Top 9 Best Indoor Camera For Pets

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Thinking about what is the best Indoor camera for pets as you leave your babies at home alone. It’s a major concern to make sure that your pet is safe (and not having any problems) while you’re away.

These types of Security cameras (pet cam) help you eliminate your worries, and always keep an eye on your furry friends. 

Plus, A Super pet camera offers more options for communicating with your pet remotely and this exists in 2-way audio best cameras.

Nowadays a lot of security cameras available on the market enable you to monitor your home domestic pets much easier than ever. 

But the more features the camera has means the more costs for you. Don’t be anxious! In this article, we show you everything you need about Pet cameras.

In a Short time, Best Indoor Camera For Pets

PetChatz HDXPetChatz Pet Treat Camera– HD 1080p

-Pet Treat Camera

– Dog brain games & DOGTV

– Two-Way Audio
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets Furbo Dog CameraFurbo Dog Camera– Full HD 1080p

– Barking Alert

– Funny Entertainment Pet Camera 
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets YI Dome CameraYI Dome Camera– 720p High-definition

– Pan/Tilt/Zoom Complete 360° coverage

– YI Cloud One month free trial 
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets Tooge Pet CameraTooge Pet Camera – 720p High-definition

– Pan/Tilt/Zoom For

– High-Level Security Protection Camera
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets Victure FHD Pet CameraVicture FHD Pet Camera – FHD 1080p, 720p

– Advanced Video Encryption

-Two-way Audio With Anti-Noise Technology
Check Price
petcube bites 2Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera – Full HD 1080p

– Adjust Treats For Different Distance

– Works with Alexa 
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets Petcube Play 2 CameraPetcube Play 2 Camera – Full HD 1080p video

-A Built-in Pet Safe Laser Toy

– Works with Alexa to Enjoy with many features
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets Wyze Cam v2Wyze Cam v2– 1080p High-Definition video

– Free Cloud Storage

-Works with Google Assistant & Alexa
Check Price
Best Indoor Camera For Pets Nest Indoor Cam IQ Nest Indoor Cam IQ– Full 1080p HD

– Two-factor authentication Protection

– 2-year Warranty
Check Price


What Best Indoor Camera For Pets?

1. PetChatz Pet Treat Camera: Best Friend Camera for Dog

We really like the PetChatz HDX camera most for its two-way video option, which usually allows you to see and interact with your pets by a call. This can give you an additional level of peace of mind when you’re away, once your dog hears your voice, it’ll make it feel safe and happy.

This device comes with an extra pad that you can teach your furry friend to use, by doing this they can call you any moment when they want to play or feel alone at home. 

There’s an amazing option in PetChatz called silent mode, This mode is helpful because it allows you to check in your pet without alerting them that you’re viewing, and watching them.

It is easy to install PetChat cameras on the wall or on dog homes to stay away and safe from dangerous pests. 

The HD 1080p recorded videos display on a full-color LCD screen, So you’ll see your pet clearly without missing anything. Furthermore, you can set a Schedule for interactive brain games to entertain your dog while you’re away.

There is a built-in treat dispenser you can control easily, and you can dispense snacks and scents also. The scents dispenser use for aromatherapy this feature will be helpful for your pet.

Another powerful feature that PetChatz support is motion detection, Smart notifications will send to you on your mobile by PetChatz when it detects motion, and sound also. By activating this feature you’ll NEVER MISS A MOMENT for your pet.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | PetChatz HDX
thumbs up regular


  • Pet Treat Camera
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi Signals both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
  • Dog brain games & DOGTV
  • Two-Way Audio
thumbs down regular


  • High-Price Camera

2. Furbo Dog Camera: Best Seller Pet Camera

Without taking too much time asking what’s the best indoor cameras for pets?. The Furbo Dog Camera was made particularly for the pooch and dog lovers. It offers two-way audio, a night vision feature, and a pet treat dispenser also. 

So as long as you have the Furbo app on your mobile, you can watch and enjoy with your puppy from anywhere, while you’re on holiday, or from the work office.

What we love in this pet cam is the bark alert, once your Furbo pet camera hears your dog bark it’ll send a notification to your smartphone automatically. 

This option is very useful for those who have canines and disturb their neighbors, moreover, You can control the sensitivity level for sound detection to recognize your dog’s bark. 

Furbo supports a two-way audio feature also, and so you can communicate with your dog from the Furbo app easily. 

The device speaker produces clear and loud audio to catch your dog’s attention. A feature like this apart from notifying you when your dog bark, but also can save you from fire, storm, and a lot of terrible things. 

