How To Hide CCTV Wires: Indoor & Outdoor

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Hide CCTV Wires is a big headache for homeowners and businessmen. Every customer goes and purchases a security camera to increase their home and family security level.

But, the bad news is after installing a wired surveillance system some intruders and burglars break into their property by damaging the security system and cutting the wires.

So, for this reason, and more we decided to spread out our 10 years of experience in hiding and concealing CCTV security cameras indoor and outdoor.

In this article, you will learn How To Hide CCTV Wires: Indoor & Outdoor in simple effective steps

Now, let’s start with the best ways for hiding wires and cables inside the house

How To Hide CCTV Wires Inside and Outside

To hide CCTV security camera wires there are many free and affordable ways that are suitable for anyone to do from beginners to professionals.

Some of these ways require special tools and some don’t like DIY ways. Some may need help from your friends or one of your family members.

Hiding CCTV security camera wires whatever inside or outside of your home will protect you and your family from Vandalism, and Stealing your valuable staff. 

Plus, Concealing your CCTV camera wires will extend the lifespan of the security camera cabling and provide more protection for other devices.

So, let’s start with How To Hide CCTV Wires and especially the inside home ways.

Way#1 Put Color on CCTV wires

One of the easiest methods to hide CCTV wires is to Paint the security camera wires with colors similar to wall colors.

Put Color on CCTV wires

For example, if you have a red wall inside your house and you want to pass the Closed Circuit Television security camera cables on it.

In this case, painting your cam wires with red color will make you totally hide your CCTV wires. 

On the other hand, if the security camera wires come in white color it will be noticeable to anybody.

You can do this method in two ways

First, Stable the wires of CCTV to the walls with a staple gun and then paint it with the color you want.

Second, Paint the CCTV wires before you put them on the walls, this option will help you keep your wall clean.

Way#2 Use Cable Raceway

As a trick to hide CCTV wires and conceal security camera cables, you can use a Cable Raceway or Plastic Casings.

Use Cable Raceway

Although this way is considered one of the best for hiding wires and power cables, it requires a lot of work.

First, you need to measure the wire route between your CCTV security cameras and the central hub device DVR/NVR.

Second, you need to pass the wires into the Plastic Casings or the cable Raceway to connect them to the system’s main box.

This step takes too much time as you compare it with other methods of concealing CCTV camera wires.

But the good news is it also protects your CCTV wires from sudden external damage such as weather, intruders, and inside damage like kids, and pets. Plus, it keeps the beautiful look of your home.

Way#3 Hide CCTV Wires in Baseboards

Maybe it’s weird to use Baseboards to hide CCTV wires in homes. But in the next words, you’ll discover this is one of the most effective methods for Hiding CCTV wires.

Hide CCTV Wires in Baseboards

Let’s know at the beginning what is BaseBoards?

Well, Baseboards is a small piece of wood that is located between the floor and the interior wall, it’s running along home walls.

To Hide CCTV wires in the Baseboards in the right way follow the below steps

Step 1: Use a piece of metal or screwdriver to remove the baseboards from the wall, then put the cables in the free space between the wall and the floor.

Step 2: After putting the CCTV wires in the gab, put the baseboards back to their original condition.

Step 3: If you have any large pieces of home furniture like mantels and bookshelves, put them back to hide the Baseboards.

Additional Tips: You can use your home carpet to conceal the security camera wires inside.

Way#4 Hide CCTV Cables Behind Decorative Pieces

Based on the same principle used in way#3 You hide CCTV wires also behind Decorative or hanging pieces.

Hide CCTV Cables Behind Decorative Pieces

This method will keep your home interior design nice with no wires or cables on the wall.

Imagine, you have a Decorative piece like a Tree, you can use it to pass the wires from one side to another taking the shape of tree branches.

There are a lot of shapes and designs you can mount in your house to hide CCTV wires behind it, just choose what is suitable for you.

Way#5 Hide Wires in Soffit

Hide CCTV wires is one of the best ways to conceal your security camera wires outside, as the soffit of your home may consist of Wood, Vinyl, or Aluminum.

Hide Wires in Soffit

These materials are easy to drill a hole in with a drill and hole-bit, just decide where you want to place your camera, and then plan for your wire route.

