Best NVR for Home Use | Buyer Guide 2021

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What is the best NVR for Home Use? what to look for when buying an NVR for your home security?. These two consider the most common question for anyone who wants to buy NVR security system.

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Well, as we know NVR (Network Video Recorder) is consider the heart of any security system and you must take more time to think before picking this device for your system.

The NVR simply connected to everything in your security system whatever is a network camera, Monitor, Router, and cables. While it has many connections but it has fewer problems as we compared with the DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

The old technology DVR suitable for Analog CCTV cameras, These type of security cameras has been used for a long time although of the problems of analog cameras.

Years later the Network video recorder comes to market and people like it because it has many advantages. In this Safe Budgets Blog, we have discussed before both NVR Vs DVR Pros and Cons.

Let’s Dive in NVR 

What Is The Importance Of NVR?

If you are one of these people who use DVR in their security systems, you may also one of these who suffer daily from DVR problems. Although Digital video recorder has many advantages most people like to use the new technology.

Imagine you buy a smart camera and want to use the full features of the camera like live stream and getting notifications. In the case of DVR you couldn’t, but if you use NVR you can use both features of the camera.

The benefits of NVRs are not only the ability to make you use advanced features of the security camera but also record and store videos for weeks and months. In addition, Using NVR system allows you to use motion detection features and other flexible functions.

Plus, Using NVR to store videos is a good option which makes you record and store videos for a long time free without any monthly fees. On the other hand, cloud storage requires to pay every month even if you have one or two cameras.

Another issue that makes people afraid of using cloud storage is most companies that offer cloud storage services don’t have great privacy protection for your data.

One of the biggest benefit of NVRs that it has a simple software interface which helps you to configure the NVR easily. In addition, If you found a problem in your system you can maintain by your hand.

Moreover, you can see your recorded videos live all you have to do is connecting a monitor to the device or use the mobile app of the NVR system.

In the Following Table the best NVR for home use and below the details of each one.

Amcrest NV4108E HS NVRAmcrest POE NVR– High-Quality 4K

– 8 POE Channels
Check Price
Amcrest NV4108E HS NVR For Wireless CamsAmcrest Network Video Recorder– High-Quality 4K

– Advanced H.265 Compression Technology
Check Price
Ubiquiti Networks Video RecorderUbiquiti Networks Video Recorder– Built-in 2 TB Hard drive

– Good for Wireless cameras
Check Price
REOLINK Reolink PoE NVRReolink PoE NVR– 2TB hard drive pre-installed

– Recorded Video Play Back
Check Price
HeimVision HM241 Wireless SystemHeimVision HM 241 System– East To Set up

– Operating Temperature Ranged From -4°F to 122°F
Check Price
Hiseeu Wireless CCTV System 4CH 960P waterproof IP camera outdoor wifi 1080P NVR 4PCS Home SecurityHiseeu Wireless Security Camera System– Double Data Compression Ratio H.265

– 1Tb Hard Drive Pre-installed
Check Price
Firstrend 8CH Wireless NVR SystemFirstrend Wireless NVR System– 2TB Hard Drive Pre-Installed

– 1080P FULL HD Videos
Check Price
ZOSI 8CH 1080P Wireless Security Cameras SystemZOSI Wireless Security Cameras System– Advanced H. 265 Technology

– Built-in 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive
Check Price

Now Let’s start and See Best NVR for Home Use

9 Best NVR For Home Use

1- Amcrest NV4108E-HS (Best Value)

Amcrest is one of the most popular companies in the field of security and surveillance systems, and this model Amcrest NV4108E-HS considers the best value NVR.

The Product

The Amcrest network video recorder come with 8 channels which means that this device is the best choice for you if you have less than 6 security cameras in your home.

Plus, The NV4108E-HS NVR supports hard drives up to 6TB, in addition, you can play back your recorded videos easily and see live view for your property.

Moreover, the The network video recorder from Amcrest has advanced compression technology H.265, this technology will be useful for you as it is compresses your video without any lose in video quality.

By using this NVR with this advanced technology you will be able to save longer recording times on your storage space without any need for buy additional storage space.

This NVR package includes USB mouse, network cable and also Quick Start Guide to make you connect your NVR system easily.

Video Quality

The Network video recorder from Amcrest comes with a High quality and crystal-clear 8-Megapixel resolution. This resolution will make you watch HD footage in real time without any delay.