One more great feature is the ability to feed and dispense a treat for your pooch from the camera. The Furbo camera makes a simply clicking noise to alert the dog for a treat and to be near the camera.

Contrary to the other pet cameras, Furbo requires a monthly subscription to use its cloud storage service, This storage is useful if you want to keep records of your dog’s routines.

Previously we published a detailed article about the best Cameras Without Subscription for cloud storage you can see what’s suitable for you.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Furbo Dog Camera
thumbs up regular


  • Full HD 1080p
  • Barking Alert
  • Funny Entertainment Pet Camera
  • Doggie Diary in 60 seconds
thumbs down regular


  • You must pay for some camera features

3. YI Dome Camera: Best Coverage Camera

YI Dome Camera is an excellent choice for pet owners. Who wants to cover more and more homerooms, the coverage range in the YI Dome camera is amazing.

It provides complete 360-degree coverage as it has a 112-degree wide-angle advanced glass lens, to expand the camera viewing it rotate 345 degrees horizontal and 115 degrees vertical. 

feel free to direct the camera wherever you want, and keep your dog in front of your eye.

The camera capture 720p High-definition videos with sharp details. In case your dog love playing at the night don’t worry, the YI camera support advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED, The night vision covers up to 3 meters in pitch dark.

For storage dog videos, it Works with YI Cloud to save videos. 2-way talk is also provided in this pet camera, it has a built-in ultra-responsive microphone to hear the voice clearly. just open your mobile app and enjoy talking to your dog or cat.

Another amazing thing in the YI Dome camera is that Auto-Cruise Mode, This mode surveys the favorite selected area horizontally in seconds, with a tap of a button you can see your selected area, you can choose up 8 locations to see where your pet really hide.

The motion Detection activity captures 10-second clips and sends alerts when triggered, you don’t have to look for your dog each second, once it moves from the chosen area the camera will notify you.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | YI Dome Camera
thumbs up regular


  • 720p High-definition
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Complete 360° coverage
  • YI Cloud One month free trial
thumbs down regular


  • Poor Resolution Than most pet cameras

4. Tooge Pet Camera: Best Affordable Pet Camera

In case you’re searching for the best indoor camera for pets at an affordable price, then the Tooge Family pet Camera is a great budget-friendly device that will be amazing for you. 

It’ll be useful for pet owners who don’t like to have games for their dogs or treat dispensers.

The Tooge pet camera is made specifically with performance in thoughts. This pet camera has a 112-degree wide-angle lens, plus the swivel head can tilt 80 degrees vertically and 350 degrees horizontally. 

Furthermore, it comes with 4x digital zoom to cover every inch of your area and see what happens while you’re away.

For people who like DIY, as the placement of the camera is important Tooge pet camera is easy to set up, just decide where is the best place to mount the camera and install it. 

Without any wire hassle, the camera support a 2.4G Wifi Connection, all you have to do is connect the camera to wifi to enable a remote viewing feature.

For resolution, The video level of quality itself isn’t great as you compare to other pet cameras, ready to stream in 720p HD video. 

When pets move from their place there is a blur, and the image quality Impacted and can be grainy at some times. This is specifically correct in low-light situations, then the camera’s infrared night vision turns on.

The night vision on its own is excellent quality, able to obviously display pets once the sun goes down, the Camera will auto change to night vision, by enabling this feature you can cover up to 10m and more.

More and More advantages exist in this indoor pet camera like Two-Way Audio by using a built-in ultra-responsive microphone, Motion Detection to always keep an eye on important things, loop recording is available also with 128GB micro SD card.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Tooge Pet Camera
thumbs up regular


  • 720p High-definition
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom For Multiple-View
  • High-Level Security Protection Camera
thumbs down regular


  • Power by battery

5. Victure FHD Pet Camera: Cheap Pet Camera

The Victure Pet Camera is a great all-around camera for any family pet, however, it has a few features that make it much better suitable for your pet. 

This Pet camera is fit for both cats and dogs, it’s considered as your third eye at home while you’re out.

Among pet cameras out there you’ll find few pet cameras with high resolution that comes at a costly price. But what about Dog cameras that record and capture FHD videos With 1920*1080 resolution, this is what Victure has.

Victure pet cam has a wide field of view, it has a rotation range of 355 horizontal & 100 vertical. So, you don’t have to take too much time to check if your pets are good or not?. 

Through the mobile app, you control your security cameras remotely by using a pan & tilt feature anywhere.

