How to Adjust Focus on Security Camera As Expert

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A lot of homeowners have different types and brands of security cameras in their surveillance systems which is amazing for protecting their homes but unfortunately not all the cameras provide the same performance.

There are some types of cameras that capture high-quality videos, and footage automatically without the need to change or adjust the settings. While other cameras are designed to give the customer freedom to choose and adjust the setting of his camera like what love.

As we know, It’s hard to make all of your surveillance system cameras produce the same resolution and clarity for videos but anyway it’s possible.

You need only to adjust a few settings in your camera’s configuration such as resolution, zoom, etc. One important thing among the others is to adjust focus on security camera.

Adjusting focus will eliminate a lot of issues related to image and video quality such as blurry images, unclear videos, and more.

Now, before we dive into how to adjust focus on security camera, you need to understand what are the lenses used in surveillance cameras, and their benefits.

What’s the difference between a varifocal and fixed lenses on Security Cameras? And Benefits?

First, CCTV cameras with fixed lenses are a popular option for many businesses as they provide high-quality images and video clips as compared to other cameras. 

Inside the camera, there’s a single fixed lens that does not allow for any adjustment or zooming in on/out objects and that’s why it’s called FIXED LENS

However, this lens is fixed and doesn’t move, but this can be an advantage for some customers, especially beginners as it means there is no need to worry about making manual changes, instead, the camera will automatically adjust to capture the entire scene in front of it. 

Benefits of security cameras with a Fixed lens

  • Easy to operate and the camera adjusts the focus automatically which means if there’s an issue with camera images, then the cam will start at fixing the issue immediately.
  • More affordable than varifocal models, making them a great choice for those on a budget.
  • The best choice for monitoring targeted areas without need to change the camera location or adjust the field of view of the camera.

Second, Security Cameras with varifocal lenses are ideal for security applications because they provide more flexibility when it comes to monitoring specific areas and objects.

But What is A Varifocal Lens?

A varifocal lens is a type of CCTV lens that allows the customers to adjust the focal length, or in other words, the zoom level. This adjustment can be made either manually or automatically, depending on the camera. 

Advantages of security cameras with Varifocal Lens

  • As you adjust the focus of the lens on specific objects this means that the camera will capture and record a high image quality without missing details.
  • One of the main advantages of varifocal lens security cameras is the flexibility, it’s not set to monitor a specific area, you can change the area you want to cover, and also adjust the focus on the important things in this area.

For example, if you need to monitor a large area around your house then you can set the lens at its widest angle possible, and if you need to zoom in on a specific object whatever person, pet, or car then you can just tighten up the focus.

For Now,

How to Adjust Focus on a Security Camera? (Solution of Blurry Images issue)

One possible issue associated with security cameras is that their image may be discolored or blurry due to the camera’s focus. 

By adjusting your security camera focus you can make your camera capture clear images with a lot of details without needing to hire an expert for fixing this, you can do it.

There are several ways to adjust the focus on a security camera, the method used to adjust focus on security camera depends on the camera brand you have, and does it have an auto-zoom feature or not?

How to Adjust Focus on Security Camera With Fixed Lens?

Fixed lens CCTV cameras are an excellent security solution for homes and businesses, as they offer high-quality video footage with little to no maintenance required. 

However, sometimes the focus on these cameras changes due to camera fall or any other reason that affects the focal length. In this case, it needs to be adjusted in order to get the best image quality possible, optical zoom cannot be adjusted on this type of camera. 

Here is a simple guide on how to adjust the focus on your fixed lens CCTV camera:

1) Locate the adjustment screws on your camera. On most models, there will be one screw at each side of the lens barrel.

2) Use a Phillips head screwdriver to turn these screws until you achieve the desired focus. Be careful not to over-tighten them, as this can damage the camera optics.

3) Once you have finished adjusting the focus, test out different areas of your viewing area and see if any changes are needed. 

Pro Tip: Focal adjustment should only be made when lighting conditions remain consistent. Making changes whenever light levels vary too much could lead to distorted images or even skipped frames in recorded video footage.

How to Adjust Focus on Security Camera With a Varifocal lens

As we mentioned above, Varifocal lenses are used in security cameras to adjust the focus of the camera and allow you to monitor what you want. 

But before we start at how to adjust focus on security camera with a varifocal lens, you should know what focal length is.

Well, A camera’s focal length is the distance between the lens of the camera and the image sensor and if there’s something wrong happens in this distance, then it’ll immediately affect what a camera can see:

– Short focal lengths let you see wide angles which in terms great for capturing wide areas or large groups of people.

– Longer focal lengths give you narrower fields of view which enables you to see the objects in detail.

For adjustment of the Lens, There are two ways to adjust focus on security cameras with varifocal lenses – manual and motorized.

Manual Focus Adjustment: Require you to physically adjust the focus yourself. 

  • Turn on the fixed ring which is responsible for locking the lens in its place and stop it from moving in the future.
  • Connect the Lens to the screen, and power it on.
  • Look at the screen while you’re adjusting the focus to make sure that the object you want in focus is actually in focus range.
  • Turn off the fixed ring again, and enjoy the new adjustment of your camera.

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Motorized varifocal lenses Adjustment: Most modern CCTV security cameras come with motorized varifocal lenses, These cameras use the built-in motor to adjust the focus automatically for you without the need to open the camera, and tighten screws. 

All you need to do is point the camera in the right direction, and it’ll start capturing clear images. Even more, if something bad happens to the camera and affects the focus, the camera will automatically adjust the focus.


At the end of this article, you know exactly how to adjust the focus on security camera, and make the camera produce a clear image. 

All you have to do is to identify what type of lens your security camera has? As we mentioned above there are two types of lenses- fixed and varifocal. 

Fixed lenses cannot be adjusted, while varifocal lenses can be adjusted by using the zoom feature on your security camera’s DVR or NVR software program. 

So, If you have a fixed lens, you will need to move closer or further away from the object you want to capture in order for it to appear in focus. 

On the other hand, Varifocal lenses can be adjusted by zooming in or out; however, it is important not to over-zoom as this may cause distortion in the image quality.

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