How to Fix Security Camera Shows Black and White Images | 6 Effective Solutions

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Fixing a security camera at home when a Security camera shows black and white images on your monitor is an issue many people face. 

Each camera image shows only white and black with no colors, which is one of the biggest problems. 

Several reasons lead to this problem at higher risk because CCTV cameras may indicate a fact that is not common in actuality. 

The guide below in this post is about fixing the problem when your camera shows black and white-colored images.  

Showing black and white images at night is normal since many cameras have night vision, so your image will turn black and white even when the scene is completely dark. 

This can be fixed easily if you cannot see color in DVRs and NVRs in daylight. Below are some more guides. But before that, you may ask 

Why Is My Security Camera Showing Black and White Images?

Well, when your security camera shows black and white images that are probably a defect in the Infrared sensor of the camera, sometimes it’s damaged and can’t pick enough colors to create an image or stays ON even when they are not dark in the camera’s ambient area. 

Nowadays, every surveillance camera on the market has a night vision feature, whether colored or black and white, the night vision depends on the camera’s Infrared Sensors to create pictures.

Simply, when the sun goes down the camera field of view becomes darker which makes the camera turn on the infrared light and image sensor automatically to detect the normal visible light. 

The cam sends Infrared light to illuminate its viewing area, the light hits people and objects and goes back to the image sensor to create the images for users.

So, the problem with the Black and White images happens when there is a problem with visible light sensors, they may stop or can’t pick up enough light to create colored images.

There is more than one sign that your security camera shows black and white images such as your camera Infrared LEDs work during the day (always look around the camera lens and see if there is a red light or not as IR LEDs are always situated around the lens).

Another sign of black and white image problems is to see black and white areas in recorded videos as Bright infrared lights represent the white spot on the video feed, and dimmer lights represent the gray or black spots on the screen.

Aside from this issue, there is another problem that may happen because of IR LEDs working during the day. The issue is the IR lights hit a reflective surface such as the glass of a car, or a mirror and reflect back on the camera lens causing the camera stuck in the IR mode for a long time.

Now, Let’s dive in and see 

How to Fix Camera White and Black Color Image Problem

Fixing the security camera problem is a significant issue now, as we mentioned above, several reasons make your image’s camera black and white. 

Security camera shows black and white images at night due to night vision features that are the standard. It differs if you have a spotlight or floodlight camera then in this case you should get a colored night vision at night.

But when it’s daytime, then a camera should show colored images. 

If it’s still black and white, then you need to fix it. Here are some ways you can implement security camera issues at home for black and white color images. 

1- Check The Light Source

Security camera shows black and white images problem happens when there are no night visions feature, or your camera is fixed on the position where there is the absence of light or where a shadow is every day all time. 

It’s a common issue that most people ignore and spend a lot of money buying a new camera thinking it’s a cam problem. So, in this case, install your camera in such a place where it’s enough to light for the camera. 

Since it is dark, the camera switches to the night mode and shows black and white images but with the help of powerful lighting, it shows colored images. 

Solution: Place the camera in a different or brighter light to avoid the security camera isn’t working at night problem. Also, adjust the night vision settings on your camera.

Note: Low power source can cause Security Camera Shows Deteriorated Images at Night Issue also.

2- Check Camera & System Settings

Several modes in a CCTV camera are used for home, i.e., auto mode, day mode, or night mode. Some people set off-camera at night mode without their knowledge, and they think their camera is damaged when they see only a white and black image. 

In this case, please turn on the auto mode setting of your CCTV camera, and it’s fine now with all colors.  

Solution: It would be best if you reinstalled the DVR/NVR or camera to the default settings. Erasing those old settings will bring the camera back to its factory settings. For nighttime recordings, the cameras will sense the light to record in black and white or with color.

3- Input Video Signals Should Match to Output Video Type

There are versatile options available in the market that make your camera choice a successful process. 

For example, if you set an analog option for the input video signals, make sure that your output is set to the same type of signals, i.e., the analog output. 

What I mean is sometimes people use HD signal from video recorders with analog monitors to view their security camera videos, and that is one of the reasons why security camera shows black and white image.

Solution: Make sure to adjust the signal between the inputs and the outputs of your surveillance system devices or you can set it to the “Auto” option. this is considered the least common and hidden technique that most people miss to solve this issue. 

In case you found the issue with camera monitor, then you can use on the effective ways to fix security camera monitor.

4- Check and Clean the Camera Lens

An essential but straightforward method to fix security camera shows white and black images issue is to swipe your camera with a smooth cloth or with a specific cleaner. 

Sometimes, there’s high dust in camera lenses or other parts due to which color patterns or the camera rays don’t work well. With an unclean lens Problems such as camera colors are off, and the camera shows black screen can happen easily. 

Solution: We recommend implementing this step before any change or reinstallation in your CCTV camera. 

In this way, if your camera works well, then you must be happy. On the other hand, if it does not work for you, follow or move towards the other ways to set off your security camera at home.

5- Contact Camera Support 

Contact your camera support will be helpful for security camera shows black and white images problem.

There are a lot of customers and homeowners who contact camera manufacturers to ask them for help. If the problem is repeated then they will help you with the correct steps to solve this problem.

Solution: Take advantage and call the technical support, within a short time you may get your problem solved without waiting for a technician for a long time.

Note: Before purchasing your camera system make sure that it has good customer service and available 24/7.

6- Warranty Benefit  

The last suggestion that we would love to solve the security camera shows black and white images issue is to take advantage of the warranty. 

Think if you don’t want to reset or make any changes to your camera settings, then see your camera’s warranty. 

If still there is the time, then definitely exchanging the camera would be the best option. In that case, replace it. 

Additionally, you should ensure that the companies that support their products are reliable and reputable. If you use cheap cameras, you will not save money now, but you will lose more when the devices fail.

Final Verdicts

Fixing security camera problems when it’s about black and white color images is a great deal and issue to handle. 

There are many ways to resolve this issue, some of these are dead simple, but some of these require your attention and hard work. 

The first thing you need to do is troubleshooting and find out why a camera is working without colors and provides an image with white and black colors only.  

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