This cat camera has unique encryption technology. Plus it supports storing your camera videos on both SD cards (up to 64GB), and cloud storage if you want to use it. 

Don’t worry when your card is full, the camera is smart and it’ll automatically overwrite the oldest recordings (Loop recording).

This small camera Looking for being the perfect pet camera. Besides the affordable price, it has also featured like: 

  • Night Vision that covers up to 30 feet in pitch dark just by using 10pcs 850mm IR LEDs. 
  • Smart Motion Detection to alert you when your dog or cat moves. 
  • Two-way Audio with built-in microphone & speaker with anti-noise technology to hear the voice clearly.
Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Victure FHD Pet Camera
thumbs up regular


  • FHD 1080p, 720p
  • Advanced Video Encryption
  • Two-way Audio With Anti-Noise Technology
thumbs down regular


  • Camera App has some issues

6. Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera

The Petcube Bites 2 is the best pet camera for everyone who likes to interact with their furry good friend, along with trying to keep an eyesight on them. 

Without any doubt pricey, but its amazing spec list and simple function make it an interesting proposal for any pet owner.

With a smooth, modern style, the Petcube Bites 2 allows you to see your pet live in 1080p HD video, which in turn you can control and zoom in up to 4 times via the PetCube mobile app. 

The pre-installed camera offers a 160-degree view of your area. The night vision feature is also supported in the Petcube cam.

You can also save videos and photos to your phone at no cost, or register to Petcube Care to view up to 90 days of your video history if you want, all the pet videos saved securely on the Cloud storage.

With Built-in sensors you’ll get alerts any time the Petcube detects unwanted motion or sound, so you’ll be the 1st one to know if your dog is barking or your cat is meowing for eating.

Two-way audio is offered by Petcube via the app, so your pet can hear your voice through the built-in speaker, and to hear the voice clearly, there is a four-microphone array put into action in the camera.

The treat dispenser is easy and allows you to fling treats to your pet via the mobile app screen. 

Maybe the most interesting thing, is that you can control everything in the treat dispenser from the number of treats and snacks which you need to give to your pet, and also the distance is the dog is near or far away, moreover, the feeding you can set schedule for feeding or use regular mode.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera
thumbs up regular


  • Full HD 1080p
  • Adjust Treats For Different Distance
  • Works with Alexa
thumbs down regular


  • Sometimes the Camera has a connection problems

7. Petcube Play 2 Camera

The Petcube Play 2 is a wonderful choice for cat & dog owners, The Petcube Play 2 is the updated version of PetCube pet cameras, and an entertainment camera for your pet in your house.

It’s rare to find a pet camera with High-quality resolution, In case you found a cheap one you discover that the videos are grainy. 

But, Petcube cameras are known for their high-quality pet cameras. This small pet cam comes with a 1080p HD video, 160° ultra-wide-angle view to see as much as you can, plus, the ability to see up close with 4x zoom.

Whatever day or night you’ll get HD videos of your dog or cat, the Petcube play 2 camera has night vision advantages also. So, leave your dog to play anywhere, and you’ll see every move it takes.

Some pet owners take too much time away from home because of work, travel, etc. However, this can make your dog feel lonely and depressed. 

Now, you can play with your furkid like you’re in your house with a built-in pet harmless laser toy, you could control it from your phone easily, or if you’re busy using the autoplay mode to entertain your pet while you’re absent.

2-way audio is added to the camera to communicate with your pet, also motion alerts will be sent to you when your dog moves away once you enable the motion detection feature. 

All this will be done without any delay the camera support using fast connection 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

To enjoy your pet more The PetCube play 2 pet camera has a built-in Alexa assistant. 

Just say “Hey Alexa” and play music for your dog or cat in seconds, and the additional features of Alexa like answering your questions, listening to the news while you eating your breakfast, and the lovely feature which is the ability to order your pet’s delicious treats.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Petcube Play 2 Camera
thumbs up regular


  • Full HD 1080p video
  • A Built-in Pet Safe Laser Toy
  • Works with Alexa to Enjoy with many features
thumbs down regular


  • High Price

8. Wyze Cam v2 

The Wyze Cam v2 is simple to use, gives you clear image and sound, and has a super free cloud storage system. 

As well as, its low-cost, with the high price of pet cameras out there, you can use more than one Wyze camera at the same price you’d spend for an individual pet cam.

The Wyze Cam makes it easy to watch your home pet while you’re not at home, it’s small size camera comes 2 by 2 by 2 inches, So, you place it anywhere you want, you can place it on a shelf or rising, to a wall it has a magnetic base.

