are many factors and important things you should look for when you pick an outdoor monitoring device, While these things differ from one person to another, some factors are still the best thing that people look for Such as:

Image resolution:

One of the most important things you should put in your mind before buying an outdoor cam is, The Higher the image resolution camera you get the higher quality of videos you view.

Most outdoor cameras come with High-Quality images which helps you get a clear image, some offer HD Videos, and the advanced ones offer resolution up to 4K.

So, plan and decide which resolution will be suitable for you, In case you have a small place we prefer to use a 1080p resolution.


Another important thing you should think about is, where you mount your camera? inside your home or outside?. As we know indoor security cameras have special features. On the other hand, Outdoor security cameras must have specific features. 

For outdoor sys, the cameras should have high-quality material, and most are weatherproof. But indoor you should have 2-way audio cameras that support remote viewing also.

Night vision:

There is no need for outdoor security cameras that don’t have Night Vision capability. Nowadays, All outdoor Wi-Fi cams have night-vision to record videos at night.

In addition, you should purchase a camera that has a large number of infrared light, also have a wide view angle to cover a wide range of your property and more zones.

Note: some companies offer cameras with a spotlight for recording videos in high resolution at the night.


A good outdoor cam will make a loud sound, and send Alerts to you via your smartphone. The benefit of Alerts is it notices you are something wrong happening.

Some security camera has a motion detection advantage, Simply this feature works when a camera detects movement, or when somebody crosses the line. 

The cross line setting depends on when someone crosses a specific line you set, it triggers the motion detection features to work and record videos, Plus make a loud siren to alert you.


A lot of outdoor security cameras have amazing advanced features, as a result of using these features, the camera uses a large space of storage.

So, when you buy an outdoor camera read more to see what is a type of storage is used. Some cams like Nest IP camera and Arlo camera use cloud storage and force buyers to subscribe to their Services.

While, Some people and absolutely you’re one of the searches for cameras that use an external SD card, or the storage of the NVR. 

In this case, you don’t need to pay monthly fees and get the best outdoor security cameras without a subscription. 

Experts advise that to get a Network video recorder with H.265. H.265 is a technology that compresses recorded videos without damaging the video quality.

Using NVR with H.265 technology will help you save more of your storage, which means that you don’t have to pay for a cloud storage subscription.

Note: best outdoor cameras use both cloud storage and SD card. So, when picking the best outdoor security cameras without subscription, look for cams that support both.


What happens when you use an indoor security camera outside? the camera will work fine. But you shouldn’t expect that camera will work for a long time.

Most indoor camera doesn’t have the most important feature in outdoor cameras which is Weatherproof. Imagine that one day the weather goes bad outside of your home, and you don’t have weatherproof cameras.

In most cases, your system will be damaged by the weather, and in this situation, your camera videos will also be damaged. But, having a camera with a weatherproof feature solves most of these problems.

There is a rating that describes how much would the camera still be against weather, dust, and water. When this rating is high it means that the camera has an amazing weatherproof feature.

Plus, you should look at the material of the camera, Outdoor camera has what is called protecting case to add more safety for the camera.


When it comes to power, You take some time to think about which power source will be suitable for you?. As we know there are two types of power for cameras.

Wired: This type of camera uses a power cable to run the camera, it may use for power only like most power cables, or use to transmit both power and data on the same cable like a PoE cable.

Wireless: This type of Wireless Outdoor cameras uses a battery or solar plates to run the cameras, some people like it because it gives them free space to mount their cams anywhere. while others like wired cameras to avoid battery problems.

So, before you buy your camera decide are you want it wired? or wireless? If you have a near power outlet to the place of the camera, then wired cameras will be good for you.

On the other hand, for mounting your cameras on trees, house fences, and tall walls. it will be useful for you to use outdoor wireless cameras.

What is the best Cloud Storage or SD card Storage?

To get peace of mind when choosing the best outdoor security cameras without subscription you should know the difference between the Storage options provided with each camera.

