How Long Do Batteries Last in Wireless Security Cameras| 2023 Guide

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Batteries in wireless security cameras play an important role in how the camera works and how many days, weeks, or months the camera will continue to work without any replacements. So, you may ask ” How long Do Batteries Last in Wireless Security Cameras”.

Well, The old CCTV analog cameras use the traditional power connection, most devices are powered by plug-in adapters which are perfect for some activities, as they feed the devices with the power to work through the whole day.

After a while, the need for security cameras increased, especially in far places. So, engineers find a new way to use batteries in wireless security cameras to run the camera, this option solves a lot of power-stuck issues for using wireless cameras without a direct power source.

But there is still a little issue is how long do batteries last in wireless security cameras the battery life is an important matter to know if the cameras able to work for a long time or less.

Now, Let’s dive into and see the common related Questions about “ How long Do Batteries Last in Wireless Security Cameras ”

Q1: Can Wireless Cameras Work Without Electricity?

The answer is YES, security cameras especially wireless devices are able to work without electricity if it’s run by using a long-lasting battery, powered by a solar panel, or it’s a plug-in camera and works with Backup power generators. These cameras don’t require connecting directly to the power supply.

So, if you have a rural home, field, car garage, barn, farm, and other areas without electricity, you can pick a wireless security camera. It’ll be helpful to monitor your properties without electricity.

Q2: Do Wireless Security Cameras Run on Batteries?

Well, The answer is No, Not all wireless security cameras run on batteries. Wireless security cameras run by using 

  1. 12v DC power adapter and in that case it’s called a “Plug-in” camera.
  2. Some cameras run using rechargeable batteries and their common name is “battery-powered wireless camera”.
  3. The last is by using a solar panel to feed the camera with power directly or by recharging the battery for continuous recording and preventing the camera from any stops, in this case, the camera is called a “Solar Panel Wireless security camera”.

So, Not all cameras run on battery, especially the wired CCTV analog cameras that are used in business, they are installed to monitor and capture anything happening during the day/night so it’s not allowed to run off the power.

Q3: How Long Do Batteries Last in Wireless Security Cameras?

Generally, the batteries in wireless security cameras last from 3 to 6 months depending on many factors that you have in your cameras, factors such as battery type, capacity, security camera activity and where it’s placed indoors/outdoors, resolution of the camera, setting of motion recording and continuous recording.

These factors play an important role in deciding how long do batteries last in wireless security cameras. 

However, there are some camera brands that claim their security camera batteries last for 2 years with one charge such as blink cameras.

On the other hand, Reolink, Eufy, and common security camera manufacturers have CCTV cameras with batteries that last only from 3 to 6 months.

Sometimes you have to read more about your wireless security camera before purchasing it as some battery-powered cameras run out of power after a couple of weeks, not even months.

Q4: How often do you have to charge wireless security cameras

You pick your wireless security camera to monitor your property and keep your family safe, But sometimes you forget to charge your camera battery and after a while, your cam stops working!.

So, How long do rechargeable batteries last between charges? Or What is Battery Life?

All right, in most cases and what I mean by it is when the wireless camera works in normal use, the battery life will be a few months and it will work from 2 to 6 months as we mentioned above.

Depending on the camera brand you have, the working environment you place the camera in, and also the camera configuration you can extend or reduce the battery life of your cam.

For example, if you have an outdoor area that is far away from your home and want to protect it, you’ll think about picking a battery-powered wireless surveillance camera.

The camera will be set to record with continuous recording mode, capture footage at night by using the night vision feature and be set up for remote access.

Compare the first camera with an indoor wireless camera that is used near your house, and set to record when it detects motion and captures videos at low resolution.

The second camera will absolutely work for a long time and it will have a battery life that makes it operate for more months.

Q5: Do wireless cameras need to charge?

The good news is Wireless security cameras have a bundle of features that most people and homeowners love to have. 

One of these features that is available in wireless security cameras powered by batteries is the ability to work without electricity, and also without needing a direct power source.

So, when you have any power issues, your cams will still work and capture events and record them.

But the bad news is you need to recharge your security camera batteries manually or periodically from time to time to ensure your cameras will not stop working. 

Some advanced surveillance cameras have power indicator LEDs that alert you when the battery is near to running out of power, and some don’t have any indicators and you should track them manually by checking the cameras every day or week.

A good solution for this issue is picking a backup battery and using it as a replacement for the original one. Once the main battery life is almost done, you can change it within minutes and back your camera to work again.

For more information you can read our lates blog post: How to power wireless security cameras


No one can deny how batteries in wireless security cameras are beneficial for homeowners and other people.

By having a Surveillance CCTV camera powered by a battery you have the freedom to place the camera in any place you want.

Moreover, if you change your house or decide to find a new location for the camera you can do it in a few minutes, unlike other wired analog or IP cameras which require professionals to remove the camera, run the security camera wires, and then reinstall it again with fixing screws.

So, if you’re a beginner and it’s your first time dealing with surveillance systems, you should go for wireless or wire-free systems as they are easy to install and take little time to set up, and don’t worry about how long do batteries last in wireless security cameras there are tips and tricks to extend your camera battery life.

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