Top 12 Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Pet Owners Guide

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As a pet owner, there’s nothing more important than making sure that our beloved pets are safe and healthy all the time.

While our life is busy but we try to go to great lengths to provide them with love, care, entertainment, and a nurturing environment.

However, when it comes to leaving these small pets alone at home, concerns for their safety and health may arise especially while we’re away.

This is where the best indoor camera for pets comes into play as they’re offering a valuable solution to keep an eye on our furry companions.

According to recent statistics, approximately 85 million households in the United States own a pet, and this number continues to grow. 

With such a large number of pet owners, the demand for advanced monitoring systems for watching pets has increased significantly because of the extra features they add to our monitoring system.

VIMMAG Pet Camera

VIMMAG Pet Camera

  • 2.5K HD crystal clear video.
  • 360° pan/tilt view.
  • Motion tracking alarm.
  • Night vision for 24/7 monitoring.
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Furbo Cats/Dogs Camera

Furbo Cats/Dogs Camera

  • 360° rotating view for full room coverage.
  • High-quality 1080p HD video.
  • Real-time 2-way audio communication.
  • Color night vision for low-light visibility.
  • Treat tossing feature for interactive play.
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YI Dome Pet Camera

YI Dome Pet Camera

  • 360-degree Coverage.
  • Night vision.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Motion detection 
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Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

  • On-device AI tracking
  • 360° view
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Treat dispenser with tossing
  • No monthly fee
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Skymee Owl Robot Pet Camera

Skymee Owl Robot Pet Camera

  • Manual driving and smart interaction
  • Full HD camera and night vision
  • Treat tossing and 2-way audio
  • PIR detection and TF recording
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Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera

Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera

  • Full HD 1080p live streaming
  • Treat dispenser for remote treating
  • Easy 1-minute setup
  • Built-in 24/7 online Vet Chat
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TP-Link Tapo C100 Indoor Security Camera

TP-Link Tapo C100 Indoor Security Camera

  • Free AI-Detection & Instant Notification
  • 2-Way Audio w/ Built-In Siren
  • Night Vision up to 30 Ft.
  • 1080P FHD
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WYZE Cam Pan v2

WYZE Cam Pan v2

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality
  • 1080p resolution
  • Color night vision
  • Motion and sound detection
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Google Nest Security Cam- 2nd Generation

Google Nest Security Cam- 2nd Generation

  • Intelligent motion detection.
  • 1080p HDR video with night vision.
  • 3 hours of free event video history.
  • Built-in speaker and mic.
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Xiaomi Mi Home Pet Security Camera 360°

Xiaomi Mi Home Pet Security Camera 360°

  • Upgraded 3MP home security camera
  • 360-degree full-angle vision
  • Dual microphone for two-way audio
  • AI human motion detection

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Ezviz Indoor Pet Security Camera

Ezviz Indoor Pet Security Camera

  • Excellent 2K resolution
  • 360-degree field-of-view
  • Auto-zoom tracking
  • Instant alerts for real-time notifications

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Imou Indoor Wi-Fi Pet Security Camera

Imou Indoor Wi-Fi Pet Security Camera

  • High-resolution 2.5K video quality.
  • Spotlight and siren.
  • Human motion detection feature.
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Nest Indoor Cam IQ

Nest Indoor Cam IQ

  • 24/7 live video surveillance.
  • Mobile alerts for activity.
  • Night vision for clear video.
  • Easy installation with the Nest app.
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Why Pet Owners Should Have Cameras for Their Pets?

Well, one of the remarkable features of these best indoor cameras for pets is their ability to provide real-time video monitoring, allowing us to track your pets’ activities from anywhere. 

Whether we’re at work, running tasks, or even on vacation, we can stay connected with our pets and monitor their behavior, ensuring their safety and happiness.

Furthermore, the best indoor cameras for pets offer additional functionalities tailored to our furry friends. 

Some indoor dog cams include treat-tossing capabilities, enabling us to reward our pets remotely. 

This interactive feature not only keeps them entertained but also strengthens the bond between pet and owner, even from a distance.

Moreover, indoor pet cameras are also equipped with motion detection and sound alerts, allowing us to receive notifications whenever our pets are active or if any unusual activity is detected. 

This feature can be particularly useful in monitoring their health, behavior, and even potential emergencies, ensuring quick action can be taken when needed.

In conclusion, as a responsible pet owner, investing in the best indoor camera for pets is a valuable decision. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of pet cameras, highlighting the key factors to consider when choosing the best indoor camera for your pet’s safety and health. 

From advanced features to affordability, we’ll help you make an informed decision to create a secure and nurturing environment for your four-legged friend.


What Best Indoor Camera For Pets?

Nowadays a lot of security cameras for dogs are available on the market that enable you to monitor your home’s beloved pets much easier than ever. 

These types of security cameras (pet cams) have more features than you think, help you eliminate your worries, and monitor your furry friends where it goes. 

Plus, the top cameras for pets offer more advantages, such as the ability to communicate with your pet and feed them remotely.

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Let’s see some of the best indoor cameras for pets:

1. VIMMAG Pet Camera: Best Camera for Pets at Home

The VIMTAG indoor dog camera is an amazing device that is designed to let you monitor and talk to your beloved pet.

The reason behind choosing this device in our recommendation for the best indoor camera for pets is it has advanced features and impressive specifications.

These features are important for not missing a moment of your furry friend’s day. 

Let’s see the outstanding features and specifications:

When it comes to resolution, this dog camera from VIMTAG offers a stunning 2.5K HD resolution, delivering clear and smooth live video. 

With this high-definition resolution, you’ll be to capture every detail of your pet’s activities with exceptional clarity and precision.

Aside from resolution, the indoor pet camera allows you to enjoy a full panoramic view of your pet’s environment with the VIMTAG’s impressive 355° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation range. 

This wide field of view ensures that you never miss a corner of the dog/cat room, providing you with a comprehensive 360° perspective of your pet’s world.

Furthermore, the camera offers monitoring of pet activities in low-light situations due to its amazing night vision capability.

With enhanced visibility, you can check in on your pet even during nighttime, ensuring they are comfortable and secure.

