How To Install Security Camera In Apartment (2022 Guide)

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Installing security cameras inside your apartment is a great way to make sure that you know what’s going on around your home, and who might be coming in. 

With the right setup, these cameras can provide peace of mind for both you and your family members. 

In this blog post, We’ll go over some things to consider when setting up the installation process. Plus, We added step-by-step instructions on how to install a security camera!

How much does installation cost?

You can install security cameras inside of your apartment with no fees or moderate fees. Fees will cost you around $100. 

The type of installation you choose will depend on the type of cameras you Buy and where you locate them. Here is a quick comparison:

Self-security camera installation

This is the most budget-free option as most security cameras nowadays are easy to install. 

You can do it yourself if you’re interested, you just need a driller, then put the mounting template provided with the camera on the cam location. 

Now, turn on the drill and start to make holes screws, and for the main cable if you have a wired or PoE system, if not just make holes for the screws of the camera to fix it.

After that, you can attach the security camera and direct it to the area you want to monitor. Then connect it to the wall and plug in the power cable and the required connection cables.

For DIY, we recommend installing a wireless security camera, preferably with a battery.

Professional Installation

Some companies offer a combined installation service when you buy their cameras. The service comes with a small fee.  

This option is better for installing a network of security cameras in your apartment. The installation fees are around 49$ and can get up to as high as 199$ depending on your system and how many cameras it has.

Pro installation for standalone security cameras

If the above option doesn’t suit your budget, then maybe getting a 3rd party service is your best option. There are a lot of companies that can help you find local professionals. 

The prices usually start at 129$ depending on the number of cameras and which type you have.

What are the Best Places For Installing a Camera In Your Apartment?

Installing security in apartments isn’t limited to specific locations, you can install cameras In any room or hallway where you feel the need to install security camera.

If your apartment is large enough, install a security camera in most rooms. One way to know which rooms would be best to install a security camera is by contrasting time crime statistics from the area. 

These stats will show instances of break-ins and robberies within a specific period. If there have been no recent incidents, consider installing one near places like entrances/exits.

Also, the best placing points should have a clear field of view, away from your children. It’s also great if the place is suitable for hiding the camera from thieves.

Make sure there is power near where you’ll be installing the camera. A good place to install a security camera is near the front door of your apartment. 

This will allow you to see who’s coming in as well as any packages that might be arriving via a delivery company or hand-delivered by someone else.

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Where should security cameras be placed in an apartment?

According to police reports, the home entrances are the most targeted places that burglars use to break into apartments.

If they find the house doors are secure enough they go to street windows and back doors.

Here are the best places to put security cameras in your apartment.

1- Apartment Front, and Back Doors

One of the best places to protect your apartment is doors, so Install cameras above all doors that lead to your apartment as burglars frequently target apartments that don’t have security cameras and enter through the front or back door.

2- Corners

Corners inside your home are considered the best place to install and hide your camera. The corner offers a large viewing angle for cameras.

3- Windows

Open places like windows can cause a problem for home security cameras, windows are a light source in the camera eye, and this light causes reflection problems for cameras.

Most types of home Smart security cameras use IR for infrared technology.

This technology helps the camera to capture a clear image of the light around the camera Low.

When windows are around, IR light can reflect off of windows and other glass objects.

This will affect your camera footage and make footage washed out or whited out.

4- High Places Inside Apartment

When you install home security cameras, you must look and search for places with suitable heights to place the camera.

The heights will protect the camera from Kids damaging it, plus when you install your camera at a perfect height the angle of viewing will be Large & clear.

What are the Tools Required For the installation process

To install security camera in apartment, Here is a quick list of needed tools for DIY security camera set-up.

The tools mentioned below will be helpful for your installation process and will save you time.

  • Drill
  • Spade
  • Ladder
  • Hammer drill (required for bricks)
  • Masonry drill bits (required for bricks)
  • head screwdriver

Note: Make Sure You’re Safe

Make sure that the ladder is secure and steady. You’ll also want to install a drill bit into the drill before drilling through your drywall. Besides, you’ll want to install a spade as a safety precaution against wiring.

Also, keep electrical cables away from you when you’re working.  Take normal electrical safety precautions as well.


How To Install Security Cameras in an Apartment

To install security camera in apartment you need to follow some specific steps to get your job done in a short time and in the correct way.

So, Before you jump into how to install a security camera in the apartment there are some factors that you should think about before even purchasing your surveillance camera, factors such as camera placement, Direction, and height.

For now, Let’s see a 3-step simple guide to security camera installation. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Just follow the following simple steps

Step1: Choose Installation Position

When it comes to choosing a security camera location you should think and decide where you need to mount your cameras. Is it indoor or outdoor?

Depending on your needs you’ll decide what type of camera you pick and also the features, and design will play an important role in selecting the security cameras, especially outdoor cameras. 

Also, The temperature of the security camera will usually determine its installation location. 

For instance, outdoor security cameras are more sensitive to crazy weather. Hence, it is advisable for you to install your security camera indoors. 

You can choose where there is not too much exposure to the weather. Installing it inside the premises offers better protection from disasters.

Having a self-installed inside your home can help in safeguarding personal belongings. You don’t need a disaster to occur to keep them inside.

Step2: Open the Security Camera Package

Start by opening the camera box and looking at all of its contents to make sure that everything is there. You’ll see the following:

  • Security Cameras.
  • Wires for installation.
  • Cables for powering up the system (if needed).
  • Install tools like screws or nails in case you need them.
  • Any other pieces supplied with the device itself.

Step3: Attach the Security Camera

Once you’ve found the pieces to install your security camera, it’s time to install a Security camera in your apartment. 

For wired systems, you’ll need a drill and bits to make holes in specific places around your apartment. You can find these tools at any hardware store, or even purchase them online if needed.

After drilling into the surface that needs to be installed (in this case, the wall, soffit, corners). 

Install your security device and connect it to the wires that came with your recorder device if you have an NVR or DVR. Then just plug in power cables (if needed) and you’re done!

On the other hand, Wireless security cameras are very popular for their ease of installation. 

The difference is that wired cameras provide a more stable connection, and streaming video or recording footage into an app on your phone will be easier.

In the case of wireless surveillance systems, it’s suitable for beginners who don’t know how to install security camera in apartment.

Expert Advice: It’s always good to have a plan for the security cameras’ wire route. Also, drill all the required holes to make your job easier.

The Bottom Line

Installing security cameras in an apartment takes time, but it’s worth the installation. Before you get started, make sure that your ladder is secure and steady (or use a chair if need be). 

Besides, take the required electrical safety precautions when wiring up power cables for wired systems.

The installation process for wireless cameras takes less work than wired security camera installation. Yet, It can be less stable when it comes to streaming or recording.

When feeling uncomfortable installing any of this yourself, contact a team of experts. Experts will be happy to help with installations while saving your time and money on installation fees.

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