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If you have a security camera, you may wonder how to keep it from being stolen. There are a few things you can do to deter thieves and keep your camera safe.

Most of us would love the idea of having a security camera in our home for monitoring, but we may not be aware that thieves can break into our houses and steal the camera using nothing more than a screwdriver.

So, Whether you are using a security camera in your house or business, you should protect the camera and keep it safe from being stolen. But How? 

Well, in this blog post, we’ll show you how to keep security camera from being stolen, Plus some tips to protect them for a long time. 

Now, Let’s see

The best 9 Ways to keep Security Cameras From Being Stolen

Based on our experience in installing and fixing surveillance systems, we will mention the best ways for solving this issue.

Our team tried the best 8 methods for protecting security camera from being stolen and we came to the conclusion that these are the most effective. 

So, let’s take a look at each method in detail.

Method 1: Get a security camera with an Anti-theft chain

security camera with an Anti-theft chain
security camera with an Anti-theft chain

The first way to keep security camera from being stolen is to use a metal link between the camera and the mounting plate. 

For example, an Anti-theft chain is a great way to physically secure your security camera with the plate. 

Simply, install your camera, get an Anti-theft chain from any trusted store, hook the chain to the camera, then attach it to the camera plate that is immovable.

However, in some cases, you need to protect the chain also, so you can use powerful objects to secure your Anti-theft chains such as a fence post or a pipe.

Doing this will make it very difficult for someone to steal your camera without being noticed.

Method 2: Put Security Cameras in High Places

Install Security Cameras in High Places
Install Security Cameras in High Places

While it seems uncomfortable for beginners to install outdoor security cameras at high places because it needs many tools, and it costs more money to mount the camera (8 to 10 feet) high. 

But fortunately, it’s a good way to protect the camera from being stolen. 

What I mean is mounting the camera high up from people’s sight makes it more difficult for criminals or thieves to reach and tamper with the device.

Method 3: Use Birdhouse & other outdoor objects to hide the security camera In

Instead of using a chain or spending more money for installing cameras in high places, you can use this method to keep your security camera safe from being stolen. 

The concept behind this idea is to conceal the camera in outdoor objects to protect it from break-ins and vandals. 

Apart from camera protection, it’s also easier for beginners and older to hide the cameras and stop thieves from stealing them.

For more ideas on how to hide CCTV cameras, Here are a few typical hiding locations.

  • Conceal the device in PVC Pipes: Drill a hole in the PVC pipe and insert the security camera.
  • Hiding in a birdhouse: Place the birdhouse over the camera and make sure that the hole is big enough for the lens to monitor the area through.
  • Hide CCTV cameras under the shadows of tall trees and other outdoor objects.
  • Mount the IP cameras behind the eaves: Attach the security camera to the soffit (the horizontal board that runs under the roof edge) or any other overhang.
  • Hide the camera near a low-voltage lighting source: Use solar-powered lights to provide energy for the camera and also serve as camouflage.
  • Paint your security camera body with a color similar to the colors of the surfaces that are installed on.
  • Use camera skins to conceal security cameras from burglars’ sight.

Method 4: Purchase a surveillance camera with High sensitive sensor

Nowadays, most security cameras come with a lot of sensors, one for movement, the second for audio, and others. 

These sensors add more advantages to the camera and make it capture footage with high accuracy. 

For our situation and to stop anyone from stealing our surveillance cameras we should pick a camera with high sensitivity for motion. 

Once you turn on your camera and activate this sensor, then any strange person moves in your camera field, the high-sensitive sensor will detect him. 

Even in low-light conditions, the camera will immediately send a notification to your mobile, or mail allowing you to take quick action. 

This is an excellent way to deter thieves, as they will be more likely to be caught on camera.

Method 5: Hide the camera behind a Fake security camera

One of the simple tricks that we used previously to keep security camera from being stolen is by hiding the real camera behind a fake one. 