Not only that but also, the VIMTAG indoor dog camera offers flexible camera positioning, with flexible mounting options, you can mount it on a surface, wall, and ceiling.

In addition, you can easily position the VIMTAG camera for pets wherever it is most effective and convenient for monitoring your pet’s activities. Thanks to its PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) design.

All you have to do is to adjust the camera’s angle and zoom in or out to capture the perfect view of your pet’s activities. 

As motion tracking for pets is important, the VIMTAG pet security camera is equipped with motion-tracking alarm technology. 

This intelligent feature detects any pet movement within its range, instantly alerting you to potential activity or disturbances in your pet’s surroundings.

To be connected with your dog or cat even when you’re away from home, the VIMMAG pet indoor camera provides a two-way audio feature.

By implementing this feature, you can start real-time conversations with your pet, offering reassurance, and commands, or simply sharing your love and affection.

Concerning storage, with the VIMTAG indoor pet camera, recording is a breeze. You can choose between local SD storage or cloud storage to keep your videos and footage on.

Both options provide you with flexibility and convenience in managing your recorded footage and enable you to benefit from the 24/7 recording option.

Even more, setting up the VIMTAG indoor camera for pets is effortless, as it operates seamlessly via wireless (2.4G WiFi) and wired connectivity options by using a network cable. 

You just need to choose the method that best suits your setup and preferences to enjoy stable and reliable connectivity.

In terms of compatibility with smart home systems, this pet surveillance camera from VIMTAG is working well with Alexa to make you e full control over your monitoring experience, ensuring that no moment goes unnoticed.

Utilize voice control to conveniently operate and manage your camera, creating a hands-free and effortless monitoring experience.

Lastly, The VIMTAG pet security camera is not only suitable for watching pets but also serves as a versatile home camera. 

Monitor your home environment, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones and belongings.

Please note that batteries are not included with the VIMTAG indoor dog camera, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during operation.


  • 2.5K HD crystal clear video.
  • 360° pan/tilt view.
  • Motion tracking alarm.
  • Night vision for 24/7 monitoring.
  • Optional cloud and local SD storage.


  • No battery-powered option.
  • Limited zoom capabilities.
  • May require a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Some users report connectivity issues.
  • SD card not included.
VIMMAG Pet Camera
  • 2.5K HD crystal clear video.
  • 360° pan/tilt view.
  • Motion tracking alarm.
  • Night vision for 24/7 monitoring.

2. Furbo Cats/Dogs Camera: Best Camera for Checking on Pets

If you don’t like the previous camera from VIMTAG and still search for another indoor camera for pets, then let’s see the next device with its impressive features and cutting-edge specifications.

This appliance is Furbo 360° indoor dog camera, a great device that will change how you connect with your furry friend. 

Let’s delve into the outstanding features and specifications that set this dog camera apart from the rest.

In the beginning, the Furbo 360°captures full HD videos with a remarkable 360° rotating view and 4x zoom, granting you complete pet room coverage. 

Whether you’re away from home doing outdoor activities, or simply in another room, you can now have a crystal-clear, real-time view of your home and your adorable companion. 

Other than the video resolution, this pet indoor camera from Furbo provides color night vision, not black and white.

Even in low-light conditions, this remarkable dog cam ensures clear and vibrant visuals, allowing you to check in on your furry friend with ease and clarity, day or night.

Another unique feature that exists in Furbo 360° indoor pet camera is AI video tagging. 

AI video tagging is a feature of the Furbo 360° that takes advantage of the power of artificial intelligence in monitoring pets.

This innovative feature automatically tags and identifies activities happening in the recorded videos.

But the Furbo 360° isn’t just about visual connection—it takes interaction to a whole new level. 

The treat tossing feature allows you to remotely dispense treats to your pet, making playtime even more engaging and rewarding. 

With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can delight your furry friend and strengthen the bond between you, even when you’re physically apart.

Monitoring pets with video is not the only way that guarantees that your pets are safe and healthy.

Furbo 360 indoor pet camera takes animal monitoring to another level with the barking detection feature.

This intelligent technology alerts you on your smartphone whenever your dog is barking, ensuring that you’re aware of their needs or any potential disturbances at home.

Once you hear your dog bark, you can use the two-way audio to have a short communication with your pets through the Furbo app.

Whether you’re saying comfortable words or simply reminding them of your presence, this feature brings you closer to your furry companion, no matter the distance.

For storing your canine’s videos, Furbo 360° offers cloud recording to make you keep your footage and important data safe and accessible from any place, not limited to an SD card.

When an event is triggered by your pet, 15-second video clips will be saved directly to the cloud storage so you can check, or playback them when you finish your work.

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For those who want the best care for their pets, the optional dog nanny subscription unlocks a range of additional features. 

This subscription plan includes advanced dog detection AI technology, providing you with even more accurate and tailored alerts like dog activity alerts, person alerts, CO/smoke alarm alerts, and auto dog tracking to track your pup as they move around the room.

Additionally, you can enjoy daily highlight videos, capturing the most memorable and adorable moments of your pet’s day.


  • 360° full coverage.
  • High-quality 1080p HD video.
  • Real-time 2-way audio communication.
  • Color night vision.
  • Treat tossing feature for interactive play.


  • Relatively high price point.
  • Requires a stable internet connection.
  • Limited treat size adjustment.
  • Additional features require a subscription.
Furbo Cats/Dogs Camera
  • 360° rotating view for full room coverage.
  • High-quality 1080p HD video.
  • Real-time 2-way audio communication.
  • Color night vision for low-light visibility.
  • Treat tossing feature for interactive play.

3. YI Dome Pet Camera: Best Home Camera for Pets

In case you want one of the best indoor cameras to watch pets at an affordable price, then I recommend this amazing cam from YI know security camera brand.

Compared to other indoor surveillance cameras for pets, it has a bunch of features, provides reliable performance, and is not expensive.

Let’s start and see the amazing features and specifications that set this camera at the top of our recommendations.

For the best video quality, this yi pan tilt camera captures videos and footage at HD resolution so every detail is rendered crisp and sharp, ensuring that you never miss a single moment.

Even in low-light conditions or when gets dark, this yi dome cam provides clear and detailed HD videos as It’s equipped with advanced night vision capability and a 140° wide-angle lens.