In addition, The device has 80Mbps which provide you fast connection and allows you to watch things while it happens.

Moreover, With the 8 channels, you can control and record with up to 8 x cameras in different quality 1080p/3MP/4MP/5MP/6MP/8MP resolution @ 30fps.

Remote Viewing

Keep in touch with your family and watch what happens in your house with the remote viewing feature. By using Amcrest NVR you can watch and see your cameras from anywhere.

Simply, all you have to do is Download Amcrest smartphone/tablet view app or by using the web interface after you enable remote viewing feature on your NVR.

Easy To Install

Amcrest NVR is easy to install and use without any configuration issues, Just connect your Ethernet cable and manage your cameras from the same location. without any hassle like software downloading, subnetting, port forwarding, and IP configuration.

In addition, The NVR has a great OSD (On Screen Display). So, you can set up your Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, and Record Status Icons.

Amcrest NV4108E-HS NVR.jpeg
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  • High-Quality 4K
  • Advanced H.265 Compression Technology
  • 8 POE Channels
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  • No Hard Drive Included

2- Amcrest NV4108E-HS

Amcrest security company make a lot of amazing NVRs and this one consider one of the NVRs for home, it’s suitable for long distance systems.

The Network Video recorder NV4108E has a lot of features like the first NVR. But come in less price as you compare to the first recorder.

The Product

Amcrest NVR supports video recording with the best quality in the market, it records video in 4k UltraHD video resolution with fast rate 30fps to enable you watching videos without any delay.

In addition, for urgent cases the camera support recording at low resolution 6MP, 5MP, 4MP 3MP, 2MP,1080P, and 720p to allows you see continuous videos.  

This model has the same technology H.265 Like NV4108 to help you compress the videos in your storage and record for longer time.

The different between the two model you can see obviously in the size of the NVR, and the both NVR different in size from DVR. the size is not the only thing you can see in differentiation but also the PoE ports.

This model has no ports and suitable only for people who love wireless IP cameras and not a fan of PoE cameras and wired security system at all.

More Compatible

One of the best advantages of this model is it can work with any IP camera if it from Amcrest or even from any other company. 

Feature like this will be suitable for people who have different types of IP cameras from different manufacturers even if it wired security camera. But how wired security camera work on wireless NVR?

well, the principle here is to use Router and connect it directly to the NVR as the device has only on port for ethernet cable. then, you can use switch to connect wired cameras on switch and after that to router to enjoy the features of your cameras.


Most advanced security cameras now have alarms for motion detection and other features. with Amcrest Network video recorder you will able to schedule and trigger multiple events and alarms easily to add more security to your family and property.

All you have to do is set up your NVR and when something wrong happen the Amcrest NV4108-HS will turn on warning lights and send alerts to users.


While this model of NVRs doesn’t have PoE channels, but it supports recording on highly storage space you can use up to 6TB Hard Drives (No Hard Drive Included). Although, some experts advice to use 4TB with this one to avoid a laggy video feed.

Another option is added to this NVR and it’s also exist in newly DVRs which is using USB for Data Transfers that makes you backup your most important videos to an external storage device and safe it away.

Amcrest NV4108E-HS NVR For Wireless Cams.jpeg
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  • Advanced H.265 Compression Technology
  • High-Quality 4K
  • Supports all Amcrest IP cameras
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  • No PoE ports included with this model

3- Ubiquiti Networks Video Recorder

Most people search for Network video recorder that give them many hours of recorded video and Ubiquiti NVR consider the best one. The appliance can record up to 4800 hours at 480p, 700 hours of footage at 1080p.

The Ubiquiti device has a built-in 2 TB Hard drive which means that you don’t need to pay for more storage if you manage your storage space wisely.

The Product

Ubiquiti NVR comes with Internal memory: 4096 MB to ensure that the device work fastly without more time and energy consumption. Plus, the device has H.264 compression technology and advanced motion detection feature.

The product doesn’t support using PoE security cameras, it has only one PoE port to connect the device to your network. Another thing that Ubiquiti NVR famous for that the NVR is compatible only with UniFi Ubiquiti security cameras.

Few second Installation

This is a plug-and-play NVR which means that you can configure your device easily, Ubiquiti system has Intuitive Management Software. This software is  UniFi Video software and it’s pre-installed and detect any camera automatically.

