Blink Outdoor Security Camera Review | 2021 Guide

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Today we go deep into Blink Outdoor Security Camera Review, Features, and cons.

A lot of people struggle in searching for the best outdoor security camera to install for their homes, then go for unknown brands that after a short period the camera stops working because of failure or damage.

But, with Blink (which is an Amazon company) it’s not.

“Blink” is a well-known brand name for outdoor, indoor, and mini cameras that are built for domestic use. 

Blink cameras are relatively new to the DIY home security camera market in 2014 but have already gained popularity due to their reliability, user-friendly design, and affordable price. 

They are easy to install and use, and can be used in any place you want.

Blink Outdoor CameraSpecification
Power source2 AA lithium batteries
UsageIndoor + Outdoor
2-way audio
Motion Alerts
Night Vision
Works with Alexa
Video resolution
PriceCheck Price

Read Blink Indoor Security Camera Review in detail.

We will also go over its features, specifications, and product ratings to help you make the best possible choice!



Traditional CCTV outdoor security cameras come with wires and cables which have many problems from cutting to splicing. 

Plus, the installation cost of wired surveillance systems may be high as compared with wireless or wire-free cameras.

For this, Blink looks to the future and produces a lot of battery-powered security cameras that work without problems for a long time.

It’s powered by two AA lithium batteries that last up to 2 years(included inside the package). 

All you have to do is to insert the batteries inside the camera and turn it on.

Note: the battery life depends on your camera setting and features that work on the camera, plus the environmental factors.

1080p HD Resolution

Home security has become a necessity in today’s crime-fuelled world. In addition, the bad guys are already one step ahead. 

So, you need more than just a simple, portable wireless camera watching your front door, or a fisheye lens monitoring the whole perimeter of your house. 

Blink Outdoor security camera is what you look for to increase your home security level.

It is actually a portable security camera system that makes home monitoring far more effective than any simple viewing device could ever be. 

Perfect for home or business security, and easy enough for anyone to use, Plus, it provides a 1080p HD video.

With this HD resolution, you can get crisp clear recorded videos without missing any details, it’s not the best resolution in the market but still better than nothing.


Wireless security cameras have increased in the last few years like other devices in our home. 

They have a lot of benefits like protecting your devices from kids and eliminating the wires and cables used for these devices and it’s problems.

Blink outdoor security camera is one of the home wireless devices, with no wires or power cables you can turn it on and monitor your property.

Infrared Night Vision

According to reports, the number of crimes increased during the night day after day. 

Most people try to add more safety by having more lights on their outdoor property but it doesn’t work.

But having a security camera with a night vision feature can be a good solution and a Blink Outdoor security camera is enough.

Blink has infrared LEDs that allow you to keep your area safe from thieves, burglars, and animals. 

Everything happens during the night your camera will capture it. So, no one can steal or damage your belongings when you’re not around.


Before you go to buy an outdoor security camera for your house, you should look to see if the camera has a Weather-resistant feature or not.

A lot of people purchase expensive cameras and then discover it’s for indoor use only.

In our Blink Outdoor security camera review, we found that the cam has good material and is designed to withstand bad weather conditions from rain, snow, and water.

Blink brand has more than one type of security camera like Blink indoor and Mini camera, included in Blink security camera review.

But the only camera that has a weather-resistant advantage is the outdoor camera, So, you can use it inside or outside of your home.

Easy Setup

Home security can be expensive. Especially when you have to pay for professional installation.

How are you supposed to know what camera to choose and how are you supposed to install it? Who has time for that, anyway?

The Blink camera is a DIY home security camera that’s as easy as 1,2,3. Just plug it in, download the app and you’re ready to go. 

No long setup or installation process. It’s just that simple. Stay safe with your home with affordable, proven security technology.

Motion detection & Notification Alerts

Blink Outdoor Security camera comes with a motion detection feature by using high sensitive sensors for every person, and animals will be detected by your camera.

Motion detection in security cameras delivers peace of mind by letting you know what’s going on when you’re not there, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional home surveillance systems.

Not only this but also the camera will alert you once the camera detects something, all alerts will be sent to you via the Blink mobile app. 

So, everything that happens in your yard will be between your hands in seconds. Plus, and you can check in from wherever, whenever, even if you’re not home.

Two-way audio

Being connected with your family and children is a good idea, and for more communication Blink outdoor security camera implements a 2-way audio feature.

Not only that, by using the 2-way audio you can talk, speak, and hear any person in front of your door without needing to open the door.

During our Blink outdoor security camera review we focus on testing the two-way audio, we go outside and leave our dog inside the house, near to where we placed the camera.

From the Blink mobile App, we talk to our dog and a few seconds later we could hear the dog’s voice also clear without noise.

Works with Alexa

Having a camera is great for peace of mind, but you don’t want it to look ugly.

And worse, you need a separate hub to connect your camera with Alexa.

But with this camera, it is not. Connect Blink your outdoor security camera via Alexa and enjoy secure home monitoring anywhere you go. 

Note: to get good service the camera should work on a high-speed internet connection, it’s supported using a Wifi network 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n.

Cloud Storage free 30-day trial

Storing your recorded video is important for many cases, and it must be saved in a secure place whether locally on an SD card or Hard drive, or On cloud Storage.

Blink supports both options to keep your videos in case you want to watch them again.

What we loved during our Blink Outdoor Security Camera Review is that it provides a 30-day free trial to try their Cloud Storage and advanced features.

For Local storage, the camera is connected to Blink Sync Module which is used to insert a USB flash drive device to keep your video clips on.

110° diagonal Field of view

Is it enough to choose a camera with HD resolution to monitor your area?

The answer is probably yes, the camera resolution helps you track and monitor every place in your yard if it is directed to a wanted place.

But to get the best result and cover most of your area, you must have a camera with a wide Field of View.

Blink outdoor security camera has a 110° diagonal FOV. So, every space around your home is covered, which makes it perfect for covering the entrances as well as the backyard.


If you don’t like to use the local storage option for saving your videos, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access your recorded previous videos.

The blink has two paid plans differing on the number of cameras and the price, starting from 3$/ month for the Basic plan and 10$/ month for the Plus plan.

Basic plan: suitable for recording and storing events of a single blink camera.

Plus Plan: suitable for recording and storing events of unlimited blink cameras.

Blink Outdoor Security Camera


Now after Finishing Blink Outdoor security camera review, Plan for your system carefully from what the security cameras want to have wired, or wireless. Plus, the places of the cameras in your house it’s important to cover more of your property.

Are you want advanced features in your cam or not. after that, compare the features and quality of the system, plus the price that you would pay.

Marvin H. Tarrance

Marvin H. Tarrance

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  1. Have 6 cameras. The all had auto sound when movement is deticted. But now, only one makes audio sound when armed and movement is deticted.. Is there a way to reset the 5 for auto when movement is detected????

  2. Hi Harold,

    The best way is to contact Blink support as it may be a single issue with you, second, you can check the camera’s configuration and motion detection settings on the camera mobile app. In case all of that doesn’t work with you, you can reset the cameras and reconnect again with the application.

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