How to Adjust Sensitivity on Security Camera in 3 Different Ways

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A security camera’s motion detection feature is one of the most important things that anyone loves to have.

However, The sensitivity of this sensor plays a big role and it determines how much movement or activity the camera will detect and record. 

As proof, If the sensitivity of the motion sensor is set too high, then even small movements such as a person walking next to a window could trigger an alarm or recording. 

On the contrary, if the sensitivity level is set too low, then large movements or activities may not be detected at all.

For the above reasons and more you have to adjust sensitivity on security camera. The ideal setting for a security camera’s motion sensor depends on many factors, including the place it’s mounted and the environment where it will be used. 

To show you what I mean, if you mount your cam in an office or small building with few people moving around in the place, then a lower level of sensitivity for motion sensors would likely work best to avoid false alarms caused by employees entering and exiting the building. 

On the other hand, if there are children playing in an area near to your house or where cameras are installed, then higher levels of sensitivity would be necessary to ensure that all activity was captured.

So, Knowing how to adjust security camera motion sensor sensitivity will give you a lot of benefits and allow you to eliminate false alarms, and make the camera monitor only the true activities of burglars, and thieves.

There are several ways to adjust the sensitivity of your security camera, so take a few minutes to find the method that works best for you.

What Does Sensitivity Mean on a Security camera?

Well, Any sensor that exists in devices has a sensitivity level, this level determines when the sensor works and does its function and when it stops. For security cameras, the sensitivity means how sensitive the motion detection sensor existed in the camera to detect the motion of persons and objects in the camera range.

The sensitivity level is measured on a scale from 20 to 100. The lowest level is 20 and you can use it when you install your security camera in an empty spot such as the home backdoor, or backyard where your kids play.

Conversely, If you mount your surveillance camera in a crowded location such as a street window, or home front door, then you need to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to be on the highest level. 

On this level when any persons, pets, or objects move in the camera range, then the sensor will trigger the camera to start recording.

What Sensitivity Should I Use for Security Cameras?

According to experts and based on my experience in security cameras and surveillance systems, the perfect level for adjusting sensitivity of the motion detection sensor on it is between 70 to 85. 

Above this level, you may have some trouble getting your camera to notify you of everything moving in the camera area which in term makes the camera record unwanted footage all of the time. 

On the other hand, Using low sensitivity in security cameras can make your camera record the motion of people and big things such as cars, and vehicles.

In general, The best way to find the right level of sensitivity for your camera motion sensor is to decide your needs, and then test out the sensor with different levels and see what works best for you. 

Once you’re finish from targeting your camera to the right angle, you can start adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor by turning off motion detection on your camera from your mobile app or the PC viewing software, then turning the cam back on at its lowest sensitivity level. 

After that, increase the sensitivity level by one step at a time (one step means 5 degrees) until you start getting too many false alarms such as leaves blowing in front of the camera lens, movement of insects, or cats.

Next, start to decrease the sensitivity step by step until you make your camera record only the important things without generating too many false alarms.

Note: When a specific event happens, having more footage rather than less is always helpful and allows you to ensure that you get all of the details needed for the event.

How to Adjust Sensitivity on Security Camera?

When you need to adjust the sensitivity of your security camera’s motion detection sensor there are many ways to do this, some of them are simple and easy, while the others require you to do some effort.

To adjust the sensitivity level on your security camera you can use the sensitivity buttons that exist on the camera body. 

If your camera doesn’t have buttons, then you can use one of the below methods Mobile App, Viewing Software, Web Browser:

Method1 – Adjust Sensitivity on Security Camera From Web Browser, DVR, or NVR

Adjusting the sensitivity level of a motion detection sensor from a web browser is an effective way that you can do it from any PC you have. Just set and turn on your PC or Laptop and follow the below steps.

First, Open up your web browser, Type the camera IP that exists on the camera body.

Second, log in with your Username, and Password, Then navigate to the settings page for your security camera system. 

Third, Once you are on the main page for settings on your camera, search for the motion detection option, then click on it. 

Fourth, Customize various settings such as the sensitivity of the motion detection sensor, and when the camera starts recording? Is it after the trigger of motion happens or after a few seconds?

For more about how to adjust sensitivity on security camera using Web Browser, DVR, or NVR, Watch the next video

Source: SanscoDirect

Note: Each brand and model of security camera have a different setup process, so to do it correctly you have to contact your camera support, or look at the user manual or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions.

Method2 – Adjust Sensitivity on Security Camera From Mobile Application

Nowadays, every security camera brand has a mobile application to make it easier for the customers to control their devices, and manage the recorded videos and captured images of the camera.

When it comes to adjusting focus of security camera lens or motion detection sensitivity, you can do it and control the sensitivity level of the sensor from the mobile app.

Here’s how:

Step1 –  Launch the mobile app for your security camera and sign in using your account information(Username & Password).

Step2 – Tap the Settings Menu or Options icon to open the settings page for your security camera.

Step3 –  Scroll down until you see an option for Motion Detection Sensitivity. This may be called something different from other surveillance cameras, but it will generally let you control how sensitive the motion sensor is to the movement of people, animals, and objects.

Step4 –  Start to increase the sensitivity level step by step, and repeat the same step until you reach the accurate level for your motion detection sensor.

After finishing the setting click on the SAVE button, then test your camera motion detection for the final decision to avoid coming back to the setting again.

For more about the above steps, watch the next video

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Method3 – Adjust Sensitivity on Security Camera From PC Viewing Software

Similar to mobile applications, there are some security camera manufacturers that provide PC software for their cameras to make customers manage their system from a large screen like a computer screen.

Besides being able to adjust many of the security camera settings from the viewing software, you can also go into the motion detection settings, and adjust the security camera sensitivity level.

To do this, 

Step1 – Open up the software on your PC or Laptop, and look for a settings or options menu. 

Step2 – Within this menu, you should be able to find an option called “motion detection.” 

Step3 – Once you’ve opened up this option, you’ll be able to adjust the threshold of motion that is needed before the camera will start recording. 

You can also adjust how sensitive the motion sensor is to move within the camera’s field of view.

Pro Tip: Not all security cameras available out there offer viewing software for PC. For example, if you have Mi cameras you can control and view Xiaomi security cameras from PC easily as Mi Provide PC viewing software for it’s users.

So in case you have you can follow the above steps, if not then you can control the sensitivity level of the sensor from the mobile or web browser.


In the end, adjusting sensitivity on security cameras is a critical thing, so if you don’t have the full knowledge of how to do this, or control the settings then it’s better for you to contact your camera customer support and ask them.

Sometimes they will guide you to the correct steps to do this task from the mobile, Also they will tell you about the best level for the sensitivity of the motion detection sensor. 

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