How to Disable Security Camera with Laser In short Easy Steps

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“I have no technical information about surveillance cameras and I’ve got a very nosy neighbor who directs his CCTV security camera at our garden which makes my family feel their privacy is violated. So can I disable his security cameras from viewing us? And how?” 

If you have been in this situation before, Don’t worry! This guide is perfect for you and will help you to disable security camera with Laser in simple few steps.

But, before we dig into the way to blind the security camera with a laser pointer to avoid spying from others, we need to know.

What is a Laser Pointer? And How does it Work? 

Well, A laser pointer or sometimes called a laser pen is a small device that consists of a laser diode and power source, usually powered by a battery. 

What is A laser Pointer

How Laser Pen or Pointer Work?

Once the battery is charged and the device is turned on, then the laser diode of the pointer will emit a very narrow line of a laser beam for lighting anything away from the device. 

So it is used for presentations by highlighting something important as an eye-catchy device and cannot be damaged easily. 

However, many people do not know that it is used for blinding surveillance cameras.

Pro Tip: The larger battery and the more laser diodes the device has, the more output power of the laser beam you will get.

Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to disable security camera with laser from recording.

But first, 

Can a Laser Pointer Disable a Security Camera?

Shortly, the answer is YES! A laser pointer can disable a security camera; the damage that happens to the camera depends on how powerful the laser pointer is, and the camera type you installed on your property

As a general rule of thumb, it is possible to damage a security camera with a laser pen if you’re on a cam monitoring range but it’s difficult to do as your hands will be shaking off when you hold the laser device for a long time.

In case you insist to blind your neighbor’s security camera, you can get a holder and put a laser pointer on it and direct the laser beam to the camera lens directly. 

Another way is you can put the laser pen on a table or a piece of wood and fix it with screws for a short time. The more powerful the laser pointer you use is, the more easily it can damage and even break the security camera lens. 

But you should know that this is illegal and depends on your country’s laws. When you directly shine a laser at someone’s security camera, it is considered an invasion of privacy. 

Also, the laser may damage his device, and the worst is if this person sees you holding a laser in your hand and directing it to his camera, he will call the police.

So to be safe and protect your family’s privacy my advice to you is to look if your neighbor’s camera captures your house from a long distance or not. If No, then you don’t need to use a laser. 

If YES, look at your neighbor’s camera angle frequently and see if it is directed to your property, or away from it. In most cases, this will not affect your privacy unless your neighbor mounted a large number of cameras in different places.

Anyway, there are more effective and legal methods you can use to blind a security camera, below are some of them, Keep Reading.

How can I Block my Neighbor’s Security Camera by using a Laser? 

There are always neighbors and annoying people who want to monitor your property, especially in private places, such as bedrooms, and bathrooms.

For your Info, Laser pointers don’t produce light only, they output heat also. It is used in learning or the military. It is environment-friendly without using harmful chemicals.

In our case, we’ll use the laser pointer to disable the security camera and prevent it from monitoring important areas inside our property. 

Infrared lasers are one of the most effective ways to block any security camera whether wired or wireless. When the laser hits the lens, the vision directly divides and creates light. 

To demonstrate, here are steps to disable a CCTV security camera:

  • Direct a camera laser pointer into the lens of your neighbor’s camera.
  • If your hands shake, the camera will capture your face and you might get in trouble.
  • Don’t look towards the laser you may blind yourself and wear dark glasses to protect your eyes. 
  • Also, don’t forget to be careful so that your neighbor cannot have the evidence to sue you for breaking into his property. 
  • Note that one laser can blind only one camera.

Note: Before you learn how to blind a camera, you must check if it is legal in your country.

How to protect CCTV cameras from burglars and stop them from damaging cameras by using laser pointers?

To prevent an outdoor surveillance camera from being damaged by lasers, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to keep your camera protected for a long time.

For more protection apply some of the next steps to protect your security camera from laser pointers:

  • Install PTZ security cameras that view the camera connected to track it more easily.
  • Put your camera in a high position to keep it away from anyone and make it more difficult to get into the sensor.
  • Use blinding notification software to get notified if your camera is damaged due to a laser pointer.
  • Install many cameras in one region to capture anyone who disables your CCTV camera.
  • Use a Fake camera and make it visible to people and burglars.
  • Hide the real security camera is one of the outdoor home objects such as a tree, soffit, or window.

Using one of the above methods will give you peace of mind, and eliminate the fears of getting your security camera damaged by thieves, and bad guys.


Best Effective Methods to Block any Security Camera

Sometimes the above method does not work for many reasons such as misuse of lasers, lack of expertise required to blind security cameras, and more. 