There are 2 choices you can select to save your videos, one is a cloud storage and the second is an external SD card, Let’s know each one

First, Cloud Storage

Cloud storage usage has been increased in the last few years, as it offers a lot of advantages and features everyone wants, But the price is still a drawback. but what is cloud storage?

Well, cloud storage is defined as the process of saving and storing files videos, documents, audio, and any other data online on servers in different locations around the world.


  1. you can access your cam videos from anywhere with your mobile, all you need is login permission and a password to see your data.
  2. Best for business that has a lot of High-quality security cameras with advanced features.
  3. Secure enough to use, most cloud storage companies use the latest encryptions technology.


  1. The price of cloud storage is high as you compare it to a local SD card.

Second, SD Card

SD Card as a storage option is existed for years ago, it’s effective and offers high storage space at a low price.

It’s the equipment used to store data physically, not like cloud storage you must have the internet to access it.


  1. For privacy it the best, your data with your hand no one can access it.
  2. Cheap price.
  3. Best for persons who have one, two, and more up 4 cameras system.


  1. Your data can be easily lost, once the SD card lost your data is lost unless you have a backup. So on for malfunctions or breaks.

Now, Let’s dive in and see the top outdoor cameras

Best Outdoor Security Cameras Without Subscription

ProductNum. Of Cameras Local StorageCloud StorageConnection Type
Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera1N/AFree Cloud StorageWireless
YI Home Home Camera4Up to 64 GBPaidWireless
ZUMIMALL Camera1Up to 128 GBPaidWireless
NETVUE Security Camera1Up to 128 GBPaidWireless
Reolink Argus 2Security Camera1Up to 64GBFree 7-Day Cloud StorageWireless
Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Security Camera2Available Through Arlo SmartHubFree 3-month TrialWireless
Eufy 2C Security Cameras2Up to 3 months Via the 16GB eMMCFreeWireless
LaView Home Security Camera2AvailableFree Cloud StorageWired
DCT Security Camera1Up to 128 GB30-day Free TrialWireless
Alptop PTZ Security Camera1Up to 64 GBPaidWireless
Kasa Indoor Camera1Up to 256 GBPaidWireless

For Now, Let’s see the camera features, and storage in detail

Blink company is one of the tops camera manufacturers in the market, If it’s your first time using an outdoor camera I recommend Blink cameras.

The Product

The Blink camera XT2 is an upgrade from the previous module Blink XT, But the new version has many added feature that doesn’t exist in XT. XT2 is designed for multi-use purposes you can use it indoors/outdoor.

In addition, the camera is totally wireless it is powered by batteries. So, you don’t need to install camera wiring and pay more money for installers. 


For storage, the camera is perfect for personal use, it allows you to keep hundreds of clips captured by the camera for free. The Blink offers a gift for you and others by enabling cloud storage services without any fees.

This option of using free cloud storage is available for most modules of Blink cams. So, you can take a backup or access your recorded videos for free.

Some companies allow users a free number of days in cloud storage services, then they must pay a monthly subscription to avoid disabling camera features.


Are you looking for a small-size camera? High-quality material? Unique design? if yes. then you should choose Blink wireless outdoor camera, the camera has a special design 

  • 2 Big circles, one for the 1080p camera, and the other for the motion sensor.
  • 2 small circles, one for The microphone, and the other for Light.
  • In the back, there are 2 Lights one for Power, the second for wireless signal.

Moreover, the camera has good material for waterproof and is IP65 rated, which means that the camera doesn’t affect by dust ingress or low-pressure water jets. Also, the camera can work in temperatures from -4 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The camera has a size of 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches and weighs 3.15 oz or 89 grams. which is good for you when you need to move your camera. it’s light and small and similar to best-hidden cameras for cars that most people use.


Besides the free storage and unique design, Blink XT2 outdoor camera has many features that are useful for you.

The camera has a 2-way audio feature, this feature enables you to talk to visitors who are near to your home camera. You can do this by using the Blink app it’s available for smartphones or tablets.

Furthermore, the camera has an accurate motion detection feature. Once the places you choose enter by anyone the camera automatically sends alerts. In addition, the camera covers your outdoor area during the day and with infrared HD night vision after dark.

