How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside|5 Ways

hide security camera wires outside

How to Hide security camera wires outside the home to monitor your Garage, Backyard and protect your home property from thieves and criminals.

More security cameras are installed indoor/outdoor to save family, Kids, and to prevent crimes. But unfortunately, security cameras can be stolen and damaged.

Intruders and criminals look for houses that don’t have indoor or outdoor security systems and surveillance cameras.

Homeowners concentrate on installing security cameras inside the home, But the outdoor areas also important and security cameras should be placed.

For example, people go online and search for best American cameras with features to buy without protecting it or know how to keep camera wires safe.

Besides, Knowing how to protect camera wires, you should also know how to protect and keep security cameras away from people, and the same for NVR or DVR.

Well, In this post we will offer powerful methods to protect camera wiring. especially outside the home.

How to Hide security camera wires outside?

What is the best way to protect wires from cutting? absolutely hiding the wires from people sight will save and protect the cables.

If you have one of Analog CCTV security cameras that use Wires to share data and power by an electrical cable you have a big problem.

As we know, the more wires and cables of the security system the more trouble you will be, first the wires and cables will damage your home decor.

Plus the camera wire can be cut by thieves and stop your surveillance system from work.

Also, if you have a CCTV wireless security camera that sends data by using Network, only use cables and wires for electricity only you also have a problem. When you want to install the wireless camera you should look for Power source outlet First.

But, all this problem you can Avoid even if you have a wired security system or wireless system By Hiding the wires. Or by installing a wire-free security system.

Note: If you don’t know what are wire-free security system we will explain in detail in the next paragraphs.

Here are Ways to hide security camera wires outside.

1. Bury The Wires

Most people agree that burying wires in the ground is the best method to hide outdoor security camera wires. Especially if you have more than one camera and the distance between each one is so far.

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside | Bury The Wires
Bury The Wires

In this case, you can hide and protect the wires that connecting the cameras and the system in the ground. Before you do this method first plan to where you want to place your cam and determine the wire route.

Once, you determine the wire route you can choose the short way to connect devices with each other.

Plus it will help you avoid burying long distance and this takes time. Before buying Look For Best Electriduct for burying wires.

Although this method is effective in hiding outdoor security camera wires.

But it has a problem if the burial wire cut by accident and your security system stop from working what to do?.

The first thing you will do is check the cameras and then the wires, and to check wires you need to drill and see if the wire cut or not?. For this problem, most people prefer other methods of hiding security camera wire.

2. Use Tall Shrub And Tall Fence

The second method for how to hide outdoor security camera wires is by using tall shrubs and tall fences existed around the house.

These great physical objects are used to protect your home property from intruders. You can use it to protect and hide CCTV camera wiring.

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside | Use Tall Shrub And Tall Fence
Use Tall Shrub And Tall Fence

In the case of Tall Shrub, you can use branches to hide camera wiring, and the more you keep the cables and the cam high the less chance for camera and wires to be damage.

While, Tall fence around the house still a perfect method to hide cameras wire, as it’s able to hide all the wires around your area. But, in case you choose this method you should have 2- way audio feature cameras to enable you to talk with anyone try to enter your area.

In addition, to add more security and hide wires in the best way you can paint the wires of the camera by fence color.

In addition, The Painting trick can be used to protect security camera wires inside the home.

Note: This method involves drilling through studs and threading the fence. So, If you are not an experienced person in installing security cameras you can contact Installer expert to do it.

3. Hide Wires In Metal Box

A new method you can use to hide outdoor CCTV security camera wires is to use Metal Box, The metal box mounting outside on the wall near the camera. Most people think that it’s hard to protect camera wires especially outside.

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside | Hide Wires In Metal Box
Hide Wires In Metal Box

Nowadays, you can Hide and Protect camera wiring by simply using a Metal Box. The method will help you avoid problems of wires. Plus, it will keep wires of the camera away from intruders.

Once, you installed the metal box on a high wall it’ll be hard for anyone to reach.

In addition, if any person wants to open the box and damage the wires the camera will be captured.

Smart IP cameras have a motion sensor and can record clear Night vision HD video. So, if anyone wants to damage the exterior box, the camera will send the Notification Alerts Via mobile app.

Note: if you’re gonna use this method you should purchase for high-quality Metal Box that will do both hide and protect camera wires.

Also, in the case of Bad weather outside the box will keep your camera wires save from water.

4. Install a protective Tube

How to use a tube to protect wires? or how to hide security camera wires outside by using Tube?.

Well, If you have an outdoor wired security system that has more than one camera and each camera installed in different places how to protect the system?.

Is it by Burying the whole wire of the outdoor security system? absolutely Not. As we know outdoor security system installed to monitor the outside area completely.

And to do that a separate camera installed in different places to cover a wide range of cameras and this means large route of wires. But how to Hide these wires?.

To hide the wires of outdoors cameras the best solution is mounting a protective Tube around your home to hide wires. A protective tube must be from plastic to protect wires against electricity.

Note: A protective Plastic Tube needs to be installed by an Expert to show the right places to install cameras and to How to protect security cameras.

If you don’t know how to install that you can search google and learn how to install it.

5. Use Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

As we mentioned above some of the wired outdoor security cameras cause many problems due to long wires used and some wires can be cut easily.

To avoid the problem of How to hide security camera wires outside you can installing a wireless CCTV security camera. and hide the camera (6 ways to hide camera) to make the full system protected.

This type of camera uses a few wires that maybe one wire for Power and send and receive data through wifi. While some types like Digital CCTV cameras use one cable for both power and Data PoE cable.

