How to Fix Security Camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night Issue

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Security Camera Shows Deteriorated images at night is one of the most common problems that affect your surveillance system performance.

While security cameras are good devices to have that make you watch and see what is happening around your outside area but sometimes it gets damaged.

These damages happen because of many reasons such as low ambient light around the camera, focus of security camera is not adjusted, and poor power source, software, and hardware.

Once a little damage happens in any part of the system, whatever lighting, wires, cables, or IR sensors, you’ll notice that your system stops working, or work with problems such as cameras being off at night, CCTV camera colors are off, sometimes image flickering, and more.

If you have any of the above problems? Don’t worry. 

You can fix it easily once you know the main reason and the right troubleshooting and how to fix it correctly. 

For now, in this article, we dive into why security camera shows Deteriorated images at night? And how to fix them in easy steps?

Let’s See

Why Do Security Camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night? Or Why are security cameras blurry at night?

If you have a security camera that works during the day without problems and when the outside area becomes dark the camera shows a white spot on the screen or white haze then you mostly have the “Security Camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night” issue. This issue happens when there is a surface or object that makes the infrared light reflected back into the camera lens.

Another reason for this problem is when you mount or install your security cameras and direct them to powerful light sources such as spotlights or floodlights, the more light in front of the camera the high possibility that your camera is damaged and will start showing large white pictures.

Moreover, Insufficient power can be one of the main reasons for image deterioration at night.

The theory behind that is when infrared switches on the camera it will draw more current. So, if you have a low power supply you may face problems with your security camera during the night.

For more details, read the full article Why Does Security Camera Look Blurry?

How to Fix Security Camera Shows Deteriorated or noisy Images at Night Issue?

No one can fix any problem unless he knows the reason for the problem and the right steps to fix it, so before starting this task make sure you follow the correct steps. 

Here are the checklist for Security Camera Shows Deteriorated or noisy Images at Night Problem:

1- Install Camera Away From Light

When you install a security camera in dark areas the camera produces low-quality images, especially if your cam hasn’t a night vision feature. 

On the other hand, a lot of light sources around your camera will make your monitoring camera show unclear images at night.

One of the advanced methods that burglars use to blind home security cameras is to use a powerful light source such as a laser pointer or helmet with a flashlight.

This light is directed to the camera lens and leads to the camera producing noisy footage and Deteriorated Images at Night.

The same concept also applies to sunlight during the day, in case you do the installation process of your security cameras without protecting them from sunlight you may get grainy images.

Solution: Mount your cameras away from any light source such as a car light or neighbor’s spotlight to avoid Security Camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night Issue.

In case you don’t have any free place to put your security camera in, you can keep it in the same location but install a protective cover for your camera lens.

2- Avoid Windows

Another Reason that makes Security camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night Issue is to locate cameras near windows.

Home windows are made of glass and wood, so when you have a camera mounted in front of the window, the bright light falls on the window, then the window will reflect the light to the camera lens.

This small amount of light reflected from the window can make your camera capture undetailed images at night/day.

Solution: Try to move your security cameras away from windows, glasses, aluminum, or any surface that may reflect the light on your camera. 

3- Check the Camera Pathway

A clean Pathway for your camera means fewer problems and capturing clear images with details.

As we mentioned above, the root of why security camera shows deteriorated images at night is a problem with sensor functions or the camera being exposed to bright lights.

But what if your camera has moderate light conditions and the problem still exists?

Well, in this case, you need to check and see if your camera path is clean or not, an uncleaned pathway means that the infrared lights are reflected back to the camera lens.

Solution: ensure you remove any object stuck in your camera field of view to enable your cam to work normally without problems.

4- Camera Visor

If you notice that your camera produces white images during the night after checking the cables and pathways of your system, then you need to test your camera Visor.

The camera visor piece consists of plastic or glass to cover the camera lens and protect it from IR LEDs, when there is damage in this part it may cause noisy deteriorated images.

Solution: open your camera body and check if the camera visor adequately covers the lens or not. And make sure that the camera is far away from the Light source.

5- Insufficient power & CCD Sensors

Besides the reasons mentioned above, Insufficient power and damaged sensors can cause Security camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night Issue.

When night comes and the area around your home becomes darker, the camera will turn on the night vision feature automatically to monitor and capture footage.

The night vision feature will turn on Infrared LEDs also which means more power for the camera, so if you have a low-power source you must replace it with a powerful one.

Solution: you need to make your wire route short as much as you can, long-distance and narrow cross-sections cabled caused voltage drop. 

Another solution you can make from the beginning is to purchase a PoE Network security system, this system uses Ethernet cables like Cat5, and Cat6 to transmit power and data over one cable.

The PoE system is reliable, unlike an analog CCTV system that consists of a DVR device, Coaxial cables for data, and copper electrical wire for power. 

Also having wire-free cameras that are powered by long-lasting batteries will eliminate power problems in your system.

Final Words

No one can deny the importance of security cameras for home safety and protection. Especially at night when thieves target houses to steal.

But the bad news is external factors such as the reasons we mentioned above can damage your cameras and cause Security Camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night Issue.

Not only that, the more damaged parts in your system the more problems you have, problems such as Camera isn’t Working at Night, No Video Signal from a camera, CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile problem, and the Camera Shows Black and White Images issue.

So, you must fix any issue immediately to get 100% protection and avoid burglary and vandalism, especially at night. you can read the user manual guide or contact the maintenance center if you test the above solutions and still have the same issue.

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