How to Fix Power Cable Security Camera Wire Splicing

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Power cable security camera wire splicing is something essential to know and you must learn how to do it in the correct way? if you plan to install surveillance system cameras.

When you are trying to mount wired Analog CCTV security cameras, you will always look for the best place to do it.

That cam place should be provided to monitor everything and give full coverage to you with an excellent field of view.

However, the place you pick for the installation of cameras would not have a wall outlet. On the other hand, it would not be possible for you to get a new wall outlet installed at the place as well.

Your security camera comes with a relatively short power cable and you will not have any other method to power it up. This is where you can think about splicing the power cable that comes along with the security camera.

Read this article and we will share the steps on how to fix power cable security camera wire splicing.

How to Splice security camera power Cable steps

To splice security camera power cable like professionals you need to follow the next steps

Step1: Remove outer sheathing

Before you proceed into Power cable security camera wire splicing, you need to ensure that you are connecting two similar cables.

In other words, the wire gauge, as well as the individual conductors that you can see within the cable, it should match with each other. Otherwise, you will come across problems when you are trying to power up the cable.

The most common first step to splicing the power cable would be to remove the outer sheathing. There are cable rippers available in the market for you to use and get the job done.

Instead of using cable rippers, we can see how some people are using knives. We don’t encourage you to do that because it can be dangerous.

Step2: Strip insulation

The next step in splice security camera power cable is to strip insulation in the conductors. You will need to pay attention to every conducting wire that you can see in the power cord.

However, there is no need to do that on the ground wire. You can use the wire stripper and remove around half-inch of insulation from the wire.

Step3: Inspect the cables

Before you proceed with wire splicing, you should carefully inspect the cables as well. This is where you should check and see whether there are any damages.

On top of that, you may need to properly prepare the cables as well. For example, the wires should be smooth enough to go ahead with splicing.

Step4: Attach the junction box and run wires through it

Now you come to a somewhat complex step, where you mount the junction box and run wires through it.

You will need to make sure that the cables are positioned flat on the clamp. Then you will be able to reduce the risks that you have to face.

Step5: Wire the connections

You can now connect the appropriate wires inside the junction box and complete the job. You will need to adhere to manufacturer recommendations while you are doing this.

You can think about twisting the wires together with the help of some pliers and placing screws to the wire nuts near the end. This is the simplest method available to wire the connections.

How To Avoid Power cable security camera Wire Splicing

There are two alternatives you can use to avoid cut in power supply wires and connection problems, you can use any method you like

Method1: Purchase An Extension Power Cord

Many people don’t have time to do security camera wire splicing for power cable as they busy or something, If you’re one of them the best solution for you is to buy Power Cord Extension.

It’s available in most or markets and can support your systems with power, it’s suitable for DVR/NVR and cameras also. It has many different designs, some have a power on/off switch some don’t, and also differ in the number of sockets.

Method2: Buy Power Cable Male and Female connectors

Another solution to get rid of power cable security camera wire splicing is to pick a Male and Female, it’s cheap and available in colors like black, blue, and yellow. Plus, you can install them in a power cable with no need for tools just a screwdriver.

Our recommendation is to use this method to ensure that your power cable work with high efficiency, and you can increase your power lines by using these connectors.

Final words

By following these steps, you can understand how To Fix Power Cable Security Camera Wire Splicing.

Note: You need to make sure that you have the right tools along with you to proceed with these steps and get the job done.

If you can’t buy the tools, or if you assume that the job is too complex, the best thing to do is to get the assistance of a reputed electrician in your area. He will be able to help you with splicing the power cables of the security camera.

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