Top 5 Ideas to Hide Indoor Security Cameras

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Nowadays, People are so busy whether at work, studying, or taking care of their children. As a result of being busy, Homeowners give less time for necessary things such as security and safety.

To eliminate the result of being occupied with other homework and at the same time keep your house protected against burglars and strangers. Security cameras have become the top-rated tech devices used to monitor homes efficiently.

But, there is a little issue, What is it?

After selecting and buying a home security system, the first thing that you should decide is where you want to install the surveillance camera. is it inside or outside? on soffit or walls?

At this point, my advice to you is you should think about locations that give you the best monitoring angles and wide view range.

Once you choose the right place, it’s time to consider whether you want your cameras hidden or visible, both options have their pros and cons.

Let’s see the Differences Between 

Hidden CCTV Security Cameras and Visible CCTV Security Cameras

The 2 types of cameras do a great job when it comes to monitoring important areas. There are a few differences between how each camera performs, For example:

Visible security cameras enable you to see more clear footage than hidden cameras but unfortunately, they allow burglars to realize that there is a security system in place monitoring them.

As a result of that, they will try to deactivate or destroy the cameras to protect their identity.

On the other hand, Hidden surveillance cameras allow you to monitor activity in real time while preventing intruders from destroying them.

Not only that, Setting up hidden security cameras can help you have extra eyes and ears in the following situations:

  • When a crime happens in your house range.
  • In case an unwelcome visitor gets into your property.
  • Check to see if the packages are delivered or not.
  • Keep an eye on your kid’s nanny.
  • Monitor employees at work, or at important offices.


Is it illegal to Hide a Security Camera?

No laws and regulations in the USA refer to privacy, unlike in The U.K. and Europe.

In this context, the most relevant law to look at is the Fourth Amendment when it comes to the invasion of other people’s privacy by using hidden security cameras.

According to UScourts “The fourth amendment is concerning about protection of homeowners against intrusive video recording. In other words, it protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.”

This is protection from unreasonable searches in places that are considered to be private. So, according to this law, a security camera cannot be placed in restrooms or bedrooms.

A general rule of thumb, the usage of hidden surveillance cameras in your own house is allowed in most states, but recording under specific conditions could be illegitimate, as recording for nefarious purposes.

So, my advice to you is to check with the local authorities before setting up indoor security cameras to avoid breaking state privacy laws.


What are the Best Ideas to Hide Indoor Security Cameras?

Whether it is a commercial property or a residential one, providing enough security should be the property owner’s primary concern. 

Hiring a security guard to monitor your valuable things is a great solution, but it does not suffice, Why?

As the security guard will not keep an eye on each spot of your property, there are several hidden areas on your premises that are at risk of criminal activity, and as a result, need to be monitored regularly. 

This is where a hidden security camera can be a game-changer for businesses and homeowners.

So, in this section, we discover the top practical ideas to hide indoor security cameras.

Method1 – Hide indoor Security Camera On Bookshelves

Hide indoor Security Camera Between Books on Bookshelves

When it comes to finding the best ideas to hide indoor security cameras, putting a surveillance camera on the bookshelf is a great idea for concealing your camera. 

The reason behind this is Bookshelves are an effective place as they allow you to have the ability to hide the camera amongst books and other decor objects so that it does not stick out and is not apparent as well.

Moreover, It is effective in bedrooms, offices, family rooms, and living rooms as they are the most entered places by family members.

To get the best result exists behind this idea, make sure you’re 

  • Use a camera skin with the same color as the shelf.
  • Mount the camera on a shelf corner or on top of the bookcase itself.
  • Adjust the position and angle of the camera by looking at the video footage before installing it.

Once you apply the above tips, I guarantee that you’re IP or CCTV security camera will capture everything that happens in its range without anybody noticing where the camera is mounted.

Method2 – Conceal Security Camera In Home Kitchen

Thinking about hiding security cameras indoors and not stopping using bookshelves, there are other effective ways to keep indoor surveillance cameras away from people’s sight.