This method is effective for long distances such as if you want to pass wires from a room at the first of your house to another room at the end of your house.

You may think about buying a Color or cable Raceway to hide wires in as we mentioned above, but you’ll have to pay a lot of money.

So, if you look for a cost-effective way for your case, then hiding wires in the attic will be the best option for you.

Way#6 Bury the Wires in the Ground Conduits

Another effective method for hiding CCTV wires outside is burying the cables in the ground.

Bury the Wires in the Ground Conduits

Some customers prefer to paint the security camera wires with the same color as the ground without burying it, a good solution but don’t work in a lot of cases.

If you plan to have strong wire connections then this method is for you, Simply follow the steps

Step 1: Purchase high-quality plastic conduits to pass the wires in with your hands, you may need the help of a fish rod tool to complete the job.

Step 2: Measure the wire route and plan for the wire path to bury in the ground. The depth you should form in burying conduits in the ground is from 20 to 50cm depending on your ground.

Step 3: Test the wires before burying them with a cable tester device. This step will allow you to ensure everything to avoid coming back and burying it again.

For most people, this method takes too much time, effort, and money. But it provides full protection against damage to your wire joints and connections.

Way#7 Hide CCTV Wires in a Metal Box

A new way to hide CCTV wires that we discussed before in is to use a metal box to conceal the wires, and connection joints.

Hide CCTV Wires in a Metal Box

Appealing to the same principle that is used with power cables. As there are Some electrical technicians hide the power cable in a Metal or Plastic box to give wires more protection. 

The same can be used to Hide CCTV wires. Just pick a durable Metal box and install it near your security camera. After that, pass the security camera wires inside it and close it again.

So, it will be difficult for anyone who is trying to cut your security cam wires, and if there are annoying animals like squirrels and rats the box will prevent these animals from entering.

Furthermore, as the Metal Box is mounted near the cam, so the camera will capture burglars if they come near the box.

Way#8 Hide CCTV Wires in Gable Vent

Gable Vent is our newest discovered way to hide CCTV wires in outdoor areas.

Hide CCTV Wires in Gable Vent

What we make is using the same ideas we have in installing security camera wires through the soffit.

Note: if you have a wired analog or network IP security system installed in the attic it’ll be easy for you. Just follow the steps

Step 1: decide where to place your camera, then draw the Gable Vent next to your camera.

Step 2: Use suitable tools to drill a Gable Vent hole in your wall.

Step 3: Install it and make sure it’s stable, and not moving, then pass the CCTV wires you want to hide through the vent.

Way#9 Hide CCTV Wires in Outdoor Objects

The last way to Hide security camera wires is to use outdoor common objects like Tall Fences, and Shrubs if you have one.

This method is best for people who are looking for affordable ways to hide CCTV wires, as they only use objects that they have already.

Hide CCTV Wires in Outdoor Objects

What if you don’t have any of these things? Don’t worry! 

You can ask your neighbor to use his Shrubs and Tall fences to conceal your CCTV wires.

Some neighbors accept that and some don’t. What I mean is you may get rejected at first but if he understands that you do this for general protection he will 99% give you his acceptance.

Way#10 Get Wire-Free or Wireless System

The only alternative way for people who hate the wiring problems of PoE and analog CCTV cameras is to get Wire-Free or Wireless security cameras.

These two systems do not have a lot of wires like wired security systems, the wireless system requires only a power outlet, and the wire-free security system cameras don’t have wires.

So, if you have a wireless security camera you may have a small wiring problem in the installation process like the camera is far away from the power outlet source. 

In this situation, you have to buy a Power Cord Extender to increase the power cable length.

On the other hand, the wire-free system is totally free from wiring and power cables, the cameras are powered by Batteries or Solar panels.

To make a successful wire-free security system you need only two things. 

First, a Wi-Fi router to broadcast the signal to the cameras, Second, a power source for the video recorder device.

So, having a wire-free or wireless security camera system will allow you to avoid wiring problems without thinking about how to hide CCTV wires anymore.


Finally, you have full knowledge about how to hide CCTV wires inside and outside the home in both expensive and affordable ways.

Just choose what is suitable for you from the 10 ways above to hide security camera wires from people and burglars’ sight.

You may have additional tools to get your job done, and you may need to disappear some of your objects to conceal your camera system.


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