How To Fix Colors on Security Camera Are Off

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Nowadays, it’s widespread to use security cameras and surveillance systems at home because of their importance and, more importantly, to maintain the home secure. 

When it comes to know about the colors of the camera, then matter becomes more critical. The reason is that colors are the basic needs of an image. 

Fix Security Camera Problems when colors on security camera are off Issue, have many solutions based on ideas that you can implement quickly and correctly at your home. 

There is no need to go outside or to call a professional or hire an installer, for this purpose. Hence, at a time, you can save both time and money.

Why Colors on Security Camera Are Off?

When you face colors on security cameras are off problem simply make the correct troubleshooting.

The cause of this issue may be in hardware such as Ethernet or Coaxial cable connections between devices are cut if you wired system, or in wifi signal, if you have a wireless or wire-free system. Also, Another reason for colors on security cameras Are off is in software settings in the cam or the DVR/NVR, so you need to check colors settings, IR LED, ATW, ATB, and Color correction.

How to Fix Colors on Security Camera Are Off Issue On Home

Fixing camera security problems when there is a video or picture only with black and white colors is the biggest issue, and it must be resolved. 

CCTV cameras used for security at home don’t have only black and white color in common and these are supposed to record other colors effectively.

There are other colors that are recorded, but when there is a minor problem with the camera, it may stop working and is the reason for the Camera Shows a Black Screen Problem.

So, here are a few Tips to Fix Colors on Security Camera Are off Problem  

1- Check the wires and cables connections of your system and make sure it doesn’t have splices.

2- Set up the camera lens’ focus and settings may improve the quality of the images. Besides preventing sudden discoloration of the images.

3- Tightening the cables may also help reduce blurry, fuzzy images and other problems such as power issues and image flickering or CCTV Camera Footage is Noisy Problem.

4- Troubleshooting on the security system and cameras to see if there are issues like system update, login problems, and etc.

For Now, Here are the 5 checks you need to use when the color camera is off.

1. Check Setting of Colors in Camera

Some home CCTV cameras are designed for both outdoor and indoor purposes. In this case, the main problem is with the setting. 

Upon installation, we see that many people don’t know about the setting, or they cannot set cameras both for indoor and outdoor usage at a time. 

It’s not related to the global or indoor/outdoor setting, but the auto color setting, which might be off in many cameras.

Sometimes the settings of the camera are set to work outdoor only and when the camera use inside the house it may cause a problem in camera colors.

The only solution is to set the camera at such a position for both indoor and outdoor usage. See the setting and turn on colors for both positions. Also, check the Night-vision settings of your cam.

2. Check IR LED Board

Another important and best way to fix security camera issues is to check if the InfraRed LED is ON or OFF. 

Firstly turn off these LED lights to check if there is any change in your white and black color picture of the CCTV camera. 

You can perform this efficiently by blocking the IR connection to LED by using a motherboard. Now wait for a few seconds and again turn on the overall IR LED process. 

This time you will find colored pictures and video upon recording pictures or video by using your CCTV home security camera.

Note: When IR LEDs are damaged it may cause the security camera isn’t working at night issue so make sure you check it from time to time to ensure it’s working normally.

3. Check ATW and AWB

Fix camera security problems are related to ATW and AWB in an advanced way. 

ATW means the auto-tracking white balance, and AWB means the auto white balance. These are important due to their significance in creating the right colored picture and analyzing how deep things are. 

So, check if your camera supports both of these. If the camera is supporting these, then manually fix and check the ratio of both. 

After checking it, now you can determine if your camera is working right for colors or not. 

If it’s not working, then again check and see the colors by positioning ATW and AWB simultaneously, or read the cam user manual guide to know more about the lighting conditions of the cameras. 

4. Check If Additional Colors Are Set

Most of the time, it happens that your camera supports additional colors, but due to any issue, you are unable to see colored images of your camera, and still, there is only black and white color. 

It is a problem which many people do not consider, and hence they miss a considerable color impact of additional colors rather than only primary colors.

The only solution to the problem is checking the setting and seeing if the camera is turned ON for any additional color. 

Go to the camera setting page, and Turn it ON if it’s OFF, or select the automatic option to leave your camera control the colors settings.

5. Check Night Vision Auto Setting

People tend to turn off camera settings to control the camera manually. In most cases, this option is not helpful especially when the light around the camera is low, or when it’s become dark in the ambient area.

If you turned off the camera auto night mode vision, then it means that you will turn on your camera at night and turn it off during the day which is a hard routine for any person.

In this case, return the backset to the auto mode and then see. Your security camera colors are shown.

Note: You can check and adjust the digital video recorder(DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) settings to make your system start monitoring when there’s no light around the camera.

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Final Verdicts

Fix camera security problems Colors on Security Camera Are Off Issue is one of the fundamental issues many people face. But do not worry because it’s not the time to change your camera. 

Most people get nervous, and they change the camera or the camera position. Just follow the above steps that we mentioned. In case you need any additional information, you can contact us anytime. We love to hear your queries and to respond to you.

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