In addition, the UniFi®NVR with UniFi Video software make it easy to manage and control the security Cameras and setup the recording setting.


Imagine you have a few number of security cameras in your house and want to increase this number. But unfortunately you couldn’t because your NVR doesn’t support more than a custom number of cameras.

It’s a big problem for the ones that have a small NVR. But in case of Ubiquiti NVR you can record and manage up to 20 cameras at once. this feature will save your money and you can use it to buy an External USB to increase your storage.

Ubiquiti Networks Video Recorder.jpeg
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  • Built-in 2 TB Hard drive
  • Good for Wireless cameras
thumbs down regular


  • Cannot use the internal NVR storage

4- REOLINK Reolink PoE NVR

Reolink is considered one of the best manufacturer for security systems, The company introduce an amazing Network video recorder RLN8-410. In case you want to buy a trusted NVR and cameras you must choose Reolink.

The Product

The Reolink PoE NVR has size 10.91 x 3.82 x 3.82 inches, and a good storage it has  a 2TB hard drive pre-installed. This storage will be good for record your videos and you can increase it by Install an external hard disk (up to 4TB).

The device support recording with any interrupt 24/7 during the day. Unfortunately, the Reolink NVR work only with Reolink PoE cameras. So, if you want to buy this network Video recorder you should have your own Reolink cameras.

Reolink PoE NVR has 8 Channel for home cameras, In case you have 8 cameras one for living room, bedding room, front door, backyard, and office. then the device will have more PoE ports and this is good for you.

If you worry about the resolution of cameras, don’t worry. The Reolink NVR support 4K/5MP/4MP/1080P HD IP camera, which is amazing to get a clear recorded videos.

Advanced Feature

Amazing feature added to Reolink recorder device, you can enjoy real-time video and playback from your camera. Furthermore, Alerts and Motion detection feature.

Motion detection is a useful feature to make you monitor if any person enter your property, and this feature is awesome for storage also. Once your camera detect something wrong it will send instant alerts. 


The Network video recorder RLN8-410 from Reolink has a built-in Hard drive, this hard drive has capacity of  2TB HDD. This hard drive is good for you as you don’t need to pay for cloud storage.

In addition, you can use an external storage device with capacity up to 4TB, you may want this in case of you have indoor/outdoor cameras. Also, the system has the ability to schedule your recording times.

Note: To get more storage you can set up the motion detection feature. Once you adjust it the camera will record when it detect movement.

Amazing User Interface

Reolink user Interface software doesn’t need experts to deal with, it’s suitable for beginners all you have to do is to use Reolink App, IE Browser, Reolink Client (Windows/Mac).

So, you can enable remote access and control of your camera easily without any troubles, just Connect the system to a monitor or an HD TV and enjoy.

REOLINK Reolink PoE NVR.jpeg
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  • Recorded Video Play Back
  • 2TB hard drive pre-installed
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  • The Reolink NVRs Works With Reolink security cameras ONLY

5- HeimVision HM 241

Forget any installation problem with HeimVision security system, This consider a full system it consist of everything you need. Plus, the price is affordable which means you don’t need to pay more money.

The HeimVision HM241 Wireless Security Camera System let you watch over what you want from any place, whatever it’s inside or outside your home, at day or night.

The Product

HeimVision HM 241 Wireless Security Camera System has an NVR with 8 Channels, The 8 channels is Perfect for villa, home, office, shop, and warehouse. The system can work for 24/ 7 of surveillance purposes continuously without any interrupt.

For Storage the HeimVision Network video recorder support up to 6TB HDD, this Hard it’s not included with the NVR. The NVR kits comes with advanced features like  sync-playback, video backup, motion detection, email alert, and App alert.

A 4 Outdoor/ Indoor WiFi Surveillance Cameras was added to the system, This cameras has resolution 960P. Moreover, it’s weatherproof. So, your surveillance system will still work when it’s snow, rain, or heat.

Easy Installation & Set UP 

This Amazing HeimVision surveillance system is one of the best NVR for home use, it’s easy to install without need to installation experts, you can DIY and install the whole system.

Simply, The wireless cameras and NVR are auto-paired automatically during the factory setting. So, all you have to do is connect the wireless cameras and NVR with Power Supply and make your system work continuously.