Another amazing feature added to the new generation of Blink cams is, The camera is compatible with Alexa. So, you can control your camera through enabled Alexa devices.

For more read the Blink XT2 Full Review

Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera

Blink XT2 - Best Overall Security Camera Without Subscription
thumbs up regular


  • Free cloud storage
  • Works with Alexa
  • 2 Year Battery Life
thumbs down regular


  • High Sensitive Motion Sensor

2.YI 4pc Home Outdoor Camera – Best Indoor Subscription-Free Security Camera

If you look for an affordable camera with a lot of features, then your choice must be The smart security system from YI.

The 4pc home cams are sleek home security cameras that deliver sharp HD video, local storage, and very accurate motion detection. 

The Product 

The 4 cams have full HD videos of 1080p with F/2.0 aperture, and 112 wide-angle lenses. So, you will get a clear image. Plus, the cameras capture moments at 15fps and that’s is good to record every moment without delay.

YI 4pc Home Cams can be managed and controlled by YI mobile App. By using the YI you have the ability to view 4 live camera feeds on one screen. No matter where you are or when you can Keep track of what’s going on in your house.

This YI smart security system is useful both indoors and outdoor. and also suitable for small businesses. So, you don’t have more money and buy more cameras to complete your surveillance system.


For Storage, Don’t worry YI cams support using cloud storage for free. it is safe, secure, and protected with the most efficient compression and highest protection of data. Another option you can use to increase your storage is to use an external Micro SD card.

Also, YI supports local backup up to 64GB Class10 micro SD cards with FAT32 format. So, even if your YI Home Camera is stolen or damaged your recorded videos are safe.


One of the best features of this camera is motion detection, the 4 cameras keep everything beside you during the day, or even at the night. By using a built-in high accuracy motion detection technology, your property is safer. 

Another Amazing feature these cameras used is Night Vision. by using 8 individual 940nm infrared LEDs you can record and view videos in low light conditions.

The 4 cameras system also supports a two-way audio feature, With a built-in ultra-responsive microphone you can take and listen smoothly. In addition, the cameras support remote viewing and sharing with family members up to 5 members.

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YI Indoor Security Cam

Best Indoor Subscription-Free Security Camera
thumbs up regular


  • Cloud, and Local Storage Available
  • High- Resolution security camera
  • Affordable
thumbs down regular


  • For Indoor Usage Only

3. ZUMIMALL Wireless Cam – Best Outdoor Security Camera With No Monthly Fees

How many hours does it take for you to pick the right outdoor security camera? maybe hours, days. But all your needs can be found in this awesome camera from Zumimall.

The Product

The white ZUMIMALL security camera is amazing for the home, office, and backyard. the camera has a 1080P HD resolution. So, your recorded videos will be clear and full of details.

In addition, it has a wide-angle view of 130 degrees, which means that by using Zumimall cam you will cover most of your outdoor area. Plus, the camera has a magnetic ball holder to make it easy to mount anywhere you need.

For Night vision, the camera comes with advanced PIR motion detection, the camera is perfect at night, it can see in the dark and detect motion up to 10m (32ft).


In storage, you have two options, the first one is to pay for cloud storage services or use a micro SD card (up to 128GB). If you look for the best outdoor security cameras without subscription then the ZUMIMALL camera is great for you.

Be wise and get the best of two storage options, use the cloud storage to store a backup of your recorded videos, and the SD card to store the videos as you set up your camera.


The camera is totally wireless, it comes with a 6000mAh battery that lasts up to 2 – 5 months when fully charged. So, you don’t need to recharge the battery every week. 

Also, the Zumimall outdoor camera sends data using a wifi signal ( support 2.4G). So, feel free to place your camera anywhere without worrying about annoying wires.

As the camera is totally wireless, make it is the best to use in outdoor security systems. Plus, it has a perfect Weatherproof rate IP65 to keep working during bad weather.

