Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR

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Stuck In what is the Best Surveillance Camera System With DVR to protect your home, and cover the front door, garage, and backyard? Well. Don’t worry! your answer in the following lines.

However, the wireless security system has many features, But also the wired system gets advanced updates in the last years.

In addition, it’s reliable and has a cheap price as you compare it to wireless systems. Problems like losing connection are frequent in the wireless system while in wired it’s not. 

Also, a lot of power difficulties are found in wireless surveillance systems, as it depends on batteries or solar panels. Lose connection and power obstacles are what make people tend to use a wired system. 

In the next words, you see our top pick for Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR

In a Hurry, Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR table

ANNKE Home Security Camera SystemANNKE Outdoor Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With DVRCheck Price
Swann Home Security Camera SystemSwann Outdoor Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With DVRCheck Price
ZOSI Home Security Camera SystemZOSI Home Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With DVRCheck Price
HeimVision Security Camera SystemHeimVision HM245 Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With DVRCheck Price
XVIM Security Camera SystemXVIM Outdoor Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With DVRCheck Price
Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera SystemReolink PoE Home Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With NVRCheck Price
ZOSI PoE Home Security Camera SystemZOSI PoE Security Camera SystemSecurity Camera System With NVRCheck Price

Let’s go

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR

1- ANNKE Outdoor Security Camera System

The ANNKE outdoor security system has all the advanced features out there in one package. Come with 8 CCTV Weatherproof cameras, Let’s see the features

ANNKE System key features

  • High Video Resolution 1080P HD.
  • Night Vision is available and cover-up to 100ft in the dark night.
  • Compression Format H 264+.
  • 1TB Hard Drive Pre-Installed.
  • Reliable Remote Access Via ANNKE VISION APP.
  • Super Motion detection and the Availability to send instant alerts.
  • Weatherproof Cameras

What we like

There are a ton of features that we like in the ANNKE surveillance system. At first, the cameras have good resolution, and this is the best quality you can get by using Analog CCTV cameras.

Another thing’s affordable. So, you don’t need to buy more cameras as you have a complete system.

No hard drives the DVR has a pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive. Moreover, The compression technology H 264+ saves more of your storage space and saves your money.

For the Physical parts, They include 8 Outdoor amazing weatherproof cameras, it’s well designed, and have a protective case also.

The beautiful shape of the DVR makes it suitable to place anywhere without spoiling your home design.

Attention: This 8-channel 5-in-1 DVR supports Analog, HD-TVI, CVI, AHD Camera, and IP Cameras. 

What we don’t like

All the system is super to use outside the home. Our recommendation for the installation part is to hire professionals to install your system. Why? the cameras can be damaged if it’s your first time, in case you’re familiar with security camera installation you can do it.

Although the cameras have high-resolution videos, it has a narrow viewing angle also. So, you must mount your cameras away from people’s reach, and high to cover your property as much as they can. 

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - ANNKE Outdoor Security Camera System

2- Swann Outdoor Security Camera System

Swann Outdoor Security Camera System gives you a high-end video with clear details, and features you can customize. Features Like

  • Warning Lights when heat or motion-activated
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Alexa
  • Outdoors. Weatherproof Cameras
  • Color Night Vision up to 32ft (10m).
  • Support saving videos & images on the Dropbox account
  • Pre-installed 1TB HDD
  • Smart Search to find things easily

What we like

Swann’s camera comes with a new way to recognize potential intruders by employing Warning Lights.

Once a motion or heat detection captures unregular movement, The Sensor in the camera turns on automatically and shows Warning Lights. 

Another good thing is the system work with advanced home systems. In case you have Alexa, Google Assistant, and Chromecast. Just say which camera you want to see and your home system will display it.

Features like night vision exist in Swann wired outdoor system and support up to 100ft in black & white, and support also capture color videos in the night up to 32ft. 

With the SWAN surveillance system, you can forget all your system problems and get peace of mind from anywhere at any time. Simply open the Swann Security app and see a live or playback video.

The thing we like about using the Swann system is the Smart Search. By using this feature you can select a specific area of the image to search for movement within the recordings. After that hit search and the Smart Search will find motion around that area.

What we don’t like

Swann wired system has about 8 outdoor cameras and it’s hard to install them all alone, you may need help from your friend. 

A system with that number of cameras and providing using these advantages features must have a hard drive of more than 1TB.

The coming hard can stay for months and is enough to store your videos, but if you’ll enable this feature you must increase the storage capacity.