Expert says

“One of best ways to hide indoor security cameras is to use common places inside the house such as the kitchen.”

The reason why we chose the kitchen to hide the security cameras is that the kitchen is among the most used rooms in a home. 

Anyway, placing security cameras higher in your kitchen can be an excellent way since it is in a place that is not too noticeable. 

For example, Hiding a surveillance camera on top of cabinets in your kitchen is ideal for people who want to keep an eye on everything that goes on around them, and care about keeping security cameras clean

On the other hand, If you have space between the ceiling and the top of cabinets, then you have a great spot to hide a security camera.

You can set a surveillance camera on the kitchen cabinet’s top and get an eye on the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, and anywhere else that the kitchen has a view of. What I mean is you can monitor your house’s front door or back door based on the layout of your home.

Pro Tip: To get the full value of this way, If you have decor objects over your kitchen cabinet, then you can conceal the surveillance camera among those objects. 

In case you find this method tough for you, then you can think about purchasing a spy security camera. At this time, Spy surveillance cameras are built with new designs that seem like a clock or coffee mugs to make it easier for homeowners to hide them between kitchen objects.

Method3 –  Hide Indoor Security Cameras in Decor Objects Or Plants

Conceal Indoor Security Camera in Decor Objects Or Plants

Sometimes beginners fail to hide security cameras indoors by applying one of the above methods because they don’t know how to do it correctly. If you’re one of them or face the same scenario, Don’t worry! The dream of concealing your home camera is still possible. 

You can hide your surveillance camera outdoor in different places, or indoors in a bowl of fake fruit, a large house plant, or in any free-standing decoration.

To help you more, here is a list of a few ideas to hide indoor security cameras using everyday objects:

  • Use a coat rack to hide the security camera behind it.
  • Put a surveillance camera above a fridge.
  • Check your T.V. stand to see if there are free places to hide the camera with some decorative objects.
  • Set the surveillance camera over a fireplace and disguise it with decorations.
  • Place the camera inside a fake pot plant (use a fake pot plant, so you don’t have to water it).

It may take you some time to find the best angles for the cameras that cover most of your space.

Method4 – Use Home Corners to Hide Surveillance Cameras In

Use Home Corners to Hide Security Cameras In

Installing security cameras outside always be on the soffit, and top of walls. For indoor cameras the best place to mount security cameras is inside the home corners, the reason behind this is corners offer the widest angle and highest monitor point to protect your house.

Although a camera positioned in the corner will certainly be noticeable if there’s nothing around it don’t worry! 

Below are some solutions that you can do that will help you blend your camera into the wall.

  • Always pick a small size or hidden security camera for corners. 
  • Place the security camera above a curtain as it hides and distracts the camera.
  • Purchase a camera that has the same color as your walls. 

For example, if you have dark walls, getting a dark-colored surveillance camera will help you make the camera less visible.

Method5 – Make the Security Camera Invisible from other home objects

Can you believe that you can place your security camera in front of everybody, but they don’t see it?

Camouflaging security with surrounding objects will help you set your camera in a place where people can see it, but they never know it is a security camera.

Search for areas in your place that have similar objects put together in one place.

This can be the dressing table with many cosmetics on it or the decorative pieces in your living room. Then, set your camera in between these items.

Try blending it in with similar-sized and colored objects. For example, if your camera is white, try to fit it between white decorative pieces. If your camera is black, try placing it between cosmetics with black packaging.

Hiding a security camera in the window is a great example of using home objects, and decorative pieces to conceal cameras inside it.

To learn more tricks and ideas for Hide Indoor Security Cameras, Watch the next informative video

Source: Tech Help Info


Hiding your security cameras has a lot of benefits. It can help you find out what’s going on in your business or home while you are out. 

This article has offered seven ideas to hide indoor security cameras. Whatever the situation is, you will find a way to hide the security cameras perfectly.

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