As it’s a Pan-Tilt camera it provides flexible monitoring with a wide 355° horizontal and 84° vertical rotation range, granting you complete coverage of 360° for your pet and its surroundings.

For more protection, the YI dome pet indoor camera has a motion-tracking feature that takes monitoring your dogs, and cats to the next level.

Simply, when a movement happens in the camera range, the yi pan-tilt security camera follows any movement of your pet for 10 seconds and records it so you can know easily where your pet goes.

Even better, the YI pet camera takes your security of your to the next level as it has human detection technology that can recognize people easily. 

This function is helpful, especially if someone intends to hurt your pet while you’re away.

Like the Furbo pet cam, the YI dog camera goes the extra mile by offering barking detection. 

With this feature, you can be alerted when your furry friends are vocal, ensuring their safety and addressing their needs promptly.

What we love about this camera and making it featured from its counterparts is the time-lapse advantage.

This function tells you what a day is about in just a few seconds. It takes up to 6 hours of day footage and then combines them into a short, interesting clip that lasts between 5 and 30 seconds.

Communication is an essential need whether for humans or pets. YI engineers know that so they added superb 2-way audio with this cam. 

No matter where you are, with the camera’s two-way audio feature, you can talk to your pets to scare them when they do something wrong or reassure them when they fear something and bark. 


  • 360-degree coverage.
  • Enhanced Night vision.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Motion detection.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Requires a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
  • Limited to indoor use only.
  • A subscription is required for additional features.
YI Dome Pet Camera
  • 360-degree Coverage.
  • Night vision.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Motion detection 

4. Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605: Best indoor Pet Camera Without a Subscription

For pet owners who search for an all-in-one device for their pets, then I recommend this pet camera from Eufy.

It comes with more advanced features besides the high-definition resolution, and the best is it offers local storage.

Let’s dive into and see the features and specifications that will revolutionize the way you care for your furry friends.

As video quality is one of the main concerns for pet owners, the Eufy indoor camera for dogs provides high-resolution videos with 1080p (also available in 2K+Light Grey) that guarantee you capture crystal-clear images and videos of your beloved pets.

Also, the Eufy indoor pet camera has a wide-angle lens that increases its rotation capabilities and makes it cover 360° of your dog’s or cat’s areas, eliminating blind spots and allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your pet from any angle from where you’re staying.

But that’s not the end of it. The Eufy inside camera for pets can also be used as a treat dispenser with tossing functionality, bringing interactive playtime to a whole new level.

The 3-distance treat dispenser lets you from your phone to engage with your pet even when you’re away, providing both mental stimulation and rewards for your pet for any behavior they do.

What we like about this pet camera and make us choose it as one of the best indoor camera to watch pets is the innovative pet tracking technology.

This camera ensures you get 24/7 care for your pet by automatically following your dog or cat wherever they bark or meow.

The reason for that is this advanced technology utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and track your pet’s movements, ensuring you never miss a moment when you’re not around. 

So, with AI pet detection you don’t need to monitor your pet during the whole day, you can rely on the Eufy indoor pet camera to track your pet’s activities effortlessly. 

Like the previous indoor pet camera from YI, Eufy uses what is called the Doggy Diary feature. 

This feature compiles fun moments and activities of your pet into a diary which is helpful especially if you’re busy.

And what is the best about this feature and AI advanced technology are you can use them without a monthly fee (it’s free).

Eufy engineers do their best to make this dog camera the best choice for pet owners so they include a motion sensor inside the camera to keep you notified.

This sensor will send instant notifications to your phone app whenever the camera detects woofs, meows, or movements.

Unfortunately, cloud storage is not included with this Eufy Pet indoor camera, but the company makes up for it by giving you 16GB of local storage, which lets you save and play back your pet’s favorite movies for nearly 60 days.


  • On-device AI tracking.
  • 360° view.
  • 1080p HD video quality.
  • Treat the dispenser with tossing.
  • No monthly fee.


  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
  • No cloud storage support.
  • Multiple-user access is not available (currently).
Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605
  • On-device AI tracking
  • 360° view
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Treat dispenser with tossing
  • No monthly fee

5. Skymee Owl Robot Pet Camera: Best Cheap Pet Camera

If you’re still looking for an effective way to keep an eye on your pets when you’re not at home? The SKYMEE Owl Robot pet camera is all you need.

This innovative surveillance cam combines the latest monitoring technology with playful features to ensure your pets are taken care of even when you’re not around.

First of all, this SKYMEE Owl Robot is not the same as the other devices on our list of the best indoor cameras for pets.

Other pet cameras are fixed in place, but this one is a robot, which means you can move it by hand or program it to interact with your pets smartly.

Through the easy-to-use app, you can easily move the robot inside your home, keep it tracking your pet, or play fun games with your pets to keep them entertained and engaged, fostering a strong bond between you and your furry companion.

Second, being a robot does not affect the video quality at all. This pet camera from Night Owl is equipped with a 1080p full HD camera in the right eye and night vision capabilities (has 8 infrared lights) so that you can see everything even when there isn’t much light.

Even more, the camera offers a 4x zoom function and a 130° wide-angle view so you can capture pet expressions in stunning detail.

Third, The PIR detection feature adds another layer of intelligence to the SKYMEE Owl Robot. It can automatically detect your pet’s behavior and respond accordingly, providing a unique monitoring experience for your furry friend.

Fourth, the robot supports video recording with a TF card (not included), accommodating storage from 16GB to 64GB, Class 10 and above.

As the device will not stay in one place, the Night Owl adds the treat tossing feature to this robot. 

This advantage is a very knowing in-home camera for pets and allows pet owners to control the robot and make it dispense treats, providing positive reinforcement for good behavior and keeping them entertained throughout the day.

Furthermore, The robot camera has two-way audio features so you can communicate with your dog, soothing their separation anxiety or simply letting them know you’re there for them.

While other pet security cameras are used indoors only but this device is also designed for outdoor use.

Take your dog or cat with you when you go outside to make memories that will last. 

Even if you don’t have a WiFi connection outside of your home, the robot works perfectly, so you can spend important time with your pet friend wherever you are.

To make everything perfect for monitoring and taking care of your pet, SkyMEE Owl Robot has a multi-person access feature.