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ZUMIMALL Outdoor Security Camera

ZUMIMALL Camera - Best Outdoor Security Camera With No Monthly Fees
thumbs up regular


  • Support Local and Cloud
  • HD Resolution
  • Large Capacity Battery
thumbs down regular


  • Few Connection Issues

4. NETVUE Cam – Best Bullet Outdoor Security Camera Without Subscription

Last year’s NETVUE outdoor security camera become one of the most sold cameras on Amazon, the camera has a great performance and well-engineered design.

In addition, the NETVUE camera comes at an affordable price as you compare it with other brand cameras. Plus, the company offers Two years limited warranty and lifetime 24/7 customer support to help you.

Read the NETVUE Security Camera Full Review.

The Product

The NETVUE product package includes 2 bullet outdoor cams with an antenna, this antenna support working with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, the WiFi range up to 70 feet and travels through 3 walls. So, don’t worry about where to place your camera.

Another amazing thing is that the NETVUE Vigil camera supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable connection, which means you choose between the most suitable connection for you.

In the resolution, the outdoor NETVUE security camera capture high-res 1080p images by using a 36mm lens. In addition, the camera has a 100° view to cover the maximum of your area.

At Night, the camera continues working as it has a perfect 10 850nm infrared LEDs, which enable viewing up to 60 feet in the dark.


Like other camera brands, NETVUE has two choices for Storage Cloud Storage, or use a micro SD card (up to 128GB). For Cloud storage, NETVUE employs AWS ( Amazon Web Service) cloud for storing your recorded videos.

The AWS Cloud is safe and accessible, you can see cloud storage easily (Amazon Web Services know for its highly reliable performance) and download it on your Phone. 

Or, use the second option which saves you more money, Using a Micro SD card is a great job for storing and replaying videos of your camera.


Unlike other outdoor security cameras, The NETVUE camera power by Power Adapter is included with the camera. So, to keep the camera working during the whole day make sure that the camera plug into Power Outlet.

The camera is not battery power, this is useful if you hate using batteries and love wires. To install camera wiring read Quick Guide (included with the camera package).

NETVUE Outdoor Bullet Security Camera

Best Bullet Outdoor Security Camera Without Subscription
thumbs up regular


  • Local & Cloud Storage Available
  • 1080P FHD Resolution
  • Cheap
thumbs down regular


  • Support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network only

Reolink is considered one of the best camera manufacturers, This model Argus 2 closer to perfectionism. The camera provides HD image resolution, Two-Way Audio, IP65 Certified Weatherproof, and more.

The Product

As we mentioned above The Argus 2 camera records videos in 1080p Full HD.

which is good enough to see everything in detail, and better than 720p cams. Even in very low light conditions, the cam can record high-quality videos.

In addition, the Argus 2 has a wide viewing angle of 130°, which is amazing to see the wider field and more uncovered areas, this cam from Reolink is considered one of the cams that have the top wide-angle view.

For Power, the camera is totally wire-free which means that no wires for power or data are used.

The cam depends on a rechargeable battery with a 5200mAh capacity. His battery is rechargeable and you can use an outlet or solar panel to charge the battery again.

If you want your cam to work continuously during the whole day, connect the camera to Reolink solar panel and the cam will not stop for power issues.


With Reolink Argus 2 cam you can use both Cloud Storage and a micro SD card(up to 64GB). Most homeowners use the SD card to store files locally, they love their privacy and don’t need any stranger person to access it.

While cloud storage as an option is perfect for you to backup your recorded videos. It also allows you to access and playback video history anytime, from anywhere.

Editor Choice: Reolink Argus 2 is one of the top best outdoor security cameras without subscription. Don’t be hesitant.


Like the top outdoor cameras, Argus 2 Reolink cam has an advanced motion detection feature, it uses a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor that is capable of capturing all movements with no mistakes.

Once a human enters your zone the cam detects the motion, the cam turns on, and sends instant alerts to you at the same time.

Furthermore, the camera siren will make a loud sound in 75db, or use a customized voice alert with your own voice to deter the unwanted.

It doesn’t finish, the camera has a two-way audio feature that enables you to hear and talk to persons in front of the camera.

