How To Delete Security Camera Footage Easy Without Experts

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Thinking about cleaning your camera and asking How to delete security camera footage?.

Many people think that it’s hard to delete the security camera footage and they think How other day’s videos will be stored when the DVR is full.

When the DVR is full that means you need to find more storage for your cameras. And the more storage you need the more money you pay if you use cloud storage.

But, If you know how to delete security cameras footage. make your DVR or whatever storage method you use is free also. This means that your security system will work with High-Efficiency.

In the following words, we will talk you through Four methods to Delete Security Camera Footage From and Storage medium.

How to Delete security camera Footage?

Method 1: How to delete CCTV camera footage from SD card

Method 2: How to Delete CCTV camera footage From DVR/NVR 

Method 3: How to Delete CCTV camera footage From PC

Method 4: How to Delete CCTV camera footage From Cloud Storage

Note: you must have the access right to delete security camera footage and have full control of security system cameras.


Is it possible to erase CCTV footage?

Absolutely Yes, If you are the owner of the security system and you can do it from regularly. Or by Set Automatic Option if you’re busy doing this task regularly. This option is available in No Subscription Cameras that enable you to record on free cloud storage or SD.

On the other hand, if you want to get rid of the incriminating video of yourself.

The answer is No as the video is recorded for more than one device and you want to access all devices to erase camera footage.


How to Delete security camera Footage?

Deleting security camera footage can be done by using three ways depending on when you store your camera footage. In this article, we focus on Deleting Security Camera Footage using a PC, and another article for Deleting CCTV footage from mobile.

Method 1: How to delete CCTV camera footage from SD card

If you’re one of the people who are using an external SD card to record videos of a wireless security camera, then you can delete camera footage easily. But First, you should know your security camera recorded time and how much it will long?.

You can clean the SD card from video footage by formatting directly via the camera software.

In case, you need to delete specific videos stored on the SD card of your camera or any other camera, just bring out the SD card from the camera, then bring the card reader to see recorded videos on the computer and delete what you want.

source: Candid Karma

Method 2: How to Delete CCTV camera footage From DVR/NVR 

How can I clear CCTV footage? How to delete camera recordings From DVR/NVR?

Well, as we know NVR is used to Watch CCTV Camera Remotely and also used as a storage device. But you can delete camera footage and this can be done by formatting the HHD of DVR/NVR.

All you have to do is log in to your DVR or NVR as admin, and then Select HDD management to delete specific videos or format the whole data on HDD.

For example, to delete camera recording from Hikvision DVR, you should have the login information, then access the DVR to control the HDD videos and erase the videos you want.

Note1: you should be careful when you select a video to delete as some systems can’t recover data after formatting.

Note2: Formatting HDD doesn’t affect the DVR/NVR configurations, which means that your setting like motion detection mode and alerts options will remain.

Method 3: How to Delete CCTV camera footage From PC

Most people who have a little number of cameras in their house prefer to use a PC to store recorded videos of Cam. Also, there are some people who don’t know how to use DVR/NVR and choose PC as it’s easy to use.

If you are one of these people DON’T Worry you can delete your CCTV footage easily and erase it totally from your PC.

First, Connect the security camera to the PC by cable.

Second, search for the storage path of the camera on your PC.

After that, you will find a file that has all recorded videos of your camera, then select and delete what you want to delete from these videos.

Source: Genron Tech

Method 4: How to Delete CCTV camera footage From Cloud Storage

In the first 3 methods, you know how to delete security camera footage from SD card, DVR/NVR, and PC. The last method is to delete the camera footage from cloud storage.

Some people and maybe you’re one of them use Cloud storage to keep their camera data safe, secure, and easy to find.

Cloud storage enables you to see, fast forward, rewind, delete or download the recorded videos of your IP camera easily.

Once you log in to your account and access the cloud storage you can delete the videos you want.

  1. Open the cloud storage app.
  2. Go to the recording page to see recorded videos of your IP security camera.
  3. Choose the videos you want to delete, then click on the Delete icon.

Some Cloud storage has different systems and apps. But don’t worry you can search and know how to delete the data, or contact the system support to help you.

Do you really want to Delete the recorded Files?

What to do when you found your DVR is full?

The first thing that comes to your mind is to delete the OLD recorded files in DVR and this is totally wrong.

Most DVR/ NVR systems overwrite the oldest recorded data automatically which means you don’t need to delete the CCTV footage manually.

Once the DVR is full the system will automatically find free storage space to record the latest CCTV footage of the next days. Don’t worry!

Can Hackers Delete Recording Videos of security cameras?

The answer to this Question is How hackers will access the camera to delete recorded videos of the camera?

There are two ways to do this

First, By hacking the Network used by the security system and is not easy to do.

As most IP security cameras use high secured Protocols to save videos and cameras from hacking.

Many cameras use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to establish a secure connection between cameras and DVR/NVR. In addition, encrypt the video feed of the camera and surveillance footage.

Also, WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) which is one of the most secure choices is used in security cameras, This encryption type is used to save you from hacking and secure your WiFi network.

Second, By hacking security cameras individually and is also Hard to do.

Nowadays, security cameras come with many advanced features and one of these features is to send alerts during hacking.

Some IP cameras send alerts in two way

1- Make a very loud Sound to alert homeowners to hack.
2- Send email alerts through camera supported App.


At the end of this article, you know how to delete security camera footage from Samsung or any device. But you should be careful about what you do. Some people try to delete their cameras videos and lose the whole video, So be careful.

In addition, Make your storage device has free space is a good choice to make your camera work with efficiency.

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