The system package if you buy from Amazon includes Screw for hard drive’ Installation, screw for bullet cameras’ installation, and network cable to connect the NVR to router and enjoy Remote Viewing feature.


All the system of HeimVision you can get at a low price, If you calculate the price of IP cameras may be in another brand you’ll see the price is High. 

Moreover, the system includes The Network Video Recorder Unit, Mouse, and cameras with Its POWER cables. The installation screws also included to the package. 

HeimVision HM241 Wireless System.jpeg
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  • Wireless Network Video Recorder
  • Operating Temperature Ranged From -4°F to 122°F
  • East To Set up
thumbs down regular


  • No Hard Disk INCLUDED

6- Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 

Hiseeu wireless system is now one of the best NVR for home use, The system has more advantages and the price is affordable in comparison with NVR kits. With a fast Network video recorder and HD cameras, your safety gets the best value.

Nowadays, most security cameras vendors sell their cameras without any support, on the other hand, Hiseeu offers lifetime well-experienced engineers and Technical support and this is good for beginners.

The Product

Hiseeu Wireless security system consists of NVR kit with 8 channels, PoE channel for Wired PoE cameras, If you have Wireless cameras then connect the NVR to switch and then to Router.

In addition, the system has 4 IP cameras with resolution 1080p which is good enough to make you see clear videos, The cameras have a viewing angle 78° and this makes you see in stunning clarity and sharper details.

For small places like flat, home, and office Hiseeu wireless security camera system is perfect, Also, the system has the remote Viewing feature to view your videos from anywhere at any time.


The Hiseeu surveillance system has good storage to satisfy your needs, With pre-installed 1Tb Hard Drive, you can make your system work for 24 hours More than 30 days.

In addition, To add more storage space the Hiseeu system use H.265 video comparison which is better than H.264. This technology H.265 double data compression ratio which is amazing to reduce network bandwidth. Once the NVR system does this you Save up to 50% Video Storage Space.

Another feature is Night Vision, this feature is used at a large number of security cameras and common for outdoor cameras. The Hiseeu cameras have 3 arrays IR-LED, These arrays are useful to record videos in Night up to 65 ft and that’s enough to see vehicle number. 

The cameras also have IP66 Weatherproof. So, you can use your cameras at Dust, Rain, and Snow. As the cameras have a good aluminum housing material. Don’t worry!

Easy To Connect

Without any professional installer, you can connect your Hiseeu Wireless security system. Simply Camera and NVR have been matched before in the factory, So, you can gain more time and effort to install the other system equipment.

Turn On your Network Video Recorder and connect Ethernet cable from NVR to Router, then connect the NVR to the monitor to see your videos.

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System
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  • Double Data Compression Ratio H.265
  • 1Tb Hard Drive Pre-installed
  • Enhanced WIFI Signal For Camera
thumbs down regular


  • Narrow Viewing Angle 78°

7- Firstrend 8CH Wireless NVR System

Most People Nowadays look for the complete NVR system to avoid problems of connecting, Firstrend is the one that a lot of people search for.

Firstrend 8CH wireless NVR system comes with all the attachment that any system need, NVR kits with pre-installed Hard Drive and High quality wireless security cameras.

The Product 

Once you purchase the produce from Amazon or any where, you enter the world of entertainment and safety, The Firstrend security system is full of advantages.

For installation, the Firstrend company Puts customers’ interest in the first of their products.

So, you get an easy installation process as the camera and NVR are paired before shipping, all you need to do to turn your system is connect the cameras and NVR to the Power.

Resolution, if you search for clear and exquisite image. The Firstrend system has 1920 x 1080P Full HD NVR recorder, and 1080P Camera.

Storage & Advanced Features

For Storage, The surveillance system from Firstrend is coming with pre-installed 2T HDD, and the system supports up to 4TB HDD, In addition to a USB port to Backup your recorded videos.

Firstrend wireless system also comes with Advanced Features such as Motion Detection. once motion get triggered the system automatically send Email alert or App alert to you.

Furthermore, The Wireless Firstrend cameras have Night vision feature, with 6 IR-LEDs the cameras can cover up to 65ft in the dark night.

So, you will know everything happens at night from your cameras.

If you are a busy person and love your family and want to ensure they are safe at each moment, The Firstrend system has a Remote Viewing and Playback feature. So, Don’t worry!