This feature is awesome when you see stranger persons from the cam and are afraid to open the door you can use 2-way audio.

The feature that I love in Argus 2 Reolink outdoor cam is it’s compatible to work with Google Assistant. Once you say “Hey Google” you bring views between your hand. Simply make command and control which camera you want to see in a few seconds.

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Reolink Argus 2

REOLINK Argus 2 - Best Affordable Subscription-Free Security Camera
thumbs up regular


  • Offer Both Cloud & Local Storage
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Work with Smart Home Systems
thumbs down regular


  • Only Free 7-day Cloud Storage

6- Arlo Pro 3 –  Best Spotlight Security Camera Without Monthly Subscription Fees

Arlo Pro 3 security camera is one of the best outdoor security camera without subscription available in the market.

Besides, there are no monthly fees, the camera system has a ton of features that don’t exist in its predecessors. It’s easy to set up, has a weatherproof design, and 2-way audio for an affordable price.

The Product

Since the resolution of the cameras is very important in capturing details of the footage, the Arlo Pro 3 camera provides a 2k resolution with HDR (High Dynamic Range). With this amazing resolution you don’t need to zoom in to see details, everything is between your hands with these cameras.

Also, the camera keeps the same performance as the LENs during the night, which means you get the same details of the day videos at night. Moreover, with the spotlights integrated with the cam body, you’ll get colorful night vision.

Not only that, The camera has a 160° viewing angle lens, which reduces the fisheye effect and allows you to see a big picture full of hidden details.

Say goodbye to wired security cameras, these Arlo Pro 3 cameras are powered by long-lasting batteries which last for 6 months on one charge. 


As we are here to review the best outdoor security camera without subscription we must say that the Arlo Pro 3 system is one of the best as it provides storage with no monthly fees.

For recorded videos, the cameras rely on the Arlo SmartHub included with the system to store videos for a long time, with no SD cards like other security camera brands.

But how does Arlo SmartHub work and store the videos?

Well, this device from Arlo comes as a base station for the pro 3 cameras. Once you install the cameras, then the cameras will be paired with the base station. 

After that, there is a USB storage that is sold separately inserted to the SmartHub to store the videos on it. Pick one according to your video size and insert it in the base station, then turn on your surveillance cams and start recording videos.

In case you get a USB local storage on your SmartHub device and you’re still running out of storage, you can try Arlo cloud storage and test it, Arlo offers a 3-month trial.


As we mentioned previously Arlo Pro 3 has a ton of features that anyone loves to have. One of these features is the powerful AI detection technology. This technology exists in a few cameras on the market and it allows you to know what your camera is detecting? Is it a human or a package?

Not only but also the cameras provide you with instant alerts when anything wrong happens in your house range. 

Aside from the smarter alerts the cameras send, you can also take quick action based on the alert you receive. For example, you can turn on the Siren of the camera to alert the intruders, call a friend to help you, or call the police to come fast and stop the burglary.

Note: Some of these features are included in the 3-month trial of Arlo Smart, so you have to test the service carefully and decide if you want it or not.

Arlo Pro 3 – Spotlight Security Camera

Arlo Pro 3 - Spotligth Security Camera Without Monthly Subscription Fees
thumbs up regular


  • Free Local Storage
  • 2K Resolution
  • Wire-Free System
thumbs down regular


  • 3 Free months of Cloud Storage

7- Eufy 2C Security Cameras – Best Easiest to Install System with No Monthly Fee

With no monthly fees and a simple system setup as compared to other camera surveillance systems, the Eufy 2C wins with a high score in our recommendations for the best outdoor security camera without subscription.

Most homeowners prefer this device because It’s a complete home security system with 1080p HD video, night vision, motion alerts, two-way audio, and more. You’ll never miss a thing with the Eufy 2C, everything will be captured and stored in a secure storage medium.

The Product

Similar to the other models of Eufy, this camera system comes with an amazing design and is manufactured from durable materials. It can be used indoors or outdoors, the cameras will provide stable performance in both don’t worry!

