How to Connect Wireless Security Camera to WiFi | 3 Easy Ways

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There are a lot of beginners who don’t have the knowledge or the expertise to connect wireless security camera to wifi, then this guide is for you.

Wireless technology has revolutionized the world and made it a better place unlike wired connections and their common problems such as complex installation processes, and wiring issues.

With the growth of wireless technology, security camera engineers use this technology and make a new generation of wireless security cameras. 

Nowadays, wireless cameras have become popular in the world of home security systems and a lot of homeowners prefer it rather than having a wired system.

So, If you’re looking to create a home surveillance system, then thinking about adding wireless security cameras can be a great first step. It’s easy to set up and you can monitor your home or property from your smartphone or computer. 

But there’s a little issue, getting that wireless security camera connected to your WiFi can be a bit tricky. Here is how you do it.

Can you connect a security camera to WiFi?

The answer is YES, you can connect a security camera to wifi whatever the type of camera you have wired or wireless but in general, it should be an IP camera. Wireless security cameras and PoE cameras are considered IP cameras and can be easily connected to WiFi.

The purpose of this connection is there are some functions in the Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that will not work unless there is a network connection, features such as remote viewing, controlling, and more.

In case you don’t need these features, you can install a security camera without wifi and use it normally.

How do I connect my wireless camera to WiFi? The Best Ways

Connecting a wireless security camera to wifi is easy to do. There are 3 ways to accomplish this. Let’s talk about each one.

Method1: Use Mobile App

The first and easiest way to connect wireless security camera to wifi is through the camera mobile app.

Every security camera manufacturer provides a mobile application for its devices, whatever security cameras or video recorders such as DVR, and NVR to make connections between different devices and also to control all linked devices from one device.

So, when it comes to connect wireless security camera to wifi, you don’t need to hire an expert to do it for you, with a few steps you get your job done, it’s a DIY process. 

Let’s see the steps

Step1: Check the WI-FI Signal Strength

This step is considered a repeatable step in each of the third methods used to pair a wireless security camera to wifi.

  1. Go to the places where you want to mount your wireless security cameras. Make sure it’s in the router’s wifi range, and near the power outlet.
  1. Open your smartphone and go to SETTINGS and click on WIFI and CONNECTIONS.
  1. Look for the available networks and check how many signal bars appear for each wifi network, check yours and if it’s strong enough you can go for the next step.

Note: If the wifi signal is weak or you put the camera in a far place out of camera range, you can pick an access point device to increase your network coverage range. For more, you can read our blog post on How to Boost Wireless Security Camera Signal.

Step2: Prepare the Camera

Once you finish the above step, you need to install the wireless security camera.

  1. Go for the camera location and install your wireless security camera in, and fix the screws of the cam.
  2. Check how the wireless security camera will get the power. Is it through a power outlet? Or another way?

In general, most wireless cameras are plug-in devices that get their power from a DC power adapter connected to a power outlet unless it’s a wire-free camera powered by a battery or solar panel.

In case you have a plug-in wireless camera connect it to the power outlet and you’re done.

Note: if your power source is far away from the camera spot you can purchase an extension cord.

Step3: Download the App

The third step in this method is to download the app on your mobile application to complete the process of connecting the wireless security camera to wifi. 

After you buy a wireless security camera and open the package there is a quick installation guide. This guide has the steps of how to set up the camera and also a QR code for the application of the camera brand.

Through the QR scanner, scan the code and it will take you to the app page on the store, whether the Apple store or Google store depending on your mobile system.

All you need to do is to download it and after that install it on your smartphone you’re finished with this step, and you go forward to the next one.

Now, you reach one of the most important steps in how to connect wireless security camera to wifi process.

  1. After you download the application on your mobile, open it and it’ll require you to create an account to log in.
  1. Enter your email, and password and hit the sign-up button. A notification of activation will be sent to your email. 

Note: Not all camera brands have the same step or activation mail.

  1. Open the app and enter your login details such as email and password.
  2. On the right side or left side there is a menu button, click on it to see the drop-down menu.
  3. From that menu, choose ADD or (+) sign to add your wireless security camera to the app.
  4. Once you press, the app will show you a message that you should scan the QR code of the camera (you’ll find it next to the QR code of the mobile app in the Quick Installation guide).
  5. Scan the QR code of the camera, and then the application will ask you to enter the wifi password to enable it to link the camera.
  6. Write the home network password. After that, the camera feed is shown on your app.
  7. Disconnect the wifi from the mobile and activate the cellular data or connect to another wifi network and test your camera. If you do the above steps in the right sequence everything will work normally, if not, then you need to make the troubleshooting steps.