There a lot of NVR systems in the market that has little advantages and expensive. But, this system have most of features you need and with affordable price.

The complete system from Firstrend makes you forget the problems of purchase NVR kits alone, buy different cameras, and the system equipment.

Firstrend 8CH Wireless NVR System.jpeg
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  • 2TB Hard Drive Pre-Installed
  • 1080P FULL HD Videos
  • Expandable Kit support up to 8 cameras
thumbs down regular


  • Require additional device for wired cameras

8- ZOSI 8CH 1080P Wireless Security Cameras System

Unlike other models I have mentioned in above words, ZOSI offers a complete Wireless security system from A to Z, The ZOSI system and camera are wireless.

So, you don’t need to use more wires and get in trouble of complex connections, the only wires you need is the Power Wires. Just plug in the adapters and turn on the whole system.

The Product

Like Unique NVR systems, ZOSI wireless system use H. 265 technology, this H.265 increase the data compression ratio by double, and this is amazing for you to maximize storage space of the NVR.

Nowadays, the Installers take too much money to install your surveillance system. But you can DIY with ZOSI system, which is suitable for home and small business.

Another Amazing thing we like in ZOSI is it has a built-in wireless wifi module, which provides you a stable signal to use in long transmission distance, this distance in open areas reach to to 350m ( through 1 to 4 walls in actual measurement).


NVRs available now in the market offers 8 channels but with 4 pcs of cameras. On the other hand, Zosi offers 8PCS Wireless cameras in 1080p HD resolution. This resolution is is pretty good for you to get a sharp and crisp image.

Moreover, the cameras have powerful night vision up to 65 ft. So, you can get a clear image during the day or night, With this cameras it’s easy to know what’s happening in the whole day and week.

The cameras can be used indoor or even outdoor, as the cameras have IP66 weatherproof housing with high quality Aluminum materials. So, you don’t have to hide your cameras from water, rain, and wind.


One of the main advantages that buyers look for is Storage. The ZOSI wireless security system has Built in 1TB hard drive, which is used for ultra-long continuous recording, and you can use a backup option by USB.

Another important thing that people look for is the remote viewing. For this system you do it in short time just download the free app and scan QR code to access real image on phone.

The motion detection is added to the system also, whatever where you are you’ll be notified when there are unexpected movements. In few minutes the notifications with image will be pushed to your smartphone.

ZOSI 8CH 1080P Wireless Security Cameras System.jpeg
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  • Advanced H. 265 Technology
  • Built-in 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive
  • Support Long Transmission Distance
thumbs down regular


  • The Cameras Need To Connect Router With Ethernet Cable

What to Look for When Buying Best NvR for Home Use

How many times you spend in research for Best NVR for home use and after take hours maybe days you didn’t know what to buy exactly?. Many times yes! Don’t worry!

In the next words, you will know exactly What to Look for When Buying Best NvR for Home Use and our recommendations for the best NVR for home use.

There are little things you should know before you buy Your NVR system. Some people buy without looking for any details and after a short time, they discover that they make a big mistake.


The first thing you should look for when you buy Best NVR for home use is the storage, as the storage of NVR determines how many hours will be stored. 

The storage of your NVR system depends on the Quality of your security cameras, and also the number of security cameras used in your system.

In case you have a large number of security cameras in your security system you should pick an NVR with Large storage capacity. The storage of NVRs varies, they start from 500GB up to huge 6TB.

Moreover, the way you want the cameras to record is on a schedule? or constantly? or only when movement happens in the camera range.

Once, you decide How you want your camera to work and decide the number and quality of security cameras you will use then you should look at storage type.

The storage type of your NVRs varies from internal storage, external storage, or Cloud Storage. Let’s see the difference:

Internal Storage: Like DVRs, there are some NVRs that use a built-in HDD (hard disk drive) to store footage of cameras. and usually, come with a 3.5-inch size.

External Storage: Since the storage of your system may be run out. Some NVRs support using USB ports and HDMI ports for connecting to external drives.

Cloud Storage: The third option in case you need to keep your recorded videos away from home, some companies offer cloud subscription pay monthly or annual to keep your records safe.

2.Number Of Channels

The second important thing you should look for while buying an NVR for your system is the Number of Channels. In other words, the Number of PoE ports in the Network video recorder, which refers to how many cameras can connect to NVR.