The system consists of 3 parts, 2 cameras, and one base station that is used to connect the system with the internet through an ethernet cable. In addition, it’s used to store the videos that are captured by wireless cameras.


You come here because you’re struggling with paying a monthly fee for security cameras to save your videos online, But with Eufy 2C you don’t have to and your dilemma will be finished right now.

The cameras capture HD videos which means the clips are rich in detail. In other words, storing the videos will take a large size from your storage capacity. 

But you don’t have to worry! As Eufy comes with a base station (Hub) that stores up to 3 months of recorded videos via the 16GB eMMC.

In addition, If you consume the 16GB you can add more storage space by using a USB and inserting it into the back of the HomeHub. 

Note: According to Eufy the features of using USB for expanding your storage will not be added yet, and it will soon be launched.


A lot of beginners love Eufy products because they are easy to install, and don’t require you to hire an installer and pay for them. The same principle with Eufy 2C security cameras, they are easy to install and take a few minutes to set up.

However, the easy installation process of the system doesn’t surprise me, there are other amazing features that I like more than the setup. Features such as 

  • Smart Image enhancement which allows you to get clear images without missing details.
  • Color night vision that makes you get bright footage when it’s dark at night.
  • The 180-Day battery life which makes me feel comfortable about the camera it’ll not stop suddenly because it’s run out of power.

Not only that, The most advantage that I like about the Eufy security system is the Human Detection Technology, this technology allows the camera to know the body, and people’s faces by true detection.

Eufy 2C Security Cameras

Eufy 2C Security System - Best Easiest to Install System with No Monthly Fee
thumbs up regular


  • Offer Free Local Storage
  • HD Resolution
  • Clear Night Vision
thumbs down regular


  • Expensive

8- LaView Home Cameras – Best Versatile Security Camera With Free Cloud Storage

No more worries about burglars or trespassers, with LaView’s home security camera everything is protected, your home, business, or office is all being monitored.

These cameras come without a monthly subscription for storage which makes them one of the best affordable cameras compared to other cameras in the same category.

The Product

Resolution is one of the most important factors that any look for before picking a security camera for his property. For LaView cameras, both 2 cameras provide 1080p HD videos to enable you to get and capture small details of your footage.

Moreover, when the light in the ambient area of the camera becomes low, the camera turns on the IR night vision mode to capture what happens in the targeted area, it covers up to 32ft.

For the connection and installation, the package includes 2 wireless security cameras that work on 2.4GHz and can be connected to weak wifi signals. 

Plus, the cameras are super easy to install. They come with a mounting bracket in the camera box, all you have to do is to decide where you need to put the camera, then place the mounting bracket, and finally hook the camera.


It’s amazing when you have a security camera that stores videos on SD cards as you can take a backup from your videos to an external hard drive or computer. 

The best overall is when you have cloud storage to keep your videos on it, protected for a long time, with the ability to access and view your videos from anywhere around the world at any time. 

Both options local and cloud storage are available in the LaView cameras. The cams use 2 SD cards that store videos up to 32 GB. For cloud storage, the company uses a cloud server located in the US to keep your data secure and eliminates the fear of missing them on an SD card.


Nowadays, security camera manufacturers do their best when it comes to camera features and how to make their cameras better than others.

For the LaView company, the same attitude has been applied for the last few years which comes with a great result at least for this camera, and its superb features.

For example, the camera comes with a powerful motion detection technology, so when anyone breaks any of your favorite areas a quick alert will be sent to your mobile to notify you.

Even more, this camera from LaView supports 2-way audio with noise cancellation so you can talk, and listen to anyone who exists near to your camera. Thanks to the camera’s built-in mic and speaker.

LaView Home Security Camera

LaView Home Cameras - Best Versatile Security Camera With Free Cloud Storage
thumbs up regular


  • SD Card Local Storage
  • Durable
  • Affordable Camera
thumbs down regular


  • Indoor Only

9- DCT Security Camera – Best Waterproof Subscription-Free Security Camera

In case you are still searching for the best outdoor security camera without subscription, and want a top tech device at an affordable price, then the DCT camera is the perfect choice for you.