With the app, everyone in the family can log in at the same time and talk to the robot.

It’s a fantastic way to involve everyone in the care and playtime of your beloved pets, ensuring they receive ample attention and affection even when you’re away.


  • Manual driving and smart interaction.
  • Full HD camera and night vision.
  • Treat tossing and 2-way audio.
  • PIR detection and TF recording.
  • Long battery life and two connection modes.


  • Firmware updates may be required.
  • Treat size limitation (4mm-16mm).
  • TF card not included for video recording.
  • Only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi.
Skymee Owl Robot Pet Camera
  • Manual driving and smart interaction
  • Full HD camera and night vision
  • Treat tossing and 2-way audio
  • PIR detection and TF recording

6. Petcube Bites 2 Pet: Best Camera for Watching Pets at Home

If you’re a pet owner who wants to feel safe and keep a close eye on your home small friend. The Petcube Bites 2 Lite is the best choice for your needs.

Similar to other indoor pet cameras, this monitoring camera has the necessary functions for pet cameras, and to make it a real monitoring beast they added extra features that will make both you and your pet safe anytime, anywhere.

As people pay attention to video resolution, this Petcube Bites dog camera captures full HD videos with 1080p video quality which is enough to capture clear videos.

Even more, it has an impressive 160° wide-angle view so you can monitor every movement your pet does in the camera view range.

Also, you can get a closer look with the camera’s 4x digital zoom feature, ensuring you don’t miss any of your pet’s mischief.

For night monitoring, this indoor dog camera comes with infrared LEDs, enabling you to record full-HD videos and monitor 30 feet in the darkest hours.

Even more, this small indoor pet cam comes with a built-in treat dispenser featuring a 1.5 lbs container.

Through this dispenser you can easily toss dry, crunchy dog and cat treats at different distances, making playtime and training sessions a blast. 

And to make it controllable, you can schedule automatic treat dispensing based on your pet’s routine or reward them remotely with a simple tap into the mobile app on your smartphone.

But it doesn’t end there; the Petcube camera makes interaction with your pet easier than you may think.

It offers two-way audio functionality for allowing you to make clear communication with your home animal, even when you’re not at home.

Simply for your mobile phone, you can soothe them with your voice or offer words of encouragement from wherever you are.

Even when something wrong happens you’ll know, the Petcube Bites 2 Lite provides instant sound and motion alerts to keep you notified of any unusual activities for your pet.

Not only does the Petcube Bites 2 Lite prioritize your pet’s entertainment, but it also cares about their health.

When you have a question about your pet’s behavior or need immediate advice goes, you don’t need to go to the vet or visit Veterinary Clinic.

The camera has a unique feature that we love which is the Vet Chat. With this built-in 24/7 online Vet Chat, you have access to professional veterinarians at any time to support you.

Additionally, the 24/7/365 customer support ensures you receive assistance whenever you need it.


  • Full HD 1080p videos.
  • Treat dispenser.
  • Easy 1-minute setup.
  • Built-in 24/7 online Vet Chat.
  • 24/7/365 customer support.


  • Only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • No support for 5GHz WiFi.
  • Limited treat dispenser capacity.
Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera
  • Full HD 1080p live streaming
  • Treat dispenser for remote treating
  • Easy 1-minute setup
  • Built-in 24/7 online Vet Chat

7. TP-Link Tapo C100 Indoor cam: Best Affordable Pet Camera

If you need a versatile indoor camera for monitoring your home, baby, or pets then I recommend the C100 Tapo model from TP-link.

This indoor surveillance camera has a lot of features that pet owners need to have. In addition, it’s cheap, not expensive like other pet indoor cameras.

As it comes at an affordable price, many homeowners think it’s made from low-quality materials or captures grainy videos.

But it’s not, the Tapo C100 records videos in HD resolution, ensuring that every detail is captured with details. 

Whether it’s monitoring the kids playing in the living room or checking in on our pets, the quality of the footage is exceptional. We were impressed by the crystal-clear 1080P high-definition video it delivers.

Another standout feature of this cam is the night vision capability, this feature providing a clear view of pet surroundings even in complete darkness.

The Tp-link indoor camera comes with an integrated IR system that covers up to 30 feet of night vision, ensuring that no detail is forgotten at night.

When it comes to contacting your pets, the Tapo C100 does a great job. It has a 2-way audio function that allows us to communicate with our pets or even deter potential intruders with the built-in siren.

The Tapo C100 offers flexible storage options, supporting both cloud and SD card storage. 

Whether you prefer the performance of cloud storage or the offline accessibility of an SD card (Up to 128 GB), you have the freedom to choose the storage method that suits your needs best.

While cloud storage offers additional benefits like playback, and video sharing but is not free. 

However, you can store video footage directly on the camera itself, eliminating the need for additional subscriptions or cloud storage fees.

It gives you complete control over your data and provides a convenient and secure way to access your recordings.

What sets the Tapo C100 apart from other security cameras is its AI-Detection feature. By using this feature, you can this camera and configure it to notify you when your pet is moving away from the specified area.

Even more, you can use this feature in other options like detecting person, unusual motion, and when your babies cry.

Once one thing of the above happens, you’ll be notified immediately to take quick action and keep your property, pets, and family members safe.

In addition to price and features. We adore how well this camera integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

With voice control integration, you can easily access the camera’s live stream on your Echo Show or Google Chrome Cast with a screen.


  • Free AI-Detection & Instant Notification.
  • 2-Way Audio w/ Built-In Siren.
  • Night Vision up to 30 Ft.
  • 1080P FHD.
  • Works w/ Alexa & Google Home.


  • No mention of weatherproofing.
  • Limited storage options (Cloud & SD Card).
TP-Link Tapo C100 Indoor Security Camer
  • Free AI-Detection & Instant Notification
  • 2-Way Audio w/ Built-In Siren
  • Night Vision up to 30 Ft.
  • 1080P FHD

8. Wyze Cam Pan v2: Best Indoor Camera for Pets with Colored Night Vision

Above we mentioned a lot of the best indoor cameras for pets according to each one needs.

However, there are still some pet owners who seek for best performance for night vision features as threats raise.

But Wyze Cam Pan v2 solves the issue and offers HD color videos during the day and night.