The Wyze Cam is easy to set up-it requires just five mins to connect the camera, It’s a wireless pet camera and must be placed near to power outlet, it has a power adaptor included. 

Just connect the camera to the electric outlet, turn it on and then connect it to the wifi home signal to enjoy with camera features.

Download the app to totally control your pet camera. If you choose to buy several cameras, the dashboard displays every Wyze cam you’ve joined to the app, and you can check out their specific camera configurations and see the footage taken throughout the whole day.

This pet security camera has a lens that is the same as a high price pet camera. 

The Wyze Cam gives a 110-degree viewing angle at 1080p resolution which is perfect for capturing your dog in any place, and it records videos at 15 frames secondly, or 10 fps in night mode. As a result of that, you get detailed recorded videos in day or night.

Additional More The Wyze Cam offers video playback in 360p or 1080p at several levels of data compression. 

When you use a wide-angle lens to record video, the footage is distorted around the edges, but with the Wyze super camera, it’s not like the other pet cameras.

The Wyze Cam’s two-way audio is amazing, although it has a probably 1-sec delay, you hear a clear voice without any noise. 

Motion detection is supported by the camera, Wyze is generous it offers free 14-day storage to watch your videos, besides it also allows you to use an SD card to store your videos.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Wyze Cam v2
thumbs up regular


  • 1080p High-Definition video
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Works with Google Assistant & Alexa
thumbs down regular


  • Used Indoor Only

9. Nest Indoor Cam IQ 

What about a very smart indoor security camera that helps you protect your whole home?.

It may not be purely designed for viewing your pets only, but the intelligently-designed Nest Cam IQ’s potential power to identify humans and animals, all this in one home camera without buying every camera separately. The Nest camera is the best indoor camera you look for.

The Nest cam offers 24/7 live stream video in full 1080p HD over WiFi, by using 1920×1080 resolution, Every move happen in your house you’ll know whether it’s your dog or your friend, the camera is useful if you leave your children alone, or when you’re away and want to see your pet.

Nowadays, there is no security cameras without Night Vision feature as it’s important like a resolution but is it powerful? well. 

The Nest indoor camera offers Night vision featuring 8 high-power infrared LEDs, even in the darkest conditions, you’ll get a clear video. Don’t worry!

What you’ll make when you see your dog do something wrong and you’re away? really confusing situation. 

For issues like this 2-way audio is enabled with a touch of a button, talk and listen to your dog, tell your kids to be calm and play without noise, all this and more you can get if you have two-way audio.

Mobile alerts and notifications will send to your mobile immediately once anyone enters your identified area, Not only inform you if there’s a motion in your house, but they can even recognize the strange people as well.

It doesn’t need a professional, it’s easy to set up with flexible mounting and a free base. Place the camera wherever you want on a shelf, mount it to the top of the wall, or use the magnet base to place it in your favorite place.

Best Indoor Camera For Pets | Nest Indoor Cam IQ
thumbs up regular


  • Full 1080p HD
  • Two-factor authentication Protection
  • 2-Year Warranty
thumbs down regular


  • Expensive Pet Camera

What to look for when Buying Best Indoor Camera For Pets

Two-way feature

A lot of pet home cameras give the pet owners the power to communicate with their pets through two-way audio and a few cam support two-way, live-streaming video. 

This enables you to hear your pet’s voice, speak with it, and you can usually watch your pets, and relax them. So if your pup responds well to your voice commands, this is a great training tool, as well.

Send motions and noise notifications to your phone

Some pet cams come with the features of transmitting alerts to your phone when activity is noticed nearby. Many cameras will actually capture short videos and send them out to you. So, you also receive a visual image of your pet.

An additional feature is noise detection, which usually sends notifications if your own dog barks, as a result of hearing something outdoors. 


If you need to keep track of your dog’s outdoor behavior, then picking a monitor outside the pet camera is a great idea. 

By doing this, you are able to take a look at your house training puppy dog to ensure that they perform their job while you still doing other homework. 

This will help you save a lot of time to look out from a window! And if your dog has bad habits, you can make sure to monitor his attitude even when you’re in conversation with the couch.

In case you look for indoor pet cameras, in the above lines, we recommend the best indoor camera for pets, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Indoor pet cameras are a good choice for pet owners who want to keep their pets inside the house. Most indoor cams have a unique design and are small in size to place anywhere.

Remote Viewing.

You’re really likely gonna wish for this feature. By downloading the camera app to your phone, and enabling WiFi or your data to watch your dog while you’re absent, all the better. 

