How To Fix CCTV Camera is Flickering Issue (Easy Guide)

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CCTV camera is Flickering problem, It’s a headache for beginners when this issue happens on their surveillance system.

CCTV cameras are a significant part of our security system besides Video recorders whether DVR or NVR. These devices are used to secure our homes, lockers, offices, and shops. 

Many models of CCTV cameras available in the market now use highly sensitive sensors to provide advanced features to your system. but sometimes they start causing problems.

Problems such as CCTV camera is Flickering, Horizontal lines showing on the screen, Noisy footage, and more. 

Previously we wrote about the most common CCTV camera problems you can check our blog posts. For now, we go deep into the “CCTV camera is Flickering” issue.

Most of the people searching for the cause behind the flickering, and Ask 

Why the CCTV camera is flickering? 

The main issues behind “CCTV camera is flickering” are electrical problems and Lighting. It can also be due to conflicting electrical frequencies sent to the camera. Moreover improper software settings for CCTV can be the reason behind the flickering. 

Below are the all possible root issues behind security camera flickering? 

1- Electricity Problems

Most of the issues in powered tools are mainly due to the loss of electricity. Sometimes the frequency or power given to CCTV is not enough for its proper functioning. 

So, first of all, when you see your camera is flickering, check the power supply. 

CCTV cameras are designed in a way to utilize infrared lights for capturing footage in dark areas or when the ambient light around the cam becomes low. 

CCTV causes improper action when it has a low battery or power source so infrared lights are not taking enough supply to work accurately. 

So, you must check the power supply of your security system. If the system runs on a power outlet, check the output to see if it meets the camera inputs or not.

2- Short Cables or Connections

If your CCTV camera wires or connection have shorts at certain points can cause flickering of the camera. 

Short connections are the reason behind the power and data conveyance problem that causes noisy images with inferior quality. 

Carefully observe all cables or wires and find the damaged area. Immediately repair or splice it correctly because the damaged part corrodes conveniently. For this purpose, you must ground or cover the connections with electric tape. 

Note: Sometimes short cables lead to security cameras having No Video Signal issue.

3- Older CCTV Cameras

If your CCTV camera is very old it will face more problems. One problem is the “CCTV camera is flickering” issue. 

Because all the security cameras have definite life. If your camera is near expiration or works for a long time in an inconvenient area it starts causing problems. 

So, when possible replace it. Before replacing or buying a new one must check the connection and cables of an old security camera. If there is no damage only buy a new camera.

So, we mentioned all possible reasons and their solutions for you in the above Words.

Now, Let’s see

How to Fix Security Camera When CCTV Video is Flickering

The fixing process of CCTV Video Flickering is easy and possible if you detect the reason for the problem. It may be caused due to power or signal interference affecting camera lights.

Here are the tested solutions that help you to overcome the camera flickering issue:

Step1: Check that your monitor is working properly. If the flickering is only on a specific part of the monitor, repair your display monitor immediately.

Step2: If your CCTV footage continuously flickers even when you disconnect the connected camera. Then inspect the electricity supply of the monitor, wires, and connections for damage. 

It indicates that the footage signal is clear, the main problem is caused by the monitor’s end or connectors. Then take steps for its maintenance. 

Step3: If the problem is caused by short wiring and connections. Immediately check the wire routes that they are in the right place. 

Also, ensure that they are properly grounded. If the damage is huge, quickly repair it or call the experts. 

Step4: If the flickering is only caused at night make it possible that your electrical supply is sufficient enough to fulfill the camera’s need. 

So, if supply is low means CCTV cameras need extra supply for the LED. Call the technician to sort out the power problem immediately.

Step5: If the above issue is not the root cause of flickering in dark. Then check that the CCTV camera is installed away from the electrical source. 

Because when the light of cars or bikes is turned on, or the light of any passing vehicle flickers the footage for a few moments. 

So, to avoid such issues, change the angle of the camera or buy CCTV cameras that have light sensors.

Step6: If the above is not the cause behind the “CCTV camera is flickering” issue. Use a signal detector to identify the damage if you have a wireless security system. 

Step7: If the issue still exists check the security camera again particularly infrared LEDs for the issue. 

As you know infrared radiations are invisible to the human eye, so the flickering of LEDs is also invisible. You can only flicker video with the naked eye. So, repair the LED sensors of your camera to eliminate this issue. 

Step8: Old CCTV cameras also cause the video to flicker. So, replace your camera with the latest one or repair it as soon as possible. 

Step9: If the problem is still present, call the technicians or experts for an opinion.

Final Verdicts

We end our above discussion with the final words that CCTV cameras are the biggest way to secure our homes and offices. Sometimes these security cameras start causing problems. 

One of the problems is that the CCTV camera is flickering. This problem is so annoying and bothers the users. 

So, in the article, we did our best to summarize all the main reasons behind camera flickering. Also, we give you tested solutions for this problem. 

We are assured that this solution will provide convenience in your life. Moreover, you can earn double benefits i.e. can prevent your time and money (in case you call an expert) from wasting.

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