Most of the day time, the Wyze cam captures HD videos with 1080p resolution which is acceptable for monitoring your pet and capturing more details about it.

When the light goes and becomes darker, the Wyze pan v2 pet camera keeps the resolution as it is. 

Also, due to its starlight sensor, the camera can capture vivid color images, and videos in low-light conditions.

Say goodbye to grainy, black-and-white footage—now you can see every detail clearly, day or night.

Aside from video quality, this WYZE camera is a pan/tilt/zoom device which means that you get a full 360° horizontal coverage and an impressive 93° vertical range.

With these capabilities, you’ll be able to cover every corner of your pet’s room and zoom in to see clear details when your pet move.

What’s more, you can set up to 4 custom waypoints, allowing the camera to patrol your pet desired areas automatically.

Since two-way audio is an essential feature, Wyze indoor camera includes a super clear two-way audio microphone and speaker so can easily communicate with your pet, baby, child, or elderly parent from anywhere in the world.

You can start a real-time conversation by opening the Wyze app on your smartphone.

Additionally, the Wyze app has a mini-siren button that you can use to alert your dog or cat and warn intruders and make them move away.

Regarding storage, The Wyze Cam Pan v2 doesn’t use cloud storage, it stores recorded videos locally on a microSD card so you can record 24/7 video clips continuously without any stop.

It’s not stopping on this limit, The Wyze Cam Pan v2 integrates with your smart home ecosystem without any issues.

With just a voice command, you can easily turn on/off, and check the camera’s live stream on any Alexa or Google Assistant device.


  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality.
  • 1080p resolution.
  • Color night vision.
  • Motion and sound detection.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • No mention of cloud storage.
  • MicroSD cards are sold separately.
WYZE Cam Pan v2
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality
  • 1080p resolution
  • Color night vision
  • Motion and sound detection

9. Google Nest – 2nd Gen: Best Indoor Camera for Dogs

Google Nest indoor/outdoor security cameras have proven their efficiency in many situations homeowners use them.

The 1st gen of Google surveillance cameras has acceptable performance and also some bugs besides its expensive price.

However, the new-gen from Google Nest cameras whether indoor or outdoor come with many features and at affordable prices.

As we seek for choosing the best indoor camera for pets, I have included the Google Nest 2nd indoor security camera in our recommendations.

This camera has many features that any pet owner needs. Plus, it also offers some unique specifications that make it remarkable from others. Let’s see

The Nest dog camera from Google only captures and records videos in high-definition HDR 1080p resolution. 

In addition, when you use the live view to see what’s happing in your house, the Nest pet cam broadcasts the live video in HD quality.

Even at night, the nest camera for pets keeps the quality of the video as it is so you can see clearly what happens when the light is turned off.

What we like about this camera is the 3-hour event video history feature. This feature is special in Google cameras and allows you to see what happened in the Google Home app with 3 hours of free event video history.

Whether you’re at work or on vacation you can watch your pets with the live view, and watch 3 hours of important events that happen while you’re absent.

In case you try the 3 hours and see it’s not enough, then you can pay the subscription to Nest Aware to enjoy up to 60 days of video history.

Moreover, there’s another amazing thing that makes me feel in love with this indoor pet cam. 

Simply when Wi-Fi goes down for wireless cameras they stop recording videos, making you lose important videos and footage. 

But with this camera, you get peace of mind when there’s no Wi-Fi. The cam will automatically record important videos for up to one hour in its local memory.

Aside from these unique features, Google includes basic features such as 2-way audio for talking to visitors, and pets.

Not only that but also the Google Nest 2nd gen indoor camera has an advanced chip with a built-in intelligence. 

This chip has use the latest technology for detecting things and can easily differentiate between persons, pets, and vehicles.

Once the camera detects one of these things, it will start to push instant notifications through the Google Home app so you can take quick action.

Besides the smart detection advantage, The nest cam for pets allows you to set up activity zones for pet full monitoring.

With this feature, you can specify areas and where your dog or pet enters this area, you’ll receive notifications on your mobile.

The last thing I want to say about this superb device is setting up these cameras is a breeze.

Simply use the Google Home app to guide you through the installation process, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Furthermore, with its compatibility with Alexa, you can control your cameras with just your voice, adding an extra layer of convenience to your home security routine.


  • Intelligent motion detection.
  • 1080p HDR video with night vision.
  • 3 hours of free event video history.
  • Built-in speaker and mic.
  • Activity Zones for specific notifications.


  • Requires a Nest Aware subscription.
  • Limited local storage.
  • No pan and tilt functionality.
Google Nest Security Cam- 2nd Generation
  • Intelligent motion detection.
  • 1080p HDR video with night vision.
  • 3 hours of free event video history.
  • Built-in speaker and mic.

10- Xiaomi Mi Home Pet Security Camera 360°

As we see, there’re a few pet indoor cameras that capture videos with a quality of more than 1080p and the Xiaomi indoor pet camera is one of them.

In the past, pet indoor cameras are recording videos at the lowest video quality available resulting in grainy footage.

Nowadays, everything is changing. This small beast from Xiaomi captures and records with 2K (3mp) high-definition resolution which means you get more footage details for your pet.

The magic of this camera continues after the amazing resolution. It has an F1.4 wide aperture that provides the camera lens with more light and greater image detail to see whole images of your pets in all their glory.

And to convert this device into a true weapon for protecting your pet. Xiaomi engineers incorporated a 940nm infrared light into the device to provide enhanced infrared night vision.

This powerful combination allows for optimal visibility, even in the darkest corners of your home you’ll be able to watch your pet.

Not only that but also, the camera has a dual motor, giving the pet owners ability to enjoy a 360-degree full-angle vision without leaving any spot.

The thing that impresses us the most about this fantastic gadget is AI human motion detection and face recognition. 

This feature is really helpful as it makes the camera identify persons with their faces and trigger video recording, providing you with valuable evidence if the persons decided to hurt your dog or cat.

Moreover, It facilitates the communication process between you and your pet. Xiaomi has included a dual microphone in this camera for two-way audio and an HD call experience.

By enabling this option in your smartphone app, you can enjoy real conversations between you and your pet, or any persons who exist near your device.

