4 Easy Ways to Block Neighbors Security Camera Audio

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If you are interested in your family’s privacy and suspect that your neighbors spying on you, then there are a few things you can do to block neighbors’ security camera audio and video.

Living near your neighbors can have its ups and downs. When you’re in a trouble or sick you’ll have quick help if you have good neighbors. 

However, not all people around us are kind, there are also nosy neighbors who use security cameras to spy on you and see what you’re doing.

It does not stop at watching you only but also with advancements in technology, many of these IP surveillance cameras can also record audio which allows your neighbor to hear what you’re talking about. 

I know it’s annoying but the good news is there are effective ways that we apply previously that help us to block neighbor security camera audio and also the video.

So, In this blog post, we’ll show you these methods. Plus, we’ll dive into some tips and tricks about recording audio on CCTV cameras.

How to Know if the security camera is recording audio or if it’s normal audio? 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert there’s confusion over the audio coming from the security camera is it the normal audio or it’s the sound of a camera when it’s recording audio?

Well, for solving this debate, there are signs that you can rely on to differentiate between the normal audio of the security camera and the sound of the recording. Let’s see the differences

1- When the camera records audio

One of the easiest ways to tell if a security camera is recording audio is to listen for a beep or notice other signs that the recording is happening. 

For example, most home security cameras will emit a distinctive sound when they start recording. If you hear this sound from your neighbor’s camera, then it’s a good indication that their cameras are recording both video and audio. 

Another way to know if the security camera is recording audio or its normal audio is to check visible signs.

The indicator could be a simple LED light that turns on when the camera is recording, or it could be a more sophisticated notification system that sends an alert to your phone or computer. 

However, some security cameras do not have any sort of indicator, so it’s always best to check the serial number of the camera with the manufacturer to be sure. 

One more way but it’s hard to apply especially for cameras that you don’t have access to is to hear the audio of captured video clips. 

Recorded audio will usually be of higher quality than normal audio of the camera when it’s working. 

This is because security cameras generally have microphones that are specifically designed for picking up clear audio. 

So, if you notice by accident that the audio recorded from your neighbor’s security camera is clearer than usual, or you hear any voice for you or sound of any activities done on your property, there’s a good chance that it’s spying on you and recording your audio.

2- Normal Audio

You can easily figure out the security camera’s normal audio. It’s not like the sound of recording audio. 

The reason for that is normal audio is a loud sound and it’s produced when the camera is working and one of its parts moves. 

You can take a PTZ camera as an example, when this camera motor moves up, down, left, or right the sound of the camera motor is loud which you can hear when you’re far from the camera spot. 

Also, the dome cameras make loud audio when the camera lens zooms in and out to capture more details and cover wide spaces. 

The Best 4 Ways to Block Neighbors Security Camera Audio

While it seems hard to block neighbors security camera audio or video but thanks to our team who figure out some tested ways that can get your task done.

Below are the best methods that we try in similar situations, these ways help us to solve the issue and finally we cloud stop the neighbors from spying with their cameras. Let’s see

Method 1: Talk directly to your neighbors’

Talk directly to your neighbors’
Talk directly to your neighbors’

Your first step should do to prevent your neighbors from invasion your privacy is to talk to them directly and ask them not to record audio on their security cameras. 

This may seem like a tricky task, but anyway it is worth a try. Be polite and respectful when you talk to them, and explain that you are not comfortable with them recording the audio on their surveillance cameras. 

If they are reasonable people, they should understand and agree to stop recording the audio on their security cameras. 

However, if they still insist on their work and they don’t change the camera viewing angle or stop it from recording audio then you can try one of the below methods.

Method 2: Invest in White Noise Generator

White Noise machine
White Noise machine

One more way to block neighbors security camera audio is to pick a white noise generator, you may not hear about this device before or you know it but don’t know how it works. Don’t worry! We will explain everything.

What is White Noise?

Before we get into how white noise generators work, it’s important to understand what white noise is. 

Practically, white noise is a sound that is produced by combining all of the frequencies that the human ear can hear. This results in a sound that is similar to static on a television or radio. 

But in our case, the device that we get is called a white noise machine and it produces noise.

This noise can be used to calm the listener or make disruption for audio spying devices making the real audio of persons less noticeable or even impossible to hear. 

How Do White Noise Generators Work?

White noise generators work by creating this static-like sound. It cancels out other sounds and makes them less noticeable or even inaudible because the generator generates sound waves. 

This is why white noise is so effective at blocking out sounds like conversations and confuses the security cameras from recording them.

To understand what I mean watch the below video on how to use white noise for sleep & blocking eavesdropping devices.

Source: frequencyaffect

Method 3: Use White Noise Mobile Apps

If you’re worried about investing in a white noise generator and see it’s a waste of money, there’s still another way to block neighbors security camera audio by using white noise mobile apps.

There are plenty of free white noise apps available online, so all you need is a smartphone or other device to play it on. 

Once you download the application and install it, go to settings and make sure the volume is high enough to cover any dialogue occurring inside your house.

The best application for the time we write the post is White Noise Lite, you can download it and try it.

Method 4: Always Speak in Well-closed Places

Aside from other methods, this is the most obvious method, but it’s also the most effective.

If you’re having a conversation that you don’t want your neighbor’s camera to pick up, make sure you’re doing it in a well-closed place. 

This could be indoors with all the doors and windows shut, or it could be outdoors in a location that’s sheltered from view.

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Do you think it’s legal to block your neighbors’ security camera audio?

The short answer is YES It is legal to block your neighbors’ security camera audio in case it’s an invasion of your privacy. The legality of doing this depends on what state you live in and the specific wording of any relevant laws.

There are a few reasons why you might want to block your neighbor’s security camera audio. 

Perhaps you don’t want them to be able to hear what’s going on inside your house. 

Or maybe you don’t want them to be able to hear conversations or arguments that take place outside your home.

Whatever the reason, it is legal to use devices like white noise machines or soundproof materials that can prevent a security camera from capturing sound.

However, you should always check with an attorney if you’re not sure about the legality of blocking your neighbors’ security camera audio.

What can I do to make sure my neighbor can’t listen in on my conversations? 

Well, there is more than one thing you can do to know if your neighbor’s spy and listen to your talks or not. 

For example, you can do this by closing your windows, doors, or any open spot to stop neighbors from hearing you through it.

Moreover, you can try soundproofing materials on the walls and ceilings of your home to help reduce spying on your conversations and keep them secret.

Similarly, make your calls and talk in an office that is far away from your neighbor’s CCTV surveillance cameras.


Living next to nosey neighbors is never fun. They are always watching and listening to everything you do, which can be very invasive. 

One of the worst ways they invade your privacy is by pointing their security cameras right at your property so they can see and hear everything you do. 

In the guide, we have discussed several ways you can protect your privacy from these types of surveillance cameras. 

We hope you found it helpful and that you will use some of the methods we have suggested to keep your conversations private.

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