How To Fix Horizontal Lines on CCTV Video Problem

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Fixing Security Camera Problems when you have horizontal lines on CCTV video is an excellent topic of interest because of the importance of CCTV cameras at home and other places. 

There are some aspects which are needed to know for everyone because sometimes there is no availability of a professional who can analyze and solve your issue.

As we are security camera installers, we noticed that customers and homeowners have different types of problems related to their surveillance systems such as camera colors are off, the camera shows a black screen, image flickering, Noisy footage, and the cameras shows horizontal or irregular lines (Also known as a smear or blooming lines) issue on the display monitor that makes it hard to see what is happening inside your house

So, in this post, we provided complete detail on how to fix CCTV camera issues at home when there are Horizontal Lines on CCTV Video. Before the solutions, it’s also necessary to know 

Why do CCTV cameras show horizontal lines?

Horizontal Lines on CCTV Video problem shows ”rolling lines” on your monitoring screen that move from top to bottom and vice versa or sometimes move vertically from right to left or in the opposite direction from left to right, This Horizontal Lines on CCTV Video issue happen because of interference that causes ground loop problems or through faulty power supplies.

For power supply, A CCTV camera needs 60Hz of frequency, and sometimes due to low lights, it’s unable to produce enough light that can cope with the frequency requirement. As a result of which CCTV cameras will provide horizontal lines instead of explicit images and videos. 

There might be a problem in the IP surveillance with those cameras specifically that have a single chip CCD sensor. In this problem, your CCTV camera cannot expose all pixels that are important to make a clear-cut video.

How to Fix Security Camera Horizontal Lines on CCTV Video problem

Horizontal lines on CCTV video issue caused by many reasons and due to which it’s unable to see different objects in the video. You must encounter a problem to solve an issue because it’s easy after knowing the cause. 

Now here are possible solutions which are helpful for all users who want to fix security camera issues at home when the video shows horizontal lines:

1- Fix Light Source

The first solution to get a clear picture is to fix the light source, which may be in the wrong direction. It happens when the light of your bulb at night falls on the CCTV camera or when your cam is directed to a powerful light source.

Solution: the only way to solve the problem is to fix the lighting source that should fall on the camera lens or move it away.  In this way, your camera will work fine and show clear video output.

Alternatively, you can change the angle of the light or reduce its intensity in the ambient area, or pick a darkened dome camera that will reduce the light. 

2- Try a High Quality of CCTV Camera

There are thousands of CCTV camera brands and their types available in the market. In this situation when having Horizontal Lines on CCTV Video issue it is hard to find the top-notch camera of the exact criteria that you wish. 

And one of the most common issues that cause this problem is a low-quality camera that is unable to show some images and videos at the lowest point. It may be due to the low resolution and pixel value of your camera. 

Solution: in this case, we recommend using a camera which is able to meet your demands and provide a high quality of the video. 

Or, You can buy one with a high wide dynamic range or a high pixel value for the specification. Alternatively, a CMOS sensor could be another solution. 

3- High Power Supply 

Fix Security Camera Problems at home must be resolved by using a high power supply, as we mentioned above the standard light source of less frequency could be another reason for horizontal lines on CCTV video issues. It is a problem that can be easily indicated by the light source, which is very low. 

Solution: provide a high power supply with a frequency of more than 64Hz. In this way, you can fix it yourself without calling a camera operator or a professional. 

4- Check Cat 5 or Cat 6 Cable Shield 

Another effective solution to the horizontal lines video on CCTV problem is to fix Cat 5 shield and cables problems, Cat 5 shield is a cable-type product that connects security cameras with DVR or NVR in a wired PoE system.

Solution: Disconnect the system connections and check the Ethernet cable of your system, sometimes the Rj45 which is used at the cable ends has a  grounded problem.

Pick your cable tester device and test your cable to see if it is working fine or has a problem.

Final Verdicts

Fixing security camera problems at home when your CCTV video has horizontal lines is a significant issue that should be fixed early to avoid any conflict or significant damage to the camera. 

On the other hand, it’s for the sake of your privacy. So, we highly recommend and encourage you to fix this issue by troubleshooting to discover the reason and implementing possible solutions accordingly. 

If you still have a problem or other problem such as CCTV camera shows black and white images, we highly encourage you to read or series for fixing security cameras at home on our blog, if it’s different mention it in the comments anytime when you need it. 

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