Anyway, there are some other effective ways you can try to disconnect security camera without a laser. 

Let’s see some of them:

Method 1. Make sure the Surveillance Camera is Not Fake

Fake Vs Real Security Camera
Image source: Reolink

For protecting the real cameras, sometimes homeowners use fake cameras and direct them to fake places. While the real security camera is mounted behind or near the fake one. 

So, Before you try different methods to blind security cameras, make sure the IP camera is real at first to save time and money.

If you’re not sure if the camera is fake or real, you can look at the common signs that differentiate between real and dummy cameras

Method 2. Go & Talk to Your Neighbor and Ask Him to Change the Camera Position

Ask neighbors to change camera location

Without damaging or violating any of your neighbor’s privacy, you can easily solve the problem and stop his camera from spying on you. 

Simply, be friendly, polite, and communicate with your neighbors about how you are feeling unsafe, and tell them how the camera invades the privacy of your family, and home. 

In some cases, a large number of them do not know that their cameras are directed to your house, and they stop immediately.

However, if you speak with your neighbors and they refuse to remove their cameras, or change the direction of the lens, then you can use one of the legal ways to blind neighbor security cameras. 

Method 3. Grow Different Types of Tall Trees on your Property

Having tall trees around your home offer a lot of benefits, the known reason is tall trees are used outside the home to keep the house clean from dust during windy days. 

But the hidden advantage if you already have trees around your property is you can use them to stop any annoying neighbors from spying on you with their cams. 

However, it cannot work immediately if you do not already have mature plants or trees, and if you plan to use them, then it will take some amount of time for your trees to grow.

Method 4. Direct a Powerful Led Torch Light To Camera Lens 

use Powerful Led Torch Light to disable security camera

Aside from using a Laser to disable a security camera, light from any powerful lighting source can damage or blind any unwanted security camera.

The theory behind this is directing a powerful lighting source to the camera lens will affect the overall quality of recorded videos, and footage because the LEDs will cause the camera to produce blurry footage that misses a lot of important details.

It’s one of the common issues between homeowners and experts always recommend keeping it away from any powerful LEDs to get or enhance security camera footage over time. 

So, to disable a security camera using this way. Just shine a powerful bright light on your neighbor’s security camera at night. As a result, the camera won’t be able to focus because of the floodlights. 

While this method is easy and doesn’t need a lot of effort like other ways, unfortunately, it won’t help or protect your property during the day.

Method 5. Ask for Help from Trusted Mediators

Not all plans work as we made, sometimes you have to try different solutions to solve your issue.

One of the amazing ways to stop neighbors from spying on your house is to talk to mediators, especially trusted ones to communicate between you and your neighbors to solve stuck issues or conflicts.

Without the need for damaging any device or paying for additional devices such as a laser, or Led torch, you can tell the mediator about the fears of your neighbor’s security cameras, and ask him to help you in directing the cameras away from your property. 

Method 6. Contact a Lawyer or the Police 

When all the above peaceful solutions are useless, you can go straight forward with the next way to stop your neighbors from monitoring you.

In this case, seek a lawyer or a policeman for their advice to know how to disable security camera footage legally. 

First, the lawyer will determine if your neighbor applies the rules of using a laser or not. to record videos for your house or property.

According to the law, if his security camera provides a clear recording of your presence at home and is used for buzzing you, then you have the right to a privacy invasion claim.

Second, call the police and ask them to solve the issue or stop your neighbor from spying on you with the power of law.

Method 7. Blind the Camera Lens by Using Objects 

One of the simplest methods ever to disable or blind security cameras from recording unwanted videos is to cover the camera lens with any heavy painting materials.

For example, you can cover the camera lens by putting plastic tape, color spray, or something in front of it that can block the view.

While this method is perfect and proven efficiency but not all homeowners can apply it, the reason for this is they need to enter their annoying neighbor’s property.

Not only that, the mounted surveillance cameras may catch their faces and in this case, the neighbors will accuse them and will call the police.


Blinding a security camera is difficult but worth doing for your privacy and to keep your family protected while you’re away. 

For this blog post, we mentioned how to disable security camera with laser and other legal and illegal ways to block any security camera. 

You can blind a camera using an infrared laser pointer day or night, a Powerful Led torch, Spray color on the camera lens, or put any sticky substance on it.

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin H. Tarrance

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  2. Question, is it possible to break the face recognition cameras? My town has installed hundreds ILEGALLY, and dont want to sit and wait a solution. I am a citizen, not a thief, if your goverment need to spy every face to fight the crime, then the goverment IS the criminal.

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