Privacy matters and Xiaomi understands that. With just a click, you can activate the one-key camera lens hiding feature through the intuitive app.

This way, you have complete control over when your camera is active, giving you peace of mind and privacy whenever you need it.

The last thing about Xiaomi Mi 360° 2K Pro Home Security Camera is it can work with dual-frequency Wi-Fi connections whether 2.4GHz/5GHz.

With this option, you enjoy fast and stable performance for your pet camera even if the WiFi signal is weak.


  • Upgraded 3MP home security camera.
  • 360-degree full-angle vision.
  • Dual microphone for two-way audio.
  • AI human motion detection.
  • AI face recognition.


  • Limited remote access options.
  • Limited downward viewing angle.
Xiaomi Mi Home Pet Security Camera 360°
  • Upgraded 3MP home security camera
  • 360-degree full-angle vision
  • Dual microphone for two-way audio
  • AI human motion detection

11- Ezviz Indoor Pet Security Camera

If you think about an all-in-one device and a long-term investment for keeping an eye on your beloved pets, then I recommend C6 PTZ Indoor camera.

This intelligently designed camera from the trusted brand EZVIZ has become our end solution for reliable and efficient monitoring of our babies and pets.

The reason behind choosing this cam specifically is it’s designed for indoor usage and combine all the features that pet owner love to have and more. Let’s see

The resolution of the camera tells how good it’s. This camera from EZVIZ captures videos in 2K⁺ resolution, delivering crystal-clear images, and allowing you to see every tiny detail in your favorite area.

Also, True-WDR technology in the C6 prevents overexposure or underexposure in scenes with a lot of contrast.

Being a PTZ camera gives it more coverage than other surveillance cameras. The C6 EZVIZ cam offers an impressive 360-degree field of view.

This wide-angle perspective ensures full coverage of the baby/pet room, eliminating any blind spots.

Moreover, The camera also has an auto-zoom feature that lets you focus on particular areas where your dog or cat is.

It can zoom cam footage up to 4 times, allowing you to know hidden details even if you don’t notice them while recording.

What about nighttime surveillance? Well, the old version of the EZVIZ cam (C6W) captures black-and-white images when light becomes low. 

But this device (C6) has a starlight lens with an F1.6 aperture that makes the camera capture color night vision up to 10 meters (33ft) in complete darkness, without compromising on image quality.

What is impress me about this camera is the AI technology. The camera can easily detect the movement of your family members and your pets.

Simply, when your baby, dog, or cat moves the camera will instantly notify you so you can see them. Once you know you can enable the AI option to track them wherever they go.

It doesn’t end here. The EZVIZ smart camera has a crying detection feature that lets you know when your baby suddenly cries or when a siren breaks out.

The best thing is the solutions the camera offers for the urgent movements of your pet or the crying of your boy.

First, you can start a two-way call to make a short conversation and calm them down.

Second, you can learn your baby or family members to wave their hands in front of the camera so they can initiate a video call to your phone.

When it comes to storing videos, the cam offers both options. You can use a micro SD card (up to 256 GB) to save recorded video clips locally or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully-encrypted, unlimited cloud storage. 

The last thing is The camera works with both wired Ethernet connections and dual 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi connections, so you can choose how you want to join your home network.

Furthermore, this indoor pet camera offers flexible installation options, you can place it on a shelf, wall, ceiling, or table.


  • Excellent visual quality (2K resolution).
  • 360-degree field-of-view for full coverage.
  • Auto-zoom tracking for moving objects.
  • Instant alerts for real-time notifications.
  • High privacy protection features.


  • Relatively high price.
  • Limited compatibility with Amazon Alexa.
  • Requires a stable internet connection.
  • May require additional storage options.
  • Limited warranty and support information.
Ezviz Indoor Pet Security Camera
  • Excellent 2K resolution
  • 360-degree field-of-view
  • Auto-zoom tracking
  • Instant alerts for real-time notifications

12- Imou Indoor Wi-Fi Pet Security Camera

The last device in our recommendation for the best indoor camera for pets is Imou. This brand has many top-level surveillance cameras whether for indoor or outdoor activities.

In our journey to finding the best indoor camera, we have chosen this cam from Imou as it has exceptional features and cutting-edge technology.

Let’s start and see the resolution. Unlike other pet indoor cameras, this camera has better resolution than other pet cameras with 3MP (2K) video quality.

It can capture every detail with a 2.5K (2560×1440) 4MP Quad HD resolution so you can see crystal-clear video footage for your pet without missing any details.

Moreover, the camera has a complete 360-degree view to give the freedom for pet owners to control over where to monitor and who due to its pan/tilt function.

With a simple click from your mobile app, you can rotate the camera 0-355° horizontally and 0-90° vertically so you can monitor every corner of your pet/baby room.

When it comes to night vision, the cam doesn’t offer color night vision, it’s equipped with advanced night vision capabilities to capture black-and-white images and videos in dark environments.

We like how this device is how it uses human detection technology to scare away people who try to break into our property.

When someone is detected, the technology will quickly recognize him, then motion tracking focuses on the target and follows it.

Even more, the cam turns on the built-in spotlight and siren to scare away strangers by making the spotlight illuminates the surroundings, and the siren blares.

With this powerful combination, your home, family members, and pets will be safe from potential intruders.

Not only that but also when the camera detects a dog barking, a baby crying, or other unusual sounds, the notification system will automatically send an instant notification to your phone.

To make it more accurate, you can adjust the camera detection sensitivity, specify regions of interest, and create custom schedules for notifications to eliminate false alarms.

The last thing is storage, Imou offers versatile storage options to fit your security needs. 

You can choose from a micro SD card that can hold up to 256GB, Imou Cloud for secure backup, or a network video recorder (NVR) for more storage space.

The Imou Home Security Camera is a wireless device(it uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi technology) which means that you don’t have to deal with any wiring issues.

In addition, you have the freedom to put the camera in any place you want in your home.


  • High-resolution 2.5K video quality.
  • Pan/tilt function for complete coverage.
  • Plug-in WiFi camera for easy setup.
  • Spotlight and siren for enhanced security.
  • Human motion detection feature.