Plus, there are some customers who have a little issue and don’t know how to reset password of swann security system but don’t worry we solve this issue.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - Swann Home Security Camera System

3- ZOSI Home Security Camera System

Want to have a wired outdoor security system with different cameras? then the ZOSI surveillance system is the best for you. A lot of advantages added to the ZOSI system 

  • Advanced Video Compression H.265+.
  • 8 weatherproof 1080p (4 Bullet cameras & 4 Dome cameras).
  • Night Vision Up To 80ft By Using 24LEDs.
  • Amazing Motion Detection & Alert Push.
  • 3.6mm lens & 90°view angle.
  • 4 kinds of recording modes

What we like

Thinking about saving more storage for your recorded videos? The ZOSI wired security system has Advanced Video Compression H.265+ technology. 

In comparison between H.265 & H.264, you found that H.265+ saves more than H.264 about 80% of storage.

Furthermore, The H.265 saves 50% of bandwidth and offers a fast transmission speed.  

The biggest feature is the system has 8 weatherproof cameras, 4 Bullet cameras & 4 Dome Cameras.

The ZOSI cameras have 24 LEDs that support Night Vision up to 80 ft, Color in the daytime, and black-white in night mode.

Another Amazing feature that we like in the ZOSI system is it has 4 types of recording modes. Just select how you need your camera to record? and you can customize every camera individually by choosing from these 4 modes

What we don’t like

All those excellent features come at a price, it’s not suitable for small places. The system has 8 cameras that fit large areas.

In addition, there are some connectivity issues when you connect the system for the first time. Although it’s a reliable wired system, connection issues are found when connecting the camera to the mobile App.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - ZOSI Home Security Camera System

4- HeimVision HM245 Security Camera System

While it’s rare to find a Top-quality outdoor system with affordable prices, this is possible with the HeimVision system. Which has

  • Easy to Setup
  • IP66 Weatherproof Outdoor Camera
  • Face Detection & Motion Alert
  • Privacy Protection during live view streaming
  • 360° Rotation Camera Base
  • H.265+ Compression Technology

What We Like

Many cameras out there that come with larger security systems aren’t the ideal cams, which suggests you lose some camera quality to get other features to work with your whole system.

But the HeimVision Outdoor Camera is different–it gives you the best features you look for in surveillance cameras.

This security system record videos in 1080P HD which is perfect to capture clear images, the system has the ability to stream HD live video whether day or night.

Moreover, the HeimVision system supports video preview, recording short videos, sync-playback, and also backup.

As criminal activity increases at the night, The HeimVision cameras Feature 24 Pcs 3.6mm LEDs with IR-CUT function. 

It will help to cover your property 100%, you don’t have to use a button to activate it manually, and the infrared mode will be automatically activated when the light around the camera decrease.

Another incredible thing we like about the Heimvision system is it has a lot of features at low prices, features as multi-user access for remote viewing.

IP66 is Weatherproof to stand in bad weather and has Privacy Protection which gives you the ability to protect your privacy and hide parts of your video live view.

More and more, Motion Detection Whenever motion is detected, you’ll receive smart notifications with email, also it has Face Detection & Human Detection, once the camera detects a human face or shapes it’ll notify you. Don’t worry

What We Don’t Like

While Heimvision is considered one of the best outdoor wired security camera systems with DVR, there are some missing features and physical parts.

If you love a 2-way audio option to take with your family or pets, unfortunately, it’s not found in the HeimVision system. In addition, the hard drive it’s not included and you must buy one for your DVR.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - HeimVision Security Camera System

5- XVIM Outdoor Security Camera System

In case you have a small area want to cover, don’t take too much time thinking about the best outdoor wired security system with DVR as the XVIM exists. It’s suitable for homes, offices, and workplaces, and it has a lot of advantages

  •  IP66 Weatherproof.
  •  Email Alarm send when motion activated.
  • Playback the videos and see what happens.
  • Easy Remote Access.
  • Multi Use Indoor/outdoor.
  • Affordable Price

What We Like

Out there in the market, there are a lot of outdoor security camera systems, some of them have good options while others don’t. But XVIM has the majority of these features that exist in any surveillance system.

The XVIM system has DVR with a pre-installed 1TB hard drive, this hard drive is enough to store your recorded videos for a few days, plus this video recorder support 4 different types of CCTV cameras like CVBS, HD-TVI, CVI, and AHD Camera.

Some people don’t like the idea of buying cheap security cameras, as it’s seeing the cheap price gives them poor quality.

But this is false, XVIM has cameras that record HD 1080p videos, and all the details can be seen in the captured video.

Motion Detection feature is available in a lot of security cameras, It exists in XVIM cameras and can be controlled to which mode you love auto or manual motion detection recording.

Furthermore, Night vision in XVIM cameras covers up to 85ft by using 24 Pcs IR LEDs, with IR Cut Filter to view high-quality videos day or night.