The first step you should do is to know how many cameras you will use to cover your property. In case you have a small area and want to install security cameras then you need NVR with a small number of Channels.

Let’s say you want to install 4 cameras divided into 2 cameras inside the home and the other 2 cameras outside the home. In a situation like that most popular experts recommend buying NVR with 8 Ports.

The fact behind that you should always have free ports in your NVR systems for future needs. If you want to increase the number of security cameras in your system, you can that without any worries about NVR channels.

Before you buy your Network video recorder calculate how many cameras you need in your system. The available NVRs in the market from 8 channels to 32 channels and as we know the more channels the high price.


The Resolution of NVR is very important for you. Imagine you buy everything in the security system and pay more money to get a Super security system but you don’t?.

You may think that the problem comes from the Quality of cameras you buy, But you remember that you buy (HD) High Definition cameras. then what’s the problem?

Simply the problem is you buy an NVR system that has low resolution. So, you must think quietly before you buy NVR for your home. NVRs are modern devices and work with advanced technology.

There are many NVRs with different Resolution start from 

  • 720p
  • 960P
  • 1080p
  • 3MP
  • 4MP
  • 5MP
  • 6MP
  • 8MP
  • 4K

The more resolution of your selected Network video recorder the more money you will pay and the High-quality videos you have.


NVR systems are available at an affordable rate for all the segments of the customers, all you need to do is to choose which system is suitable for you.

And the simple way to choose which NVR price is good for you is to write on a white paper the features and functionalities of your network video recorder.

Then search between the NVRs available in the market to pick the best NVR for home use and at affordable price. You probably will find 2 or 3 NVR that you must choose between them, make a comparison and pick the one that meets your recommendations.

In the nest words, you will see our picks for the best NVR for home use and what are the pros & cons of each system.

5.PoE Or Wireless

In the Connection of NVR, you should look at what types of security cameras you have is it wired or wireless cameras?. In case you have Network wired cameras then you should search for the NVR system with PoE ports.

The term PoE refers to a type of Ethernet cable that transfers both data and power on the same cable. So, make sure that your NVR has PoE ports to avoid purchase extra money for PoE switch.

On the other hand, if you have wireless security cameras like IP camera you should look for an NVR with a built-in wi-fi to use wireless cameras. However, you can use your router as the router have strong stable wifi.

Note: There are NVRs that support both connections for cameras wired and wireless.

6.Cameras Type

Before buying your NVR read the specification label to see is the Network video recorder support working with other different types of cameras.

While there are some companies prevent their NVRs to work with any security cameras except their cameras. So, if you have a specific type of NVR and different types of security cameras make sure that NVR works with these cameras.

On the other hand, Some manufacturers make their NVR system work with any type of security camera without any force to use their cameras.

Most people do a big mistake when they buy a random NVR before reading about network video recorder details and they discover their mistake while installing their home cameras.

7.Advanced Features

Nowadays, most NVRs available in the market have advanced features. one of the most features that you should look for is Motion Detection.

Motion detection will be useful for you if you live in big cities, as most burglars and thieves target to steal a house that doesn’t have any security cameras. But with motion detection feature you can stop them.

In addition, you should search and make it the first one of your list for the advanced features you look for in the best NVR for home use is Night Vision feature.

When you get a powerful system that has a night vision feature this makes you protect your property and location even if it has poor light. 

If you want to install your security cameras in an area that has a light all day then you don’t need to pay more money and buy Night vision cameras.

Also, Two-way audio is a great and useful feature so when you buy an NVR system make sure that it supports two-way audio. This feature makes you able to record audio and speak through your cameras whatever you’re in-home or outside.

8.Mobile App 

NVRs come With a Mobile app that suitable for Android and IOS and available on Google Play and Apple Store. This app is the interface that you can use on a monitor after you connect the Monitor to NVR device.

The quality of those applications is the additional factor you should look at when you look for what is the best NVR for home use. Some companies will only allow you to use their app through a certain browser while others don’t. 

The Mobile App is useful in Local and Remote Access all you have to do is enables Remote Viewing on iPhone and Android through the Network video recorder app.

Final Thoughts on The Best NVR for Home Use

Finally, you have to take your time while selecting the best NVR for home use. read carefully what every NVR include and what’s the features.

As the whole security system of your house depend on the Network video recorder as we mention previously. Pick the one which offer free support to help you.