How to Install Security Camera on the Stucco | 9 Easy Steps

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Maybe you want to install security camera on the stucco and ask Is it possible or not?

Simply, the answer to the question is “Yes,” you can install security camera on the stucco in the same way you install it on wood, concrete, or aluminum soffits. 

Installing security cameras in homes has many different ways and depending on the system you have is it a wired or wireless security system?. 

You can mount a security camera on brick walls, also you can install security cameras on the fascia of your ceiling, or any place you want.

There are customers and homeowners who use Stucco as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings and want to install surveillance cameras on.

The installation process of surveillance cameras on the Stucco walls, unlike other methods, requires a special tool and equipment.

What are the tools used to mount security camera on the Stucco? 

Below is the list of materials required for the installation of a security camera on the stucco wall:

  • An IP camera.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Adhesive tape, chalk, or pen, pencil, etc. 
  • Screws or anchors.
  • Cables (Ethernet) or wires, and drill bits.
  • A powerful drill.
  • A screwdriver.

Note: Masonry bits are also used instead of drill bits in the stucco wall because masonry bits can be inserted into the stucco wall easily. 

Now, Let’s see the steps of 

How to Install Security Camera on the Stucco With Drilling Holes

To install security camera on the stucco you have two options, the first one is to install it by the common way and drill holes, the second one is by installing a security camera without screws on the stucco.

So, if you’re gonna use the first method of installing security camera on stucco, you should First Purchase a High-Quality Camera, Select the Best location with a Suitable Angle. Second, Put the camera at a proper height, Install Mounting Template. After that, Start direct Screwing or Drilling, Make Holes for Wires or Cables, then Run Security Camera Cables, and  Wires. At last, Attach Security Camera to The Stucco Wall, Download the mobile app to adjust camera settings.

These are the effective steps, it’s straightforward and doesn’t consume money or time, read the steps in detail below.

Step#1: Purchase a High-Quality Camera

Having a high-quality camera will give you peace of mind and allow you to protect your home during the whole day.

Buying these cameras costs a lot of money but overall it’s 10x better than old traditional security cameras. 

In the past, the old CCTV cameras came with specific features and limited resolution, so when you mount this type of camera in high places they produce unclear images.

On the other hand, new generations of cameras come with a bundle of features such as continuous 24/7 monitoring, Live viewing, motion detection, and more.

Moreover, these cameras record HD videos and there are some types from trusted brands that have over 4k resolution on their cameras.

So, when you buy a security camera to install at a high place on the stucco wall make sure it’s capturing footage and recording at least HD videos.

Step#2: Select Best location with a Suitable Angle

The two important factors that you should put into consideration during the installation of a security camera on the Stucco which is Camera Placement and Height.

best location on stucco for security camera

Because they directly affect the functioning of the security camera. So, carefully and peacefully select a location for it. Let’s start with camera location:

To install security camera on the Stucco walls you should choose a good location to mount your camera.

In addition, you must select a suitable angle for your camera to cover more of your outside area. 

Another important thing that you should take care of in choosing camera placement is to choose a clear area with no obstacles. 

Step#3: Put camera at a proper height

The second important factor that you should care about is the height of the camera.

Security cameras are installed to keep an eye on each person and activities happening in the surroundings. 

If you install a camera too high from the ground, it will not record clear footage. If you are using the highest-quality camera, it will also record clear footage at a moderate height.

On the other hand, if you install a CCTV security camera at a low height it’ll be very risky because it can be damaged or stolen by thieves easily.

So, to avoid any problems, pick a high-resolution camera and install it at a suitable height.

Step#4: Install Mounting Template

Now, mark the points with chalk or pencil for the mounting template.

Most of the cameras have mounting templates, but few of the security camera models come without templates. 

You can also use a camera mounting plate instead of a mounting template. It entirely depends on what models of camera you are using.

Step#5: Start direct Screwing or Drilling

Once you finish installing the mounting template, you can try to insert screws across the stucco directly. 

If it is not possible, make holes in the wall for the screws with the help of a drill. 

On the other hand, If you are using anchors instead of screws, make holes for them also.

Step#6: Make Holes for Wires or Cables

The size of the hole entirely depends on the camera model you are using. 

Make Holes for Wires or Cables of security camera through stucco

Because you will pass cable or connector through it later, make a large hole by keeping their size in mind. 

Different cameras have different connections.

For example, Ethernet cables for PoE IP cameras use the RJ45 connector while Coaxial cables use the BNC connector to be connected with DVR. 

In some security cameras, the wire can be plug-in or connected directly behind the camera. But wires of a few cameras will pass through the walls.

Depending on your camera type and the wires that are used you can decide the width of the main hole for the camera.

Step#7: Run Security Camera Cables and  Wires

This step is an important one in how to install security camera on the stucco wall.

Run Security Camera Cables and Wires through stucco

After making holes for the cable or wires in the stucco wall, pass the cable or wire through it. 

If it is necessary to pass the cable through the mounting plate, do it. Then, connect the cable to the camera directly if required.

It is completely dependent on the user model. So, join the end of the cable to the back of the security camera.

For more protection, you can hide your outdoor security camera wires and cables in a conduit and junction box, the conduits mounted along with camera wires, and the junction box mounted near to the camera or main door.

Step#8: Attach Security Camera to The Stucco Wall

Now, Install Security Camera on the Stucco wall and tighten the screws or anchors and be careful while installing it. 

Attach Security Camera on The Stucco Wall

First, Put the camera in the exact position on the plate and keep your hands straight and steady. 

Second, Direct the camera to the desired angle and turn it on to start monitoring. 

After you finish running wires through the soffit, you should cut the extra inches of wires to prevent security camera wiring problems.

Step#9: Download mobile app to adjust camera settings

The last step in how to install security camera on the stucco wall is to set up the system. 

First, download the camera mobile app on your smartphone. 

Second, Create an account and log in, after that, enter your system settings. 

Third, from the settings page control and configure your system features. 

Now you’re almost done with the installation of the security system on the stucco task, and ready to test your system. 

How to Install Security Camera on the Stucco Without Drilling Holes

Moreover, if you want to install a security camera but don’t want to compromise on the beauty of the stucco wall, you can install it without making any holes in the wall. 

In case you’re renting an apartment and your house owner does not allow you to make a hole in the wall for a security camera, You can use the below methods and place the cameras without making holes.

The three most accessible ways to install a camera without drilling holes are:

Method1: Install the security camera using removable adhesive tape. It will not leave any mark on the wall when removed. 

Or you can use a suction cup that will not cause any damage to the wall.

Method2: Install a security camera device with a hook, it will only cause a tiny and unnoticeable hole in the wall. But forms in the wall without drilling.

Method3: You can place it on the shelf or table from where you can monitor the desired location.


The above How to Install Security Camera on the Stucco guide contains the steps for the installation.

You can install it in two ways, either by drilling holes in the wall and using screw and anchor or without drilling. Both are easy to do especially in outdoor areas of your home.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the steps may vary depending on the camera company as each camera brand such as Arlo, dahua, and other cameras have their own design.

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