Now, you are almost done with how to connect wireless camera to wifi by using mobile apps. 

It’s an easy way and doesn’t cost you money such as other methods. Mobile apps are very useful. 

Some people are using these mobile apps as a way to keep an eye on their pets while they’re out of town. Others are using these apps to keep tabs on the security of their homes when they are away.

All you have to do is to keep your wifi device working 24/7 to get full protection in your area.

Method2: Change the Network Settings

The second method to connect wireless security camera to wifi is done by using a network Ethernet cable to hook up the cam to the wifi router.

If you’re familiar with security camera systems, and types, you may know that wireless security cameras have two cables and one or two antennas depending on the camera model.

The two cables of the wireless cam are plug for powering the camera, and an Ethernet port for linking it to a switch or router.

In this step, we will link the cam with the LAN port of a router through an Ethernet cable, and change the network setting to connect a security camera to the wifi signal. Let’s see the steps

Step1: Bring Network cable

Before we start at this step, make sure you repeat the first step of the above method which is about checking the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. 

Let’s begin, bring a network cable if you have one in your house, if not you can purchase a cable from Amazon, or Walmart. 

All network cables are suitable cat5, cat5e, and cat6 will be connected and do the job. 

After you bring the cable, take the first end and put it on the Ethernet port of the wireless camera. 

After that, take the second end of the Ethernet cable and connect it to the back of the wifi router. 

Step2: Turn on the wireless camera

Now, the Ethernet cable connection is done, the next is to make the power connection and turn on the camera. 

Take the power adapter provided with the camera box and plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. 

Depending on your camera model, after you connect the camera to power, there must be a light indicator to inform you that the camera is turned on. 

Step3: Check Configurations

Every wireless, wire-free, and Poe camera has a special IP. The IP changes from one camera brand to another, not all brands use the same IP for cameras. 

But in general, the camera IP is written on the user guide, and if you don’t find it you contact your camera support and ask them. 

The moment that you get the IP of the cam, turn on your PC or Laptop that is connected to the same wifi network. 

Open the web browser whether Chrome, Firefox, or internet explorer, and then type the camera IP address. 

Write the login information and go for the NETWORK tab, then check the camera configuration and ensure that it uses a wired connection as a default. 

Step4: Change Network Settings

To enable you to monitor your home or house when you’re away from home, you need to use a static IP for each wireless camera in your system. 

So, the next step will be changing the network setting for the camera. 

  1. Go for the NETWORK tap, after that open the TCP/IP section from this you can change the connection type to wireless, and set a static IP for the camera to avoid conflict.
  1. Once you click on apply, you need to write the new IP in the URL of the browser and write the administrator login details to enter the camera page.
  1. After doing the previous step, Go for Network tap again, and this time click on the wireless section, on the above bar there is a SCAN button click on it. After seconds, the available networks will appear, choose yours and enter the password.
  1. Now you’re finished and everything is ready to be tested. 

This method isn’t suitable for beginners and to do this alone you must have an acceptable level of experience and expertise in network and IT.

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Method3: Enable WPS

The third method is considered the easiest one among the above-mentioned methods on how to connect wireless security camera to wifi.

If you’re a beginner or it’s your first time dealing with surveillance cameras and wifi devices, this method is suitable for you.

A lot of wireless security cameras available in the market have what’s called the WPS button, this button exists in the back or front of the camera body and is used for linking cameras with other devices. 

For connecting the camera to the wifi, you must enable the WPS of your Wi-Fi router, and then enable it on your cam. Here are the steps

Step 1: Write the router default IP which is in the web browser, and then enter the admin login details.

Step 2: Go for the Network and check if the WPS feature is enabled in the wifi signal that you will use or not. If not, activate it by clicking on the WPS box in the wifi signal settings, and pressing apply.

Note: you can hardware activate the WPS, there is a button on the side or back of each wifi router, press on it for seconds, and the WPS light will start flashing on the router.

Step 3: for the wireless camera, look for the WPS button, once you find it, press it to activate the feature. 

A few minutes later, the camera signal light will change to the right blue or green color and that means the camera is connected successfully to the wifi network.

The signal light of the camera may be not only green and blue, sometimes it’s a different color depending on the camera brand you have.

Note: Enabling WPS in the router with a weak password may cause your wifi signal to be hacked, and also the camera. So, you must know how to protect your wireless camera signal from hackers and the WiFi router.


A wireless security camera is a great way to keep an eye on things at home from a mess in the kitchen to a puppy that likes to chew on things. 

But the bad news is you cannot do this without knowing how to connect wireless security camera to wifi. 

So, in this blog post, we mention different ways to connect your security camera to wifi so that you can access it remotely.

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