6 Easy Ways | How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras

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If you’re tired of spy security cameras and want to know How to turn off the home security cameras of your neighbors? in this article, you’ll get what you need. 

In the last few years, the number of security cameras used in homes is increased. The reason for that is homeowners seek to increase their family safety. and add more protection to their property.

But unfortunately, Some bad guys are using security cameras for evil things from spying on their neighbors ( maybe you’re one of them) to recording videos on their cameras and uploading them on the internet.

While this is illegal in many states and other states ask for proof to start calling the police and send these people to jail. In the next words, you’ll be ready to answer How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras for you or for anyone to ask for your help.

Note: Some methods and ways used here maybe prevent you from using them in your state, So, before you do anything read your state’s law first or consult a lawyer.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras

Method 1: Turn Off The Camera By Using Laser Pointer

One of the most used ways to block unwanted security cameras is by using an infrared laser or laser pointer. Simple, get a laser pointer from any market, and at night turn on the Infrared laser and direct it to the Camera Lens.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras | Turn Off The Camera By Using Laser Pointer

This method is effective for a blind neighbor’s spy camera and blocks it, But also, using Laser Pointer for a long time on the same camera can damage it. The best thing to do is to use this method when you feel that the camera is directed at your house.

Note: Cover your face when you use the infrared laser as you maybe get captured by the target camera, or you can use the laser pointer near to your head and be directed to the spy camera.

Method 2: Turn Off The Camera By Using LEDs

The second method in how to turn off home security cameras is like the first one in concept but with different things. Simply, The concept in the first method and the second method is to target the camera lens which will disable the camera later.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras | Turn Off The Camera By Using LEDs

But, in the second method, we’re gonna use an LED (light-emitting diode) plate or a Flashlight to stop the home security camera. This method is a little difficult as we compared it to the first one that’s why most people don’t like it.

The tough part of using an LED plate or a Flashlight is, that you need to shine the powerful Led directly into the lens and hold the infrared flashlight steady for a long time. 

Note: To make this method so effective try to use it in the dark while there is no light source except your Flashlight. And the brighter and more powerful the flashlight, the better.

Method 3: Stop & Disable Security Cameras with Spray Paint

What you can do when you don’t know how to turn off home security cameras? the answer is to get a material to block the camera lens. While this method demands you to go to the camera with yourself and get captured.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras | Stop & Disable Security Cameras with Spray Paint

The different thing and the hard thing also is you need to break your neighbor’s property and most states prevent this. But if you have the ability to stop the camera in the street use spreadable, and sticky material.

In most cases, people use materials that are common in use from Spray Paint to foodstuffs like peanut butter, jam, and butter. So, when you are ready to use this method make sure you cover your face and don’t leave any personal detail around you.

Method 4: Use Tape To Stop The Security Cameras

Similar to method 3, But we’re gonna disable the home security camera in two more ways. Depending on the principle of stopping the security camera by covering the lens you’ll be able to disable it.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras | Use Tape To Stop The Security Cameras

The first thing if you’re not familiar with using Spray paint on foodstuffs is to use plastic electrical tape,  The tape will be able to obscure the lens and make the camera videos grainy.

The second thing is to disable the camera by covering the whole camera with clothes or plastic bags. While this will be obvious to people but it’s effective and block the view of the recording device totally.

Note: If you’re to just move the camera view away from you, you can change the camera direction once you get near to it without damaging it.

Method 5: Disrupting Surveillance Cameras By Jammers

The next method is considered one of the advanced ways that learn how to turn off home security cameras. This method is amazing as it’s clean and no one will see you or even think about you.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras | Disrupting Surveillance Cameras By Jammers

By using Jammers devices you can disrupt your neighbor’s home camera easily. But you should know some important details about the target camera some information like the camera model, and broadcast working frequency is 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

Knowing the right frequency of the camera will make you stop the camera easily and save a lot of your time. Without any troubles or problems with neighbors, you can know the frequency from camera labels or search online for the camera.

Once you know the working frequency you can pick the right jammer to disable the wanted camera. Unfortunately, this method work with a Network IP camera that uses wifi signals to share recorded data.

Method 6: Disable The Security Camera By Cutting the Wires

The Final method some people refuse to use, as it’s regarded as malicious destruction of property. The methods for how to turn off home security cameras are raised whether you going to stop CCTV, Video Recorder DVR or NVR, or jam the CCTV camera.

But, cutting the wires of a neighbor’s camera is dangerous and it will make you trouble according to your state law. There are some people who disable the security camera by making less much damage as they can.

They cut the cable of cameras if it wired security system, the cut the cables whatever it’s Ethernet cables or Coaxial cables. While other people try to stop the whole surveillance system by cutting the wires that feed the camera with power.

For some reason, if you’re not professional about security cameras this method will not work for you. Today some people try to protect their camera wires and run camera wires through soffit. So, you must know exactly where the camera wire is to cut and turn off the camera.


After finishing reading this article, you don’t have to ask How to turn off home security cameras, as the 6 methods mentioned here are effective and can be enough to stop the cameras.

Be careful when you use one of these methods as bad usage can damage the security camera you target, and this may involve you in trouble.

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin H. Tarrance

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