No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. This camera can be installed and set up within a few seconds as the camera is totally wire-free and powered by a powerful rechargeable battery with no hassle for power wires, or cords.

Not only that but also the camera comes with innovative low-power technology which in terms of increases the battery life, and makes the camera work up to 5 months on one single charge for the battery.

The Product

This camera from DCT captures high-resolution videos wherever you put it, inside or outside, it’ll give you the best performance among other cameras you tested before.

Unlike the other cameras that capture 720p videos, this camera captured videos with 2k resolution which is enough for seeing every detail you want on the camera footage from trees to car plates.

Moreover, the camera has color mode and infrared mode for night vision, what I mean by night vision modes is that the camera will produce the same day image quality at night.


When it comes to the storage of your camera video clips, DCT gives you 2 options. The first is by using a micro SD card up to 128GB, and the second is a 30 day free trial of the cloud service.

Both options are great, the only difference is one is free, which is an SD card as you pay a one-time payment for buying the SD card, and the second is paid as it gives you online storage with other features.

My advice to you is if you set the camera to record 24/7 with the 2K resolution then it’s suitable if you use both, local and cloud. 

On the other hand, if you have a camera that records when motion is detected or records with a good quality in this case you can rely on a local SD card only.


As we mentioned above the camera supports a lot of wonderful advantages and comes at a cheap price. Let’s see

For Detection, the camera uses two things: a PIR motion sensor with AI recognition technology. 

Once the sensor works, then the artificial intelligence comes and analyzes, and distinguishes humans, animals, and cars or vehicles, by using both you’ll eliminate the false alerts, and receive the true ones.

It does not stop at this stage and sends alerts for your mobile only, the camera is equipped with an integrated spotlight and a loud siren that can be turned on manually or automatically when you feel worried about anything happening on your property when you’re away.

In addition, the camera enables you to communicate with strangers on your door without the need to open the door and meet them, only through the 2-way audio feature you can talk, and listen with a clear voice.

DCT Wireless Security Camera

DCT Wireless Security Camera - Best Waterproof Subscription-Free Security Camera
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  • Local Storage Via SD Card
  • 2K High Resolution
  • AI Recognition
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  • Work on 2.4Ghz Only

10- Alptop Outdoor Security Camera – Best PTZ Security Camera Without Subscription

Alptop camera is a great way to monitor and watch your family members, pets, and babysitter in the detail. 

This cam is not similar to any camera in this blog post as it’s a PTZ cam that provides Pan, Tilt, and Zoom in one device. While most cameras here are bullet and dome cameras. 

More than that, the camera comes with a high capacity rechargeable battery of 15600mAh which means that the camera will work for a longer time than you think, and for a non-stop power supply, the camera with a solar panel to charge the device with direct sunlight.

The Product

When people see the camera’s shape and body, the first thing they think about is the camera installation process, and how hard it is? But with this camera, you don’t have to worry! The camera is totally wire-free and can be installed in a short time, so forget any wire hassle and problems, it’s designed to be mounted by beginners.

All you have to do is get the mounting plate included in the camera box, and put it on where you want to place the camera, then turn on the drill to make holes for screws, put the mounting base, and fix the screws. 

Once you finish, adjust the camera viewing angle, after that install the solar panel, turn on the camera.

For resolution, the camera captures and records everything in HD resolution which in terms allow you to see the videos with clear details with colors.

Even more when the ambient area around the camera becomes totally dark, the camera will keep capturing images, and videos with the same quality as the camera comes with 2 IR, and 4 floodlight LEDs to give you a nice colorful night vision.

Aside from resolution, the camera also comes with a super-wide viewing angle as its PTZ camera. 

To make it simple, in horizontal viewing, the camera can view 320° from 360° horizontally. For vertical viewing,  the camera has a viewing angle lens of 90° degrees and it is responsible for moving the camera Up/Down to grab more details. 

The camera does not stop at this step, it also supports zooming in/out on the camera footage to enable you to see more of your image details.