What We Don’t Like

Almost XVIM has the most of top features that any outdoor system has, but if you look for 2-way audio it’s not available like the HeimVision system, Also no SD card can be used if you need more storage capacity.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - XVIM Security Camera System

There is no doubt that networking has taken security systems to new levels with IP cameras, which are the latest technology being used for wired surveillance systems. Digital Network IP cameras have a lot of benefits.

Now after finishing the best outdoor wired security camera system with DVR, it’s time to see the best outdoor security camera system with NVR.

The first system and considered one of the top systems in surveillance is the Reolink PoE security system, it’s about 4 Reolink cameras and NVR has these features

  • 80° viewing angle
  • 4MP or 5MP Super HD Cameras
  • Remote access From anywhere
  • IP66 waterproof suit for indoor/outdoor
  • 24/7 video recording

What We Like

The system comes with 4 IP PoE cameras and an NVR device, one of the benefits that most people love in PoE cameras is the resolution of videos, the Network IP cameras can provide resolution up to 4K.

In the Reolink security system, the resolution is 5MP with a pixel resolution of 2560×1920, which is enough to view a detailed clear image.

If you compare Analog CCTV cameras with 1080p, you found that Reolink cameras have 2.4X the resolution of 1080p Full HD, with this resolution you can see people’s facial details and car plates also.

In addition, the night vision is amazing in PoE cams, Reolink system as an example can cover up to 100 ft in low light conditions. Plus, it’s easy to install and has fewer wires than DVR analog system.

What We Don’t Like

While it’s a super surveillance system, it comes at a high price, not cheap as you think like an Analog CCTV security system with DVR.

The Compression Format H.264 is lower than the new compression technology H.265 which reduces your storage capacity.

Although Reolink NVR has a pre-installed 2TB HDD that can store your videos for a few days using the new compression technology will increase the storage capacity.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - Reolink PoE Home Security Camera System

7- ZOSI PoE Security Camera System

ZOSI surveillance system simplifies the PoE principle and makes most of the security features in one system, an affordable price with big features like 

  • Advanced High-Efficiency Video Compression Technology H.265+.
  • 5MP, 2K pixel resolution of 2560 x 1920.
  • Remote Access & Local access
  • 4 Recording Modes to Choose Your Favorite.
  • Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive inside the NVR.
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rating.

What We Like

The First system Reolink doesn’t use the new compression technology H.265+ while ZOSI does, The compression format H.265+ enables you to reduce video file sizes, and save more valuable Hard Drive space.

Furthermore, The 4 Bullet cameras have 36 IR-LEDs with a 4mm Lens 110 view angle, which is perfect to provide excellent infrared night vision up to 120 ft in the dark.

Plus, the cams have a unique design and metal housing case to protect your camera during bad weather.

For Hard drive and storage options, the ZOSI security system has a pre-installed 1TB HDD to save your recorded videos, in addition, it supports taking a Backup or your camera videos on a USB.

Every surveillance system now uses the motion detection feature, although it’s implemented in the ZOSI system it’s amazing, It enables you to customize and choose your recording mode

  1. Only record when detecting the motion
  2. Record footage continuously
  3. Record during scheduled times
  4. Recycle record

What We Don’t Like

However, the ZOSI system is a complete system full of advantages, but there is missing an important feature like 2-way audio, which can provide enable you to communicate easily with persons inside your home.

Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR - ZOSI PoE Home Security Camera System

FAQ About ” Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera System With DVR”

Q1: Are wired security cameras better than wireless?

This type of question is asked a lot by people who will buy their first security home cameras. Well, the answer is depending on your choices.

In case you search for a reliable security system without worrying about wifi signal and if it is stable or not, then the wired security system is the best for you.

In addition, if you are a busy person and don’t have the time to recharge the camera battery, the wired security system is good for you.

On the other hand, there are some people who don’t love the wired system and hate to install a wired system because of cable problems, If you’re one of them, then a wireless security system is the best for you.

Q2: What is the best 5-channel DVR security system?

Well, in the above words, we recommend the best 5-channel DVR security system:

  1. ANNKE Outdoor Security Camera System
  2. Swann Outdoor Security Camera System
  3. ZOSI Home Security Camera System
  4. HeimVision HM245 Security Camera System
  5. XVIM Outdoor Security Camera System

Make sure before you buy your security system you read our review and what is good in this system, Plus the two last security systems come with NVR.

Q3: How do you blind a neighbor’s security camera?

Here at Safebudgets, we write in detail the Best methods to blind your neighbor’s security cameras and how to stop them from monitoring you, The blind ways differ from using a Fence or Grown trees to block your neighbor’s camera.

Other methods like using illegal ways to blind cameras for example using a laser pointer or flashlight to damage the camera, or using a piece of clothing to set it in front of the camera lens.

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