The reason behind that is fake security camera looks like the real one, but it doesn’t actually record anything. Additionally, fake cameras are much less expensive than real ones.

So, when thieves come to steal the cameras or stop them from monitoring, they will steal the fake camera. Moreover, they will be monitored by a real security camera at the same time.

Method 6: Always use a wireless or wire-free camera

Have you ever asked yourself before how thieves know that there are security cameras installed and monitoring them? 

Well, this question has many answers as they can know cameras from the IR LEDs, or the sound of its motor it’s a PTZ camera, and also from the connections that connect the camera with power and other devices. 

At the time they figure out that they are captured with cameras, they tend to disable, damage, or steal the camera. 

So to avoid being in this situation, you should hide the infrared LEDs or the camera. Plus, You should also consider investing in a wireless or wire-free security system. 

Both systems are much harder for thieves to disable, and they’re also much easier for you to install if you decide to change your camera locations.

Not only that, even if a thief does manage to steal one of your cameras, they won’t be able to disable the rest of the system and will quickly be caught on another camera. 

Method 7: Place the camera inside a suitable Camouflage Skins

Security camera inside a Camouflage Skins
Security camera inside Camouflage Skins

A general rule of thumb security camera that’s installed in visible spots is an easy target for thieves. 

Simply If intruders see it, they know where it is, and they can easily disable or destroy it.

So, to protect your camera from being stolen you should hide it as we mentioned above or use any method to conceal your outside camera but the one I prefer is camouflaging the camera. 

Doing this makes it much harder for thieves to find and disable the camera, and also protects the camera from rain and insects. 

There are various creative ways to do this, from building a false wall around the camera to hiding it inside a fake rock. 

Get creative and make it as difficult as possible for thieves to find and disable your camera.

Method 8: Use wire fencing to Protect your Camera

wire fencing box to Protect your Camera
wire fencing box to protect the CCTV camera

There are some homeowners who make a box from wire fencing and put it around the camera spot so that it won’t be easy for anyone to steal the camera, or move nearby to damage it.

In the long run, this way is perfect for protecting your outdoor surveillance cameras for a long time.

In the short run, the wire fencing that the box is made of obscures the camera viewing and makes you see unclear images with no details.

Method 9: Invest in a shielded box for security cameras

Shielded boxes are specially designed to protect your electronic devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI) that caused by nearby power lines, cell phone towers, or even microwaves. 

This interference causes many issues for your camera. For example, EMI can cause your camera to produce hazy footage or affect the camera signal.

Concerning protecting security cameras from stolen, these boxes are made of durable materials that make it difficult for thieves to break into them. 

Moreover, these boxes will increase your surveillance camera’s lifespan, and protect the camera from dirt, dust, and other debris that can damage the camera over time.

Not only that, This will allow you to get more use out of your camera and save money in the long run.

Is it easy for someone to steal a security camera? 

It depends on the type of security camera you have on your property. Some cameras are easier to steal than others. For example, a wired security camera is more difficult to steal than a wireless one. 

In addition, the location also matters. If the camera is in an easy-to-reach place, it is more likely to be stolen. 

Finally, it also depends on the level of security of the premises where the camera is located. If the premises have high security, it is less likely that the camera will be stolen.

What are the consequences of having your security camera stolen? 

The consequences of losing or having your security camera stolen can be significant. Security cameras are often used to provide evidence in insurance claims, police investigations, and even court cases. 

If your camera is no longer in your possession, you may not be able to retrieve this footage which could be vital to support your case.

In addition, the financial cost of replacing the camera and any associated equipment can be substantial. 

The emotional impact of feeling violated and exposed can also be very upsetting, particularly if you relied on the camera to help keep you and your family safe.

We advise anyone who has had their security camera stolen to contact the police immediately and take steps to secure their property to prevent further intrusions.


Security cameras are a valuable addition to any business, home, or property. By following the tips above, you can help to keep security camera from being stolen. 

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect your security camera and other belongings.

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