When it comes to the storage, the manufacturer gives it more importance and makes the camera support both cloud and local storage.

For local storage, the camera comes with a built-in micro SD slot to allow you to enter 16,32, or 64 SD cards to save the camera recorded videos on it. 

On the other hand, the camera supports cloud storage but it’s a paid service. As we here look for the best outdoor security camera without subscription, no matter how much the paid plan will cost, you can rely on an SD card to store your videos.


The Alptop camera comes at an affordable price but in my view, I see it deserves more than this price as the camera comes with surprising features.

For example, the camera supports motion detection by using a highly sensitive sensor that works when the camera detects a little movement of a human or pet around your property. The camera does not stop here, it also offers the ability to receive notifications on the mobile app to see the action live.

Moreover, if the camera doesn’t detect or send a notification for a burglary on your house, you can still access and see a live view of your home by using the remote viewing feature in the camera.

While live view enables you to see what happens, there’s another amazing feature called 2-way audio that makes you in contact with whoever is near your camera.

Alptop Outdoor Security Camera

Alptop Outdoor Security Camera - Best PTZ Security Camera Without Subscription
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  • SD Card Local Storage
  • PTZ Camera
  • High Capacity Rechargeable Battery
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  • Not Support 5Ghz Wifi Band

11- Kasa Indoor Camera – Best Baby Subscription-Free Security Camera

There are a few cameras out there that care for children and the Kasa security camera is one of them. 

If you don’t know, It’s a small camera produced by Tp-Link which is a well-known brand in manufacturing a lot of other home devices. Everyone purchases Tp-link devices familiar with the high quality and the latest features being present in the device.

Tp-link applied the same concept in manufacturing Kasa cameras, it’s with adorable and sleek design, with a lot of features that we’ll dive into in the words below.

The Product

Different from other cameras here, this camera can be rotated manually by a 360° to give you the freedom of selecting the area you want to capture and see.

For enjoying the panoramic viewing you have to install the camera in the correct way which is done by putting the mount base anywhere you want, and then attaching the camera body to it.

Aside from that, The camera also provides a 2k resolution that is better than 1080p for capturing more details. The camera vising features do not stop here, it also provides night vision that covers up to 30ft in total darkness.


Besides being a baby camera, Kasa also supports cloud storage, and local storage to save and secure your baby videos for the period you want.

In terms of Local storage, the camera has a slot for an SD card on the side of the body below the reset button. On this slot, you can insert an SD card up to 256GB which is large to store videos with no consideration for resolution, and other factors that affect the camera storage capacity.

For the cloud, like most cameras in the market, Kasa offers a cloud storage service with other features but it’s paid, and stores your camera-recorded videos for only 30 days.


The 1st thing that everyone notices about the Kasa security camera is it comes at an affordable price while other cameras that come with the same features cost more than 100$.

2nd is the camera offers a true motion and sound detection feature by using cutting-edge AI algorithms, so anyone who comes breaks in your camera range, and makes a sound or a small movement the camera will detect him and alert you. 

This feature is so helpful especially for kids when they wake up from sleeping and start crying or moving.

3rd is the Kasa camera is compatible with smart home systems such as Alexa, or Google Assistant which means with your voice you can control your camera.

4th it also offers 2-way audio to make you be in touch with your kids even if you’re in different rooms, you speak from your mobile, and he is heard from the camera.

Kasa Indoor Camera

Kasa Indoor Camera - Best Baby Subscription-Free Security Camera
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  • Up to 256 GB Local Storage
  • Compatible with Smart Devices
  • 4MP Resolution
thumbs down regular


  • Paid Cloud Storage


At the end of this article, you know what are the best outdoor security cameras without subscription, and how to choose your perfect security cam.

The choices vary from one to another depending on everyone’s needs, some people look for a resolution. while others look for weatherproof and motion detection.

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin Is an Electric and Electronic Engineer passionate about content writing and marketing. In the past, He was installed a large number of CCTV security cameras, and IP cams also. For now, He is the Head of the Content Team which is responsible for writing informative and detailed posts for Safebudgets.Com