How to Fix Ethernet Cable Security Camera Wire Splicing

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Ethernet cable Security camera wire splicing is a headache for homeowners, as most of the wired security cameras available for purchase in the market come along with Ethernet cables.

That’s because the Ethernet cables are quite effective in delivering stable and robust connectivity.

Ethernet cable is used to get hold of high-quality visuals captured by the PoE security cameras without a lag.

However, these Ethernet cables can be damaged due to different reasons.

On the other hand, you will notice that the length of the Ethernet cable is not enough to proceed with the installation. No matter what, you will need to go ahead with Ethernet cable splicing.

In this article on how to fix Ethernet cable security camera wire splicing, you will know the steps to follow so that you can get the splicing job done on your own.

Ethernet Cable Security Camera Wire Splicing Steps

Security camera wire splicing especially Ethernet cable wire is something that you can do on your own.

However, you need to make sure that you have access to the right tools to get the job done without encountering any challenges.

The tools that you would usually need to proceed with splicing include

  1. Wire cutters.
  2. Pliers.
  3. Wrench.
  4. Adhesive tape.
  5. RJ45 connectors.

These are the common tools used by installation experts you may use them or not depending on your need.

Step1: Cut the Ethernet cable

To do Ethernet cable security camera wire splicing in the right way, you should take additional Ethernet cable before you cut. This is where you should be extra careful about the measurements.

Pro Tip: You should not be buying an Ethernet cable of exact same length. Instead, you need to make sure that the additional Ethernet cable you buy is at least 2 inches longer than what you really need.

Then you will be able to use pliers and cut Ethernet cables. If you have good quality pliers, cutting Ethernet cable will not be a challenging thing to do.

Step2: Remove the outer insulation layer

There will be an outer insulation layer available inside the Ethernet cable. The installation layer exists to protect the cable wires inside from damage, but you should remove that as well.

However, this removal should be done carefully, so that you are not causing any damages to the copper wire.

Step3: Unwind the pairs of wire

The third step in the Security camera wire splicing process is to unwind each pair of wires inside the cable.

You will now be able to see 8 different wires that you can usually find inside an Ethernet cable. These wires are available in pairs of different colors.

The pairs would include green – white green, brown-white brown, blue-white-blue, and orange–white orange. You should carefully unwind these braided pairs of wires.

Then you should strip the ends of each wire. You will need to do the same in the other cable you are going to use for splicing as well.

Step4: Wind the copper wires

Once you have both Ethernet cables ready, you should go ahead and wind the copper wire corresponding to each color. You should make sure that you are connecting the correct colors at all times.

Otherwise, you will not be able to get the Ethernet cable to function properly. You will also need to ensure that the pairs are placed at a decent distance away from each other.

Then one pair would not create an impact on the functionality of the other pair.

Step5: Cover up the splicing with electrical tape

Upon completion of connecting the wires, you can take an electrical tape and cover that up. You will need to be using high-quality electrical tape so that you are applying a proper insulation layer over the splicing wires.

Doing this step is enough to protect your Ethernet cable from damage in the future. So, ensure that you do it correctly.

How to Get Rid of Security camera Wire Splicing for Ethernet cable

Although Ethernet cable removes a lot of problems that existed in old Analog CCTV surveillance cameras and enhances the data transferring between DVR/NVR and cameras, it is still wired and can be cut easily. So, here’s the alternative you can use

Method1: Buy Wireless Security cameras

Wireless security cameras use WiFi signals that came from the router to send and receive recorded videos, not like CCTV cameras that use Coaxial cables or Digital Network systems that use Ethernet cables.

These cameras can be used inside and outside the house, and most of these cameras came with only one power supply wire to run the camera, some manufactures produce wireless cameras powered by batteries or solar energy.

Method2: Get Ethernet Extender

To avoid security camera wire splicing a small connector is used called ” Ethernet Extender”, this extender has male and female, you can use it instead of splicing.

It’s suitable for most common Ethernet cables like cat5, cat5e, and cat6. Plus, it’s cheap and available on Amazon, Walmart, and other markets.

Final words

By following these steps, you can understand How to Fix Ethernet cable Security Camera Wire Splicing.

If you have the tools, you can easily follow the step-by-step guide and get your job done.

Therefore, you will not come across the need to contact an expert electrician. However, it is better if you can take your time and proceed with Ethernet cable splicing so that you will not be causing any mistakes.

Resource: Nelly’s Security

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