Wireless CCTV cameras will eliminate problems of a camera wiring, Plus it will save time and effort of hiding and protecting wires. In addition, some outdoor security cameras save money that you pay for services.

The most perfect solution of Wireless security cameras you can use is Wire-Free security cameras.


What is a Wire-Free Security Camera?

Well, Wire-Free security cameras are a type of wireless CCTV camera that totally wireless and it has no wire used, So, for this reason called “Wire-Free cameras.”

This type of camera sends Data and recorded Videos using Wi-Fi and uses a Battery or Solar Panel to provide the camera with electricity.

Wire-Free small cameras can be used if you have any problem with using one of the above methods for hiding outside security camera wires.

Note: Wire-free can be used indoors if you have children. Most people use wire-free cameras inside the home to keep home decor without any damages.

How to Run Security Camera Wires Outside?

The first section of this post about How to Hide security camera wires outside. While in the second section we explain How To Run security camera wires outside.

Before, you running wires of a security camera if you have a wired security system you need to decide which method you will use to make wires hidden. Is it by Bury the wires in-ground, use Protective Tube, or the other methods?

Once, you decide the method that suitable for you then we follow the below steps:

  1. Plan the camera wires route before you buy your equipment to hide the wire of the camera.
  2. After Finish planning for the route of the wires, you can buy Buy conduits and Bury them in case if you use 1 Method to make wires Hidden.
  3. The planning for the route of wires will Find a short and easy way to bury the conduits in which make the burial process easier.
  4. Make sure you use a wire guard, PVC or metal conduits to protect camera wires perfectly from humans and animals.
  5. In the case of having a PoE security camera, you will use only one cable, as we mentioned above it provides both data connection and electric power for the camera.

How to Run Security Camera Outside?

In the First 5 steps to make outdoor security camera wire Hidden. But for Power outlet and security camera you can follow the steps.

  1. Plan to make your outdoor security cameras near to the power outlet.
  2. Always cover your Power Outlet with a Protective Case. If you have a wired outdoor camera make sure you cut a hole for wires.
  3. Remember before doing anything that you mark the right place to hole in Box for wires of the camera.
  4. After Marking drill the holes and make sure you use the right angle drill to make large holes.
  5. Now, Wires, Holes in walls, and Power Outlet Box are ready to use.
  6. prepare a fish tape or a pull wire to use it for pulling wires.
  7. Attach the Fish tape to the bare wire and make sure you attached them correctly. After that, twist the end of the wire around itself to avoid pulling the whole wire of the camera.
  8. Pull the wires slowly and if you can get one person to help you feed the wires. You can do it with yourself and protect the wire from damage.


You finish installing conduits to protect and hide wires and pull the wires to connect the camera. But you don’t know how to install outdoor security cameras?.

The best thing to do is to read the installation Guide Or contact a security camera installer expert to do it for you. If you don’t find one you can know Who install security cameras Online.

Answers For “ security camera wires outside” FAQs

Q1: How Long security camera wires outside Should Be?

Well, It depends on the Electricity source for the outdoor camera, is it near to the camera or not?, and also the network connection range for Fast Data transfers.

If you have a long-distance to cover inside your home, You are able to use and run wires up to 330 feet.

The recommendation for how long security camera wires should be is 250 feet and this range will provide a stable network connection.

Q2: What Are Security Camera Cable Types?

The type of wire you’ll use for your security cameras depend on which types of security camera you use?. Are you want to use Analog CCTV security camera or IP security camera.

For Analog CCTV Camera and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), there are two types of cables used for connecting.

The first one RCA Cables and the second one is RG59 Coax Siamese cable.

1- RCA Cable

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside | Security Camera Cable Types RCA Cables
RCA Cables

Used for analog surveillance systems it comes with different lengths 25, 65, 100, 150, and 200-foot lengths. So, you need to decide the accurate Length of the wire before using it.

The RCA Cable knows with its colors, it has three colors Red, Yellow, and white. And each color used for specific thing Red is for power, yellow for video, and white for audio.

2- RG59 Coax Siamese Cable

The second type RG59 coax Siamese cable to connect cameras with DVR, but it differs from the Plug and Play cable.

RG59 contains a video coaxial cable Plus a pair of 18 gauge power cables.

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside | Security Camera Cable Types RG59 Coax Siamese Cable
RG59 Coax Siamese Cable

While PnP contains the three types Power, Video, and Audio.

In addition, RG59 is a perfect shielded cable and can be cut at any point to connect between your camera and DVR, not like PnP require a specific length.

So, If you have a long-distance and Analog surveillance system you can use RG59 coax cable.

Digital security systems and smart IP security cameras, a different type of cable are used to connect the camera to NVR/ DVR.

This cable is Cat 5, Cat 6 Ethernet cables.

3- Cat5,6 Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables contain 8 pairs of copper wires and 4 different colors and the same 4 colors mixed with white for the other 4 pairs.

So, for this reason, this type called “twisted pairs.”

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside | Security Camera Cable Types Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable

Only 4 wires of 8 wires work 1 for sending data and 1 for receiving data and the other 2 wires for power.

while the other 4 wires used as a replacement if any damage happens for any of the first 4 wires.

If you have a Digital security system the Ethernet cables allow you to connect cameras to your home or office network. So, you will be able to use the network to access your camera and manage it.

For IP security cameras Ethernet cable is used as a PoE cable “ Power over Ethernet” to sharing data, videos, and audio to the camera. Plus, it’s used as a power cable for the cameras.

For more about security camera types, you can read the detailed security camera wire types.