Actually, getting remote accessibility will let you use your dog camera from any place. So if you’re doing the job or on holiday, you can generally peek in to see what happens in your home.

Night vision Feature.

This comfortable function may be used more than you think. If you’re going more time than you suggest to be, and it becomes dark just before you get a house. Don’t be anxious about not getting to look at your pet to ensure he’s alright and everything is proceeding as it should.

While you’re on vacation and recently hired a pet sitter to come and take the dog for a walk several times a day, with night vision in pet cameras you can see your dog while playing in dark.

Moreover, you’ll be able to check on your pet before you go to bed even though all the lights are down.

Field of vision.

The best indoor camera for pets has a wide range of viewing, the more big angle viewing the better, with a wide field of vision you’ll be to see every inch inside your house.

Some security cameras pan, tilt features to control the camera and increase the viewing range, while some cams offer the ability to zoom in and see the details of your videos.

Easy Usage.

Many pet cameras are great technical, which is excellent if you’re tech-savvy. If you’re not, that’s ok. There are a lot of plug & play types that will allow you to always keep an eye on your pets with not much work.

Several pet cameras need only a few steps to install, wireless pet cameras are the easiest in the installation, on the other hand, wired pet cameras need to be know how to install cameras correctly.


Just what amount of money do you want to invest in monitoring your pet? Pet cameras vary broadly in price. Your price range and personal choices will decide how much you should spend.

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Best Indoor Camera For Pets FAQ

Who Should Get a Dog Pet Camera?

In case you prepare on leaving your dog at the house while you move to work on a normal day, a dog monitor will help your family pet adapt to the time separately. 

You might even need to think about a two-way cam so that your dog can listen to your tone of voice. Not just will that help calm him, but it will also give you the possibility to inform the dog to stop doing bad things.

Special requirements dogs may also need pet cameras inside the home. Whether you just need to have additional comfort and ease from seeing your pup, or if you need to track his exercise and position, you’ll be ready to get the right item to ease your brain. 

If he seems to get into trouble by running away, you can employ a GPS tracking monitor to find him easily.

A dog camera is also an excellent choice to know your dog. You may find yourself looking at him just to get to recognize him better. You’ll see what really interests him while you’re away and you’ll better be able to provide enjoyment.

Where’s the best store to buy a dog monitor camera?

Undoubtedly, Amazon will have the largest variety of dog monitors and cameras. However, right now there are no physical stores, so you will not be able to physically pick one up. If you find yourself inside a physical store

In case you can’t wait for delivery or you want to really see and feel the product before you buy it, then you are stuck searching for several stores to get what you want.

You can try your chance at your nearby pet store but usually, they’ll have only one or two products at best. If you go to a gadget store, you may have a bit better choices.

How much money need to spend on a quality camera to view my dog?

There is a large price variety on pet cameras in which you can spend from $20 to well over $399. The majority of people don’t refuse to buy the cameras, because of the quality or the price or both. 

“You get what you pay for. The more money, the more features.” this is what you’ll find while looking for the best indoor camera for pets, most high-quality pet cameras come at expensive prices.

Where should I set up my dog camera in my house?

Depending on your dog, you’ll need to modify your dog camera place based on what exactly your pet actually does while you’re long gone. 

If his actions are limited, you’ll have a much better opportunity of having the best location for the first time. But if your dog has no control and loves being in the house or even multiple rooms. 

You may need to wait for a short time till you can figure out where he stays most of his time. You may be amazed to discover what he will get while you’re out.

Regardless of what room you put your camera in, you should mount it on a high level and direct it down, By doing this, you maximize the visible area by the pet camera. 

By using this method can see everything your dog does, and you’ll understand what he’s reacting to and communicating with.

Can I use the pet security camera outside?

The majority of surveillance cameras are developed to be either use outdoor or indoor, however many cams are capable of being both equally. Each product is various from other products, though and you’ll have to look at which model you need. 

It is essential to notice that, If it doesn’t clearly decide to use the pet cam inside or outside, you should suppose and buy as it’s an indoor camera. 

Some models are designed to withstand outdoor bad weather conditions. To get the right pet camera for outdoor using look at product specifications to see the IP rating, this rating defines how strong the camera can stand out there in wind, snow, and water.

What is the difference between both dog camera Vs cat camera?

It’s all depending on the features. Although most pet cameras work for all kinds of domestic pets, we suggest obtaining a camera with options that fit your pet’s interests and needs. 

Cameras that have laser light pointers work best for cats, while those with treat launchers and bark detectors are better for dogs.

Marvin H. Tarrance

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