  • Only supports 2.4G WiFi.
  • Limited indoor usage.
  • May generate false alerts.
  • Requires a power source.
  • Higher price compared to some competitors.
Imou Indoor Wi-Fi Pet Security Camera
  • High-resolution 2.5K video quality.
  • Spotlight and siren.
  • Human motion detection feature.

How Do I Choose A Pet Camera? or What should I look for in a pet camera?

Well, most homeowners think that pet cameras are the same as home security cameras but they are not. Pet cameras have special features for fulfilling your dog/cat’s natural needs.

However, to choose the best indoor pet cameras, not home surveillance cameras, there’re several factors that you should put into your consideration for avoiding common mistakes.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose a pet camera like a professional pet owner:

1- Purpose:

Determine why you want an indoor pet camera. Is it to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away, interact with them remotely for entertainment, protect it from strangers, or monitor their behavior

Determining the purpose will allow you to spend your money on the perfect device for monitoring your pet.

2- Camera Features:

Some features should exist in any security camera today, features like: 

  • Video Quality: Look for cameras with high-resolution video (preferably 1080p HD) to ensure clear and detailed footage. If you have a large budget you can go for 2k, 2.5k, or 4K resolution for getting the best footage for your pet.
  • Field of View: Consider a camera with a wide-angle lens or 360-degree coverage to capture a larger area of your pet and ease the process of tracking their movements.
  • Night Vision: If you need to monitor your pet during nighttime, choose a camera with night vision capabilities for clear visibility in low-light conditions. Pet cameras with colorful night vision are the best but they are expensive.

3- Two-Way Audio:

For communicating with your pets, the camera should have two-way audio. This feature allows you to hear and talk to your pet through the camera. 

Look for cameras with high-quality mic and speakers so you can get a clear audio quality and the ability to adjust volume levels.

4- Treat Dispensing:

If you want to interact with your pet while you’re away, consider a camera with a treat dispenser. 

This feature lets you reward your pet or provide entertainment while you’re away. 

There’re several cameras with a large treat dispenser so you can feed your pet during the whole day.

5- Motion and Sound Detection:

Cameras with motion and sound sensors can send you alerts or notifications when your pet is active, barking, and making noise. 

This feature can help you stay informed about your pet’s behavior and know the real reason behind annoying them is fear of being alone for a long time, or something wrong happened.

6- Storage and Recording:

Determine whether you prefer a pet camera that offers free cloud storage for recorded footage or one that allows local storage through a microSD card.

Each option of both has its cons and pros, you just need the device that meets your needs.

7- App and Connectivity:

Ensure that the camera you choose is a pet camera that has a user-friendly mobile app and make sure that the mobile app is compatible with your smartphone or tablet. 

Also, check if the camera requires a wired connection with an Ethernet cable or if it requires a Wi-Fi connection.

8- Installation and Placement:

Before you purchase the camera think about where you want to place the camera inside your home. 

Some pet cameras can be mounted on walls or placed on shelves, while others are designed for being hiding from people and pet sight.

9- Budget:

Set a budget range for your pet camera and compare options within that range. 

Remember to consider ongoing costs, such as subscription fees for additional features or cloud storage.

10- Brand and Reviews:

Research different brands and read customer reviews to get an idea of the camera’s reliability, customer support, and overall performance.

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best pet camera that meets your needs. Moreover, the process of monitoring your pets will be easier than before.

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What Is The Best Camera to Detect Dog Barking?

Well, the best camera to detect dog barking depends on your needs and preferences. However, one popular option is the Furbo Dog Camera.

The Furbo Dog Camera is specifically designed to monitor and interact with your dog. It utilizes advanced technology to detect dog barking and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone when your dog is barking. 

The camera has a high-resolution video (1080p HD) and a wide-angle lens, ensuring clear and comprehensive coverage of your home.

Additionally, the Furbo Dog Camera offers two-way audio, allowing you to hear your dog’s barks and speak to them remotely from your phone. 

It also features a treat dispensing function, enabling you to reward or comfort your dog when they’re barking. 

Moreover, the camera has motion and sound sensors, providing accurate alerts when your dog is actively barking.

Not only that but also, The camera offers cloud storage for recorded footage, allowing you to review and share your dog’s barking incidents.

What is best is Furbo Dog Camera can be easily connected to your home Wi-Fi network, and it has a user-friendly mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

In addition to the Furbo Dog Camera, there are a couple of other pet camera options that can effectively detect dog barking:

Petcube Bites 2: The Petcube Bites 2 is another excellent pet camera that includes sound detection for barking. 

This camera has capture video with high resolution and has many other features. But what is most for us is it can send real-time alerts to your smartphone when it detects your dog barking. 

Plus, with the two-way audio feature, you can interact and communicate with your dog/cat while you’re staying in another place, providing reassurance and comfort.

Wyze Cam Pan: While not specifically designed for pet monitoring, the Wyze Cam Pan is an affordable option that also can detect dog barking. 

It comes with sound recognition features that can be customized to notify you when it detects specific sounds, including barking. 

Despite its affordability, the Wyze Cam Pan offers a range of functionalities and can be a suitable choice for monitoring and detecting your dog’s barking behavior.

In general, choosing the best camera to detect dog barking depends on your specific requirements and budget. 

It’s recommended to research and compare different options, read customer reviews, and consider factors such as video quality, audio capabilities, motion detection, and ease of use before making a decision.

What Is The Best Motion-Activated Camera For Animals?

According to my expertise in security cameras and surveillance systems, I can say that Wyze Pan Cam is one of the best motion-activated cameras for animals.

Simply. It is a versatile camera that has a 360-degree field of view and offers motion tracking, allowing it to follow your pet’s movements and monitor where it goes from various angles. 

It also features two-way audio, enabling you to communicate with your pet while you’re being busy or away from home. 

Additionally, the camera has night vision capabilities, making it suitable for monitoring your pet even in low-light conditions. 

Overall, the Wyze Cam Pan is a popular choice for pet owners looking for a motion-activated camera to keep an eye on their animals.

What is the best indoor camera for pets without a subscription?

When it comes to finding the best indoor camera for pets without a subscription, there are several options available. Here are a few highly recommended ones:

1- Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605: This camera offers high-quality audio and video, automatic night vision, and a 170-degree wide-angle lens. It does not require a subscription for basic functionality.

