How To Run Security Camera Wires Through Attic

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To run security camera wires through attic you don’t need to be a professional, anyone can do it just by following the right steps.

While looking for the best place to install the security camera, you will figure out that the attic is the perfect location to proceed.

That’s because you can get comprehensive coverage by mounting your security camera in the attic. Plus, installing cameras above the house protects the system from damage.

However, this is where you will come across the need to understand how to run security camera wires through attic.

If you are looking for a guide on how to run the wires through attic, you can read this. By following these steps, you will be able to get the job done without a problem.

Steps To Run Security Camera Wires Through attic

Running security camera wires takes too much time if it’s your first time installing a surveillance system, if not that’s mean you have enough experience of steps, and tools used in the whole process.

Let’s see the steps

Step1: Mount the camera and prepare wires

You can proceed with mounting the security camera in your attic. Then you will be able to prepare the wires as well. Make sure that you connect the camera to the video recorder as well.

Then you will be able to get assistance with planning everything easily. You will need to measure the exact route where the wires would come from the camera to the DVR.

You should have some extra long wires so that you can refrain from encountering shortages while you are in the middle of the process.

Step2: Push the wire through attic

Next, you can take a small piece of fish tape and make the cable run through the attic. This process will help you to overcome challenges associated with situations where you are going to get wires to pass through narrow places.

You would not be able to do this on your own. Hence, it is better if you can get the help of a friend or another family member. You will need to do this until you connect the cameras to the DVR.

Step3: Drill holes in the attic and run the wires

You can take your drill and create holes in the attic of the house. You should do this according to the plan that you created.

Then you can get the wires to run through drilled holes. If you have fish tape, you will be able to get the job done easily. You will also need to keep all the wires in one place so that you can make the overall process simple and convenient.

You will need to be using an appropriate drill to drill the holes. The holes you drill should have enough width to pass the wires through them.

Step4: Connect the wires to the camera

Now you will be able to connect all the wires that came from the DVR through the attic to the respective cameras. You should be using electrical tape here to secure them effectively. After that, you can make sure that the wires will not loosen at any given time in the future.

If you didn’t mount the camera in the first instance, you will need to back the wire to the attic and then use your power drill, so that you will be able to securely mount the camera to the base.

You can also adjust the angle of the camera so that you can get the best field of view out of it.

What are the tools used to run security camera wires through attic?

The tools used to run security camera wires through attic exist in every house, so you don’t have to buy new tools. In case it’s your first time installing a surveillance system into the attic you should have

  1. Drill and bits: To make holes whatever in the soffit or in walls.
  2. Screwdriver: For fixing camera screws.
  3. Fish rod: Using this tool will make your job so much easy.
  4. Flashlight or headlamp: Attic in most cases becomes a dark place, so having a flashlight on your head will be the right decision.
  5. Camera wires: Depend on your system Analog CCTV system uses Coaxial Cables, Network system uses Ethernet cables, and Power cables.
  6. Electrical tape: It’s good for splicing camera wires in case of cuts or damages.

These are the tools you will use, you can add on any tool you want to make your job easier. Some of these tools are mandatory to have, and some are recommended.

Final words

There is no need to worry about anything when you are trying to get the security camera to be mounted in the attic.

The biggest challenge you have to deal with as you go through this process would be to understand how to run security camera wires through soffit.

Since we clearly explained all the steps on how to get the job done, you will be able to follow these steps and complete the installation of a security camera in the attic.

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