How to Increase /Boost Wireless Security Camera Signal | 4 Easy Ways

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Having an issue with your Wi-Fi cameras and don’t know how to boost wireless security camera signal or increase it, then this guide is for you.

For the time being, wireless security cameras have become more common than their wired counterparts. 

As we know, wireless security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home, business, or loved ones. They are easy to install and you can view the live video feed from anywhere in the world. 

But there’s a little issue that is a weak signal. This issue is one of the most frustrating things about having a wireless security camera that does not have a strong signal. 

It makes your system cameras connected/disconnected regularly which has an effect on the recorded videos and the cam footage.

So, before you think about installing a wireless security camera at your home make sure it’s in the wifi range, if not maybe you need to boost the security camera signals in order to have a clearer and more reliable signal. 

Here are some tips that will help you to boost wireless security camera signals.

What frequency do wireless security cameras use?

The first and the most common frequency used with wireless security cameras is 2.4GHZ and the second radio frequency used in wireless surveillance systems is 5GHZ.

In the past, wireless cameras used 700 MHz, and 900 MHz which had limited range, and bandwidth; these RF did a great job until the new 2.4GHZ radiofrequency came. 

Nowadays, The 2.4GHZ band is used in a large number of wireless devices such as home wifi routers, smartphones, security cameras, and smart TVs. 

After a while, the old band’s bandwidth, range, and penetration capabilities of the 2.4GHz band are affected due to a large number of devices, and interference from other wireless devices on the same band. 

To eliminate this problem, communication engineers rely on the 5GHZ band in the devices. 

This RF band is less susceptible to interference but provides a higher transmission rate than other bands, plus there are fewer devices that operate in these bands.

Note: Best Security Cameras for Bad WiFi use both bands for transmitting data.

How far can a wireless security camera transmit?

In general, the signal range of wireless security cameras in open fields is between 200 to 500 feet while in a closed field the signal range will be from 100 to 200 feet maximum. 

The signal range may increase or decrease depending on where you put your wireless cam, how powerful are camera antennas are, metal barriers, walls, trees, and any obstacle that exists in the signal field.

Now, Let’s see how to boost wireless security camera signals in simple different ways without the need for contacting experts or hiring professionals.

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How do you extend the range of a wireless camera?

Homeowners who don’t have knowledge of surveillance cameras always commit a mistake and install the wireless security cameras in the wrong places which is a serious problem.

The location of the cams is far away from the camera receiver, and sometimes it has a lot of obstacles that slow or weaken the wifi signal of the wireless camera. 

One of the available solutions for this problem is to remove the camera and mount it near the wifi router and this way is a waste of time and money. 

On the other hand, you can keep your camera in its location and use one of the below methods to boost wireless security camera signal without removing and reinstalling it again. Let’s see How

Method1: Wi-Fi Range Extender

In case you have a wired router and its wifi doesn’t cover your wireless camera range, then this method is suitable for you. It’s simple and allows you to boost wireless security camera signal with one device. 

The device used is a Wi-Fi range extender. This device has been available in the market for a long time and it’s being used to increase the wifi range for more uncovered areas. 

So, if you have wireless or wire-free security cameras that are installed far away from your router and lose the signal regularly, you can pick a Wi-Fi Range extender. 

After that, bring an Ethernet cable and connect the Lan port of the home router to the network port of the Wi-Fi Extender. 

Method2: Powerful Antenna 

Another simple way that is used to boost wireless security camera signal is by using a powerful antenna. 

Wireless Security Cameras have two models in terms of wifi connections. One has a built-in antenna, and the other has an external antenna. 

For the cameras, with built-in antennas, we can’t change or replace them with a powerful one, unlike the other model. 

So, If you have a wireless camera and struggle with signal issues such as weak, slow, unstable Wi-Fi signal you can purchase a powerful antenna and install it on your cam. 

Note: There are more wifi antennas on the market so make sure you choose a good one that has durable material.

Method3: Old WIFI Router

Most of us have an old version of the wifi router that we don’t use. But now it’s their time. 

A Wi-Fi router is used to provide wired and wireless devices in the home with the internet. 

Not only that, but sometimes you can change the connection type and make your router work as a bridge. 

Similar to the WiFi extender, the router will be converted to work as a bridge and then connect a network cable between the old wifi router and the main wifi router. 

Method4: IPC Repeater

In case you test the above methods of how to boost wireless security camera signal and you don’t like them because of the hardware and installation process, you can move to use an IPC repeater.

This device is a good alternative for other WiFi booster devices and is designed to use only with surveillance cams, all you have to do is locate the repeater in the middle between the NVR/Router and the wireless cameras, plugin into the power outlet, and then link it with NVR, and cameras.

For about How to use an IPC repeater to boost wireless security camera signal watch the next video

How to stop Interference between wireless security cameras and home devices?

When you have wireless or wire-free security cameras you’ll face one or two of the most common problems with this type of camera, the first one is to protect wireless security camera signals from being hacked, and the second is to stop the interference that is coming from using wireless devices in the home.

In order to stop the interference between wireless security cameras and home devices you have to 

1- Change the Frequency 

Nowadays, most wireless routers provide both frequencies 2.4GHZ, and 5GHZ but only a few devices use 5GHZ frequency, so before you pick your cameras make sure that they support 5 GHz.

If not you can create a 2.4GHZ signal for your wireless cameras, and the other home devices connect them to the 5GHZ signal.

2- Relocate the Wireless Devices

Another solution for getting rid of Interference between wireless devices is to change the placement of Wi-Fi IP cameras and the source of signal, whatever router or repeater.

By doing this, the devices that are mounted in a specific range will be connected to each other, and any other devices located away from this range will get difficulty being connected to these devices.

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