How can you tell if a camera has audio? (2022 Guide)

How can you tell if a camera has audio

Nowadays, cameras are one of the most important security tools that people buy to protect their properties. Surveillance cameras seem to be almost everywhere in today’s world.  They are now being installed in all types of spaces, private and public, and contribute considerably to making every space they serve safe …

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Audio In Security Cameras | 2022 Easy Guide

Audio In Security Cameras

The audio in security cameras is very important especially if you are using them to monitor your home, office, etc. You can know if your kids are fighting or if you have an intruder at home.  I’m going to share with you a few things I’ve learned about audio in …

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Quick Guide on “Microphones In Security Cameras”

Guide on “Microphones In Security Cameras

There is no doubt that having microphones in security cameras has made people’s lives much easier.  Surveillance cams offer further protection and security for you and your properties. For example, you could listen to customers, monitor employees, or eavesdrop on thieves as they’re caught on camera.  In addition, If you …

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What is a Bullet Camera | 2022 Guide

What is a Bullet Camera | Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras Differences

Bullet security cameras are known for their noticeable shape, It has a longer outside casing that is made of a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions.  This outside casing is helpful as it protects the camera from tampering. Plus, the long casing makes the camera house a larger …

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What Is An IP Security Camera and How Does it Work?

Digital IP Security Cameras

IP security cameras are one of the best surveillance cameras available in the market but why? A few years ago there were only limited choices to choose from in case you want to have a surveillance system, but now everything is available in your hands. Security cameras have been developed …

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What Are CCTV Cameras (Unlimited Guide)

CCTV Cameras Benefits Types

If you’re a beginner you may ask “What are CCTV Cameras?“ and why these types of surveillance cameras are important to have. Well, Back in 1942 in Germany during the second world war when Walter Bruch invented the CCTV ( closed-circuit television camera ) to observe and run the test …

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How long do home security cameras record? (2022 Guide)

How long do home security cameras record

How long do home security cameras record? How many minutes or hours will the camera save camera videos?. Nowadays home security cameras are available in many places such as homes, markets, offices, companies, and streets. These small monitoring devices are installed to add safety and to protect your family and …

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Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home | 2021 Guide

7 Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home

Choosing the best places to install security cameras at home isn’t an easy job.  There were a lot of customers and homeowners who didn’t know where to mount their cameras. Since I install a large number of surveillance cameras at homes, offices, and huge buildings there are common places that …

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