How Long Do Home Security Cameras Record |Tips To Increase

Tips to increase Home Security Cameras Record Time

How long do home security cameras record? How many minutes or hours the camera will save my camera videos?.

Nowadays Home security cameras are available in many places like home, markets & streets to add safety and security. and to save more money besides avoid storage problems buy best cameras without storage subscription.

Like many devices, each device has it’s pros and cons also security cameras.

For the pros of security cameras, it helps you monitoring and protecting your home, office & Garage.

But, Some Home security cameras have many features, which affect on the recording time of the camera.

These features make the video quality of the security camera is very large and take too much storage space. Some experts advice to remove camera footage continuously to keep space for newly recorded videos

Let’s see, How long do home security cameras record?, and how to increase the storage space.

Below the accurate formula to calculate how long do home security cameras record.

The Accurate Formula

How long do home security cameras record?

If you search for long-time records, you must think about how long do home security cameras record?

Well, first you need to know what makes cameras record videos for a long time to put on consideration before buying a camera.

To calculate how many days or hours a security camera can record, there is more than one variable effect on recorded time.

Variable like Resolution, Storage Space, Compression, and other variables, also the formula that camera use for Calculating Video Recording Time.

let’s see in detail:

1- Resolution

Resolution of home security cameras is important factor in determining how long do home security cameras record.

Best home security cameras available now in the market have a high-Resolution Videos HD or FHD and the best has 4K.

How Long Do Home Security Cameras Record | 3 Tips To Increase

As we know High definition videos help you take a crystal clear, high-resolution footage quality to keep every detail visible.

However, Resolution may be useful for companies & persons that search for High-Quality Videos but it’ll affect on-camera recorded time.

Also, the camera space will run out because the higher the video quality means higher footage resolution and lesser recorded time.

So, if you want to keep your camera record video for long time you must search for home security cam with ideal resolution.

Another solution is by looking for a home security camera with large storage if you have a high-resolution camera.

2- Storage Space

The resolution of the camera comes at the top of features that affect on-camera recorded time, the second variable is Storage Space.

Nowadays, home surveillance systems come with a high storage space to make a camera monitor and record every moment.

The storage space has many types some security systems use cloud storage server, other security systems use a hard disc.

Also, a micro SD card is provided to security cameras to add more space for cameras to store for long time.

To be clear the higher the amount of storage means the time your security camera will record footage.

3- Compression

As we mentioned above Resolution and Storage space affect how long do home security cameras record.

But are these the only two variables effect on the recorded time of security camera? absolutely No.

The compression technology that camera has also played an important role in camera recorded time.

The compression of videos means compressing the size of the original, high-resolution video and offers longer security camera recording time.

Now you have 3 factors to look for before you think to buy a home security camera with long record time Resolution, Storage space & Compression.

4- Camera Bitrate

Bitrate in security cameras refers to the number of bits per second that digital cameras can transmit.

Analog CCTV (closed-circuit Television cameras) and it’s different types like Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, and PTZ send data like analog signals. While Digital security cameras like IP security camera that use the network to connect send data like bits.

What that means about How Long do security cameras record?

Well, the higher bitrate will entail shorter recording time for cameras, in addition, the storage space of camera will reduce.

5- Number of Cameras

Numbers of cameras reduce the Video recording time, some security systems especially outdoor security cameras have large numbers of cameras.

For that reason, most outdoor security systems have a large storage space, while indoor security systems have less number of cameras.

Imagine you have 5 cameras you will take to much time to set up and need installation camera services to monitor your house, once each camera work this means the storage space will run out.

As we mentioned previously large numbers of cameras will take large storage space, thus reduce the video recording time.

This is the top factor you should look for if you want long recorded time of your home security cameras.

But if you want to accurate and calculate the exact time that camera can record. Here’s the Formula.

6- The Accurate Formula for Calculating Video Recording Time:

  • In HDD of NVR or DVR Security Camera System:

You complete your searching for the security camera you want, but you still have some doubts if it records videos for a long time or not?.

For HHD of NVR or DVR security system, a formula used to calculate the accurate recording time.

Recording Days = (Storage Space (GB) * (1024)^2 * 8)/ (Bitrate (kb/s) * 3600 * 24 * Cameras).

Let’s see you have a Security system consists of 5 cameras with 5MP resolution (8192 kb/s for 5MP), and a 3TB storage of DVR/NVR.

Recording Days = ((3*1024)*(1024)^2 * 8)/( 8192 kb/s*3600*24*5)= 7 Days.