2- Wyze Cam: The Wyze Cam is known for its affordability and features like motion detection and two-way audio. It doesn’t require a subscription for basic use, but there is a subscription option for additional cloud storage.

3- Furbo Dog Camera: While Furbo Dog Camera offers a subscription plan for advanced features, it can still be used without a subscription. It has features like treat tossing, two-way audio, and real-time barking alerts.

4- Petcube Bites 2 Lite: This camera is an affordable option that includes features like treat-tossing, two-way audio, and 1080p HD video. It doesn’t require a subscription for basic functionality.

Remember to check the specific features and reviews of each camera to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences.

Do All Pet Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

The short answer is No, not all pet cameras require Wi-Fi, but the majority of top pet indoor/outdoor cameras do rely on a Wi-Fi connection for their functionality. 

The reason for that is Wi-Fi enables the camera to connect to your home network and allows you to access the camera’s live feed, receive notifications, and control various features through a companion app on your smartphone or other devices.

However, there are alternative options available for pet monitoring that doesn’t require Wi-Fi. 

Some pet cameras operate through other means of connectivity, such as cellular networks or wired through options by using an Ethernet cable. 

These cameras may use SIM cards, and a Lan port or have built-in cellular capabilities to transmit data without relying on Wi-Fi.

Additionally, there are standalone pet cameras that don’t require any connectivity for real-time monitoring. 

These cameras directly record the footage locally and store it on an internal memory card or other storage device connected to the camera such as DVR or NVR. 

Anyway, It’s important to check the camera connectivity before purchasing it. Some cameras are designed to be connected only through wires, while others rely on Wi-Fi signals. 

A Pet camera with Wi-Fi is considered the best option for smart home systems. On the other hand, if you already installed wired PoE cameras, and use a network video recorder it the best to use a Pet camera with a Lan port.

Where Is The Best Place to Put a Pet Camera In Your Home?

Well, the best place to put a pet camera depends on your individual needs and where you’re pets spend their time.

Most of the time, pets are allowed to roam freely around the house for different reasons.

Sometimes they move to eat or move to sleep in a good ventilation area inside your home, and more.

Anyhow, Here are a few general recommendations for mounting pet indoor cameras:

1. Near the main area of activity: Place the pet camera in a room or area where your pet spends the most time. 

This could be the living room, kitchen, or any other space where your pet likes to play or relax.

2. Pointed at entryways: If you want to monitor your pet’s behavior when you’re not at home, consider placing the camera near the main entry points of your home, such as the front door or back door. 

This can help you monitor and track your pet’s activities when they are moving in and out of the house.

3. Overlooking the pet’s sleeping area: If you’re interested in monitoring your pet while they sleep, position the camera in a location that provides a good view of their sleeping area. 

This can be especially helpful if you have a puppy or a newly adopted pet and want to ensure they arresting comfortably.

4. Avoid obstacles: Make sure the camera can see all you need it to without any obstructions.

Avoid placing it behind furniture or other objects that may block the camera’s field of view.

5. Secure mounting: Ensure that the camera is securely mounted to prevent it from falling or being knocked over by your pet. 

Consider using wall mounts, ceiling mounts, or other mounting options that provide stability and safety.

Also, remember to check the camera’s instructions and recommendations for optimal placement specific to the model you’re using. 

Additionally, pay attention to the specific behavior and habits of your pet to determine the best placement that suits your needs.

What are the Pros and Cons of pet cameras?

Pet cameras, also known as pet monitors or pet surveillance cameras, have become increasingly popular among pet owners.

They offer a convenient way to keep an eye on your pets when you’re away from home. Here are some pros and cons of using pet cameras:

Pros of Pet Cameras:

There are a lot of pros for pet indoor cameras, but here are the top pros that are important for pet owners.

1- 24/7 Monitoring: Pet cameras allow you to check on your pets anytime and from anywhere, providing reassurance that they are safe and well.

2- Remote monitoring: You can use a smartphone or computer to access the camera’s live feed and see what your pets are up to in real-time.

3- Interaction: Some pet cameras come with interactive features such as two-way audio, treat dispensers, or laser pointers, allowing you to communicate with and entertain your pets from your bed.

4- Behavior monitoring: Pet security cameras can help you monitor your pet’s behavior, routines, and habits, which can be valuable for training purposes or detecting any potential issues.

5- Security: In addition to monitoring your pets, pet cameras can also serve as home security cameras, providing an extra layer of protection for your property like a real surveillance cam.

Cons of Pet Cameras:

Each device in the world has pros and cons. Concerning pet indoor cameras cons, here are the top 3.

1- Cost: Depending on the features and brand, pet cameras can be relatively expensive, especially those with advanced functionalities like treat dispensers or motion tracking.

2- Limited field of view: Some pet cameras may have a narrow field of view, which could restrict the coverage area and make it challenging to monitor larger spaces or multiple pets simultaneously.

If you want to get a 360 coverage then consider purchasing a PTZ pet indoor camera.

3- Internet connectivity: Pet cameras require a stable internet connection to work normally. 

If your internet goes down or experience disruptions, you may lose the ability to access the camera’s live feed or control its features.

Do Pet Cameras Record Sound?

The answer is Yes, many pet cameras are equipped with built-in microphones to record sound for pets and also allow pet owners to hear and speak with them.

The recorded sound is helpful as it allows you to monitor your pet’s behavior, communicate with them when they bark, or even comfort them when they are anxious.

However, some pet cameras disable or mute the audio recording for privacy reasons.

Anyway, to know whether the camera record sound or not, check the product specifications or user manuals when selecting a camera for your pet to avoid wasting your money on unwanted devices.

Can I use the pet security camera outside?

The majority of surveillance cameras are developed to be either used outdoors or indoors, however many cams are capable of being both equally.

Each product is various from other products, though and you’ll have to look at which model you need. 

It is essential to notice that, If it doesn’t decide to use the pet cam inside or outside, you should suppose and buy it as it’s an indoor camera. 

Some models are designed to withstand outdoor bad weather conditions. To get the right pet camera for outdoor use look at product specifications to see the IP rating, this rating defines how strong the camera can stand out there in wind, snow, and water.


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