How to Fix CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile problem

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Since the problems of CCTV security cameras increased which became a headache for homeowners. A lot of people go and search for the best way to fix CCTV camera is not working on mobile issues.

Nowadays, mobile phones are one of the most common devices around the world besides TVs, and lastly security cameras.

The number of security cameras jumped to high levels because customers and homeowners want to protect their families and properties from burglars and thieves.

So, they go for security cameras and doorbell devices to add more safety.

But there is a small problem which is that most people are beginners and don’t know what to do when there is a problem with security cameras.

With security cameras, whatever the type of wired or wireless camera, your cam can be damaged or stop working due to many reasons such as a cut in power cables, insufficient light in the ambient area of the camera, DVR/NVR settings, low-quality hardware, and more.

These important reasons cause problems in your system like the camera shows deteriorated Images at night, Noisy images, and Flickering, and can cause CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile problems.

So, in this article, we go deep into why CCTV camera is not working on mobile phones. And how to fix this problem in easy, cost-effective methods.


Why is the CCTV camera not working on mobile? (Explained)

Well, to know exactly what caused this problem you need to troubleshoot correctly. CCTV camera is not working on mobile can be a result of problems in security system power, wiring cables between Video recorder (DVR/NVR), internet Wifi Signal, Network equipment (Router and extenders), remote viewing settings, and mobile app also.

Moreover, the hardware equipment you have in your system can cause this problem such as Network Switches( used with PoE systems), and Base station devices (used with wire-free systems).

In addition, late software updates can lead to CCTV camera is not working on mobile problems as viewing protocols or port forwarding rules are changed and you still use the old software.

As security camera installers, these are the important reasons that you should take care of to avoid camera stops from displaying recorded videos on your mobile.

Right Now, Let’s see

How to Fix CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile problem at Home

Fix CCTV camera is not working on mobile issue at home is super easy and doesn’t need to call a maintenance center or hire professionals, just follow the below steps

1- Check Batteries and Power Sources

Batteries and power sources are common reasons for security cameras problems.

As CCTV camera is not working on mobile Problem happens widely. The possibility goes first for power options.

When camera features turn on, the camera will take a lot of power voltages, so if you have an insufficient power supply you will have troubles with your system.

Besides the power source, the power outlet you plug the camera in can cause power problems, also the power adapter for cameras and DVR/NVR or any equipment in your system.

In the case of wireless or wire-free systems, you should check your battery’s efficiency and see how long the camera works, if you use a solar panel, check the solar cell.

Solution: Replace your insufficient power supply with a power source, and if you have old power cables damaged or bent you can change it with a new one.

For systems powered by batteries, check the output volt of your battery and see if it is suitable for your camera or not.

2- Test Connections Between Devices

Another important reason that can lead to CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile is a failure in the connections between security cameras and other devices.

You can’t access or view your cameras on mobile without setting up and linking all your cameras together.

The problem happens when there is

1- A cut in wires that connects from cams to DVR/NVR.

2- Damage in the wired connection between the Video recorder device and the Switch.

3- For wireless systems that use base stations, if there is a loss in signal or signal interference it will affect your system and can disable or stop some functions from working.

Solution: check the Ethernet and Coaxial cables if you have them in your system and make sure they are not damaged.

Also, take a look at the BNC of DVR or Ports in NVR and make sure they are not physically damaged or disabled.

In the case of Wireless systems, try to make your wifi router signal cover most of the camera range, if it’s still weak you can purchase a wifi Extender/Repeater.

So, when you need to access your camera from mobile, you will path your request through the connections of your system.

3- TroubleShoot Internet Connection

When you have a problem with any of your home devices, the first thing you do is troubleshoot.

The troubleshooting process includes checking everything on your system to discover the reason for the problem.

Sometimes conflicts in IP (Internet Protocol), wrong MAC address, and incorrect DNS (Domain Name Server) cause the CCTV camera is not working on mobile problems.

Also, in some cases, CCTV camera systems need a special tool to stream camera feeds on mobile online such as VPN, and DDNS service.

Solution: Internet connection is the main and most important connection in your whole system, without doing it correctly you wouldn’t View security cameras on mobile while you’re away, only view on your home with the local network. Here are 5 steps to check and fix

  1. Check the Camera IP address.
  1. Check the Video Recorder IP address, and make sure it’s a static IP if your router offers DHCP.
  1. Login to the internet router and correct the DNS.
  1. Configure the VPN service if it’s required to your system.
  1. If you have a 4G cellular security camera make sure the sim internet connection is working fine.

These are the most common checks you should do when you have an internet connection issue that stops monitoring cameras on mobiles.

4- Check Viewing Settings

For viewing CCTV cameras on mobile you can use Port forwarding or through the manufacturer’s mobile app.

Some customers use the port forwarding/port mapping method because of its benefits, this method allows you to view security cameras on mobile, web browser, or on pc while you’re away.

It’s based on setting up and changing the router device NAT rules to make routers forward ports to the NVR or DVR.

So, once you type your static IP of your DVR/NVR with the port you see your camera feeds.

Solution: the viewing settings especially for port forwarding is easy to do in case you’re a beginner or professional. What you need to do is

  1. Login to your router page with your username and password.
  1. Go for network setting tap (depend on your device provider and model) and in the port forwarding section create your rules, make sure you use TCP, not UDP.
  1. Also, check that your recorder has static IP and you disabled the DHCP.
  1. Look at the port number on your DVR/NVR settings and ensure that it doesn’t change.

Once you do the above steps you can go and test your CCTV camera on your mobile and see if it’s working or not.

5- Scan Mobile App

Sometimes it’s not connections that make the CCTV camera is not working on mobile issues, in some cases, it’s a bug in the Mobile app.

Not only that, customers and homeowners install the wrong mobile app or fake not the original app from the camera provider.

Installation of an incorrect app means that the Mobile application isn’t compatible with your cameras. Almost every camera manufacturer has its application.,

Solution: To avoid this misunderstanding and go for the wrong app, contact your camera brand customer support and ask them what is your App?

In case you installed the right Application and still have the same issue, you can contact your support first, and then search online on the problem to find the best solution.

6- Look At Required Software’s

For avoiding CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile problems you should look at the software that your surveillance system uses.

Always monitor your system software and see if it’s updated or not? Sometimes complete security camera systems stop because the system is not updating.

The same also with Mobile and the viewing Application if you forget to update your software an alert notification will appear on your mobile screen to update.

Solution: go for your camera/video recorder settings and check if they are updated to the latest software update or not? If not, you should update it.

In addition, do the same with the mobile app and open your mobile store to see if a new update is released for the application or not.

Final Words

At the end of How to Fix CCTV Camera Is Not Working on Mobile problem, you should test every one of the 6 above steps until you discover the reason.

These are the 6 common reasons for security camera problems.

software sometimes the solution may be simple such as charging cable, adjusting settings, and configuring devices.

So, don’t hesitate to check every piece of equipment.

In case you apply the steps and the problem still exists you can contact us or read our latest blog posts about how to fix security camera problems such as Camera Shows Black and White Images, and Security Camera Shows a Black Screen.

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