This formula will work with Analog security cameras that use DVR Or Network cameras that use NVR.

Also, you calculate the recording time for Digital cameras that use NVR using this formula.

  • In SD Card of a Standalone IP Camera:

For standalone Digital IP camera, there is a different formula used to calculate the recorded time of home security cameras.

Recording Hours = Storage Space (GB) * (1024^2) * 8/Bitrate (kb/s)/3600.

Example, The SD card space is 64 GB and the cameras are 5MP resolution.

Recording Hours = 64 *(1024^2) * 8 / 8192 kb/s/3600 = 18 Hours

So, look at your camera type and how it record videos is it through DVR or NVR, or By using SD card to calculate the recording hours.

Storage Tips to Record Long Time In home security Cameras

Making records stay for long time isn’t hard process, all you have to do is to see what effect on recording time and try to enhance it or reduce it.

To get a more recording time for your camera, you must ensure that you have enough space.

So, before you pick your camera To ensure that it has the capability to increase storage space or not?.

Increasing your storage space can be done through 3 ways

1- Add Hard Drive

Adding a Hard drive to your smart surveillance system will increase the storage space or the security system.

Increasing storage space means that you get a longer time for your records to check at any time you want.

2- Using SD Card

Some camera manufacturers provide an SD Card for camera, as they now that camera required a large storage space.

By using an SD card you can buy it when you buy your camera and back to Calculating formula to know how many recording days you will get.

3- Cloud Storage

If you see adding a hard drive to your system bad idea, and you don’t feel comfortable using SD card, you can use Cloud Storage.

Smart security systems nowadays using cloud storage, Cloud storage fit to a wireless security system that used in business.

Business owners use cloud storage as they have a large security system with large numbers of cameras.

Cloud storage provider offers a first-month subscription-free fee to try the service, once you like it you can choose a plan to pay for.

Some people prefer cloud storage as they can get access anywhere and see their recorded videos even if they don’t stay at home.

How to Make security Camera Recorder Longer Videos

Making your camera record longer Videos helps you tracking the previous and next days, but how to do this if you have large area.

Increase storage space is one of solutions you can use to increase your camera recording time, but are that the only solution?.

Absolutely NoT.

You can increase camera recording time without need to add more space to your camera, but this means you will get miss one of your camera features.

1- Using Motion Sensor

If your camera has a motion detection sensor you can use it and adjust the camera.

Camera Start Recording when motion detected, but if anything else happens out the range of camera you will miss it.

2- Bitrate & Resolution

Another way to make security cameras record longer videos is to slow the bitrate of the camera.

But you need to know when you reduce Bitrate you will sacrifice on the minute details.

Reducing Camera Resolution make your camera record longer videos.

Note: Recording high-resolution videos is necessary for important building. so, Don’t reduce Resolution If It Important.

So, decide are Resolution should be high to monitor this place or not?.

3- Numbers of cameras

Numbers of cameras used in the security system make recording time for camera short, so, try to reduce the number of cameras used in your system.

What I need to say that you don’t need to use all cameras at the same time. if only camera can cover the range you want to monitor it’s OK.

Top Question About “How Long Do Home Security Cameras Record”

Do home security cameras record all the time? or not?

Well, we can say that camera record what you want, most available cameras in the market have 3 option for recording your videos, Let’s see

  1. Continuous Recording,24/7 video recording without stops.
  2. Scheduled Recording, which means that you set a specific time to make the camera start to record videos.
  3. Motion Recording, this option make the camera record when the camera detect motion of persons and pets in camera range.

How Do I Store Footage of My Security Camera Without DVR/NVR? is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can use many different ways to store your footage without having a DVR or NVR.

First, you can use Cloud storage to save your videos on, this is good for persons who don’t like DVR or NVR to store videos, But some of these cloud storage required a monthly subscription fee and some are free.

Another choice, is that you can record your camera videos on your personal computer and use it as a storage device for your security camera. Also you have the ability to save camera videos on micro SD card.

Can I Record Security Camera Videos Without Internet? and How?

Simply it yes you can record security camera videos without internet, the internet will helpful if you use a cloud storage for your camera videos.

The camera videos can be saved on the HDD of the DVR or the NVR, all you have to do is turn on the system and connect the camera with the recorder device the the home network. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Internet.

In addition, SD cards can be used also to store videos without internet, as the SD card installed in the camera directly.


The question How Long Do Home Security Cameras Record? have many answers, after reading the above words, you can calculate your camera storage space accurately. Plus, it will make you take the right decision and purchase unique cameras.